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2013 and earlier Honda Odyssey Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • calangcalang Posts: 7
    Which dealership in NH do you use?
  • Got my EX-L:

    sale price 25,600 +TTL
    and used the 2.9% financing

    lots of '08s left but limited color selection
  • skr2skr2 Posts: 32
    Hi Dave
    Thats a very good price for the vehicle. Can you help me with some info:
    State, Dealer, Sales person and breakup of the costs, would be very help ful for me, would also appreciate dealers email address, i need an email quote from the dealer, appreciate your help in advance
  • Does anyone know if the 08 honda incentives will get better in Nov? I think its $3500 off with .09% financing now.
  • I bought a LX 2 weeks ago at the price 19975 in Chicago suburb, destination included. After that I needed to pay tax at 8% here, doc fee 150, plate fee 143. Minus trade in for 1700, OTD 20332.
  • su_hydsu_hyd Posts: 24
    Wondering if you considered buying EX-L and if so, what was the OTD price quoted by West Broad Honda?
  • Sounds like a great price to me. Through emails to dealers in my area, the lowest I was quoted on the '08 touring with no PAX was $32,900 before tax,tag.
  • toyobitoyobi Posts: 5
    That was just about what I was getting initially. I sent my offer about 1 hour before closing time on the last day of September by text-message. I think you may be able to do $31000 or even less. Don't worry if your offer will be too low and rejected. Dealers don't get offended by your offer. Besides, you will never know how close you are until you get a few rejections.
  • I did at first look at the EX-L. By the time I got deep into negotiating w/ West Broad, I had already decided on the EX. The first cut quote from them on the EX-L was 25.7K (car)/27.2K(OTD). Again - this was there first offer, and I believe you can do close to 1K better. I had a first offer from Northern Virginia for 26.5K OTD, and all dealers have a lot more EX-Ls than plain EXs, so I'd imagine they want to deal. As I noted in my original post, I was very happy w/ the treatment I received from West Broad. If you look on their website, you can find the name and e-mail of the internet consultant. That's who I dealt w/, and once we came to an agreement, she passed me on to a salesman - just to do the paperwork. (no added pressure or upsale attempts)
  • calangcalang Posts: 7
    Thanks, I'm looking at the LX. $22,000 is the offer. I guess the EX is $3,100 more at this place. I'm not near VA. I'm in the NE.
  • su_hydsu_hyd Posts: 24
    Thanks for sharing this info. Just on SEP 21st some one in this forum bought EX-L for 25.9K OTD from Fairfax Rosenthal (Northern VA dealer). The price you are suggesting is close to this price. One good thing is that this price is now complemented with 0.9% APR for 36 months or 2.9% APR for 60 months.
  • Hello

    I am interested in buying Honda Odyssey 2008 with DVD & Navigation in IL,so can someone tell me what to request using Donkeypunch method and also which dealers offer good prices?..Can you send me the details of Donkey Punch method.

  • I was quoted 20,662.00 + 648.00 dealer fee + TTL in Tampa.
    Also, we are considering buying the EX for 23,000 + TTL. I'm thinking that is a good price..........not sure?
  • So do you think I can get a better deal if I am negotiating the purchase price on 2 vehicles? My sis and I are both ready to buy so I wanted to know if I could use that as incentive when in "if you give me a good price I will buy 2" kind of thing.
  • I purchased my car from Honda Cars of Bradenton.. in the end the dealers in Tampa jerked me around for a few hundred dollars. I purchased my car for 28,122 with door edge guards, splash guards, cargo mat, window tinting for front two windows and windshield strip, and fog lights ($500). This was including doc stamps for the loan, tax, dealer fee, a new tag ($250), etc. This was my complete out the door price with 2.9% for 60 months. Contact Mark Russell for a similar deal... tell him Big John sent you. This was my second Odyssey purchased there. Feel free to email me... john batsell @ savdg. com
  • Pretty sure my purchase price was 25800 with all the above options.
  • bigdadi118bigdadi118 Posts: 1,207
    You can find it Page 1034
    of 20716 Coffee is for Closers... by donkeypunch1 Oct 01, 2008 (6:13 am)
  • Just purchased a new 2008 Odyssey EX-L with RES. The final cost came to $28,089 + taxes only in the Denver area (no financing). Talked to multiple dealers, but everyone had the same quote with less than $100 differences between them. Waited for over a month and did some extensive negotiations but no one would lower the rate.

