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2013 and earlier Honda Odyssey Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Hi ethanssky...
    I had a similar situation today. My dealer is offering me 3.9% for 36 months. I tried long and hard to get 1.9, even 2.9. I even tried to get some goodies or little price reduction, but he won't do it - primarily because of my credit score happens to be 659 and they say it has to be on or above 710 to give 1.9%. So, I walked out of the dealership, hoping he would call me back to counter offer. In your case, was your score higher than 700 or 710? You can email me at mani_daks AT, if you prefer. Thanks for your response.
  • The dealer has nothing to do with the rate quote. American Honda Finance sets the rate. This is a situation where the dealer CAN NOT mark up the rate.

    In your case, 3.9% is what you qualify for. With most other leanders your rate would be in the 8-9% range.
  • What year are you buying? 2008 or 2009

    All I know is the finance dept got to make the final call.

    if you are getting the 2008 for EX-L RES
    The dealer cost is $31,000
    i got the car for $27,000
    The dealer has to make the cost the of the car. that is why they offer me 6.25%APR.

    yes. my credit is 700+
  • Well, thanks to all of who posted their details and responded my specific queries. I went to the dealer yesterday and they offered me 26K for 08 odyssey ex-l out the door price (VA state), along with 3.9% for 36 months, due to my credit score. I waited and bargined a lot, but they won't melt. So, I walked away. Went back today morning and agreed to take the vehicle as they offered yesterday, but requested them to put my wife onto the loan application. Due to her credit score (better than mine), they automatically offered me 2.9% (i wish they gave 1.9%), and I have no complaints, because I walked away with a vehicle of my choice in color and model, etc, with the door price tag of $25,900. This was purchased from Pohanka Honda in Fredericksburg, VA. Sales representative is Paula Smith (540-847-8209 Cell). If you mention this to her, she will give the same price, guaranteed, as long as they have the vehicle and they have only few left in this trim. So, if you are planning to purchase one, I recommend you call her. Have fun shopping & driving.

    And, my friend purchased 2008 EX-L w/RES for $27,500 out the door price with 2.9% for 36 months from the same dealership. They have no more of this trim left.
  • bigdadi118bigdadi118 Posts: 1,207
    Honda Finance Credit Score posted on newspaper ad. by one of dealer

  • I'm interested in buying a 2008 EXL in the Seattle area. In year 2000 I bought my last Odyssey in Olympia as the Seattle area dealers were much more expensive back then. Does anybody have any comments about any advantages to buying outside major metropolitan areas?
  • Just out of curiosity, how much did they charge for the document fees? What's considered reasonable?
  • bigdadi118bigdadi118 Posts: 1,207
    I think they charge the admin fee the most that the state law or their own association allow... I experienced that the sale guy simply scrossed out the admin fee without my asking.
  • i just bought my 2009 EXL with RES invoice 31000 OTD 33672 in fairfield. other dealers were willing to offer the same e.g. vallejo and berkley. the internet manager at fairfield was very nice i would recommend him
  • A friend of mine just picked up a 08 EX-L with Nav and read-DVD. For 26,500 out the door and he qualified for 0.9% APR Finance.
    No trade.
    New England Dealer
  • We just bought the 2008 EX-L from Honda of Lisle. Great experience and a very smooth transaction.

    Vehicle price: $25,300
    Doc fee: $150

    Tax and plates were the only extras. Financed at 3.9% for 60 months.

    Thanks to all those who've posted here-it gave us a wealth of information about what we could expect to pay and what was a fair price.
  • Congratulations! does it have either DVD or Nav? Any specific person we can contact at the Honda of Lisle. Thanks in advance
  • No DVD or NAV. We were quoted $26,885 for EX-L RES, but we decided we didn't need the DVD and they didn't have the color we wanted anyway. They still had quite a few (10+) EX-Ls without the DVD as of last week. My salesman was Tim Render from internet sales. He was great.
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,025
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  • :) I'm just north of Tampa Fl. We've got at least 9 dealers within a reasonable drive.
    The only dealer that wouldnt give me an email price (gateway honda in new port richey) sold me the car. I used the donkey punch method on the rest. I went in last week for service and asked if they would do any better than my best internet deal. They met my lowest price, $22,044 + 599 admin fee. 65.00 stamp taxes, 120 registration 8.50 in misc fees total $193.95 plus 7% tax. All at 3.9 for 60 months. They also reimbursed me for my oil and tranny fluid change I just had done on my 03 oddy (203.00), and my first service is free. I thought the sales mgr was a jerk but I got the deal I wanted so it's all good. There are plenty of ex and ex-l's in the tampa area. My car had been on the lot 4 months and had 2 miles on it. Its ocean mist blue.
  • Just wanted to thank all those that post here. This forum helped me get a reasonable, if not great price. Thought I would pass my experience on to those of you who want a hassle-free experience. They had me in and out in 1 1/2 hours (best part)

    2008 Slate Green Odyssey EX-L w/DVD, bluetooth and rear "pro-pack" tray for $27,500 +TTL @ 3.9% for 5 years. Doc fee $45.

