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2013 and earlier Honda Odyssey Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Is this a RES only? No Navi? With the sticker, seems like it.

    If it is and it's a 2008 and doesn't have Navi, I'd wait. We bought one for about the same price for the RES+Navi version last month with the $3500 dealer incentive. I wouldn't be surprised to see it come back. For a 2008 RES EX-L, I don't think it's such a hot deal.

    I'd also try selling your car yourself on Craigslist and Autotrader. I thought people would have trouble coming up with cash to buy a private sale car, but we just sold our old 2000 Odyssey (no leather, but factory navi) with 153k miles for $6000 in less than one day - buyer paid in cash (which we checked with a counterfeit pen!). Listed it, put up a bunch of pictures and had 4 calls in hours. We probably sold it for about $700 less than we could have got, but the speed of the deal was worth it. I don't know where you are in the country, but I would think $13-15k shouldn't be out of the question if the van is in good condition, and it takes the mud of the trade-in out of the negotiating equation so you can see what the "deal" really is.
  • Yes, it is RES, no navi.

    I'd LOVE to get the navi, too, but don't feel we NEED it (of course, we don't NEED a dvd player intergrated, but after dealing with the portable ones for 2 years now whenever we go on a trip and having a ZILLION problems with them, I'm ready to be a little "spoiled"; dvd players just make long road trips SO much easier and we take a 12 hour (each way) trip at least ONCE a year not to mention many shorter trips (2-3 hours) around once a month or so.

    You got a RES with navi for around the same price? Did you mean for around $28,900, or more (or less?) ?!

    I think the $3500 dealer cash incentive ends early Feb. AND is ONLY for vans already on the particular lot (right? That's how I read it, but would love it if I'm wrong!) If that's the case, the dealer we went to has NO more EX-L's with RES and Navi on the lot. They have eight '08's, but only one had RES (I'll check to be sure, but I think that's what we were told. I'm assuming the rest were EX's and LX's.) The next closest dealer has NO '08's on the lot with RES (with or without Navi) - just the others. I could try and look further; there are lots in Baton Rouge and New Orleans, but that's 1 1/2 - 2 1/2 hours away from us and makes it harder (with my husband's work schedule and 2 kids.)

    I'm guessing I should just wait and see what happens. I do have the feeling that all the '08's like I'd like them to be will all be gone SOON, and I hate to pay MORE for an '09 when they're virtually the same, but we do have some good years left in the '05...

    I am hesitant to privately sell the van; I realize that trade-ins get much less than a private sale typically, but it IS easier to just be done with it AND (at least in LA) you do get a trade-in credited against TTL so you pay less in taxes if you trade in a vehicle. That being said, you give me hope that it might be worth my while to look into it more!

    Thanks SO much for the advice abd your opinion. I'm very glad to have a chance to talk to others that have been (or are) in the same boat (so to speak).

    -Sarah :)
  • CromOdyssey,

    Thanks for your helpful feedback. We did test drive one yesterday and liked it very much from the NOVA dealer you mentioned. I really don't have time/patience to haggle for weeks and will expand search if the #'s don't make sense. Thanks again for the info!
  • HondaBuyer6,
    Thanks for the feedback, you are right on, we test drove one and realized rearview camera comes w/out the Navigation package. Appreciate the info!!
  • mogpodmogpod Posts: 7
    Hello, all.
    I'm trying to get the best deal in purchasing the 09 EX model in the NYC area.
    Below is what I was quoted by one of the local dealers:

    "MSRP: $30,025
    Internet Price: $25,795 (includes des)
    *Pricing valid through January 31, 2008
    **Excludes tax an dtitle"

    Does this sound like a good deal?
    What are the current dealer cash incentives from Honda?
    Any input would be appriciated.
  • Watergate,

    I will be very interested to hear who you finally purchase your Odyssey from and the price.

