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2013 and earlier Honda Odyssey Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • bigdadi118bigdadi118 Posts: 1,207
    Wait for a few more days ... the Month Promotion should be up by Aug-7
    Plus every Sat the Week promotion is up online. Download it on PDF (link is at bottom of page) and zoom in to 150% studying the fine prints & stock No. then search for New Cars to see whether in inventory. Email the sales guy to confirm availabilty & hopefully ask the sale guy to email you to confirm all the figure, like Out-The-Door amount. Email is on record, can be printed in hardcopy when you came down to Boch. Better yet, no trade in, or you sell to carmax, carsdirect who might give you higher price. Don't think Boch will give you top dollar for your trade, based on my experience. Last yr I sold my 03 Mazda MPV in $2,000 more than the KKB's excellent trade-in value.
  • tuxmasktuxmask Posts: 21
    More detail please. What's the tax rate?
    In VA, I think it's only 3%. In NY, tax rate is 8.75Z%.. A very big different.
  • geh86geh86 Posts: 11

    What did you pay for the EX-L in Moses Lake? Was it a cash deal or did it include some financing?
  • bohligbohlig Posts: 2
    I'm interested in the Odyssey but am neutral regarding the model year. I want the entertainment system, but could either wait for a 2009, buy a 2008 or buy a used 2007.

    I would expect that a used, low mileage, 2007 would be the best value. That being said the used market seems very choppy.

    By best value I mean lowest overall cost of ownership over five years or so. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated...
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 63,266
    Used Hondas usually aren't very good buys... High resale will do that to a car..

    Getting a new 2008 model, with the big incentives, is the probably the most cost effective over the long-term... You'll get full use of the standard 3yr, and the 5yr powertrain warranties..

    New Odysseys are cheaper now than they were in 2001....

    Just my $0.02


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  • Sorry, this (OTD) price of 31,600 for a 2008 EXL w/ RES/NAV would be registered in VA (3% tax rate) thank you!
  • i bought last week. I got from the dealer from full tank go gas.
    I am not even drive 150 miles. It quarter gas left in the meter. Is there any problem
    or usual for first thousand miles. pl et me know.
  • mmiaommiao Posts: 4
    I am in Buffalo, NY. I went to dealer today. They offer me $24,096 + tax + state title. Is this a good deal?
  • It depends on how and where you're driving. If you're doing hard starts and rapid stops in stop and go traffic, your fuel economy will suffer.

    My wife gets about 27-28 mpg's on the highway and close to 20 in the stop and go traffic. We get on average about 375 miles per tank full (when the dummy light comes on).
  • "I am in Buffalo, NY. I went to dealer today. They offer me $24,096 + tax + state title. Is this a good deal?"

    Obvoius you didn't feel it was a good deal, otherwise you would have bought it. Shoot for about $21K plus TT&L for cash purchase or $22K for the low rate APR purchase.

    Just my .02
  • bigdadi118bigdadi118 Posts: 1,207
    I saw the No. 1 volume dealer can do specials as low as 19K for LX in Boston area.
    But you're in Buffalo area probably add 1K(20K) - 2K (21K) on top of it

    Currently Every 08 LX With MSRP $26,495 Lease $198 with $0 Down
  • EXL Purchase for 26,200 + TTL
  • Is anyone going for this with their purchase? It appears to be a total waste of $ unless you total your vehicle or lose it in the 1st 2 years. It is insurance against the depreciation encountered once you drive off the lot. The insurance companies (so the story goes) will not reimburse the total vehicle cost, and the GAP covers the difference (in this case the rep says initially the difference is 20% of the sales price).
  • sjoergsjoerg Posts: 2
    I bought a 2008 odyssey exl r&n getting about 220 miles to a full tank witch is about 10 miles to the gallon is any body else having the same problem
  • Castilloca, what dealer did you purchase from?

    Today (Aug 2nd) I have a quote from Norm Reeves for a 2008 EX-L for $27,328. plus tax and license fees. (OTD is $29,795).

    Norm Reeves beats the pants off of anything in San Diego I've seen but yours is even better.

    Any other So-Cal folks near or below the Norm Reeves please let me know!
  • hi
    i just bought last week 2008 ODYSSEY EX-L RES AND NAV.i had same problem. i got 230 miles for first tank of gas. I am driving well. No hard
    accelation or stop and go. But it is not high way. In manuel says 15-17 miles/gallon.My heated seats are not working. I am going to take to the dealer today.10 miles/gallon is horrible with todays gas prices $4/gallon.
    if your car imrpove any mileage, pl let me know,
    How much OTD price paid for your car?
  • bigdadi118bigdadi118 Posts: 1,207
    Possible the dealer didn't give you FULL tank of gas, there are 3 more Gal or so after the needle touched the "F". In other words, they fill up as the needle to the "F" instead of the gas gun click & stop.