    There are only about 10 left within 50 miles of where I live. This was the lowest anyone would go within that area. Galpin Honda, Mission Hills, CA, internet sales department
  • Has anyone purchased a 08 or 09 Odyssey Touring around DC and got a good deal?

    I asked several internet prices in VA and MD and the best I got was $35,700 for a 2009 Honda Odyssey Touring RES & NAV.

    That seems a good deal. I am wondering if i could get a better deal by buying around Thanksgiving and at the end of the month.

    Any idea
  • The "Documentary Services Fee" was $50.
  • Been watching the board for awhile and finally bought one last week. The sales woman I dealt with was fantastic.
    I bought from Midlands Honda in Columbia, SC. Last I checked they still had over 20 '08's still sitting on the lot and they haven't moved much in the last 3 months.
    Anyway, here is my deal. I got it with no haggling, may have done better if I had wanted to go through the 1-2 hour haggle process. Instead, I went in and gave them a price and said that was it, and they accepted. It took about 10 minutes.

    2008 EX-L (Nimbus Gray)

    Base Price: $25,200
    Doc Fee: $499
    Dealer Installed Junk: was around $300 I think.

    So, OTD (minus taxes, which in SC is only $300) I paid right at $26K

    I also got the special Honda financing.

    Couple things to help with your Honda shopping. To get the special financing you have to have a Transunion score of 710 or higher. Just go to and pull your Tranunion score (Honda Finance only uses Transunion). It cost about $12 (just for your TransUnion score) but it will let you know if you are going to get the special financing or not.

    Also, don't fall for the warranty crap they try to sell you in the finance room. Go to It's a dealership out of Rhode Island who sells the same Honda warranty your dealership is going to sell. I got a 6yr 100k warranty for $690 through them. The dealership wanted almost $2k until I showed them my print out from this website. They then dropped to $820 but that is the lowest I they would go, I just ordered from the RI dealership and saved the $130.

    Other than finance guys, which are always a pain, the deal was smooth and pretty much the best experience buying a car I've had. I asked my sales woman if I could share her name and my price on here and she agreed.

    So, it was Midlands Honda in Columbia, SC. Her name is Laura Glass. She will work hard for you. She gave us her personal cell phone number, she has offered us rides, she even went in the back and helped the detail guy who was going slow, so that I wouldn't have to wait as long. I came back a couple of days later to pick some stuff up and when I went outside she was washing my windows and wiping the car down. In a day when car salesmen just stand around looking for the next deal, it was refreshing to come across someone who remembers the value of hard work. Laura earned herself a life long customer.

    By they way, the van is great. My wife loves it.

    If you have any questions, let me know. You can contact me at stackman97 at yahoo dot com.
  • Looking for 2009 EX-L pricing info. I live in NC.

    So far the lowest quote I got is $30,069.
    Need add 3% tax, $398 doc fee, and $74 title.
  • I am looking for the 2009 Honday Odyssey Touring RES & NAV in MD. Can I ask who quoted you $35,700? Thanks
  • k2hgok2hgo Posts: 2
    Finally got 08 Odyssey EX-L w/RES at 27376 including dest charge.
    Tax 7.75% for CA SJ county.
    Got 1.9% rate. my score was over 710 so good deal..
    Thanks for everyone who posted here.
    I was going to get it from Carsdirect and they asked 28700...
    Dealer was Hond of Ockland, CA.

    I had 2006 Odyssey LX and trade in.. trade in was worst price but getting new car with good price so...
    They are selling new 2008 LX for 19000 and i got my trade at 13500.. (my rear bumper needed to be fixed so not bad deal but not great deal either.)
  • k2hgok2hgo Posts: 2
    I tried to buy extra warranty but looks like CA and FL can't buy..
    My dealer offered at 1000 dollar for 7year 80k.
  • Thanks for the info. Appreciate your response.

    That sounds like a good deal. In the bay area, the lowest that I have seen is 31600+TTL. will wait for Thanksgiving or Christmast to see if the dealers that I have contacted will offer any lower.
  • I am in the market for the 2008 Honda Odyssey EX or EXL model. so far i have got a minimum of $23,100+TTL internet price for the EX model. is it a good price? I am not feeling it. Can anyone comment on it. Please. This is In NJ/PA area. I am more leaning towards EX rather than EX-L. No particular reason, just I do not need EX-L.
  • I just did a quick "locate" and found these are it for 2008 Odyssey EX in NJ and PA:

    MOON TOWNSHIP HONDA (412)269-4100 RL3848EW KA RE/IV
    DEAN HONDA (412)466-8120 RL3848EW KA WH/IV
    CONICELLI HONDA (610)828-1400 RL3848EW KA WH/IV
    JONES HONDA (717)394-0711 RL3848EW KA WH/IV
    BOBBY RAHAL HONDA (717)766-4300 RL3848EW KA WH/IV
    PRESTON HONDA (724)658-9755 RL3848EW KA SX/GR
    SMAIL HONDA VILLAGE (724)836-6030 RL3848EW KA RE/IV
    SMAIL HONDA VILLAGE (724)836-6030 RL3848EW KA WH/IV

    So with just nine left price will continue to climb. For reference your quote is invoice minus the $3500 in dealer cash minus another few hundred dollars.

