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2013 and earlier Honda Odyssey Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • That is a great deal that you got there. $24,678 with destination included is excellent.
  • bigdadi118bigdadi118 Posts: 1,207
    The processing fee $385 is much higher than MD's $100 - $150

    I would give biz to that MD dealer since they are more honest to quote/ pricing and should not move the deal from them.
  • Did you try to negotiate the warranty we got our warranty 6 yrs 75,000 miles for 900 they wanted 1495 for it at 1st. good luck
  • No I did not get the financing offer. It is either 3500 rebate or special financing, you can not have both.BTW if you choose the 3500 rebate, you also need to pay tax for the rebate, it is 3500*8%. The dealer is Honda on Grand in Elmhurst. I went there because they quoted me in email, other dealers only called and said they could also do around the same price, so I think you pretty much can get around this price everywhere, perhaps even lower.

    I choose to apply for a new plate because my old sticker is going to expire, transfer is 80 plus 78 for new sticker. The break down is:
    19975 - 1700 + tax + 150 doc fee + 143 new plate and sticker fee = 20332 OTD
  • We purchased it from Richfield Bloomington Honda but Brookdale Honda was the first one to give us that price. I did not like the dealerships on the east side of the metro - they seemed a little slimy (wanting my drivers license even though I told them I was paying cash and also wanted me to sign a 'contract' saying I would buy it right then and there). If you have any questions let me know. Good luck!
  • I agree I wanted the same thing as MD dealers are very honest but I am 60 m iles away from them,.

    Also VA Dealers Reduced the Price of the vehicle to add their Processing fee... :blush:

    Thanks for your input
  • Yesterday I purchased an 08 Odyssey EX-L with RES in black for an OTD price of $28, 061.34 in Fredericksburg, VA. The vehicle price was $26,762, including 814 freight, wheel locks, mud flaps and a rear cargo mat. Add in $814.83 sales tax, $10 online fee, $48.75 tags and $26.76 county tax.

    Anyone in Northern VA or MD email me if interested in the dealer or other quotes I received.
  • Hi,

    This is my first post. I am planning to buy a new 2008 EX-L with RES/NAV in state of Michigan.

    Did anyone got any great offers,please let me know.

    So far the best I got is
    28972(cash price after invoice33089-3500-hold) +
    15 (title)+
    1749 (6%tax)= $ 30,924 OTD price. Is this a good price?

  • C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S.......That's an excellent deal for EX-L.

    Can you please e-mail me the VA & MD dealer's as well as the sales person names that you negotiated this price to su_hyd_07atyahoodotcom.
  • Hi

    I am looking for a 08 EX-L with RES in San Jose/SFO area. Can some one who has purchased it in the last couple of weeks, let me know the price & where they purchased it (dealer name)

  • i traded in my 2001 oddessey lx and purchased a 2006 ex-l with dvd the deal went down in n.j. i must say honda's hold a lot of value . they wanted 24,399 i offered 22,000 they wanted 22,500 and orig. they wanted to give me 5,000 for my 2001 with 54,000 they came up to 5,500 for the trade the 2006 has 26,000. tell me what you think of this deal good or bad.
  • It is a very good deal. Which dealer in VA?
  • I just got my first internet quote

    2008 Honda Odyssey EX-L RES is: $26988 + Fees (Cash or Standard Financing) and $29488 + Fees (Special Financing)

    Is this a good deal or the term fees can include anything?

  • Guys any one got any good quotes from dealers in San Diego. The Best k got was from Poway for $29400 but did not like any of the colors they have, they said they could get me the color i wanted from an other dealer for $29950.

    The Colors that they have are Black,While,Light Blue, Cream Silver.

    The other dealers are at around $29,950.

    IF you guys have a better deal from San Diego delears please let me know the dealer name and sales man name.

    DCH Honda in Lemon Grove has some worst Sales people, they have plenty in stock and looks like no one i willing to buy from them because of the attitude they have.
  • I am not sure if you made your purchase or still in the market but I too am looking at 2008 Odyssey EX cloth interior and with Navi.. and I am in east bay area and can be reached also via
  • bao1bao1 Posts: 35
    Considering that we are set on the Nimbus Grey color, we went ahead and pulled the trigger this past weekend.

    Continental Honda tracked down a Nimbus Grey EX-L RES. The OTC price was the price we agreed to and with no surprise or tacked on fees. The internet sales person was very upfront and didn't try any tricks. The FI person got us in and out very quickly and with absolutely no push for the warranty or paint protection program.
    Since they couldn't beat our rate, we financed it through our bank.

    Price with delivery charges, 26582.

    OTC price with tax, new plates and $150 doc fee comes out to about 29,108.

    The only surprise was that the car came with free splash guards and wheels locks because the dealer with whom they did the dealer trade with already put them on.
  • Which colors are you considering? I bought mine EXL R&N couple of weeks ago and the only dealer in L.A. area that had Nimbus gray was Riverside Honda. I had to make compromise and settle with Silver as it was my second choice. The colors you mentioned are pretty much what's left for R&N config.
  • Leaving tomorrow to get a EX-L for 26866.10 confirmed otd in silver/gray leather. I spoke with the sales mangager about using my Credit Card for $20000 and cash for the balace of the amout, but they will only allow me to put 5000 on CC. They said is was policy, to which I said, then break the policy, but they would not budge.