    Try again on your 2nd - 3rd tank fillup by yourself.
  • chode96chode96 Posts: 8
    I have read many of the great deals that some of the readers have been negotiating. I was hoping to get some details on purchases in the DFW area.

    Many Thanks
  • bohligbohlig Posts: 2
    Thanks, that is very helpful. Do you think buying a 2008 now will be a better deal than buying a 2009 later this year? I expect they might be giving incentives to move old inventory, but of course having a later model year should be worth more depreciation wise...

  • Is providing a full tank of gas standard with a new car (odyssey) purchase? I bought recently and was given the car on empty....
  • The Honda MSRP vehicle info sticker in the window states 'full tank of gas' as a feature, presumably to stop dealers from pulling that trick. Sounds like it is not working with some dealers.
  • jgzjgz Posts: 28
    I'm looking for an ELX in great Houston, TX area. Would anybody in this forum share recent experience/lessons learnt from the dealships in the area? Thanks!
  • sunatasunata Posts: 2
    Can you expand on this? EX-L with leather, DVD, and auto doors? Where did you get this price? Thanks.
  • dlseekdlseek Posts: 22
    An EX-L implies leather and power doors, as that is how it is equipped.

    We must assume that no DVD player was included, as that would be EX-L with RES, and the OP specified EX-L only.

    From the title, I assume they are in Phoenix. Do you need a specific dealer?
  • gjigji Posts: 5
    Yeah, almost the same thing happened to me..

    The initial sales guy said that "special financing is available".. But his wordings were cleverly misleading.. I was excited too.. But just before going to the dealership, I mailed the internet manager and explicitly asked if that price comes with the AHFC 2.9% financing.. He said no and also claimed that the email didn't promise that.. I don't know whether to pity these pathetic creatures called "car salesmen" or get furious..

    I went with Crown Honda Southpoint.. after losing patience.. could have got it for 500$ less if I had pressed harder, but decided that 500$ is not worth the time and loss of sanity.. Final OTD price, as I had mentioned before, was 29.3 (3% NC tax) for EX-L with DVD without the AHFC financing.. And it gave me 21 mpg overall (in the mountains and highways mostly) with the first full tank of gas.. I was expecting less.. I am hoping that will improve further. I have drove at prescribed speed limits(except when I felt the urge to show off to some show-offs) and used cruise control 50% of the time.. Don't know if using cruise control is the best way to save gas.
  • derricksonderrickson Posts: 131
    hi jgz.... did not look for the EX-L specifically in Houston, but did make the rounds on the Touring, as well as the RES/NAV. We bought ours a couple months ago. We ended up buying from Gillman Honda SW... but not before I had emailed EVERY dealership in the area... from Galveston to Austin, to Kingwood and all points in-between.

    I used the classic "Donkeypunch" method -- went to the Honda website, and sent same email to every dealer, based on distance from my zip. Said I was ready to buy, was aware of the $2K cashback to dealers, and told them my target to beat (which I think was invoice less $2k less a % of the holdback). Once I had my replies, I followed up with my top 3 dealers, and started the "dealer X is offering this, can you beat it". Did ALL of this via email. Did not mention a trade or how paying. They may try to add all types of add'l items (ie LOJACK, cargo mat, mud guards, tint, striping, etc) but I told them I only wanted the best/lowest price. Ended up getting several of the above add-ons included, b/c they were already installed, and I said I didn't want 'em!

    I would just be certain you have everything lined up prior to showing up at the dealership. If they try to bait-and-switch, just turn around and walk out. Best of luck w/ your purchase!
  • In my experience, I was told after wanting to confirm that the financing was indeed good with the quoted price. So that is why I was even more furious after getting to the dealership and the manager told me that is not what was said in the email. They are dishonest snakes, IMO.

    I ended up buying from Hubert Vester Honda in Wilson, NC. They gave me basically the same price as Autopark, but I even got the 2.9% financing. Final OTD was $25,600 for a Slate Green Metallic EX.

    I cannot say enough nice things about Hubert Vester, they were honest and courteous. The entire buying experience was great and worth the 40 minute drive.
  • harry2harry2 Posts: 1
    Thanks for all the info posted on this board.

    Was happy with the deal.

    Base price was $25,300

    plus freight, tax, tag, dealer processing. OTD $27,200

    $1,000 more if you want the Honda Financing deal.
  • jgzjgz Posts: 28
    derrickson: Thanks a lot for taking the time to share your purchase experience. Did the dealerships you dealt with honor email offers? Or, did you ask a sales manager to confirm before went there? Just don't want to waste time arguing with salesmen.

    We are actually not too far from Gillman Honda SW. Is there a salesman you would recommend? Again, thank you so much.
  • kennynmdkennynmd Posts: 424
    I may be wrong, but my last vehicle I purchased (08 Altima) a couple months ago had it on the sticker "full tank of gas". I have bought new vehicles off the lots in my life and all included a full tank of gas.
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