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2013 and earlier Honda Odyssey Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Hi,

    I live in Bay area. I am thinking to buy a 2009 EX-L.
    I have a few questions:

    1. How much should it cost - with and without GPS and DVD - both.
    2. The salesperson said that avoid the ones with DVD player, since with blue-ray in market, the current in-built DVD player will get obsolete soon. Is this true ?
    3. They are offering 1.9% APR for 3 years financing. Is this a good scheme ?

    Any help appreciated. Thanks!
  • nepropneprop Posts: 41
    I canvassed the greater Boston area's 14 Honda Dealers with Donkey Punch method starting Sat night for an EX-L, no RES, no NAV. Best 2008 price is $25,423 (includes destination charge of $670 and 5 year / 100,000 warranty) + $299 Doc Fee for the total vehicle price. Additional charges of $118.50 cover Registration, Inspection Sticker, License Plates and Title fees. Tax is additional 5% based on vehicle price. The document fee seems high and I have seen lower pricing in the $25K range. Feedback from you readers is appreciated.

    I have been told that the manufacturer to dealer cash will likely start on 1-6-09 for 2009 models when the current 2008 program expires on 1-5-09. If you are looking for a 2009 then wait about 10 days if you can and you'll likely save yourself a few thousand dollars. Good luck.
  • neprop could you post or PM which dealers gave you the best price? I am in ohio and today was turned down offering 26,000 for a 2008(no res, no nav- basic ex-l). I would love to get the 25,400 you are quoting with the warranty.
    the ohio dealers with 2008's left seem not willing to deal very much.
  • I am in the Boston area too...the best price that I have for a 2008 odyssey EXL no res no nav is 26,333 +doc, tax. ttl and reg. I am hoping to use your number when I go in there tomorrow. I have a Pilot lease that I am hoping to turn in a couple of months early to take advantage of the remaining 2008's in stock. I just read an article in the Globe this morning that local dealerships, including foreign dealers, are really suffering, so I am hoping to make a deal when I head in there. I'll keep you posted on how I do. Let me know if you find a better price anywhere in the area.
    Good Luck!
  • could you pm with the dealer that is offering this pricing? i am more than willing to take a 26,300 offer but am being laughed at locally when offering this, they want 29k for an 08 exl.
  • Is it better to buy the 2009 EX-L Odyssey by January 5th (Honda APR 1.9% scheme ends on 5th), or wait for new deals for next quarter ?
    Any help is appreciated.
  • Hi! Not sure if I got a good deal or not but I just started looking for a 2008 EX-L w/ NAV & RES 3 days ago and there were none in my area. Found one 2 hrs away today and by phone got the price of $28,600 (tax & tags will add another $1,900) so it will be $30,500 OTD. Price includes mats, cargo net. Do you think this is a good price??? New to buying foreign cars so any advice is appreciated.
    We are to pick it up tomorrow at 3 pm so send your comments ASAP. Thanks :)
  • New to buying foreign so we thought we'd wait til after Christmas to make the purchase and there were none of these to be had in our area. Spent 2 days asking every dealer in 100 miles of us if they had any and today 1 finally came thru. Tomorrow we drive 2 hrs to Scranton PA to pick her up at 3 pm. Any advice before we "strike the deal" on paper is welcome.

    Is this a good deal? They claim to have given me the entire dealer incentive of $3,500 plus and extra $1000. It's a New 2008 EX-L w/ RES & NAV. Dark Cherry Pearl/Ivory Leather.

    Price for car $28,600
    Taxes/tags 1,900
    Out the door $30,500

    Includes Cargo Net, Cargo Tray, trailor hitch and Floor Mats. Not really sure what else :)

    All replies appreciated.
  • xifengxifeng Posts: 12
    Pulled the triger today. $30,000 + tax/tags in central Oklahoma.
  • Just bought an '09 EX-L with DVD and Navigation here in Houston.

    MSRP was 37,525

    Negotiated to 33,611

    35,961 OTD

    Black with Ivory interior. Wife is very happy!

    Purchased at Russell and Smith on the south loop from Tom, the internet manager. Good man to work with!
  • sounds like a good deal to me. I cannot get below 29,000 for a basic exl without res and nav.
    I am starting to look for used 2008's now.
  • That's a great price (about $450 less than we paid for a 2008 EX-L with NAV+RES 10 days ago). I'd totally jump on it.
  • Hi All:

    I need to buy a van due to my present situation but on a tight budget. I want the cheapest possible new Honda Odyssey van. I don't care whether 2008 or 2009 or color either. I am willing to travel to buy the car for an outstanding deal.

