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2013 and earlier Honda Odyssey Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • congratulations on a great deal! you bought your ex $811 cheaper than me. you must have taken all their hold back and dealer fees. was the dealer overstocked and needed to sell or did your vehicle had a lot of miles?
  • We paid $300 over invoice on the 2009 Touring... Without the 2008 incentives, it makes it quite a bit more expensive than a 2008 EX-L NAV RES would have been, but it is the color we want and has the features we want. We drive cars a long time, we'll probably have this for 8 years.

    As for the money, I know that it would make more financial sense to keep what we have, or even to get a 2008 EX-L, but we can afford it, so that is what we bought.

    The advice is appreciate in any case. I was just sharing what a 2009 deal looked like, since I have seen so few posted.
  • More than 6 years credit history and 750+ credit score, but the dealership told me that I am not qualified for Honda's 36 months 0.9%APR, and since I have never bought a new car, my best rate is 8.9%APR. Any comments? Thank you very much.
  • Yea, call another dealer.
  • "I'm in NC and I have a qoute for 27.2k OTD for a new 08 EX-L. I like the dealer and would like to pull the trigger but I invariably pull it too quickly. Does this seem like a fair price? Also, any guess if prices will come down dramatically in the next few months? "

    It depends on the breakdown of the price. What's the base price+ destination+ttl all broken out? I'd say somewhere around $25.5 (inclusive of destination &processing fees)+TTL is a good deal. Less is a great deal. A few people have posted 25k+TTL on here.
  • Is it possible for me to get a 0.9% apr from other dealerships or the call just make the apr lower than 8.9%?
  • bigdadi118bigdadi118 Posts: 1,207
    Try AAA and credit union or use online search for best car loan rates ... you may also try another dealer to double-check the Honda Finance, in case the first dealer screwed up something. Change to 2.9% for 60 months or a co-signor can change the whole situation as well.
  • Thank you very much, guys. Your info is much valuable for me.
  • ssk6ssk6 Posts: 8

    I got these 2 quotes for 2008 Odyssey EX-L from 2 NJ dealers. Is it a good price ?

    Did anyone get any better prices ?

    $26036 (including dest. charges) & $25998 (including dest. charges)
    + TTL.

  • got $25,800+TTL in TX
  • ssk6ssk6 Posts: 8

    Has anyone fitted the DVD player (preferrably 2 monitors) / Entertainment system externally in 2008 Odyssey EX-L ? (ie: did not buy the RES with Odyssey, but got one from the market)

    Can you please provide the details? (Price + labor to fix it, Performance etc).

    I was just thinking whether to get the RES or to buy from outside. (diff of $1500 without RES). Just saw 2 monitors system in Walmart for $600 (name starts with V), but not sure about the quality and the hassles involved in fixing it.

  • ekdalekdal Posts: 10
    Okay, waiting a few days has helped. Here's the latest offer I have.

    Sale price...........................................25,772.38
    Processing fee....................................$399.00
    Sales tax 3%......................................785.14
    Dealer License tax 2/10%...................51.54
    Dmv filing fee......................................$10.00

    OUT THE DOOR TOTAL: 27,072.57

    I'm the sort that will fight for every penny but I don't want to be absurd about things either. Should I expect much lower for an ODY EX-L?
  • I have been quoted $29,795 for a 2008 EX-L with DVD and Nav from Lynwoood Honda. Has anyone gotten one recently in this area for less? Or do you think this is a good price and we should go ahead and buy it?

    This one is Dark Cherry. We really want Black. I have another dealer telling me they don't quote prices over email but they will match any other dealer's price if I bring it in writing, and they do have a black one.
  • ssk6ssk6 Posts: 8
    Hi ekdal,

    Which location (state & dealership) are these prices for ? Does the sale price 25,772.38 include the destination charges also (ie: $670 dest charges) ?

    I got a recent quote for 2008 Odyssey EXL in NJ for 25,366 + destination + TTL.

  • Just drove home with the 2008 Touring Black/Black no PAX for $32, 149. Same deal as I posted last week. Dealer also gave me the 8yr/120K warranty for $1245. Very satisfied. Hope you all do well.
  • I'm also looking for an 08' Odyssey EX, any idea what rebates or dealer cash are being offered. I've seen an ad for $23,399 (Syracuse, NY), so I'm assuming they were offering it at invoice with additional dealer cash of about $3500 but am not sure if this was a bottom line figure or what.
  • waldinwaldin Posts: 8
    Any one brought a Touring 08/09 recently in Chicago area? would like to know the price paid out the door...thanks in advance.
  • You're at the tip of the iceburg. I hope that all of these people considering Honda's products are reading these posts about lousy transmissions that last less than 20k miles , rattles, oil leaks, and overall terrible dealer service. If not, they are fools.
  • How does $24,999 sound? If you can pick it from MA, give me an email address and I will have the dealer contact you (assuming he still has EX-L in stock).
  • How does 22,599 for EX sound, If you are willing to drive 2-5 hours?

    Give me an email address and I will have the dealer contact you (assuming they still have EX in stock)
  • ekdalekdal Posts: 10
    I got that qoute from Westbroad Honda in Charlotte, NC. Dest included. Good luck.
  • Hi Folks

    Can any one tell me what is the best price quote that they have received for a 2009 EX-L with RES? There are no 2008 EX-L in San Jose/SFO area. The best price before TTL is 31k that I have got so far.

    Your feedback is appreciated.

  • ekdalekdal Posts: 10
    West Broad is in Richmond VA, not Charlotte NC. Also I meant to add our local audio guys qouted me a better DVD and bluetooth and nav for about 2k less than an Ody with Nav and Res.
  • The dealer had 3-4 other 08 EXs on the lot. The first time we test drove the one we actually bought it had 8 miles on it.

  • Just got 2008 Odyssey EX $22100 +TTL
  • cvkkcvkk Posts: 8
    I was enquiring about 2008 Odyssey with Capitol Honda but they are out of 2008s and he quoted $31,698 (including destination) for 2009 EX-L with RES.

    I didn't negotiate as I was looking for a 2008.
  • A dealer in the Raleigh-Durham, NC area has offered me the following deal on an 09 Touring (no PAX).

    $36,702 + 3% tax + 472 fee for an out the door price of $38,276.

    How does that sound? I wonder if Honda will kick in incentives next month and whether it's worth waiting for a few weeks.

  • hot2004hot2004 Posts: 26
    What's the dealer's name or city or zipcode?
  • Just purchased a 2008 Honda Odyssey EX-L with RES from Landmark Honda in Alexandria, VA for $28,200 out the door. The breakdown is as follows:

    Odyssey EX-L with RES: $26,860.81
    Fees and Tax: $1,339.19
    Total: $28,200.00
  • ssk6ssk6 Posts: 8

    I have a basic question about the Remote starter /remote door lock/unlock for 2008 Odyssey EXL - Does it come as a standard feature or is it an additional accessory for which we need to pay ? How much does it cost ?

    Any input is appreciated.

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