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2013 and earlier Honda Odyssey Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Thanks, desertkev.

    I searched their inventory and they don't seem to have the 08 Touring in stock. I will request a price quote and see if they're willing to go out and get one. Of course, that usually adds ~$200 for the driver who gets it, etc.

    I've been in contact with others in PA who have the car, but their deals are not as good as those in NJ/NYC (those do not seem as trustworthy though). I am discovering new things every day and things change (i.e., new advertising fees that were not included the first time, etc). Anyway, I am concerned about making a 3-hour trip to talk to them in person!

    Not much time is left for the $3500 cash back and 0.9% and 2.9% financing options, so I would have to pull the trigger soon. Wish me luck!

  • gluzgluz Posts: 10
    Folks, the 3500 rebate and 2.9 APR are real, I used it today when we pulled the trigger. The loan manager was giving me hard time about combing the rebate with the APR but at the end gave up(what a surprise).

    At any rate, I am happy with the 7000 off MSRP(34,400) and almost 4000 off Invoice price on the new van.

    We were shopping for a large SUV or Sienna but end up getting Odyssey as this deal is unbeatable.

    This is in South Bay(San Jose area).

    Send me email if you want to know the name of the dealer.
    This particular dealer had only maroon and white ones left, but I am sure there are plenty of them around.

    Good luck to you all.
  • Hello all - Thanks to you and especially giventofly. We picked up our new Odyssey base EX-L. Price paid was $27777 including taxes, documentation and title with all included in 2.9% financing. E-mail me if you need the name of the dealership.
  • bigdadi118bigdadi118 Posts: 1,207
    When you are ready to make 3 hours trip, it is not talk any more, it is the trip to sign papers. Make sure they email or fax you all the figures on a Purchase & Sales agreement with the sales manager signature and you agreed with the numbers before you start driving.

    Depending how to do the payment, cash, load or lease. You may want to supply to dealer for credit approval ahead of time. Plus you may have pre-approval on a car loan from a bank or AAA.
  • Thank you for the advice, bigdadi118. I will definitely keep this in mind before making a trip. Most of them tell me that there is no more room for negotiation over the net, and that I would have to be there to get a slightly better price. Most tell me "your presence is power" ...

    In any case, my main problem is the trade-in, which will make a big difference. Only a few gave me a rough estimate, some say use KBB which gives terrible trade-in values that would give me a much larger hit than I am expecting, one told me use BlackBook tool. I visited a nearby dealer yesterday and have gave me $2000 above KBB, which is more like it.

    Don't dealers sometimes make more money on trade-ins than on new cars? If so, that's why I was hoping they will be willing to give me a better deal overall (new car price minus trade-in).
  • bigdadi118bigdadi118 Posts: 1,207
    With the trade-in, dealer has 2 ways to make profit instead of 1, simply sliding the scale one way or the other to make overall profit.

    If dealer gives you top money on your trade-in, probably won't give you that much of discount on the new car. Dealer always insists you to bring the car down for appraisal. When you are there they won't offer top dollars, excuses of market condition and something like that to lessen the offer.

    Trade-in is always the hurdle. I will sell it first instead of trade-in in order to get best deal on your new one. If you sell the car, you can alway rent a car for a week or so in between to get the new one.
  • That's an awesome price...The lowest I am getting on base EX-L is 25,592 including destination only and no financing option.
    Can you please send the dealer's name?
    mitu_chd at
  • I'm in the market for a new EXL-RES in the Columbus, OH area. Couple of questions:

    - I've seen some posts regarding the $3500 rebate. When does this start? Is that for finance-only or cash deals as well?

    - Anyone get a good deal from a Columbus area dealer recently?

    - I've seen some posts that refer to "teaming up"... I'm new to this... wondering if I could get an explanation.

  • ohvanohvan Posts: 26
    I picked up an EX-L today in the Columbus area for $26,088 with the 2.9% for 60 months at John Hinderer Honda. In addition, they provided a good trade on my 2003 T&C.
  • Hi yogibearsd, this is a very good price, I am in South California as well and in the same boat, could you let me know the dealer and sales' name? my email is fuleyou at gmail dot com, thank you very much.
  • Just purchased from Friendly Honda in Poughkeepsie, NY. Paid 33186 which is 3700 below invoice. Great dealership with a very good service dept. too. Very happy with this price. This is our 2nd Odyssey, and my wife and I love these vans!
  • ohvan,

    Would you mind giving me the breakdown of your OTD price? Did you get the RES, or any other options?
  • Hi Witenko,

    I'm in Orlando FL and I'm trying to your OTD price. That is awesome, only difference for me is i'm at 6.5% sales tax. Could you tell me the name of your sales person and what dealership?

