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2013 and earlier Honda Odyssey Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • That's the exact quote I got. That price includes everything but tax. The dealer fee and destination is rolled into that price. I was just there tonight and saw my buyer's agreement to confirm the pricing that was quoted. I assume you were dealing through the internet guy? (initials J.T.)

    I am picking up my van tomorrow and signing the paperwork. It was at night and I want to do a full inspection before it all goes down. Good luck to you. If you need anything else you can email me at
  • Congrats - you got a heck of a deal - I just sent my info - let me know if you don't receive. Thanks
  • Here is where to find the Donkey Punch method.

    It's in the forum: Honda Odyssey Prices Paid and Buying Experience

    It's post number #17964

    The title is: Is this a good price? by donkeypunch1 Jan 04, 2008 (9:00 pm)

    Here is a link that may or may not work, but I'll post it:
    donkeypunch1, "Honda Odyssey Prices Paid and Buying Experience" #17964, 4 Jan 2008 9:00 pm

    Hopefully posting this information will help others find the method.

    James Grove

    additional keywords: donkeypunch
  • A reputable dealer would have done all of that for you. You could have saved yourself alot of time by finding one. You are so paranoid. Is it because you run your business this way.
  • g15g15 Posts: 8
    So there's an add in Cincinnati that one Honda dealer is providing employee pricing on the Odyssey. Is this a gimmick to get me in the door? Should I expect to pay the 3500 from invoice, then subtract 3% of MSRP price? Or is the "employee pricing" better? Does anyone know? I'm looking at the EX-L RES.

  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 64,780
    What employee?

    Honda employee?
    Dealer employee?

    If it walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, it's probably a duck.. (or gimmick, in this case..).



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  • Hello

    Yesterday I got lots of offers from 15 dealers in Southern California.
    The lowest one was $28,740 before tax.
    Do you think it is good or not?

  • g15g15 Posts: 8
    doesn't specify which employee discount. I'll give a full report tomorrow. I might check it out tonight.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 64,780
    Which dealer?


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  • g15g15 Posts: 8
    Superior Honda in Cincinnati. See link..
  • I recently got a quote from Castle Honda of Morton Grove for a similar price. The quote I got was: base = $24,667 and OTD = $28,327

    But when I calculate a final price on my own I get OTD = $27,447 which is $880 difference - so what are they adding on?

    My calc:
    Base: $24,667
    Doc: $150
    ERT: $25
    Tax $2605 ( [base + 3500] 9.25% )

    MyCalc: $27,447 (diff = $880)

    The destination charge would only acount for $600+ of that.

    BTW, I've gotten several quotes from Chicago area dealers and one dealer got very huffy when I asked for an OTD price. I said I wanted to compare it with other quotes I'd gotten. I got a lecture about how I really should be comparing the base price because all the other stuff should be calculated the same by everyone. And if they weren't calculating it the same, then they would just be sending you a bill for it later. She gave me the example of a dealership calculating the otd price using a lower tax rate - then you'd just get a bill for the rest later.

    Is it true that all the other fees should be the same at every dealership? She said doc fees for example should be $150 in Illinois.

    Also, what is an ERT fee? That seems to be $25 in Illinois.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 64,780
    I'd classify that as a gimmick... Or, maybe legitimate, if it only applies to their Chevy dealership..

    I don't have much experience with that dealership... I've always put them right in the middle, as far as the chances of getting a good deal in Cincinnati..

    Invoice minus incentive minus holdback.... That is where I would start.. I doubt the employee price will mean anything, if it even applies..



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  • I've seen this question posted, but no one has responded so far.

    The incentive right now is $3500 and it ends 9/30.

    What are the chances that there will be an even better incentive for the 2008 models in October? After all, Oct is only 6 days away and from what I've seen there are still plenty of 2008 Odyssey's on the lots.

  • g15g15 Posts: 8
    Well..if I can talk my wife into checking it out tonight I'll let you know. The internet quote I got from them was $27,400.(invoice - incentive - holdback is around $26,100 I think)

    Do you have any advice on trade ins? I have a 2003 odyssey with 65000 miles. KBB says $9000 for "fair" condition. I think the car is in "good" condition. Any idea what to expect?
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 64,780
    If the new ones are going cheap, then the used ones are bound to take a hit..

    It's hard to believe that your '03 Odyssey wouldn't be worth $10K, though...

