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2013 and earlier Honda Odyssey Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • "We followed the "Donkey Punch" method of compiling quotes, and played the waiting game"

    Congrats. This is a good deal. Just one question. What is the "Donkey Punch" method?
  • Hi Tom200,

    Internet invoice price for a EXL-Res is $30,612 -- I'd target at least $3500-$4000 below that.
  • Ok, should be in the $26,500 neighborhood or better, before TTL.
  • I got a quote from Go on an EX-L for 26,633. This is without res/nav and does not include TTL.

    I received some interesting info on Schomp in Denver. I was told that if you service the Ody there and perform all scheduled maintenance that they automatically extend the warranty to 7/100k. I heard this from someone who used to be a broker and actually contacted them directly as I was looking into a deal in Longmont. I am in the Boulder area and having the car serviced in Denver just isn't an option.

    If you need a contact at Schomp I was given one by the broker/friend that was making a call for me. I haven't spoken with them directly. Also, I am still dealing with Frontier in Longmont and can give you that contact as well. They have been fair and upfront. I just haven't pulled the trigger yet. Like most of us I think we are just waiting to see what's going to fall from the sky.
  • I just spoke to internet sales guy at Fisher Honda in Boulder. His quote was the same as Go to the dollar. I challenged him to come in lower, but he was not willing to move. I said I was looking to get $3500 off of $30,612 invoice. He said that invoice number was too low. That actual invoice was $31,553. Heck, based on this forum maybe I need to find a dealer in Dallas and have it shipped.. :confuse:

    Appreciate the Schomp info. Too far to drive for me as well. I'm close to Boulder.
  • Yeah I haven't dealt with Fisher. I just figured they were coming in at the same as everyone else. I was told by Frontier that they couldn't move any more on the deal as of recent.

    They still have quite a few in stock and the only thing I see moving off their lot are the civics. It's been very low pressure, but I just feel like it could be better. It's a little frustrating to see some of the deals in other parts of the country. I just feel like Honda has got to kick in something extra to the dealer or the customer.
  • Read Post 16934. Not sure where the name came from.
  • Contacted multiple dealers in the Seattle area. The best deal that I have got so far is (internet-invoice-price + destination - $3500) for any 2008 Odyssey. I'm really hoping to get a vehicle at (internet-invoice-price - $4000). Wish me luck :)
  • Well, we bought a black Odyssey EX-L from Bellevue Honda this weekend. Unfortunately I didn't do thorough research until after the sale but we needed to move quick due to other circumstances. Price was $27,472 which included all the usual Bellevue dealer add-ons (all season floor mats, mud flaps, wheel locks, door edge guards, wheel moldings, cargo tray). This price is less tax and license and accounted for destination fee. OTD @ $30,260.15. From the posts here you can probably strike a better deal than I.
  • Here's the breakdown:

    Odyssey EXL $24531 (original quote was %24731, but we had a $200 internet coupon the dealer had e-mailed along with the price quote).
    Destination $670
    VA tax (3%) $768 (I hear the tax is lower if buying before the 15th ea. mo.?)
    Dlr Bus. Lic. Tax $30.24
    Proc. Fee $399
    TTL $12 (We transferred the plates and
    reg. from the old car other wise $48)
    $26410 OTD
  • Forgot to mention. This dealer does not have an appearance package fee like others around here which charge $495, but I found that to be negotiable too.

    Car already had pinstriping, floor mats, wheel locks and mud guards. No extra charge for those.
  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonPosts: 19,602
    Oh, I think you did just great! ;)
  • Bought an EX-L Cherry Red Odyssey in SF bay area past Saturday

    Car price 25,800

    Total including TTL, dealer fee etc. 28,400

    Finance cost extra
  • Been haggling over the internet since Monday, and prices are finally getting attractive to me.

    Cheapest EX-L with RES so far is $27525 OTD (includes VA tax, 800'ish, title and 2yrs tags 85 ish, and $100 processing fee).

    Cheapest EX-L with NAV and RES is $29,670 OTD, including the fees listed above.

    These quotes are from different dealers that have an abundance of these specific 2008 models left, and just need to move them.

    Went and saw them last night; I want the one with RES and NAVI, but my wife doesn't think the extra $2150 is worth it.

    We will be buying one tonight or tomorrow morning. The dealers in VA are all at least a grand more than this, even when I show them my quotes.
  • wow.. what a great price. Your EXL RES is like $26,540 without TTL. I can't even get just EXL for that price.

    Price in Oklahoma is nothing close to that. The best quote I got via internet for EXL RES is $28,000 OTD excluding TTL. For EXL is $26,600 OTD excluding TTL.

    I'd jump on your deal if it's in my state. I didn't know EXL RES can go that low. Keep us posted once you pull the trigger. Good Luck!!
  • Well, we will see this evening. I know both dealers have told me via emai this AM that the pricing expires tonight. One really needed to "make a sale" before the weekend. Both said the prices would be slightly higher starting Friday, and encouraged me to come in today. I will keep you posted.
  • I am in Northern VA as well, looking for an EX-L with RES. Could you tell me what dealer in MD? I got a very similar quote from Criswell.
  • Update, the dealer who offered me the lowest price 2008 Odyssey w RES and NAVI for $29670 just left me a voicemail and told me the dealership sold the two he could have sold me for that price earlier; one last night after I left, and one this afternoon. I wasn't really too upset because I didn't particularly care for the white and black colors, and still am not convinced the NAVI is worth an extra $2100 more, even though the integrated stereo control and a bigger rear camera view in the NAVI are cool. Just not sure if they were $2100 more cool.
    I just called the salesman back, and he has two EX-L w/RES and NAVI left, both with crossbars and mudflaps (the 29670 priced ones had neither) he that he offered me for 30,300. I asked if he could remove those items to get to the earlier 29670 price. He put me on hold for a couple of minutes, and then said his manager would not do that, and the price was as low as he could go.

