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2013 and earlier Honda Odyssey Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • tonyl1tonyl1 Posts: 53
    I'm also wondering but haven't seen anything yet. You should have qualified for the $1250 customer cash back from 1/3 to 1/5. There was a post earlier in this thread.
  • Hi gang, in case it can help someone, I'll break down the deal I struck last night. Having done all my research and been prepared, I picked up the phone about 6:30 pm, talked to the "internet" guy at the closest dealer to me and was done signing papers about 9pm; that includes about 20 minutes to drive over there once we had an agreement.

    I'm in St Louis MO. 09 Ody EXL with RES (rear entertainment system - the DVD player) but no nav.
    MSRP - $35,325 (note as of Jan 1 has gone to $35,425)
    Agreed upon selling price: $31,119 (dealer invoice minus $1250 incentive plus $309 in profit - includes dealer's doc fee of $159).

    Wrote it into a lease using these details:
    36 months, 15K per year miles
    Residual value 48% (note EXL without RES would be 49%)
    Money factor - .00101 (note this is really good, roughly equivalent to 2.4%)
    Waived security deposit per letter from AHFC (Amer Hon. Fin. Corp) as a returning lessee. That letter also preapproved credit well above what was needed for this van.
    Capitalized the AHFC acquisition fee ($595) - otherwise known as baking it into the lease payments so no money down.
    Roughly $42 in title fees, etc.
    My local tax rate is 7.575%

    All this cooks out to a monthly payment of ~$495. Wrote a check for the first month only and was home by 9:30, so three hours completely start to finish with essentially no stress at all.

    A couple notes on the above: The price is about $100-$150 higher than I had in mind but being comfortable in general with my numbers, I was fine with it. A buck fifty spread over 36 lease payments isn't worth grinding over. As to the $1250 incentive, it (note to Superboat21 - this might help you since you did paperwork on Sat 1/3 - you should ask to see if they'll apply the incentive money - negotiate as you see fit) was a surprise pop-up incentive just for the weekend that someone posted about above - thank you very much, abreillatt. It expired yesterday but I wouldn't be surprised to see some support on the 09 Ody come out in today's program - but who knows...).

    Anyway, hope this helps,
  • Thanks to Squirrel, Tonyl1,and Waffles.

    Haven't spoke to my dealer yet, but they are suppose to have the car today, picking it up tonight.

    I might pull my trade out of the deal, as im having second thoughts on giving up that car. It's only valued at $5k.

    If I do so, do you think that will get me any further leverage in the selling price? I'm sure the car will go straight to the auctions, as it's a 2002 with 75K miles, so it's not like they will be putting it on their lot...

    Thanks everyone!
  • Here is another deal broken down as best as I could. It is in the South Fl area...after calling many dealers, only 1 was able to do the deal, but we need to wait for them to get a Bali Blue for us. It is a 2009 EX-L with RES.

    Vehicle negotiated price was 29,900

    Lease basically is $1242 which is basically the acquisition fee, first month, tag.
    36 month lease with 12K miles for $441+ tax. We also got the Money factor - .00101.

    Hope this helps someone.
  • RxB610RxB610 Posts: 9
    I've given up on the 08 since the other dealer did not want to deal with me. I ended up with silver pearl 09 EX-L NAV/RES. The lowest i got from numerous calls/internet managers was $33400 plus TTL, i was dead set on it to get it next day for 33K Sunday 1/4. Got a call around 8pm that Sat night with an $32,399 plus TTL, i got home that night with the van. Also, same as the other, the process was quick and stress free. I think we spent more time deciding on the color good thing they had all the color options. Thanks everyone for all your help.
  • nepropneprop Posts: 41
    I have been told by a few Boston dealerships that effective today through early March there is a $1,250 dealer cash program in place. It is not clear if the destination charge is also waived. If the destination charge is not waived then this program is really poor as it is much less than the 2008's $3.5K plus destination charge (~$670).

