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2013 and earlier Honda Odyssey Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • I just closed my deal tonight on the 2008 EX-L. Since I've been monitoring this board for the past week I wanted to share my insight.

    I live in Central Illinois and the my local dealer quoted me $26,400. A few calls and emails to various dealers in the Chicago and St. Louis Area got things moving in the right direction. I was getting quotes for both the EX and EX-L. The trend I detected was linked to how many of each model was on a dealer's inventory. When they only have a few the quote was not that good.

    For the EX model I found a dealer in St. Louis that gave an initialquote of $22,999 and one near Chicago that initially quoted $22,995. Not a bad starting point.

    For the EX-L model I found a dealer in Lisle, IL that had over 30 models listed on their inventory. Their initial email quote was $25,895. After some negotiations I closed with this dealer for the and EX-L for $25,200.

    The $25,200 includes destination charges. I'll have to pay taxes, license, and some doc fees, but not a bad deal. The kicker is they will also finance the deal at 3.9% for 60 months.

    Good luck and look for those dealers that have a good supply of the models you are interested in.
  • yak33yak33 Posts: 14
    Wow papagoph, our buys were very similar! I was going to post this after pick up, but wanted to follow your post.

    On Nov. 8 we bought a 2008 Baltic Blue Odyssey EX-L from Hansel Honda in Petaluma, CA. Due to our work schedules and the DVD installation, we decided to pick it up this Saturday. Here's the breakdown:

    $32,210 MSRP
    $25,988 purchase price, including destination and dealer installed 10” DVD system.
    $55 docu fee
    $272 license, reg, transfer, tire fees
    $2083 tax (8.0% OUCH!)
    $28,398 OTD
    Note: To complete the deal at $25,988 I negotiated a dealer-installed aftermarket drop-down 10.0" DVD system. So, looked at another way we ran the dealer's numbers and the purchase price on the EX-L straight out was $25,300. This is just a hair above the $25,200 quoted above. (I will also post this info on the Real Car Tips website).

    Baltic Blue seems pretty scarce in EX-L now (at least in northern CA and even harder to find in with RES (none in northern CA according to checks by a few local dealers). Out of 30 2008's of various models on Hansel’s lot, this was the only dark blue one. Papagoph makes the interesting observation about amount of 2008’s on a dealer’s lot factoring into more favorable pricing. It makes sense that a dealer would do this and I agree. Is a coincidence our buys are so close? Maybe, maybe not.

    FYI – For a comparison, we first drove a 2009 Sienna LE. It was a joy to drive and frankly I liked it better than the Odyssey. It seemed a bit more refined overall. The Odyssey was noisier inside, especially rows 2&3. However, as this was to replace my wife's car, we agreed this would be her call to make. She liked the Odyssey's body lines, interior, and a few other things better than the Sienna. In the end, I think both the Odyssey and Sienna are winners, so I don't think you can go wrong with either.

  • I got offered for 2008 Odyssey EX-L with Res DVD for $27000

    Price $27000 (include Dest Charge and Doc fee)
    + Tax + Title etc ($262)

    OTD price $29523

    is that a good price?
  • su_hydsu_hyd Posts: 24
    I just brought home my new 08 Odyssey EX-L (without RES/NAV)

    08 Odyssey EX-L (without RES/NAV)
    Purchase date: 11/15/08
    Region / City: Northern Virginia / Central Virginia / Fredricksburg / Richmond
    Color - Slate Green w/ Grey Interior (had to pay $150 extra for this color. dealer trade)
    Mileage - 160 ( 80+ miles added due to dealers trade)
    Options installed - Mud flaps + Wheel Locks + Pin stripings + Cargo Tray (MSRP $107 + $81 + $80 + $117)

    $32,845 MSRP (destination included)
    $385 MSRP Options installed

    $24903 - Sale price with Destination
    $759 - Tax (3%)
    $94.65 - License + Registration + Title
    $399 - Document Fee
    $26,150 OTD