    Check out the Real World Trade-In Values discussion for a good estimate on your current ride.



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  • "Is it true that all the other fees should be the same at every dealership? She said doc fees for example should be $150 in Illinois. "

    Yes, but only within a given state. That's why you ask for it itemized penny by penny before you walk into the dealership to make sure you can compare accross dealerships. When I was working my deal, I found out (just like you did by backing out the numbers), that the OTD was being figured on a price that was $100 higher than the quoted price. It was an honest mistake, but we fixed it.

    Also, doc fees can vary from dealer to dealer - some states regultae the fee and it is fixed at a certain amount. Again, that's why you get it itemized, penny by penny.

    You were 100% right to demand an OTD price over the phone or email.

    And in this market, don't pay extra for the dealer installed accessories that are already on the car.
  • "Do you have any advice on trade ins?"

    Yes, don't trade in if you can avoid it at all. You're better off selling it yourself and getting a rental for a week while you negotiate on the new car. I bet you'll save at least $1500 if you did that.

    Anytime you trade in you're leaving thousands of dollars on the table.
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  • Drawback on waiting is a smaller selection, and it is possible the incentives are not as good in October. However, there is nothing in the economy that is suggesting things are going to get better for a while. Prices will stay down, especially while inventory is up. Honda, Dodge, & Chrysler all seem to still have significant inventory right now. I'm not sure on Nissan or Toyota or the others.
  • I actually thought the same thing. It does seem like folks are wanting to wait until October just to see (I wanted to), but I have also seen on other forums, here and actually the inventory at the dealerships slowly being bought up. There are still a number of 08s out there, but if you have a particular color in mind you might want to jump on it.

    Hopefully I am not shooting myself in the foot here, but I started becoming unsure of waiting for "better" incentives. I didn't jump on the Nissan deal that ended this month and lost out on 10,500 off sticker price. Of course there aren't that many 08 Quests out there like odys, but I just don't want to take that chance. A few hundred bucks either way isn't going to kill me.

    The dealership that I am dealing with is basically giving me "dealer cash" of 2,500 on top of the 3,500, but quite frankly, I just see this as they are starting with invoice, and the 3,500 is coming off of that. No where on my buyer's agreement do I see 2,500 dealer cash. I am pulling the trigger tonight.

    I have been scouring this and all other forums for months. I am tired and I just need to commit.
  • Yes, better deal than I can find in Denver.
  • Thanks for the definition. Just so happens I was following this method, just didn't know it had a name.

    Had two more Denver area dealers decline to go lower. Just not getting the prices I'm seeing in this forum on the coasts.
  • Congrats. Appreciate you sharing your pricing. Overall, it's a good price for Denver area.
  • In San Jose, CA it is 27k for EX-L with RES. Can you please let me know what is it that they are quoting?

  • Hi...would you mind telling me what dealer offered the $28,740? The lowest I got so far is in the mid $29K range in southern cal....
  • g15g15 Posts: 8
    You were right. Just a gimmick. They said the 27,400 price was better than the employee pricing. I couldn't get out of them what "employee" pricing actually meant. So I just dropped it. The best they could do was $9000 on the trade..couldn't get them to go higher. Seemed kinda odd that they wouldn't move on price or trade.

    From your experience who is the best Honda dealer in the Cincinnati area to get a really good price?
  • Does anyone know if the current deals on the 2008 models will continue in October? OR will they get better or worse?
  • I just got an email from a dealer saying,

    "Honda just came out with the low APR and the special pricing. I can still do the same price and the low APR from Honda for the next 4 days!"

    My low price was $28,500 + $185 Doc fee +TTL for a EX-L with RES & NAV including splash guards and paint sealent. With the Honda Special Financing this seems like a good deal. Too bad I don't want the NAV. But I like the color choices. What do you think?
  • Sorry I missed the complete conversation, but I was curious as to wether I got a good deal or not...The dealer keeps telling me that they went waaaay below invoice.
    I got an EX-L (no nav/etc) to lease for 329.80/month. The negotiated price was 24,700 (down from MSRP posted 32,880)
    Is it possible that they did not make any profit as they claim?

    Thank you

  • I just signed a contract last night so I called my dealer to see if that's true and he said it's true. Just started today. So, I asked him to rewrite my contract if possible and he will get back with me. Thanks for the info.
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