    The dealers in Austin, TX are too pushy to make me buy an EX-L which I know that I don't need. If there are any sales managers on this forum and want to sell an odyssey which suffices my requirements, please email me.

    Best Regards,
    Average Guy
  • Bought a new 2008 odyssey EXL no res no nav today. Here's the breakdown...
    Nighthawk Black Pearl/Ivory Leather
    Price :$25453.00
    Tax: $1272.00(5% MA state tax)
    84mo/100,000mile warranty: $1500
    Total OTD: $28,634.00

    I will divulge where I got the deal after we pick up the car tomorrow.
    I think that we did pretty well.
  • thats a great deal, thats the exact car i am looking for and my best price so far is 26,100 OTD + tax.
    did they have anymore black ones?
  • They have one more EXL in Black/ivory in the dealership system(they have more than one dealership), but not at the dealer itself. This was the last 2008 EXL that they had at this particular branch. They quoted me 26300 over the phone, but when I went in I said that another dealer had quoted me 25453 and I would close it out today, the met the price...I really wanted the black, so I am excited.
  • I checked a few online inventory services and couldn't find any.
    Any insider/recent-buyer tips ?
  • I'm in Boston, so I know that the inventory is very different in each region. I checked the individual dealer websites for inventory, called to confirm, got a firm quote over the phone and went in to buy. But, there are quite a few 08 EXL's around here, so that definitely made it easier. I also wanted the black with tan interior, and a lot of dealers seemed to have those, so I think that some of it was luck.
  • I am planning to get the same color combination. How do you like it ?
  • I like it a alot. I had a jeep grand cherokee in the same color combo for 5 years and never got sick of it. I am hoping to keep this one for 10 or 12 years, so I am anticipating being happy with the color choice for the long term. I just feel like, it's such a standard color combo, how can you go wrong?
  • Dpatduke-- That sounds pretty good. I think our best offer 2 weeks ago for an 09 Touring was $36,100 including destination and docs. Tax/title would be extra. This price was quoted in AZ.
  • Sounds like a good deal overall. We had spoken to that dealer about the same car. Pretty funny. The tour of SoCal dealerships was a bonus, right?!
  • Anyone heard what Honda's next incentive deals are suppose to be on the 2008 models?

    I was contemplating purchasing today but my local dealership still has plenty of 2008 models, so I think I will wait until after the 5th to see what incentives they have next.
  • My new car is now sitting in my driveway :) Hubby drove 2 hrs each way to pick her up but we got a great price so we did just as people here suggested and "jumped on it". We used Matt Burne Honda in Scranton. Sean McGuire was the internet sales rep. Didn't step foot on the lot except to strike the deal (did first negotiations w/ e-mail and then finals by phone). I am SOOOOO happy! There were no EX-L's w/ RES & NAV w/in 100 miles of us so I thought if I found one it would be gray or someting but my car is Red Cherry Pearl w/ Ivory Leather. Very nice.
  • If you see plenty of inventory for the exact car you are looking for then I'd surely wait until after Jan 5th....seems like a wise decision to me.
  • What did you end up paying for it?
  • Just bought a 2008 EX-L, White/Tan Leather, list 32845.00
    Sale 26350.00 including 199.00 DOC fee. TTL isn't collected
    by dealer in Oklahoma.
    Bought last 08 at Fenton Motors in Stillwater.
    Was in and out in 5 minutes flat!
    This dealer 55 Mi. North of Oklahoma City is highly recommended!!
  • RxB610RxB610 Posts: 9
    hi i got a quote for an 08 Odyssey EX-L with RES for $30K this a good deal? I know it's late but it's only a 30minute drive to get to the dealer.
  • i had a quote for 27,300 OTD + taxes, for an 08 exl-with res. 30k seems high depending if your quote includes your taxes and how much they were.
    they still have the car as i didnt buy it from them, it was in GA if you wanted to fly to atl.
  • RxB610RxB610 Posts: 9
    Yes $30K OTD (meaning includes all taxes, reg,docs etc) for an 08 EX-L RES no Navi (black pearl). I'm thinking of negotiating $1K off. I was dead set on $28K but he didn't budge. Told him if it had Navi i would have taken in for $30K.Any advice or is my price fair enough. $28K with NAVI/RES OTD would have been good enough.
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