    $640 Honda Extended Warranty for 80K / 72 months. Purchased from the same dealer.
    Financed this purchase through Honda Finance - 1.9% for 36 months

    Thank you all for your posts in this forum and good luck with your Odyssey purchase.
  • zolcatzolcat Posts: 14
    I think its a good price because:

    MSRP = 33810
    Holdback = 2% of MSRP = 676.20
    Destination = 670
    Invoice = 30627
    Mkt Support = 3500
    Doc Fee = 0
    so Invoice - Holdback + destination -mktsupport + doc fee = 27120.8

    So if you are giving getting below 27120.08 before TTL, its a 'good' deal. That said, I don't know if others are getting for it. Good Luck :)
  • zolcatzolcat Posts: 14
    That is a really good price. I just bought the EXL here in CT and opted for the financing:

    Invoice: 25458
    Dealer: 329
    Before Tax: 25787
    Tax [CT 6%]: 27334.22
    Registration and new plates: 173
    Out the door 27507.22
  • bigdadi118bigdadi118 Posts: 1,207
    Congrats zolcat! Price is right and did you find it in

    What color do you get?
  • Received an offer of $30060 for EX-L w/ RES from one dealer. This is before taxes and such. Another dealer over the phone said that he would beat any offer by $500. What I don't know and have not seen from any recent posts (forgive me from not going through all 1000+ pages) is a price paid for this particular model "out the door". I do ultimately plan to lease. I have found that the current money factor is 0.00161, but from what I have seen from other posts is that the current depreciation rate is about 45%. That seems a little high, but maybe with our current economy, this is now the norm... So, basically what I am asking the other readers & posters of this forum is a good price (Capitalized Cost) to start negotiating with. Thanks!
  • jer77jer77 Posts: 3
    That seems like a heck of a deal to me. Best I could do was $32,000 which included destination, mudguards, cargo tray, and all season floor mats but NO sales tax and $150 doc fee.

    Where did you find this deal? Obviously these guys are willing to sell below invoice and holdback at that price.
  • lab88lab88 Posts: 24
    There is a 3500 incentive right now on 2008, but not 2009s. They're willing to sell below incentive, minus 3500, minus whatever else depending on how many vans they have to sell. A 2009 will cost more but will be worth more when you trade it in if you're planning to only keep the van for a few years. The 2009 also has a power liftgate, which I did NOT want because if you have it you can't cram the last bit of luggage in there as easily. I bought a 2008 because I am planning on keeping it until the wheels fall off. I haven't take delivery yet, but when I do I'll post on my experience, which so far has been excellent.
  • I am headed down to the dealer tomorow to hopefully purchase a 2008 Odyssey with RES and NAV for 28704 + fees. I will post my experience after I complete the deal. Any clues what I should ask for in price on the 8 year 120k mile warranty?

  • su_hydsu_hyd Posts: 24
    8 year not pay more than $1100.
    Check these web sites....

    I printed price information from these websites and asked my Honda dealer to match price and they did it without any issue. I ended up buying 6 years 80K miles for 640 (0 deductible policy) yesterday.
  • This is at Kuhn Honda in Tampa, FL. I have leased there before and got a good deal there back in 2006. 36 months later, it is time to get another van.

    Thank you for your info. I will update my post when I lease with the specifics.
  • ravesraves Posts: 3

    Good price. May I know the dealer location please.

  • zolcatzolcat Posts: 14
    I got it from autotrader,, consumerreports, yahoo autos - all of them, realised that Edmunds was off by a few dollars because it took into account the region and/or color. I ended up calling and checking the online inventory of every Honda Dealer within 75 miles, did the negotiation over the phone, email and fax, and everything worked out well. All the information posted on this thread really helped us.

    We got the Ocean Mist Metallic [kids named it 'Misty' already].
  • zolcatzolcat Posts: 14
    I think there is one more, associated with Honda Hyannis of MA,, which is $25 less then myhondawarranty, and I hear that if you call him, he could drop by another $50 or so.
  • It seems I cant use a out of state warranty place. I checked those links and both are not in California. Do you think i can still use the prices to negotiate a deal at my local dealer?