  • krh294krh294 Posts: 11
    Hello, I think I've decide to go the with the Odyssey after trying to decide between this and the Seinna. I am debating which package to get. Could live with just the EXL w/o DVD or Navi but if the price is right I would like at least an EXL w/RES and I really wanted bluetooth option so could possibly want the Navi package if I could get it for some of the deals I've read about in this forum. So I was wondering if there are in Central Ohioians here to give me an idea of what they've payed for any of these 3 options listed above? I've emailed around a little and so far the lowest offers I have are the following:

    2009 EX-L w/o DVD or Navi $28765 +TTL which would be $30982.14 OTD (6.75 Ohio tax)

    2009 EX-L w/DVD w/Bluetooth installed by intigrated into the overhead consel for $31237 +TTL which is $33638 OTD.

    Haven't yet tried getting a quote on the 2009 EX-L w/DVD and Navi because frankly I thought that that would be way out of what I was willing to pay but after reading some of the deals people have posted here with these options I am now considering this option because I would reaaly like the bluetooth with the Navi.

    Anyway if anyone wants to comment or let me know what they paid for these options I would greatly appreciate it before I go into negotiate.

  • Alig26Alig26 Posts: 7
    Does anyone know if the 3,500 for 2008 Models is still in effect? And that applies to any model right?

  • Yes, we got a 2008 EX-L RES+NAVI for $29,059 (31,532 OTD with TTL) in Northern CA. That was around the third week in December when the $3500 dealer incentive and 1.9% was still in effect on 2008's. I think that ended Jan 1, but I expect to see it back soon for the rest of 2008's and probably some incentive on 2009's as well.

    I'd hold out for a better 2008 Odyssey deal (RES+Navi for the price you were quoted for RES only), and sell the car yourself. It only costs about $40 to list it with 9 pics on Autotrader, and Craigslist is FREE, so put up your 2005 at a high-book price and see if you get bites, THEN decide what you're doing. You're probably going to come out $2,000-$4000 ahead doing it yourself, which is a great amount off your payment on the new one.
  • Doesn't sound that great for a plain EX (no leather, no RES, no navi, right?).
  • tonyl1tonyl1 Posts: 53
    :P $29,059 (31,532 OTD with TTL) for an EXL R/N is more what I would expect very soon in this economic climate. '08 or '09.
  • Hey,

    First of all, thanks to all you are sharing vital information for each one's benifit.

    This is my first posting as upto now only on ROM :).

    I am looking for Honda Odyssey EXL + DVD 2008 and nonetheless, waiting for a right price.

    I am in Seattle, WA and today I got a quote from a dealer in my area (this guy is in touch for sometime with me and sharing the rates, though not useful) for $31,222 OTD (including all charges). He said, the van all season mats, wheel locks etc.

    Is this a better deal to go with?
  • Alig26Alig26 Posts: 7
    Hi All,
    Need your opinions, I found a 2008 Odyssey Touring at a dealer in Cincinnati, which has a MSRP 40,645, and invoice of 36,000. When I called the dealer up, he gave me a sale price of 34,000 and he said that's including the 3,500 dealer incentive. Plus it's a demo model with 4,500 miles on it. Is it me or does that sale price seem too high. :confuse: And he didn't seem to be budging on the price either.

