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2013 and earlier Honda Odyssey Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • There is no guarantee that the incentives will improve or get worse next month. They have moved a lot of vehicles this month, but many places have A LOT to move still. My guess is they stay the same or improve (take a look at the national economy...nothing is showing that it will improve.)
  • Good luck with your Honda Odysseys. My wifes has had two transmission rebuilds on hers before the 30k mile mark. Not to mention sliding door falling off its track, oil leak, dvd player malfunctions, dash rattles. I know I'm not alone. I have sat many many days in the Honda dealership talking to people with transmission problems. When Honda can make a transmission that reliable is when I will consider another Honda badged vehicle. In other words.... NEVER.
  • Where do you live (or where is the dealer that gave you that price)? Is that with destination charge included? If so, GREAT price. Lowest I have gotten in philly area is 29250.
  • I live outside of San Francisco (Bay Area) ---i have a quote for $28,670 (non including tax, license etc) for EXL w/nav & rear ent
  • Does anyone have an opinion about the mocha metallic color? I really like it on the lot...looks very beige to me. I know that some of the other colors look different in different lighting. Does this mocha color stay fairly true to it's name? In other words, does it ever looks like a differnt color? i.e. gold?
  • I picked up my EX-L last night at Charlotte w/ Bruce. They wouldn't beat my lowest Internet deal by $500 without a signed order from the dealership, but they did match it. Plus, they gave me the financing, which most of the other dealers wouldn't do. So, basically $25,500 + dealer fees + TTL.
    It was weird going in and not having to negotiate over price. It was kinda anticlimactic. Thanks to everyone's posts here. I almost signed the deal for the same car for $4K higher prior to reading everyone's posts. pimp this thing out w/ a DVD player and bluetooth aftermarket.
  • Picked up Slate Green with Olive EX-L with RES and NAV from Sanford Honda last night.

    OTD was $30,285

    with no accessories. When I got there the van actually has Mud guard and wheels locks, listed at the insanely over-inflated prices of $199 (mud guards) and $129 (locks) on the sticker.

    They just left them on.
  • Hello John,

    If you can give me the dealership name and salesperson name I'd like to check them out. I've purchased cars in Tampa before, they seem to always offer better prices than Orlando for some reason.

  • I like the mocha metallic too. It's new for 2008. Slightly darker than 2007's desert metallic. It does change color under different lighting condition. I compared the 2 side by side and ultimately decided to go with sage green with darker olive interior color because mocha metallic only comes with ivory interior.
    Being that is a family hauler, ivory stains too easily with kids and adults climbing in and out or even spills. Ivory is definitey something I want to stay away from. (had a 94 Accord with Ivory interior... I know how it goes.)

    One good thing about Mocha Metallic is that it's kind of rare in L.A.. Whereas Sage metellic is everywhere. I didn't feel as unique driving the sage green. But then again, this is a minivan..... who's paying attention?
  • I thought I was not going to get it since there's no Silver EXL left in Oklahoma since last week but the dealer told me he's going to find it around the state for me. I already signed contract with him last week before the 0.9% financing deal came up. So, I called him and told him to redo the contract and he had no problem with that.
    My silver van is coming from Texas and I hope there're some freebies accessories on it. Will see tomorrow. I asked him about the 0.9% that's ending today if it will continue next week and he doesn't think so. He doesn't know for sure too but from his experience he's just saying Honda just wanted to sell more cars at the end of the month so that's why the 0.9% special came in late September. We will see tomorrow what kind of deal Honda is coming out for October.
  • Hi-

    I'm in Louisville, KY. Bought an '08 EX on Sunday for $24,250 OTD (including $500 doc fee). This included the 2.9% APR for 60 months. I dealt with the salesman over the phone for about 10 minutes before reaching a deal. Upon entering the dealership (Sam Swope), the terms were exactly the same as discussed, and there was no pressure to buy add-ons. We drove the new van away in about 45 minutes. I was very pleased with the overall experience.
  • At that price, 28,670 I say buy it today. i've spent all day, and the lowest I got is 29100 (+ttl) - They are throwing in the cheaper accesories too (mud flaps, wheel locks ) to sweeten the deal.
  • The new trans have been more reliable...they had problems in 02 and 03...there is a whole thread on that subject if anyone's interested. I don't think we're supposed to discuss that in this forum.
  • Today is the last day of the month? Anyone know if the incentives in October will be better? I got a call from two dealerships today -- I'm wondering if I should buy it today or wait for a few days.
  • I would imagine that the dealers in the Bay Area are being pretty aggressive on pricing due to the current market. I work up here at Kirkland Honda, which is about 20 minutes northeast of Seattle. Because it is the last day of the month, I could do something over and above for you and ship what you like. If you have a trade, I may just be available for great advice this evening. Let me know what I can do to help... Cheers :-)
  • Ending the month is like ending the year tonight. I would encourage take advantage of the market this evening. I don't foresee how it could get any better for the buyer than what is on the table. If I can help you further, I will be here at Kirkland Honda till 9:00 pm this evening. Cheers!
  • What is your best price on the 2008 Odyssey w/rear ent (dvd) and navigation?
  • What advice would you give to some considering a trade? 2007 Ody EX-L (DVD+NAVI), excellent condition, ~23000 miles. Any advice would be appreciated.

