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2013 and earlier Honda Odyssey Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • su_hydsu_hyd Posts: 24
    Is the $26,300 price you paid for 08 EX-L with RES is OTD price or the base price?
  • Hello all,

    I'm looking at a Honda Certified EXL w NAV & RES. It looks to be in great shape. The downside is that it has 52,000 miles. The asking price is $22,600.

    Does that seem like a good price? What should I offer?
  • su_hydsu_hyd Posts: 24
    Is this OTD price, if so is it MA tax?
    Also, did you get any special finance from Honda i.e. 1.9% for 36 months or 3.9% for 60 months?
  • You are at $6000 - 6500 difference from from an equivalant 2008 EX-L RES/NAV. Plus when you factor in the 0.9% financing the difference will shrink even more (about 5000). Remember the 2008 is the year of the refresh and it has many added extra features over the 2007 (pwr passenger seat, mp3/aux, tri-zone, restyled front/rear & more). Plus the MSRP is 1500 more than 07. I have never seen incentives like this ever on Odysseys. I purchased mine back in June when the cashback was only 2k.

    You will have a FULL warranty on the new one whereas the 07 is out of warranty. In my opinion it should be a no brainer to purchase a brand new. If the 07 was about 19500 or less than the difference may be weighed out.
  • jer77jer77 Posts: 3
    Getting ready to pull the trigger on a 2009 EXL with RES - best price I can get is $32,159 which includes wheel locks, splash guards, and rear cargo tray.

    They are also giving me a nice amount for my trade (2003 Jeep)

    What do you think? I know the deals are better on the 2008, but my wife really wants the power lift gate. Thoughts?
  • nixonnixon Posts: 11
    Can you elaborate on the EX-L RES NAV deal that you got from Howdy Honda?

    Edmunds shows cost + destination to be 33,089. was you net cost after subtractracting $3500 incentive $29589, or did you factor in the dealers volume rebates to determine cost?
  • Jer77 - if your wife really wants the Power lift gate, you may be able to make a deal on a 2008 Odyssey Touring edition at a dealership - depending on stock quantities.
    If they do not have any, then stick with the 2009.
    My wife & I have had the same discussion regarding 08 vs. 09 and the power lift gate issue.
    Keep in mind though, because the Touring is more expensive overall, you may get a good deal on an 08 Touring relative the price of the Touring, but may not be as good as the 09 EX-L with power lift gate because of the price difference in general.
    (Does that make sense?!) :confuse: ;)
    If you would like, email me - I have something that outlines the differences between the two model years and the two models that may help you out in some way shape or form.
  • vemvem Posts: 1
    Just bought a Odyseesy 2008 EXL today from Honda Carland, Atlanta

    $24850.83 ( including destination)
    $499 Dealer/Doc fee
    $1774.50 Tax
    $21 Title tag fees

    They got the color that I wanted and match the lowest price that I found in Atlanta. Orginally really wanted EXL/ RES, but friends who had built in DVD with various age group kids talk me out of it plus the inventory for EXL is much better than EXL/RES. Since they are more EXL inventory, it is easier to negotiate for a better deal. EX/RES is about $1000- $1400 more than EXL.

    We have kids with various age. So movies that my 1st grader like will not be the same movie that my young teen would like. Plus, I don;t want my youngest child to be watching PG-13 movies. My friends suggested that I should buy the portable DVD ( those with sleeve that can hang on the back seats) for each of my kids. Cheaper and help to prevent squabbling on which movie to watch. Also, they point out to me that if the built in DVD is damaged, the whole car will to be send for repair.
  • lab88lab88 Posts: 24
    I'm trying to decide whether I should buy an Odyssey in a few weeks, or wait until later next year. The 2010's will be coming out at there will be good deals on 2009's, after all.

    Does anyone think that the incentives will increase any time soon? The 3500 is good, but the interest rates were raised and that's not good. My local dealer had a LOT of 2008's left.
  • su_hydsu_hyd Posts: 24
    Inventory levels for 2008's is still very high and by the time 2010 models are out, it will take atleast 6 to 9 months. This year, the demand has been unexpectedly low for 08's and Honda didn't have enough time to cut production to match falling demand numbers. So unusally excess supply created pricing pressure and the result you are seeing significant discounts today.

    For 2009 models, Honda will try to stay ahead of the curve and cut production to match the demand. They have significantly cut 08's production so far and increased production of fuel efficient vehicles like Civics. So, don't expect stellar deals in 2009...It is very likely that the current deals are still possible in 2009.

    Yes, you could wait until December 3rd or 4th and see if they offer 0% for 36 months vs. current 1.9% for 36 months. It is very unlikely that they will increase interest rates next month. You have to take chance that the colors you like are still available.....It is still not impossible to get the colors you like even in early December.

    Just my 2 cents.
  • bigdadi118bigdadi118 Posts: 1,207
    Nissan & Toyota are offering 0% 36mo financing now. I bet Honda will do same for the Ody soon.
  • zolcatzolcat Posts: 14
    Inventory levels for 2008's is still very high ...

    How do you determine that?
  • Just bought a 2008 odyssey EX 2 days ago. Paid $23400, plus $243 TTL. Deal threw in wheel locks/splash guard and something called clear bra, which is a thin sheet of plastic protecting the nose of the car. 2.9% financing. Got another quote that was $200 cheaper, but does not have any accessories. Overall, pretty good deal for a very nice vehicle.
  • zolcatzolcat Posts: 14
    I hear they everyone is out of 2008 Odyssey EX. Does anyone know of a dealer who has an EX in the NY/NJ/CT tristate area?
  • bigdadi118bigdadi118 Posts: 1,207
    2008 EX Odyssey

    Liberty Honda, CT
    white stock 281523S

    Lia Honda, Albany, NY
    white stock 48651
  • It has 40k miles. Its a standard EX model. Has an after-market DVD in it.