  • In Orlando, my OTD at Classic Honda was $28,193. At Honda cars of Bradenton, it was Faisal, Shahzad and Adam Lazar w/ $27,586 OTD. At Charlotte, it was Bruce Hayes, and he said he'd beat my lowest price by $500. So, basically $26.9 OTD. Coggin in Orlando was WAY high at like $32k OTD. I am going tomorrow to Charlotte to get it and hope guy sticks to his deal. I'm going to hope I can get the price, AND the low financing, but I'm not sure about the financing too. It seems to good to be true. Most dealers said they'd jack up price of car if i chose financing.
  • thank's for tips
  • Hi yogibearsd,

    That's a great deal.
    Which dealership did you pick it up from?
    I picked up my EX-L at the end of March, 2008 for $29400 OTD with Lo Jack installed. It was $29100 OTD, but the sales person came back to stiff me with an $800 LoJack at the very end of the deal. I tried to talk them out of it, but they insisted it was "already" installed and we ended up with $300 for a Lo Jack. Back in March, the Honda incentive was $2000 OR 1.9% APR, can not be combined. If I waited 'til year end, I could have saved more money. BTW, I love the back up camera on the rearview mirror! Hope you enjoy yours too.
  • ohvanohvan Posts: 26

    EXL w/o RES. The only add on was splash guards. The vehicle price was $26,050.00. There was a $250 doc fee bringing the total before TTL to $26,300. Tax was $1404 (6.75%). title $10, 30 day tag $15.50.

    Total out the door: $27,729.50 with 2.9% for 60 months.
  • Hi dandydonii,
    Have you made the purchase? I am looking for the best price offered on an EX-L w/NAV,RES in SF Bay. Can you email me ( with dealer name and price quoted and does it include both cash incentive and 2.9% financing and is it all in writing from dealer mgmt.?
  • Thanks. Let me know how it goes at Charlotte. It would be worth the drive to save a few bucks!
  • Purchased a new Honda Odyssey EX two weeks ago and the window on the passenger side sliding door shattered as we were driving. Has this happened to anyone?
  • I would recommend anyone buying the Odyssey to read about the problems with "Pings" and other engine problems before they buy the 2008.
  • Is this a good price for 2008 Odyssey EX-L with RES

    27,782 Sale price
    +1,667 PA 6% tax
    +183 PA new tags/fees

    29,632 out-the-door

    Also, does anyone think the rebate offer will be extended beyond this month. The dealers are saying it will be over by Sep 30 and i do not get this price after that date. How far this is true?

    What would be the best deal for EXL with RES?

  • Interesting comments about Schomp. I too recently asked for EX-L w/RES/ and they were 10% higher on the email quote than 4 other dealers right out of the shoot !! !

    Holy Cow, -- If you listen to the advertisements, they claim to have the lowest price, won't negotiate, as they want to beat all the dealers, not pay commissions, etc,

    so that is all a bunch of BULL.. Just ask for a better price from another dealer and you get one !!

    So, take the INVOICE - $3500 - 3% of MSRP (not w/Shipping) and you WILL get that price here in DENVER>..... just don't be in a hurry.
  • Hi

    I am not able to get any 2008 EX-L with RES & NAV. The best quote that I have received so far is 28670 +TTL and only in black and green.

    What is the best price that you have received so far.

  • Hi there
    We're in the market for an Odyssey EXL with rear ent + navigation.
    any feedback on best prices found in Bay Area?
  • 08 EX L with NAV and RES north of Philadelphia -
    29250 + TTL
  • Not sure of selling price... but 27,500 out the door for Odyssey EXL with splash guards, pin stripes, wheels locks, door edge guards, and a cargo mat. Includes cost of a new tag in Florida that is around $225, dealer fee, non sense and 7% local tax. Has anyone done any better?

  • This is in Tampa, FL for the above deal.
  • Also, this dealer has several other 2008s in stock and I got a great relationship with the manager.
  • Hey guys - Looking to buy a Ody in the Denver area. Best quote received from Fisher Honda (28,000 for EX-l with RES). Do you guys know if the rebates are going to decrease in October? So for 2008 Odysseys, will the price be significantly different in October compared to September?
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