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2013 and earlier Honda Odyssey Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • thanks for that. send me the details to mani_daks AT

    if it isn't too much to ask, please forward an email from them, with the final OTD price on it. I am trying to get two EX-L w/RES this weekend, if they can match or beat your price :-)
  • su_hydsu_hyd Posts: 24
    I have sent you the info you requested.
  • lab88lab88 Posts: 24
    I just took delivery of my new Odyssey from Tom Wood Honda in Anderson, Indiana.

    The entire experience was great. I called and asked about a 2008 EX-L in Ocean Mist or Slate Green, and Doug and Patrick helped me get the van that I wanted. I called around to several dealers in Indiana and also visited my local ones, so I knew what price I was looking for. I named my price for the van and the trade in, and Doug and Patrick said that it would be possible, or very close (of course they have to evaluate the trade in in person). Before telling me the price was very possible, they checked with the owner to be sure that the price was at least very close to what he would agree to.

    The phone-quote for the new van was honored. We got to within $300 of my ideal price for my trade-in, which made me happy with the deal, since it's impossible to give a firm quote on a trade in over the phone.

    I negotiated, but I love to negotiate. I felt no high pressure at any time.

    My EX-L price was $26,000 with destination, which may not be the lowest price on the web, but it beat my local dealers. I was not low-balled on my trade in, either. I shopped around more for my trade in than the price on the van. I went by the price of the difference between my trade and the new van, rather than just the price of the van.

    They traded with another dealer to get the color I wanted, and didn't pressure me to get a color or trim-level that was in stock.

    The best thing was the overall friendly attitude and helpfulness. The finance guy did not do any high pressure stuff, and was quick but thorough. We were in and out of the finance office within a half hour.

    I feel like they were very trustworthy in their dealings - a feeling I have not gotten at some other dealerships in the area.

    They do a really fun thing when you buy your car - they kind of hide it under a car cover and then unveil it for you, so you can see it in all of its shiny glory.
  • I just got the 2008 Odyssey EXL-RES. OTD $29.532.75 with 36 month @1.9% APR :)

    They first offered me the lowest 6.25%APR and I spend almost 3 hours at the dealership talking to get the 1.9% APR. It's all good now.
  • Hello All
    I bought a 2003 odyssey back in January 2008 with 68k miles now 72K miles. I recently replaced the fuel injector and clean EGR valve for $1000 by dealer because engine light was on constantly. Problems with my odyssey are:

    >Cruise control does not work
    >Some time I have to push brake pedal few time to get out from P gear
    >Hear some ticking sound from the back when I start up the van

    My plan was to use this van for 3-4 years and then sell it but with these problems popping up I have 2nd thoughts. I don’t want to spend more money on this like if transmission brakes (hopefully not). I was thinking of getting a extended warranty from the web but it was for $1800 for 3 years. Which to me does not make any sense.

    So my question is should I just sell it before something else break and buy a new 08 model. I don’t want my wife with my 1 and 3 year old kids to stuck somewhere in between as it gets too cold in MI. Give me some idea/thoughts what should I do?
  • Hi

    While I see that the forum is very active with discussions on a 2008 EX-L, there seems to be no one interested in buying a 2009 model. :(

    Since no dealer around the San Jose, CA region has a 2008 model in stock, I am trying to find out what others are paying for a 2009 EX-L RES. :confuse: .

    Has any one recently got a price quote?

  • jmw3jmw3 Posts: 2
    Can you (or anyone else on the forum) give me some negotiating tips? I just contacted several dealerships in my area via phone/internet and the lowest quote I received on an Ex-L was $26.5 and $28.2k w/ dvd. Based on what I have been reading on the forum, I was hoping for about $1k less. Any suggestions on how to lower this number? Do I just counter with a number lower than my target and see what they come back with? It would be great to agree to a price w/o having to go into the office.
  • ravesraves Posts: 3

    Please forward me the quote to me as well to srr_s AT yahoo

    Thanks alot
  • lab88lab88 Posts: 24
    Have you shopped your trade in around? You can work on who will give you the smallest difference between your trade in and the new van's price.

    It's better to bargain with a specific price in mind. It's better if you specifically ask the dealer if they could do a certain price, rather than just asking the dealer to name a best price.

    As the supply of 2008's goes down, the prices will bounce up a bit. The dealers know they don't have a huge backlog to move, and they don't have to compete with the other dealers as much because the other dealers don't have a huge backlog to move, either. Also, you can look at dealer reviews on the internet, and pick a dealer with a better reputation. I'm willing to pay a bit of extra money to go to a dealer where I trust that they are above-board with their dealings. It makes a huge difference to me, in fact.
  • Thanks for everyone posting their sales information. This is a very helpful forum...