    So Honda has decided to see what the demand level is out in the market for January and when they realize that it is horrible, then hopefully they will increase their cash rebate program to a more meaningful amount. My guess / hope is that with the economy only getting worse, demand for large vehicles continuing to fall, with Honda's sales falling significantly, with the US Big 3 Bailout allowing for sweet deals on their vehicles and Christmas credit card bills coming due that they will see how bad January sales are and then update the program in February. I plan to hold off for a few weeks and wait them out. Any other info out there?
  • bigdadi118bigdadi118 Posts: 1,207

    Now is already 2009, Honda has no time to play with 08 model while they still have many months to hope for better sale of 09 model thus less incentive.
  • Price: 36.9K
    destination 675.00
    Doc fees 49.00

    No additional accessories, just standard items included in a touring.

    Thanks for your help!!!
  • tonyl1tonyl1 Posts: 53
    I'm also thinking there will be better incentives are the year progresses and I'm waiting too.
  • Has any one seen the prices drop for 2009 EX-L with RES in the San Jose, CA area?

    I see some emailing me a quote of 30500. But I am not sure at this time whether it includes the destination charge.

    One more observation is that most have stopped responding since this week:-)
  • Regarding prices on the 2009 Odysseys, I have been contacted by dealers in the midwest with the $1250 incentive but it is tied to the invoice pricing ($1250 off of invoice). The dealer I spoke to does include the destination charge. However, I had been getting offers under invoice prior to this deal and now that the 1.9% financing has expired, the benefit of the $1250 off invoice is basically a wash. So really no better than I had been getting before with the 1.9% financing. Also I know others had mentioned that the $1250 rebate was only good last weekend, so it would appear to me that it is totally at the dealers' discretion as to when they offer it since I was informed about it yesterday and it is not lisetd on any of the national rebate sites. If they combined the $1250 under invoice and financing then it would be a good deal. Sadly, I will also wait a few weeks and see how this plays out.
  • Doesn't seem like a good deal to me. For the Touring without PAX that price would be above invoice, and I'm pretty sure that better deals are possible.
  • nepropneprop Posts: 41
    I received an unsolicited verbal quote for a 2009 EX-L no RES, no NAV (this is what I am in the market for) for $28.1K. Not clear if this includes destination charge or not. The only material differences between the 2008 and 2009 EX-L models are a slight horsepower increase, slight mid range torque increase and a power rear hatch. The horsepower and torque changes are software mods and essentially cost nothing; the power hatch requires a motor, switch and some cabling so call it $50 cost at production volume.

    Therefore it is hard to rationalize a purchase decision even with the current $1,250 cash program. The purchase price needs to get back into the $25-$26K range that it was when the $3.5K program was in effect. Honda has essentially set the market price at this level by virtue of their just-expired program.

    Lastly, someone asked about the term of the current $1,250 program. I have heard from several dealers that it runs through early March. Perhaps this means that they'll up the discount for the end of the quarter sales push. If you don't need a vehicle immediately, then wait and let the dealers sit on their inventory for a while.
  • camy4camy4 Posts: 9
    i am in a market for 09 exl - i like power lift gate since i use a lot.
    i am willing to wait for bigger incentives. $1250 is listed in Edmunds rebates site till beginning of Feb.
    what do you think?
  • Just pick the beauty up. Here is the detail for the 3yr/12k lease signed on 01/05:

    $1200 down and $429 (tax included). $17,199 residual.

    The sales person cranked, purposely I guess, the numbers to come up the $429 agreed monthly payment.
  • nwiersnwiers Posts: 2
    Chicago area - I have an offer for a 2009 EX-L $28,188 - $31,262 out the door.
  • nwiersnwiers Posts: 2
    for your Chicagoland question - I've been getting the best responses from Continental in Countryside and Community Honda in Orland. Napelton is the worst IMO.
  • camy4camy4 Posts: 9
    someone mentioned remote starter installed - aftermarket - how much was it? (honda charger $800) and does it work from car key separate remote?
    works well?
    appreciate info..
  • nepropneprop Posts: 41
    Slate Green.
    MSRP of $33,750.00
    Purchase Price was $27,900.00 includes Destination Charge.
    5% State of Mass sales tax.
    Documentation Fee of $299.00
    Title, Plates, Inspection Sticker, Registration Fees all for $86.00