    Considering an 08 Ody Touring (no pax).

    For the gain am expecting on the Touring with this month's unusually great deal, am willing to take the loss on the EX-L. I was about to pull the trigger today, but my son got very sick, so I missed the last day! Family comes first no matter what, and what I have is a great car anyway! Hopefully something at least as good or even better will come out in the next day or two. I guess we'll find out soon!
  • mkh,

    what part of the country are you in as I may be interested in helping you out of your 07. Have been looking at new EXL but always open to an opportunity. Why though go for touring, I did not sense a large difference in the 2 models.
  • Also interested in the dealer, want to move as soon as the manuf rates announced for Honda, Toyota, etc. Kia had a 5k rebate on loaded EX putting out the door at near yours. For a few more $ pays to stay with the known quality. Thanks in advance for your info.
  • I bought it tonight.

    Got the Slate Green with Gray Interior.
    29100 Dest INCLUDED. only add tax and tags. Got them to throw in wheel locks, splash guards, and cargo tray. Not the best deal, but not the worst deal. I also unloaded my hi mileage MDX for good deal (put the MDX on the table AFTER I negotiated the deal). Curious to see what Honda does for October...probably raise the incentive to 5K!!!
  • End of the month. Great time to buy a car, but strongly advise just walking in "cold". 90% of the time your either going to waste your time and get PO'd or spend more than you should have. Don't beleive me? Walk on in and see how it works out. The local dealer by me is at least 3K higher than a 15 mile drive and no amount of negotiating, haggling, price comparing is going to change that. Complete waste of time.

    It's probably late to acquire your own financing if you haven't already (unless you have a local credit union with decent rates). If you pull the trigger tonight, just make sure you don't get get a great price on the van, only to get completely bent on financing or trade.

    Give the following a shot:

    1. Go to website and click on "find dealer" (DON'T use the request quote button).
    2. At that point, select "request a quote" next to each dealer after you have list of dealers.
    3. Fill out your info. don't put a phone number down, you call them if you want...they don't call you.
    Ask for the following:
    - Obviously request model your looking for in dropdown.
    - In "comments" section put something to the effect:
    Would like an OTD (out the door) quotation on EXL RES. Please itemize charges: Base Price, destination and document fee; only extras should be tax, title license. I would like your best possible price, as I intend to purchase tonight. Additionally, please include the color selection that you have available. I'm checking with several dealers in the area and will be purchasing shortly, so your promptness and bottom line is appreciated.
    Don't give them your phone number, if their serious, they'll put it in writing.
    - Press Send
    4. Go Back to "find dealer" enter your zip and you'll get the same list. select "request quote" by the next dealer and this same form that you initially entered will be available. just press send.
    5. Repeat to at least 8 dealers in your area. If your in a metro area. I'd send to everyone EVEN the closest.
    5 1/2. Go to your credit union, or whomever your comfortable with and get your own financing. You should have a check in your back pocket when you go to buy the car or their going to bend you over. The big players will overnight you a blank check. If your a costco member, check out costco dot com and get the capital one rate there. You should get 5.9 apr for 60 months, which you will use as your fallback.
    6. Sit're in the drivers seat.
    7. Wait for quotes to come in.
    8. You'll find out who's serious.
    - some will give you HIGH price
    - some won't respond so go to their website and request a quote with same info as above (I found Honda has some deadlinks on their website to dealers) On the day before I was ready to buy, I called the nonresponders and was able to get them in the mix.
    - a few will give you a pretty aggressive price
    - you may end up with a clear cut low ball great price
    9. Forget about the morons that ask you to call them for an appointment (The VIP treatment means getting bent over). On the ones that are really high, if you want reply and tell them they are off by whatever the diff is between them and your lowest price. i.e, "you're off by $2600, if that's your best shot, I'll pass thanks".
    10. Let the few that are low sit a few days and then reply back. Note that you appreciate their offer. That you have a few others that are right there and that you'd like to buy from them. Your making the decision in the next 48-72 hours. (If you can time this for the end of the month, I think that will work in your favor.) Is this your best price? (If you want any accessories, nows the time to ask for them). Alternatively, you can name a price to see if they can get there, personal choice really here. I don't think you have anything to lose by seeing how hard you can push. If they won't hit the lowball price, then ask how low they can go and say you may come back if the lowball dealer doesn't come through. Here's why, my lowball dealer was writing a quote that said on an 08, but only when I called and said I'll be over this afternoon with a check for this amount for an 08 and he affirmed but then called back in 10 minutes to say he meant 07. Make sure again to qualify that Destination should be included and that there should be no dealer extras on the car (ask them to confirm this). Get an itemized out the door price. Base+Desination+Doc, + tax + title + license. Make sure that the documentation/processing fee does not exceed $100. In some states the most they can charge is $59.
    11. Wait for your responses. Hopefully you should have a pretty good price (better than you have from your other guy).
    12. Take the best quote you've got and email it to the internet dept sales person of the dealer closest to you and tell them you'd like to buy local if they can beat it. If they match or beat and have your color choice go buy from them.
    13. If not, go back to the person with best quote and requalify the details? "You have this color in stock and this price includes destination? Only Extra's are Tax, Title License? They reply in writing with a "yes", then call them to once again firm these detials and make an appointment to meet them and drive (and hopefully buy) the car.
    13.5 When you show up prepare for the bait 'n switch or worse but STICK TO YOUR GUNS. HAVE YOUR EMAIL CORRESPONDENCE WITH YOU. I did all of the above plus called on my drive to the dealer and confirmed everything was still true; only to be told that they had only one van and it wasn't the color we had discussed. In addition, it had accessories on it that I did not want. As a result, I threatened to leave (coat on and stood up) and suddenly a van showed up that was what we wanted. Drive the EXACT VAN you are buying. Make sure it's the year you want and check the odometer. Make sure you like it, no rattles, etc. Inspect it for scratches, etc. Should be fine, but make sure. You've come this far, don't overlook final details. (After we had agreed to a deal, I got the "it's the salesman's/manager's fault" from the manager/salesman when the other wasn't around.)
    14. Show up with your own financing as noted previously. When you pull the check from your pocket, their going to ask where/what your rate is. If you have good credit tell them you have 5.5% for 60 months. If they ask to see paperwork details on the check, make sure the ONLY thing you show them is the dealer details DO NOT SHOW THEM THE INTEREST RATE...DONT EVEN bring those details with you. It is NONE of their business. If you have good credit (780+, odds are they'll beat the 5.5% and you'll save even more money. Show up without a blank check and try to get 5.4% or lower and odds are it'll never happen.
    14.5 You have a trade-in? Research your price on kbbdotcom and edmunds dot com. If its and older car with high mileage don't expect to much, sell it on craigslist, someone at work, or expect to take your $1500 at t
  • I puchased a 2008 EXL-RES in VA ( tysons honda) last night 27900 on the road.I spent lot of time fighting with the sales guys accross the dc metro area to get it down to low 27000s but this is all I could do. I think still it is a good deal
  • That sounds like a nice deal if "on the road" equals "out the door". As taxes and state fees differ from state to state, would you please post your breakout cost (van cost + dest + taxes + tag + other add ons). That info would be very helpful and appreciated.

  • All current Odyssey programs have been extended to 11/03.
  • Is this confirmed? I didnt' see any updates to the Honda website.

    Thanks for the info.

  • suriyasuriya Posts: 9
    Do you mind telling me the dealer name? thanks
  • Thanks for the info...the leather is ivory...what color is the carpet? Ivory too? If so, wow...what my kids to do to that carpet!
  • Yes, it was all inclusive...however, although it's late now, I was wondering if I would have gotten a similarly good deal for the R and Nav model they was listed for 35,600 so ..I am not sure..and I hope I got a good deal (on this lease) especially given the higher interest rates today.
  • Sussman in Willow Grove. I pick it up tomorrow and will let you know how that goes. So far the experience there has been pleasant.
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