    The best quote I got for a EX-L with RES & NAV is - $29913 + taxes.

    Thanks to the forum for helping me out during the buying process.
  • Just before the end of the month, I purchased a Baltic Blue EX (no other options) for $21,891 + TTR from Honda Village in Newton. Other area (Boston Area) quotes were similar. Doc fee was 299 and Title/plates were $75.

    I used Edmunds service to get quotes from 5 local dealers - all but 1 came in under $24k (including destination charge) for the EX.
  • hwdflhwdfl Posts: 1
    Thanks to all those who previoulsy posted returning the favor with my numbers..

    2008 NAV and RES $29,200 Maroone Honda- Hollywood FL

    + $599 Dealer
    + Tax
    + Registration

    + 2.9% for 60 months

    Went in on Saturday test drove was quoted $37,000, let them know I was serious about buying and when they are serious about selling to call me. They began to call the next day and negotiated over the phone to $29,200, did not mention trade of 2002 Tundra (90k) until after agreement on $29,200. Their first appraisal on Tundra was $3,500 held firm they finally came up to $4,650. The paperwork took about 2 hours and it was done. Without the help of all the previous post(s) I would have had no idea what was possible.. good luck!
  • su_hydsu_hyd Posts: 24
    Just one clarification.....if you paid cash, were they ready to reduce your OTD price. If so, how much?

    $22.450 for the car (not incl. $399 dealers fee), $23,650 OTD.
    I was planning on paying cash, but went w/ the 0.9% financing for 36 months
  • Thanks, I hope I can get close to your number.
  • Just purchased my EXL-RES for $27,025 including a doc fee ($99) and destination charges. Not including Tax, Title and License. Used the 2.9% financing. Also spent $499 on lifetime oil changes.

    Also had quotes of EXL-RES & NAV for $28,500 including destination but with an additional $189 doc fee and EXL for $25,700 with same fees. Both with the financing. Would have gone with the EXL but dealer was less than helpful so purchased the EXL RES from another dealer.

    Glad to be done. Hope everyone gets good deals. Thanks for the help.
  • Just wondering, where do you live?
  • suriyasuriya Posts: 9
    Can you tell us the dealer name?
  • Purchased at Honda of Ames in Ames, Iowa. Good customer service. Got quotes from Inver Grove Honda in Minnesota and Holmes Honda in Des Moines, IA.
  • cccompsoncccompson Posts: 2,388
    Depending on your local market, a double sale may save a bit but not likely a significant amount. It's really only worth doing if you both are ready to buy anyway.
  • cccompsoncccompson Posts: 2,388
    Not sure where folks get the idea that dealers prefer cash sales but they don't because, generally speaking, it costs them the chance to make more money on financing.
  • su_hydsu_hyd Posts: 24
    I understand that dealers make money by selling financing deals but deals like 0.9% for 36 months or 2.9% for 60 months in the current economy could cost some to Honda as the prevailing rates are higher.
  • I just came back here to see how much lower they had gone. I got an EX-L on Sept 18 for 25,777 thanks to advice from this site. I used e-mail to contact several dealers. West Broad Honda gave me the best deal and were great to deal with. I never saw their internet sales lady. She assigns you to a manager. They honored the deal they gave me and did not try to high pressure sell extras. The actual sale took place very quickly. This is my sixth Honda and probably tenth car. Easiest deal ever.
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