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2013 and earlier Honda Odyssey Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • alic3alic3 Posts: 15
    Hi all,

    I have been reading all the posts in this forum and thought I would share the figures on my recent purchase. I purchased an EX-L RES for:

    Base including destination: 27188.00
    California Tax 7.75% : 2107.07
    Title and License: 263.75
    Document Prep fee: 55.00

    Total out the door: 29,619.82 Paid Cash.

    (We paid separately for the additional upgraded security system that kills the ignition for $350.00--whether this is worth it or not--don't really think so but we have it now so there you go).

    I dealt with the Hardin Honda in Anahiem. They were FANTASTIC. I dealt with an internet sales manager. Friendly, and no pushy salesmen. You can send me a message at aliciapeet (at the shout out mail) and I will give you more information. Basically I printed out a figure from all the dealers and they said they would price match or beat it and it was the fastest transaction of less than two hours from the time we got there to the point of getting our keys. No pressure for any add ons which was great.

    I don't know if this was a good deal but after two weeks of going back and forth with dealers online...I'm done!
  • spark8spark8 Posts: 3
    Just bought an EX-L in Houston, TX. Here's the OTD:

    29100.00 (OTD) inclusive of wheel locks, tinted windows, mud guards, spill tray in the rear, life time power train warranty, paint protection, fabric protection.

    Paid cash and could not avail of the AHFC financing.

    Would not recommend going to the "big" dealership in Katy. Obnoxious folks.
  • sababusababu Posts: 4
    Thank you all for your inputs. This forum is so helpful.

    Here is what I paid in Texas. I really appreciate your comments.

    --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - - ---------------------
    Trim : 2008 HONDA ODYSSEY EX-L with RES & NAV.
    --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - - ---------------------
    OTD : $33,133
    7 Year/100,000 Bumper to Bumper extended warranty with $0 deductible.
    GAP Coverage.
    Honda 0.9% apr
    --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - - ---------------------
  • mameemamee Posts: 1
    Very happy. Just bought a new van for $30,000 otd with 2.9% financing from Honda. Its $29,000 otd if pay cash or your own financing from Landmark Honda. Excellent service.

    Other 2 dealerships were matching the price, but this is closest. Herson's in MD countered offer with $28,800 otd, but got the reply late after I made the purchase.

    Mamee :)
  • ffwuffwu Posts: 3
    sounds like a very good deal, which dealer?
  • I am getting this deal for 2008 Odyssey EX-L with RES near Dallas, TX:

    MSRP: $33,810
    Invoice: $30,612
    Destination fee: $670
    OTD: $30,800 (Invoice minus $2500 + dest fee +TTL)
    Includes: Tint, splash guards, pin-stripe, cargo tray

    My Questions:

    1. Is this a good deal?

    2. Is it true that if i get $2500 off from invoice(which i am getting) then i am not qualified for AHFC special finance of 2.9% for 60 months?

    Dealer is asking for $1000 more for giving a better finance.

    Please advise

  • sababusababu Posts: 4
    Gillman, Schertz, TX
  • ffwuffwu Posts: 3
    Thanks for the info. I am wondering what's the OTD price if without
    7 Year/100,000 Bumper to Bumper extended warranty with $0 deductible.
    GAP Coverage.
    Honda 0.9% apr
  • sababusababu Posts: 4
    approx. $31,000
  • gluck51gluck51 Posts: 9
    Ztennis, wow, $25,558 for EX-L in the SF Bay Area! This is amazing. Is it OTD price? Could you share the information of the dealer that you got it from?

    My email is

  • newoddynewoddy Posts: 1
    Hi Folks,
    I have seen very good pricing in areas like CA, NJ, NC etc. But in WA area, the best I have gotten so far is as follows:

    EX-L with Mudgaurd, Pinstripe etc - $27,600.00 PLUS TTL.

    Two questions I have for you experts that are getting at much cheaper price:
    1. How can I get it cheaper than this?
    2. Anybody in Seattle area gotten better than this price? If so, I would love to get the information.

  • mjansen1mjansen1 Posts: 46
    Where in Seattle did you find this? I figure take invoice, then subtract $2500 and 3% holdback of invoice, and add destination charge-- and I am left with $27,336.
    Plus, I think I recall the cash to dealer incentive is ending 9/2. Will it just start right back up again or is it really over?
    Thanks, Mike
  • I just purchased a 2008 EX-L with RES and complete tow package at Lancaster Ohio dealer (Buckeye Honda). With a friend and I working on this and a competing dealer (I highly recommend working on two dealers for the best price - even though it seems like a lot of effort), I got the OTD price to 31K, which includes tax, title and license with the tow package (normally around 1,000 installed). The cash price for the vehicle was $28,911, and there was 1,822 in tax and 250 in document fees (title and license). I have been working with this dealer for some time and they were good to work with. The vehicle was not a demo nor did it have unusual issues.
  • Try Huntington Honda or Millenium Honda on long island, Price about $23,500 for EX+TTL
  • I just picked up one that had 4 miles on it for $30.5K OTD (8.25% sales and .9% 36 month financing).
  • Yesterday picked up Odyssey EX for 25700 in MD with special financing.
    Without special financing it will be around 24600.

