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2013 and earlier Honda Odyssey Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • bigdadi118bigdadi118 Posts: 1,207
    for a 08 EXL (no res, no nav)... I would say $25 to $25.5k is good price
  • Does anyone know if the $3500 incentive is still in effect? Many websites (including consumer reports) reported it in effect til November 3 and no longer show any active incentives. Has this incentive passed or is it somehow still in effect? Thanks!

    Edmunds lists the incentive still but says it can no longer be combined with 1.9-3.9 financing. This doesn't make sense though with recent reports (after Nov. 3) that some people are still getting both.
  • zolcatzolcat Posts: 14
    The $3500 is still valid on the 2008 Odyssey's, spoke to a dealer about it yesterday afternoon.
    It does not apply to the 2009 models, which is why, out the door with taxes etc, the difference between them can run between 3500 to 4000.
  • Thanks zolcat. Any idea if the special financing can still be combined? incentives say no, but a good number of buyers still seem to be getting both.
  • su_hydsu_hyd Posts: 24
    Yes. Special financing can still be combined with $3500 dealer incentive.
    Special financing is valid until 01/05/2009 on all of 08 Odyssey's. Check for this information.

    Any one with credit score of 710+ can qualify for 1.9% for 36 months or 3.9% for 60 months.

    Don't know credit score cut off for getting 1.9% for 24 months or 3.9% for 37 months.

    Bottomline - Dealer incentive of $3500 good until end of 08 combined with special interest that is good until 01/05/09 for all of 08 Odysseys
  • zolcatzolcat Posts: 14
    I'm real curious - Is the invoice price shown on edmunds or kbb or yahoo autos realistic, is it the real invoice or is it padded?

    For example, with 25500 sale price, assuming incentive of 3500, a destination charge of 670, a holdback of 2% MSRP 645 , give a starting invoice price if 28975.

    Assuming that they are making atleast 3% profit

    Dealer Invoice =28975/1.03=28131, atkeast a $1000 away from Edmunds invoice price of 29166 - Is there an additional set of component that helps dealers adjust their prices?
  • cccompsoncccompson Posts: 2,388
    The published invoice numbers are accurate. Not sure why you've included a phantom "3% profit."

    The "component that helps dealers adjust their prices" is the marketplace.
  • cro372cro372 Posts: 11
    I received an out-the-door price of $28,300 for an EX-L. Is this a good offer?
  • No, that way too high!
  • yak33yak33 Posts: 14
    Whoa, wait a minute. OTD pricing includes sales tax and depending what state he/she lives in, $28k+ might be pretty good.

    This Saturday we pick up our new 2008 EX-L. Will divulge the details of the deal then, but I can tell you we're in CA with 8% sales tax. So that's a whopping $2100 of our OTD price. And good thing we bought now because of CA's estimated $28b deficit, I'm betting our taxes go higher.

  • Whoa, wait a minute. OTD pricing includes sales tax and depending what state he/she lives in, $28k+ might be pretty good.

    I know. I was trying to make a point. Who cares what his(her) OTD price is without know what the selling price is (including destination) and any dealer doc fee's.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 64,692
    Uh... I think we've beaten that point into a round nub.. :surprise:

    Plus, once three more members make a post in this discussion, it will disappear up the line, anyway...

    So... let's stick to answers and comments... and leave the pointing to rude people (as my mother used to say).



    Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • Yes, we ended up going ahead with it. They threw in the 4 year 100,000 comprehensive warranty. Covers everything. Only thing we need to pay for is standard services like oil changes, tune ups, etc.

    That was a 2k package. So really, the price on the vehicle is 14,500.

    We were comfortable with the drive on it, and the warranty ensures they will pay for any issues.

    We're not planning on owning it for more than 3-4 years maximum at this point. Just need to get through 2011 when my wife completes her Doctorate Program and she is back to working full time.

    Additionally, we were involved ina double accident a few years ago. Our 2 Hondas (2000 Accord, and 2001 Civic) were both totalled. They COMPLETELY saved the lives of us and our 2 kids!! I trust a used-fully repaired Honda over ANYTHING else on the road!
  • cro372cro372 Posts: 11
    I apologize I didn't break down the pricing earlier.

  • ekdalekdal Posts: 10
    Here's my quick story from the week-end.. Here in NC I offered 30.3k for ODY 08 with res and nav OTD. And I said to the salesmen, throw in "two extra headphones(we have 4 kids)." Salesmen agreed.

    I came back the next day and the 2 extra headphones were off the table. Conveniently "forgotten." After about a half hour of waiting, the salesmen comes back with a young twenty-something manager. He sits down at the table with me and says, "Meet me half way. I pay for one headphone, you pay one at cost. $64." I said, "the salesmen already said two."