    Asking: $21k. They came down to $16,500. which includes a 4 year 100,000 extended 0 deductible warranty.

    My concern here is that it was in a frontal collision. Only the driver's airbag deployed apprantly according to CARFAX. It shows no visible signs of any issues. And clearly the damages were not high enough as to warrant a total loss on the car.

    Anyone have any thoughts?
  • Davesri - some thoughts...

    One - I would take it somewhere and have them look over the underbody. Today's technology makes straightening out frames easier and better than they used to, but I would still have someone look at it.

    Also, check to make sure that the front door closes ok without any contact with any part of the windshield frame. I had a '94 Grand Prix where I noticed rust near the top of the door where the door was supposed to come close to the frame of the windshield. Instead, my door made CONTACT with part of the frame of the windshield. Everytime I slammed the car door, it made contact with the windshield frame and chipped paint! :mad: Upon closer inspection, I noticed certain pieces of body side molding was not "level" between the different parts of the car (back right door to back right fender.) Of course, this is after I bought the car :cry: (this was the first car I bought all by myself...

    If you want to go further, see if the space between the front doors and fender is consistent all the way around.
    Maybe even talk to the body shop and see if they remember the car and give you good idea of the damage. Perhaps they can surmise why only the driver's side airbag went off...that is odd.

    Test drive the heck out of it and look for any rattles or anything else that is strange or shouldn't be.

    Good Luck.
  • Thanks David!

    I actually did look over a bunch of the exact items you mentioned. The panels all match properly, alignment is good. I am slightly concerned about the closes properly and in the right manner...but I felt there was excess wind noise coming from the door. I told them my concerns and (as with the extended warranty) they were more than willing to give a thorough once over.

    It is a reputable Honda dealer in our area, so I was not so concerned about them trying to roast us.

    Based on the indications that I saw prior to them even showing me the carfax report, it seemed it must have been a front left collision right at the corner. Which if it was not too hard of an impact, it would explain why the [non-permissible content removed] went off, and not any others.

    It drove well, took it out for almost an hour. Wife and I both noticed a touch of rattling from the engine at first as if it was working too hard....but it leveled of quickly. We both did not feel it again at all, and everything was smooth running about 5-10 min after we were off. Figured it was just cold from not having been driven in a while perhaps.

    I'm more or less wondering if we're getting a good enough deal on it, or if we should have driven a harder bargain.
  • zolcatzolcat Posts: 14
    Thanks for your reply bigdadi. I called up Liberty, but they are all out now. We decided Albany is too far out for us right now.

    I found a color I liked on the EXL, and the dealer says this is absolutely their last offer, 25500 invoice+350 + tax+tags. Is this a fair price in the market given the end of year clearance and the 3500 dealer incentive, etc?

  • zolcatzolcat Posts: 14
    and the color I am looking for is either the ocean mist or the baltic blue. Besides calling each and every Honda dealer, how do I find who has the EXLs? I am willing to drive upto 60 miles or so from zipcode 06801.
  • That is a case of supply and demand. Every year when there is very little left to choose from, we dealers are more then happy to adjust the price higher to a captive audience. After all, if I have three 2008 Odyssey's and there are six left within 100 miles, I will raise the price. Pure and simple.
  • bigdadi118bigdadi118 Posts: 1,207
    Honda of Watertown, Watertown, CT
    has 08 EXL Baltic Blue stock 80519
  • bigdadi118bigdadi118 Posts: 1,207
    Goto > New Car > type in ZIP > choose radius > select Honda > New Car > Dealer only > set the price to 30,000 that eliminate the LX model

    There are a bunch of 2008 new Odyssey listed. At least I saw Paragon has a blue EXL there and Manchester Honda has a bunch of blue, light and dark.
  • yak33yak33 Posts: 14
    Being new to these boards, I first wondered if dealers monitor/lurk/actively participate on this website. With mplshondadlr's reply, it at least answers some of it.

  • Autotrader is a good starting point. For my dealership it seems as though there is an information lag of about a week or two for inventory updates.

    I just did a locate for 2008 Odyssey EX in NY, NJ and CT. Here is what I found:

    There are about 15 - 20 million people in the NY, NJ, CT area and only six Odyssey EX's to choose from. Good luck getting a good price.
  • su_hydsu_hyd Posts: 24
    Please check dealer's website for their current inventory.
    Now a days, almost all dealers post their invetory on their website.
  • cccompsoncccompson Posts: 2,388
    Given what a new '08 EX can be bought for, 16.5K for a hard-crashed '06 is WAY too much - period.
  • davesri - not sure you going to do better in terms of saving money.
    See if they will toss in like floor mats, mud guards, etc. Being used and such, and in an accident, they have gone down as much as they are going to. (can't see the original post in terms of mileage, numbers right now.)
    See what they say. If they give you the extended warranty for a good price, maybe "take it and run" if you know what I mean.

  • lab88lab88 Posts: 24
    So, there are 88 in Indiana, plus whatever's not listed on autotrader. What price should I shoot for on an EX or EXL? I really don't care which one I get.
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