    Anyone else run into this?
  • bigdadi118bigdadi118 Posts: 1,207
    Consumer wants to get more charge to CC due to frequent flyer mileage or get points to redeem gifts. Dealer wants to be less possible due to they won't see the money in 30 days and CC company charges % fee to merchant. My wife was allowed only $3.5K to be charged to her CC. It seems generous for $5.0K
  • Can you break out the OTD price for your EXL? And which state is the dealership in?
  • We bought a 2008 EX in northern VA last week for $23.5K OTD and planned to put $10K on our CC. However, the dealer only allowed us to pay $2.5K with our CC. We wrote a check for the rest of our down payment and financed the remainder through Honda since Honda agreed to match the rate offered by our bank.

    We were surprised by the CC limit but can understand why the dealer doesn't want the CC fee cutting into their profit.
  • Good deals are harder to come by in Denver Boulder Area. Have 6 area dealerships giving me quotes and best so far is $27950 plus tax (8.3% ). One dealership has pulled out saying they will not go lower.

    I'm looking to get $3500 under invoice ($30,612) or ~$27,100 for the EX-L with RES.

    Seeing much better deals on this forum. Perhaps I should buy in MD. Anyone know what it would cost to ship from MD to Colorado? :)
  • Hi...can you please let me know who you dealt with? I emailed them for price quote & the OTD price the quoted me was almost $33K. Thanks so much!
  • I have shipped my personal cars from Boulder to Maryland and then back to Boulder when I moved. You're looking at about $1,000 and this isn't a covered carrier. Not cheap. Thought about the same thing for about a hot minute.

    Looks like we are going to have to eat a higher payment. Seems silly since many folks here want AWD.
  • We got our Odssey tonight. $27481 OTD. The price includes cross bars and wheel locks. We got pulled into the warranty which I'm wondering if we need. The warranty was an additional $1550 (7 years/100,000). I had not researched the warranty as I had my mind made up that we would not get it. So, is the warranty worth it, is that a good price???

    Thanks for the help of this forum. I feel better about our purchase - the warranty.
  • This was a different but positive buying experience. I called the dealership Friday evening. After shopping several dealers, he gave me the best offer. I called him back Saturday morning to accept the offer and put down a deposit on my credit card (which he never even processed).

    Picked up the van tonight...a very pleasant experience. Here are the numbers

    2008 Odyssey EXL-RES

    Sale Price: $27,000
    PA Tax: $1620
    Prep Fee: $99
    Tags: $145
    OTD: $28,864

    No surprises (even free wheel locks) and nice 20%+ off MSRP. Probably could've done $500 better in October, but we got the color we wanted, so I'm pleased. Well worth the 2.5 hour drive!
  • CANCEL that warranty within 60 days (if you financed it they may just pay down your loan with the cancel proceeds). You can get a 7 years/100,000 ($0 deductible) Honda Care Warranty for $1020 if you really think you need it. If you bought a third party warranty CANCEL CANCEL CANCEL.

    Check out this forum on carspace: Honda Extended Warranties Pricing and Info

    You will see an interesting article about a small RI Honda dealership that is taking on HONDA USA for the right to continue to service savy customers over the internet who want to pay cost for these contracts instead of half again or double cost - what the local dealers charge. I was offered a 7yr/80k $100 deductible from my dealer for $1495 - when I told him I might buy it from him if he matched the $725 no-deductible offer I found on the internet all he could muster was"I thought Honda shut those people down?" GREED

    For anyone considering an extended warranty - strike a good deal price wise on your Odyssey, then tell them you will walk unless they sell you the Honda Care warranty at cost/match the pricing on the internet (or just buy from that great little dealership in RI over the internet - you can do so with under 6000 miles on the odometer (no, I don't own the dealership or work for them - just impressed that they are taking on the big boy (after employees of Honda encouraged them to get into the internet business Honda is now trying to shutdown via federal court))).

    My long two cents. You can probably tell I am not too impressed with dealership behavior in the "finance" room.
  • Ok guys i made the deal last night as i had to get the Van. The Ball Honda dealer in national City got me the deal for 29400(including destination and pro pack). the OTD after taxes and fees was $32000. The ystill have hte nibus gray and slate green with Olive interiors.

    Please talk to the internet sales manager before going (Paul Najor). They promised me $29300 and when i went there they started saying it did not include desination and propack. I said the price that i was quoted was including every thing. I told them i have an other dealer offering me the same price and if i am not going to get the deal i am going to walk and i said i was willing to pay $29400(THe other dealers who offered me $29300 do not have the colors i need so i was willing to pay a $100 more). If you want it for $29300 you can try Fueller Honda in Chula Vista. Do not go to DCH , mission valley, Pacific Honda or Tipton these dealers are not willing to sell it below $30000)
  • Thanks a lot for the info! :shades:

    I am shooting for an EX-L. I contacted a few dealers in metro area. So far the best beat I got is $25300 before tax + etc. I think it is a solid deal. How do you think? I might pull the trigger sometime this week.
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