    "Well, I understand that, but I can barely give you the car as it is. You can go across the street and buy an 07 used one close to this price."

    I said, "Then the used ones aren't that good of a deal."

    "This price is my best price."

    "I understand," I said. "But I don't think I'm going to budge on this. I'm nervous as it is. If one of the big three goes under I think there's going to be some fire sales in the next few months and I'll be kicking myself."

    "Won't happen. Prices won't drop. Look what happened when Daewoo went under? Cars sold for the same prices but without a warranty."

    I didn't say anything because I don't know anything about Daewoo.

    ""You're already 4k under what I should be selling this car for," said the manager. "I must stick with this price."

    Out of the corner of my eye I saw the salesmen wince a little at this. The salesmen was much older than the manager and alot smoother and I sort of half wondered if they were both salesmen running a little game but I don't know.

    I can't believe what I did. I had no hard feelings but I said to them, "It's the principal." And I walked off the lot over 64 bucks.

    They didn't try and stop me and they haven't called back so the good part is, I think I found the rock bottom absolute price for an 08 Honda with res and nav. Bad part is, we're still driving a 2000 Dodge Grand Caravan and kids and wife are about to lynch me.
  • I purchased my new Odyssey EXL a week ago and the price was $25,914 (dest. included). This is the lowest qoute I got for over 150 miles radius from my location in Central Pa.
  • Ekdal - You may think you walked off the lot over $64.00. But remember one thing. They let you walk out over $64.00. It all depends on how you look at it.
  • Hi, All.

    I am looking for a 2008 Odyssey EXL with or With RES or Nav. NJ/NY/PA :lemon:

    Color. Bali Blue Pearl, Ocean Mist Metallic, or Sterling Gray Metallic.
    Most import is the Interior Color "Gray"

    Any dealer suggestion? :)
  • zolcatzolcat Posts: 14
    I was just browing last night and happended to land on these dealer sites:

    Potamkin Honda in NY and Faulkner Honda in PA

    Both had a few listed on their website, but I don't know how "Good" these dealers are.

    Potamkin Honda Inventory Listing

    Faulkner Honda Inventory Listing

    I think the slate green also has a 'dark' interior, though not sure if its gray or olive.

    The 'ivory' looks more like tan.
  • Thank you. I send them an email. Lets wait and see
  • cro372cro372 Posts: 11
    Thanks for the information. I'm in Alabama. So far, $26k is the lowest I've been able to find as well.

    Were you able to get the 3.9% financing as part of your package?
  • I've got the 2.9% 60 months financing. I'm guessing that was the last day of that offer. I was supposed to buy to a different dealer but I called the dealer close to my house and told them that I'm on my way to purchase the mini-van. He called me back after 5 minutes and told me that they will beat the price under $200.
  • zolcatzolcat Posts: 14
    I don't know much about Boch Honda in MA, are willing to sell an EXL at 25107 + 298 doc fee, plus tax, title, etc. They have around 7 of them, all different colors. I don't know if this is one of the typical bait and switch.
  • I am going to Paragon tomorrow and let you all know if I get a good deal. They have a few 2008 Odyssey EXL left. Have anyone shop at paragon Honda before?
  • yak33yak33 Posts: 14
    $25,400 including doc is a pretty good price, imo. A previous poster mentioned anything between $25k - $25.5k is decent. My 2008 EX-L buy fell in that range also.

    Two invaluable sources of info I used in the negotiating process was this website, and Real Car Tips:

    link title

    It features real world pricing and easy to understand/compare. You should get a sense of what's really being negotiated. I'll post my buy on the site this weekend, as well as here. I hope others will post their buys on Real Car Tips too.

  • I used the Capital One Autobuying program to get a price on a 2008 Odyssey with res + nav. Capital one said the price would be $28704 + fees. The dealer that was refered emailed me back today a price of $28,998.00 plus sales tax, license, doc and tire fee. Is the "Tire" fee legit? I am new at buying cars but it sounds like a way to get extra money out of me. Is this a good price? I am buying the vehicle in California, near Oakland.

  • hi

    i live in the sf bay area and i am planning to buy a odyssey EXL with RES what is a good price in this area

  • yak33yak33 Posts: 14
    I'm from the bay area, and your probably looking at high $26k - mid 27k with RES and mid $28k - high 29k with both RES/NAV. These are just estimates based on browsing, but you might do better as the year ends, if you're not to picky on colors.

  • thanks for responding is that price for 2009 models, i saw $35,000 EXL with RES on the honda website. i am planning to buy at the end of this month Nov. to bad they increased their financing to 1.9 and 3.9%

  • yak33yak33 Posts: 14
    No, those prices are for 2008's.

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