    Renton Honda in Renton, Washington
    2008 Odyssey LX with mud guards & KARR alarm ($300)
    Price = $20,750 (dest included) plus tax, license & doc fees.
    1.9% for 36 months.
  • is that price OTD because i live in the sf bay area and i am getting qoutes close to MSRP. lowest was $31,681.24 inculded destination charges but excluding fees and taxes. i am about to neogotiate using TMV any tips on getting a better deal.
  • does anyone know if the TMV is the OTD price (after fees and tax)
  • guy1974guy1974 Posts: 119
    No the TMV price is not the OTD price because tax and doc fees differ by locality. So use TMV and add TTL and Doc.
  • Can you post after your purchase what the OTD price that you were able to get and dealer?

  • the lowest qoute i recieved was 31, 000 before TTL and doc. i live in bay area. anyone find anything cheaper national TMV 31,390 :)
  • Thats a thousand bucks under invoice. With no support from Honda in the form of dealercash I would say that is a strong price. That wipes out the holdback and is a net loser. :)
  • su_hydsu_hyd Posts: 24
    check you mail. I sent you the requested into.
  • jer77jer77 Posts: 3

    NOT OTD - However, it does include everything EXCEPT sales tax, which in IN is 7%.

    I think your quote sounds like a pretty good deal. At this point though, I might wait until Dec incentives and see if they introduce marketing support or some other incentive. I see the economy really weighing on these guys and they might get aggressive for year end numbers. Just a thought.
  • cccompsoncccompson Posts: 2,388
    Expand your search area out to encompass more dealerships. Get more quotes to establish local/regional market prices. You will ALWAYS find at least one store that is more interested than others in making a sale.
  • lab 88,

    Negotiating tips:

    Get multiple quotes and be willing to travel to pick one up. Is Chicago too far away? I'm going to pick up an 2008 EXL for a Chicago suburb tomorrow and my final price was $25,200 (includes dest charge) before taxes, title, etc...

    View the initial quote as the starting point and expect to go lower; Don't be too anxious and be prepared to negotiate with those dealers that make an extra effort to touch base.

    Don't be afraid to throw out a low number -- you never know. Final point - be flexible on color choice... the dark red ones seem to be sitting on the lots longer than some other colors. Good luck.
  • live i renton highland...i have qoute EX-L 26,400 at renton honda plus tax & that good price?
  • Has anyone recently purchased a 2009 Odyssey EX-L RES? I am such a novice at this, and I really don't want to be overpriced, especially in today's market. I live in the Northern Virginia area and am willing to also go with a 2008 Odyssey EXL RES, or even a similar Sienna (but it seems like the 2008 Odyssey models are mostly sold out).

    I received an internet quote of $31,490.00 from one dealer for the 2009 EXL RES. How much lower should I expect to pay or negotiate? What options are worth negotiating for? We don't need any financing, and are willing to pay cash. Are there discounts available at the dealers that I should ask about? PLEASE please help! Thanks! :-) :blush:
  • If you take a look at the forums a good price for a 2008 EX-L would be around 25,500 plus tax & license...
  • Can you please let me know the dealer's name? Thanks
  • nixonnixon Posts: 11
    has anyone been able to buy a 2008 EX-L in texas for close in the 25k range?

    Most of the quotes i've seen consistently range from 26.3k and up.
  • lab88lab88 Posts: 24
    I already bought one - but driving far is really complicated when you have a trade in. It's a lot simpler to just take the cheapest price on the van IF you don't have a trade in. If you do, you must consider that many dealers will give widely varying prices for trade ins. So you drive far to get $1000 lower on the new van. How much are they going to give for the trade? I got almost $4000 difference in price quotes on my trade. I would not want to drive hours only to find out that they would give much less on the trade than a local place. I negotiated trade-in price over the phone to a point and did pretty well that way, but many dealers will lie to get you in. There is only so far I will drive to find out what they will do once I get there.

    People focus only on the price of the new car and do not consider the price of the trade in. It's the difference between the two that matters...not just either price. I paid a little more for my van, but I got much more for my trade in than at other dealers. Therefore, I paid less overall. MUCH less.

    I care about color and would not spend the money on a new car unless it was the color I wanted. I'd rather be unhappy paying the slightly higher bill than unhappy every time I look at the car.
  • Based on my credit score of 659, honda dealer is giving 3.9% for 36 months and not giving me 1.9%. Do any of you know if there is any absolute minimum number for them to give 1.9%, or is it just based on negotiation? Has anyone bought 1.5% for 36 months with credit score of 700 or less? Please let me know. Thanks.
  • heh

    i am picking up our odyssey tommorow however they have to have a driver drive it from another dealership . so it will put about 50 miles on the car should i be concerned

    erick :shades :)
  • th e dealer told me a score of 710 is needed to get the APR
  • lab88lab88 Posts: 24
    You pretty much need a score above 700 anywhere to get the best rates. They probably are using 710, and they might have some discretion to go down to 700, maybe slightly under. But they don't have that much discretion.

    When a dealer gets a car from another dealership, it's normal to have some more miles on the car. Your warranty starts at the mileage on the odometer when you take delivery, so you'll get to about 36,050 instead of 36,000. I don't think it's a big deal. Mine had 96 miles on it when I got it because the dealer had to drive it pretty far.
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