    22229+dest 670+TAX+TTL+100 doc fee.

    Sports, Criswell, Hersons and lot of others are giving same price.
  • I have received prices quotes from two different dealers for a 2008 EX-L of 27,090 and 27,086 OTD. Is anyone else getting prices this low??
  • What's the breakout of your $27K OTD pricing?
  • Sri & Mike

    Have you looked into Bellevue? They have a lot of stock. We are looking at buying a EX-L w/ RES (they have 14 of those alone, others only have 3-8). Maybe we should see if we can gang up on them???

    Where did you get the $27.6 from? Pretty sure the dealer incentives will last(or get better) until the '08 are gone (my inside source for another manufacture tells me their company plans to extend their sale another week, so I am sure the others will do the same.) The '09 are around the corner as Bellevue put one up on their new inventory stock page online.

  • Bought a 2008 with a MSRP of $32,880

    Dealer adds splash guards and wheel locks (you get no choice) for $243

    Bought for $26,605.83 + $399 admin. fee ( seller profit) + $ 69 Tax & title
    + $798.17 3% NC tax on the $26,605.83

    Out the door $27,872 Somewhere between the final quote and the final price I didn't get the recent $35 freight increase (and they gave me the .83 cents)

    Nice people and a very nice van. I went from a 2000 EX, gave it to my daughter.
  • Hi - It looks like other people have had problems getting the same $25,588 + TTL that I got. So I will be disabling the email I used. If you email that address, please do not expect a reply.

    In response to some questions I received:
    - Yes, it is Anderson Honda. They are the only Palo Alto dealership. : )
    - From the boards, it looks like if you want 0.9% financing, you'll have to pay $1000 more.
    - The price I listed was for the based EXL - no accessories, like wheel locks, etc.

    Lastly, it looks like there are an amazing number of lurkers out there. If you're having problems getting a price you want, I recommend you post on this board, get in contact with similar buyers, and see if you can work something out. That's how the original people who got this price were able to get it for so low.

    Looks like I just hit really good timing.
  • folks,

    Quick Question: What should be the credit score to qualify for AHFC special finance of .9 for 36m / 2.9% for 60m?

    Any other criteria?

    Early reply will be highly appriciated!!
  • It is a basic EX-L no DVD or NAV.
    Edited: Lifetime Powertrain and Tranny warranty.
  • alic3alic3 Posts: 15
    Hi all,

    I have a question. We purchased an EX-L yesterday in Southern California and the "finance guy" told us that the alarm in the odyssey was a piece of junk that only sounds when the door opens....he said NOTHING about the fact that it comes with an ignition immobilizer or that it has basically all of the features that the Karr upgrade alarm has other than the shock sensors and starter disable. The dealer already has the Karr alarm preinstalled and just activates it or deactivates upon the car leaving the lot so its pretty much a scam. We were misled into thinking that the Odyssey did not have an ignition security system....what legally are allowed as a refund on the upgraded dealer installed alarm if we just purchased the vehicle..I know warranties can be cancelled in 30 days...does the same go for the dealer alarm? The dealer says they don't know how to remove the alarm.

  • Thanks your info and experience are very useful. I have tried Capitol (closer to where I live) since yesterday after seeing your post and got the same result. They said they would call me back but never did. I guess it's just not a good dealership to deal with. I wish I saw your post earlier. I have sent a direct quote request to Anderson just now and see if they can make it again; otherwise I will just wait till the end of year for a good 08 deal or get 09 model for better used car value in the future.
  • Hi. I am not sure if you bought the Ody.I am also in the Bay Area and would like to pursue a group purchase. I am looking for a EXL- with REs/Nav in SLate Green with gray interior. Plz email me at Thx
  • I just got an email today (Sep.1) saying a dealer in nc would sell me an exl at $8000 off. I will find out if that is close to the 25k prices I have seen in this blog. I am hoping it is better. I will post again with more info if this is a good legitimate lead.
  • billp4,
    Did you purchase at Hubert Vester? Also, was this a cash price (no financing)? Thanks.
  • It was cash. Dealer is Flow Honda, Winston-Salem
  • I was quoted today (in bay area) 27,395.00 from one dealership, 27,588.00 from another, and the third quoted 27,800. All of these quotes included the 2.9% financing.

    Initially, I thought I was being quoted 26,800 with the 2.9 financing for one of the dealers, which i would have taken but upon a confirmation email, I learned that was not the case.

    it is frustrating to see a lot of these killer deals in the rest of the country and not being able to get it done here.

    I have looked at other vans, Sienna and Quest and almost all 08s are out of stock at local dealerships. I have noticed that Honda still has pretty good supply. Let's hope they increase their incentives. (Toyota had 0% and Nissan had $8500 off of invoice if you knew about the high volume dealer incentive, unfortunately, by the time I figured out there was this additonal incentive, almost all of the product in California was gone).

    Happy hunting.
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