    Still plan to buy tonight, but it will most likely be the Odyssey EX-L w/RES from the other MD dealership for 27525 OTD.
    And Alexva, email or PM me directly, because the salesman I have been dealing with specifically asked that I did not post him or his dealership on the web. He never said anything about the price, which is why I posted the 2008 EX-L w/RES OTD price of $27525. It seems like the best I have seen yet, and since the color selection and availability will shrink, I am planning to bite tonight to get the color my wife really wants (Baltic Blue), rather than maybe saving a few hundred dollars more later but getting whatever color is left later. It is a gamble, though, as the prices I was getting from 4 weeks ago to now have dropped by several thousand dollars. But overall, I think I will be happy getting a Honda for well over 20% off the high MSRP sticker, and getting the color my wife likes.
  • I am in Tampa, FL and I got an offer from two different dealers in the area for 25,500 for an EXL and for 25,950 w/ fog lights. One has a 399 dealer fee and with tax and everything it comes to 28,000 OTD. What do you think... its with a new tag in florida so there are some fees there as well.?
  • hi all - learnt a lot from the messages posted here while searching for our ody, here is my experience. we wanted an ex-l, 2008 model. got internet quotes from dealers in MD and VA. best quotes were in MD. VA dealers quoted ~400 as processing fee, MD dealers quoted 100. plus many VA dealers included in quote a ~$500 appearance package, which to me was useless. My three best quotes in MD were 24950, 24850, and 24500, add to each destination (670), processing, tax and tags. asked my closest dealer to beat my lowest quote, which he agreed to beat by 100. when i went to get my ody, i was told it had some accessories pre-installed by dealer, to the tune of ~800, for which they wanted 600. told them was not interested, they came down to 250 for accessories. at that point i gave in, and got a final price of 24650 + freight, proc, tax and tags, OTD ~ 27K. got suckered into buying the extended warranty - 8 yr/120k for $1325, which pushed my OTD to over 28K. am planning on cancelling that warranty in the next couple of days.

    overall, could have done a bit better (~couple of hundred), but bought from dealer closest to home, thought that made up for the difference.

    suggestion - check the online inventory for the dealers you are most interested in. when i checked, most had plenty of 08 odys. they want to move them. if you want an ex, you will get a LOT sweeter deal.

    best to all.
  • I'm from VA and I just purchased an Odyssey from a MD dealer, the dealer only charged a $100 processing fee. The price was $4000 off invoice price. I purchased a 08 EX The final price was $22,542.00 + $635 freight $100 processing = $23,277 That was the best deal I could find in MD or VA. I didn't buy the warranty so I was out the door including tax and tags at $24,090. The dealer closest to my home was about $1000 higher because of the 400 processing charge and would only offer 3400 below invoice.
    Overall, a good deal I think.
  • Cairogyro,

    I'm new to this forum and haven't figured out how to pm or email. I'm very interested in purchasing an ex-l with res in MD. Can you please pm or email me the dealership and salesperson that gave you the OTD price of $27,525? Thanks so much in advance.
  • Good stuff, thanks for posting this. :)
  • Picking up my touring without pax tomorrow. 33,600 plus tax. Is this still a decent price?
  • xierxier Posts: 99
    33.6 is quite typical for this but I would think you can get it for a bit lower TODAY

    - I got 4 internet quotes (3 weeks back) - first off without any negotiation ranging from 32 flat to 33,200 - so 33,600 is in the range. Problem is there were not very many dealers who had Touring models -- so if you can find the color combo you like 32 to 33 is par for the forum.
  • If you had prices of 32 or even 33, it seems like my price is way to high! Did your prices include destination? My 33,600 does.

  • Is your price with AHFC Finance ?

    I have quotes for 35K on touring w/o Pax in Ohio, with AHFC Fiance (without Tax / Title). Do you guys think it is a good price?

  • Hello there: Just wondering what kind of deals folks in the upstate New York (or PA) area are getting on the 2008 Touring (no pax). If anyone knows of any attractive deals, I would appreciate it if you could please let me know.

    The best I am getting so far is $33,385 (cash price, no financing, add $2500 w/ 2.9% honda financing). I saw people getting it for $31,600 and I am no where near that. Not many are left in inventory (at least in this area), so I am hoping to get a good deal, soon!

    Any information would be greatly appreciated!


  • ephaepha Posts: 11
    Inventory on the Touring NO PAX is limited. I haven't found any dealers willing to go below $33.4 (cash price including destination, but without TTL or dealer adds).

    Based on what I have read, dealers are good about quoting lower prices via email, but when you get to the dealer to actually do the transaction, the actual price of the deal is higher because of adds or other fees not in the email quote.

    In the emails I have so far, it's been impossible to nail down the exact OTD price. The salesman are resistant to actually committing to an OTD price over email.
  • You are absolutely right. One salesperson told me there are only 4 in NY state left ... very limited colors to choose from!

    I am actually considering taking the risk and waiting until after the end of the month, hoping they would be willing to accept a lower offer once the 09's start coming in.

    We'll see. I'll keep everyone here posted. Thanks!
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