    All other dealers were in the high $28K or low $29K range. I think that the best one can do right now is about $27.5K including destination and not including Doc Fee and all other Fees. Should be better as the slow quarter unfolds. Good luck.
  • I just purchased this morning 2009 EX-L with DVD and NAVI. Dark Grey. Schlossman's Honda City Wisconsin, internet guy was Jason Sandbach. Decent guy, still tried a couple of additional charges (wheel locks, etc) but he was willing to remove them when I told him I would go elsewhere. Also they tried to lowball a trade, and when I told them I would see it myself they immediately offered an additional $1000. I'll still sell it myself. No additional equipment.

    Agreed price: $32226
    Document fees: $125
    Tax (5.6%): $1811.66
    Plate Transfer: $89
    OTD: $34251.66

    I have been following prices and negotiating for about 5 weeks and the $32226 was the best price I saw, beating other recent quotes by about $200. Pretty happy with the deal. I really do think if you wait a few more weeks deals will get better, but I was getting sick and tired of following prices and we're supposed to be getting subzero temps in Wisconsin next week, so I decided to make the deal so my family will be able to do the carpool thing and not freeze (long story). Good luck. I'd be happy to give any additional details. This board was incredibly useful and much appreciated.
  • cszulccszulc Posts: 31
    Just did a deal on a 09 Odyssey EXL with NAV and RES this morning.

    $37,525 MSRP
    $34,048 Invoice
    $1250.00 Dealer Cash Incentive

    SELLING PRICE 31994.99 ($2053.01 under invoice) including dealer cash
    + Tax/Tags/Doc

    Also received above KBB value for 2003 Odyssey trade with 90k miles~, KBB was showing $7400 trade in value/$9800 private party and we got up to $8050.

    Total OTD after trade: $26,091.00 INCL all tax/fees/tags.
    (Paid via Home Equity Line of Credit Check at 2.74% via Chase).
  • I was quoted 31,900.00 Out the Door for a 2009 EXL with RES (DVD). That includes tax, title, fees, everything.

    Is this a price I should jump on?
  • I was quoted 31,900.00 Out the Door for a 2009 EXL with RES (DVD). That includes tax, title, fees, everything.

    Is this a price I should jump on?
  • That is indeed a good price with Tax, Title & fees.

    The best price that I have seen in California is 30450 before TTL for a 2009 EX-L with RES. What is the price before TTL?
  • I am not sure what the initial vehicle price is, that was not given. I had a discussion with a salesman online and I told them I want an OTD price. If I am only being charged tax, that brings the initial price to approx 30,950. Typical destination charge is 695 and title and tag fee usually runs 250 or so. So you could say that is 30k before all fees and taxes.
  • I'm shopping in Sth'n Ca for a touring wagon. What are the lowest prices people are seeing in this market for a touring? I'm after the darker blue so am willing to buy the 2008 as that blue is preferable to the 2009. Lowest prices on both the 08 and 09 would be appreciated. Thanks
  • Can you please share which city/state that you are purchasing this from?

  • We are in the market for an 09 EX-L with RES/Navi. While the current incentives don't impress us, we would like to hear what others are currently paying from whom in the South Florida area. Your overall dealership experience comments are also very much appreciated. We live in Key West so shopping via other than phone/email is very difficult. Thanks in advance for any and all information.
  • There are still some left on the west coast (Vegas, Reno, San Diego, LA, Sacramento, Redding). I picked mine up in LA over the weekend. $25.9K, standard DMV fees, etc. Out the door including 8.25% tax for $28.4K.
  • Hello All,
    We just bought our 2009 Oddy EXL with RES for $30200 plus tax and title. We are very happy with this price as well as the price of our CRV that we sold.
    We went through such a headache trying to trade it in and glad that it all fell through since we got a great deal on our own through autotrader!
    Very happy with the dealership and if anyone in Cincinnati would like a reference please PM me.
    Thanks to all who said to jump out of the tradein deals when we were looking for an 08! Really got what we wanted on for both cars
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