  • That's about $2,000 too high if there's no Navi and it's a 2008.
  • $34000 out the door or 34000 before TTL? I'd ask for a 2 year honda warranty extension in there because of the demo status. Also, does this Touring have PAX? If it does, walk away as quickly as possible. It's a very expensive option to maintain, and you cannot go non-PAX.
  • That's the game. Wait too long and the 08's will be gone. Wait for 09 incentives and you may be disappointed. We got about $7000 off invoice and 3.9% financing and that was plenty of incentive for us. We're completely happy with the purchase.
  • Alig26Alig26 Posts: 7
    Well he said Sale price of 34000 so I'm assuming that's before TTL. And it's non-PAX, no way am I getting PAX. How do they take the dealer to cash incentive into play? Is it MSRP-Incentive? or Invoice-Incentive?
  • deshsdeshs Posts: 10
    I bought it
    Georgia 2008 EX-L out the door price 27850.00. I also spend 895 for Extended 7 year 100000 miles warranty. Do think its good deal? I am not sure about the extended warranty but I got it under employee program for half the price
  • mogpodmogpod Posts: 7
    Dear Car_man and kyfdx or anybody.
    I'm reposting my question to you since I haven't gotten any good response.
    I'm in the process of negotiating a purchase price for 09 Odyssey LX (standard) with a NY dealer. I was quoted $25,795 + tax + dtitle. Basically this offfer discounts the MSRP price ($30000) to about $4200 or %14.
    Is this a fair deal?
    If not what is?

    Thanks to all.
  • jimbob1jimbob1 Posts: 70
    Dear Car_man and kyfdx or anybody.
    I'm reposting my question to you since I haven't gotten any good response.
    I'm in the process of negotiating a purchase price for 09 Odyssey LX (standard) with a NY dealer. I was quoted $25,795 + tax + dtitle. Basically this offfer discounts the MSRP price ($30000) to about $4200 or %14.
    Is this a fair deal?
    If not what is?

    Where are you getting the $30,000 MSRP for the LX? I think it should be $26,925.
  • mogpodmogpod Posts: 7
    Sorry, I meant EX.
  • tonyl1tonyl1 Posts: 53
    Agreed. I almost bought a 2008 touring at 32,600 incl. freight, but didn't like the colors left and decided I could wait. BTW you list 7,000 off invoice, do you mean 7,000 off MSRP?
  • deshsdeshs Posts: 10
    Georgia 2008 EX-L out the door price 27850.00. I also spend 895 for Extended 7 year 100000 miles warranty. Do think its good deal? I am not sure about the extended warranty but I got it under employee program for half the price ..Is it fair deal? Anyone
  • I live in Bay area and am planning to buy a 2009 EX-L without DVD/GPS.
    The lowest quotation I have received so far is 28.9 K including destination charge.
    Is this a fair price ? Has anyone received quotes lower than this ?
    Any inputs? Thanks.
  • jimbob1jimbob1 Posts: 70
    It looks reasonable to me. Invoice + destination ($27,362) minus the $1250 cash to dealer is $26112. So, at $25,795, your dipping below invoice a little bit, which is always a good thing.
  • I have found a demo oddyssey that has 5000 miles on it. I'm hesistant to make an offer because in my mind this is a used car that the dealer is passing off as new. They said they'll give 10 cents/mile credit, but that doesn't make it enticing at all. I'd appreciate anyone's feedback on what they know about dealing with a demo car and why you would buy it or stay away.

  • bigdadi118bigdadi118 Posts: 1,207
    Would you take $500.- and let different people drove it for 5,000 miles and feeling comfotable?

    Plus they charge you $0.15 (for car MSRP -$30,000) $0.20 per miles (for car MSRP +$30,000) in excess if you lease the car, now they only pay you $0.10 per mile. I don't think it's fair. Demo still is considered to be new car since it's not been registered before.
  • tonyl1tonyl1 Posts: 53
    Any Ideas (or leaked info) on Feb or March Cash incentives and Financing deals. I'm surprised Honda can keep this as quiet as they seem to be able too. Same with the new Model info. There must be alot of people who already know. :shades:
  • krh294krh294 Posts: 11
    Just received a quote for an EX-L w/ RES no Navi for $30,095 +TTL. This seems like a pretty good deal if you take these figures invoice (32,060) - $1250 dealer rebate - $715 dealer holdback = 30,095. Not sure I can get much lower than this unless Honda increases incentives. Any thoughts on this price - seem good to you?

    Thanks for any input.
  • It sounds to me that you shook all of the money from the tree. For reference here in the Twin Cities we're offering the same van for $30210.00

    Pull the trigger :)
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