    Good luck and happy shopping.
  • I live in Connecticut. Do you know what New England Dealer your friend went to.

  • first the numbers. as the title says, just bought 08 Odyssey EX-L w/o RES, Navigation. here were the figures.

    Base Car $25892
    Tax 6.25% $1618
    TTL, Accessories $640
    Drive our price $28150

    Couple of observations (I would welcome any comments).

    First, I waited too long, thinking that my leverage would increase as it got later in the year. That is not true. I negotiated with 17 dealers (12 in Houston, 1 in Galveston, 4 in Austin). Out of the 12 in Houston, 5 were sold out, 1 had one in stock, 1 had 2 and the one with the largest number had 7 in inventory. I should mention that this is for "brand new" and not demos (I defined demos as anything that had over 50 miles). In hindsight, it would have been better to have shopped end of Sep or beginning of Oct. I talked to dealers (who did not have any in stock so they had little to gain by telling me this) who told me where they sold their last 2008 and they were better deals than the ones I could get in late Nov.

    2. The consistency in the pricing among all the dealers was surprising. Of the 7 in Houston that had a brand new EX-L in stock, the drive out prices ranged from $28.1k to $28.5k. There were a few quotes that I got that were lower... and this leads to my next point..

    3. Even if you ask the dealers for a drive-out or out-the-door price, do not assume that that is the absolute bottom line price. I got some low OTD quotes only to discover that the dealer installed accessories (such as tinted windows and Pro Pack) were not included in the figure. You need to ask if the figure includes all accessories as well.

    4. Ask for the mileage on the car. I had two deals where the OTD price (after verifying accessories were included) was in the mid $27k. I discovered at the end that both had over 300 miles on them. Whether you'd make that tradeoff is up to you but you should be aware.

    My conclusion from this experience.

    Every deal that I came across that was too good to be true had something hidden. As in life, there is no free lunch. These dealers do not misprice. If something is being missed by someone, that someone is most likely you.

    If you find a dealer at this stage in the game, for a brand new EX-L, that would sell at the true OTD price of $27.9k or better, take it. I belive very few, if any, can do that price. I did not find any. The dealer's "cost" seems to be between $27.9k and $28k (this is from the data I gathered backed by conversations with dealers whom had none in stock). If you want one of these and you waited until now, i think you will find that there is not going to be much variability in the pricing. I think if I held out a little more, I could have gotten another $100 or so, but frankly, I was getting sick of the car buying process and just wanted to get it over with.

    In case you wanted to know, I bought mine from John Eagle Honda, who incidentally had the most in their inventory. Having said that, I think they will be sold out in under 2 weeks. I was very satisfied with the whole purchase process at John Eagle. F&I guy was nice enough. Didn't try to oversell the warranties so I appreciated that. I would go back there again. If anyone wants my data, I would be more than happy to share them. Keep in mind, the inventory is shrinking pretty quickly.

    Hope this helped. Have fun shopping.
  • bibbabibba Posts: 6
    Thanks Stackman97, you saved me $400. I had originally settled on $1500 for the warranty but canceled it and repurchased through the link you provided. When I went back to my dealer to see if they could match the price he knew who I must have purchased from before I even brought out the printout from the site. They claimed this site is selling below cost and that the true dealer cost is between $1200-$1300.

    My final price excluding obligatory taxes and fees for a Black 2008 Odyssey EX-L with all season mats and cargo tray liner was $25,294 (including destination and documentation fee). It amazes me that these are going for below listed dealer cost. One dealer mentioned buying some of his stock from a bankrupt Midwest dealership.
    It has me wondering if these cars are being picked up cheap at auction for less than they could have been purchased from Honda and depressing the market price or alternately if its just cheaper to sell at a loss and not pay for storage space for all the unsold cars. My purchase was made through Herb Chambers in Boston, MA. Feel free to contact me privately for a referral (no benefit to me) to the salesman I worked with on the deal. Thanks to everyone who's posted! There is some great info on this site.
  • Hey all. I got this quote today from a Honda dealership here in Phoenix for a 2007 Odyssey - Touring. Keep in mind it is not used and has not been sold.

    2007 Honda Odyssey Touring

    Honda's MSRP: $37,565.00
    Your Special Sale Price: $29,471.00
    Dealer Installed Accessories: $590.00
    Taxes: $2,419.91
    Doc Fee: $349.00
    License Fee: $631.09
    State and County Fees: $11.50
    Your Out The Door Price: $33,472.50

    Accessories: Premium Window Tint,
    Splash Guards, Wheel Locks, Trunk Tray.

    Also, if anyone has a link to the '07 Honda ody with pricing back then as well as options, please let me know. Would prefer something from Honda if at all possible.

    Not sure if this is a good deal or not. My wife says it is not a good deal.
    What do you think? Why or why not.
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