  • We are looking for an Odyssey EXL in Pennsylvania. From what dealership did you purchase your vehicle for $25,914?

    Thank you.
  • We are looking for an EX-L with NAV & RES. The lowest price I got in detroit is:
    31580.94 OTD (includes DOC - 160 and Tax 6%). How does this match up with what the rest of you folks have paid. Please advise. Thanks.
  • Just finished my deal at Hayward Honda in Hayward, CA. Here is the final deal

    2008 Odyssey EX-L with NAV and RES dvd.
    vehicle price = $28,913.32
    tax 8.25% = $2534.73
    Other Fees = 354.75 (Doc, lic, etc...)
    Extended Warranty 8yr/120k = $1500 (could have been better, I live in California)
    Total Out the Door = $33,302.80

    Overall it was a good experience even tho they tacked on some to the price at the end of the deal. They were matching a price I had at another dealer in El Cerrito, California that I got using the Capital One Car Buying service. Its a free service BTW. The color that I got was the Mocha Metallic, El Cerrito only had the Ocean Mist and it was a lot farther drive to get to.

  • su_hydsu_hyd Posts: 24
    Fredricksburg Pohanka.
    Had a similar offer from Landmark Honda.
  • That's a pretty good deal. I called them up for ex-l with res & nav and they said nothing was on stock, but their online inventory lists 4 of them. When you were there, did they mention any available vehicle with either RES or RES&NAV for 2008. Also, who was your salesman. Maybe, if I quote your deal, my negotiation length would be short :-) Anyway, thanks a bunch for posting and responding. It helps a lot.
  • I bought a 2008 EX-L w/ RES and NAV 6 weeks ago in NH.for $29,839 OTD from Peter's.

    Very happy with the car and very happy with the sale.
  • bigdadi118bigdadi118 Posts: 1,207
    No Sales Tax in NH. Price includes Title, Plate and Admin Fee... right?
  • hello, would you please tell me the location and the sales rep's name ?
    Or phone number so i can reach them.
    I would like to buy the same item like you at the same price. :)

    u can email me at
    thank you
  • Heritage Mile One Honda in MD
    2008 Odyssey LX with mud guards
    Price = $20142
    tax 6% = $1214.46
    Title,Tags&Registration = $254.00

    21709.46 OTD :)
  • I got it from Ciocca Hershey,Pa. not sure if they still have EXL 08. You can also check Bobby Rahal. Ray Price dealership in Poconos had gave me a great deal too.

    Good Luck!
  • i sent you an email. check it out and respond. thanks.
  • yak33,

    Yes our deals were similar in price and I think we have shown that there are some great deals still to be had. I am replacing a 2000 Honda Odyssey (selling to a family member) and did consider the Sienna -- problem is the way they package the vehicle makes it hard to compare.

    The Sienna prices ranged all over the place with too many different option packages. I like the Odyssey packages for their simplicity. The death blow with the Sienna was that I never got a call back from the local Toyota dealer on my day off two week ago (election day) -- they finally called a day later, but by then I had about 4 or 5 Odyssey quotes in hand.
  • su_hydsu_hyd Posts: 24
    I have not enquired about EX-L w/ RES or EX-L w/ RES & NAV.
    All my negotions were through e-mail and only included internet sales managers. I went to the dealer only after we both agreed on the price.

    I started my process by requesting OTD quotes from several dealers within 150 to 200 miles radius. My expectation was to get base EX-L for the OTD price of less than 26K.

    The first OTD quotes received were atleast $1000 to $2000 more than my price expectations. The whole process took 2 weeks and I was willing to wait until my target price was reached.

    Don't worry about dealer only takes $100 to $150 get one through dealer trade.

    Give me your e-mail and I will share the sales person contact information.
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