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2013 and earlier Honda Odyssey Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • FB23FB23 Posts: 7
    Just sharing recent experiences...
    $30,809.00 + TTL for a ’09 EX-L with DVD & Navigation in writing going to pick in the morning...I think it's a fair deal for the amount of effort I put in! I looked at the '09 Touring w/o PAX and offered $33,827.00 + TTL with no takers.

  • Wow! $33k for an 09 Touring? Does that include the $670 dest charge? I'm assuming you add tax, tag, ttl, processing fees. My buying service says $35.5K with dest plus tax, tag, ttl. The dealership I purchased from in 05 charged a $599 processing I realize that was a huge rip off (I have to register it myself, and ttl was sep).

    Are all dealers offering that $2250 incentive? I haven't been able to find anything on the internet about that. And, are all dealers reducing prices by $1K?

    Looking at buying, probably this weekend. Have to trade in 06 w/Pax (I knew I'd get less on the trade, but the van needs new tires). Should I wait to buy? How long do you think it will take for the incentives to kick in?

    Thought the $35.5 was good, now feeling overwhelmed...
  • lidlid Posts: 9
    I just bought a car on Saturday (2009 EX-L with Nav/RES). Got it for $32,200 including destination but not including taxes, etc.

    However the incentive to dealer just went to $2250 from $1250. Can I take car back and get better deal?? They said they had a 5 day money back guarantee.
  • lidlid Posts: 9
    That is great deal. I presume it was based on the new incentive of $2250 vs the $1250 that was in place until today?
    We paid $32,200 on Saturday with the old incentive. I am going to see if I can return it for a better price.
  • rc71rc71 Posts: 1
    Thanks for your info. Where did you get your price? And, please advise on the final price including TTL. My latest offer is at $31,400 + TTL for a ’09 EX-L with DVD & Navigation from one of the local LA dealers yesterday.
  • Where is everyone finding the $2250 incentive information for the 09 models? Is this specific to geographic area? I'm in GA and when I looked for incentives here on for my zip code, all I'm seeing are the lease offers. Before I proceed with contacting dealers in my area, I want to make sure I can back up what I'm talking about!

  • krh294krh294 Posts: 11
    These incentives are really unadvertised as far as I know. I am getting this info from email quotes from dealers where they specifically say that there is a $2250 cash back incentive now.
  • I ended up buying a 2009 EX-L with RES for 30,050 plus tax, tag and fees(OTD 31377) last week when rebate was still 1250. Edmunds now lists it as 2250 n

    Oh well... I guess time to move on
  • My first quote came back:

    Base Price $33,676.00
    Destination $670.00

    Selling Price $34,346.00 (includes Dest plus Discount plus Add'l $750 discount)

    Administration Fee $598.00
    Sub Total $34,944.00
    Tax $2,446.08
    Title $19.00
    Lemon Law $3.00

    Drive Out $37,412.08

    He told me the following: "I have included the Honda discount in the price qoute plus an additional $750.00 discount. You mentioned a special rate on the Odyssey in lieu of the discount, there are no special rates on the 2009 Odyssey."

    I figure if you take that $34,346 and subtract out the 670 dest then add back the 750 bonus discount and 2250 honda discount, the starting point was originally $36,676.

    My car buying service has $35,502 (price + dest) - I have to add all the taxes, title, admin fees. I'll have to call and findout if this includes the Honda Discount.

    Is that admin fee/doc fee high? I've only paid $150/$220 for similar line item in a different state.

    I know you are supposed to negotiate the price sep from the trade. But, how do you negotiate the trade in? We plan to get an initial est from Carmax...maybe Honda will give more since it's one of their cars?
  • I think the price is high ...for the same ExL+Nav+Res

    base price $30,699.00
    destination $670
    tax : $2,195.83
    Doc : $199
    Title+Registration : $354

    Total : $34117.83

    I received from two more dealers ...around this same price.
  • I guess I forgot to include it was for the 09 Touring w/o PAX...
  • tonyl1tonyl1 Posts: 53
    I plan to get a EXL R/N in Illinois sometime between now and april. My thinking is that the incentives will get better and not worse. I wonder if in Illinois if you buy at the end of the month and the incentives get better within 3 days. If you have the right to "re-do" the contract? Always heard you had 3 days, but not sure.
  • Always heard you had 3 days, but not sure.

    On a federal level, no. Some states, including Minnesota, have tried to pass a buyers "bill of rights". To date I am unaware of a law passing. However, I am aware of several dealerships and dealer groups who have an internal 3day/300 mile excahnge policy.

    As far as incentives, I dont think Honda will offer any more dealer cash for some time to come. For MY 2008 they didnt offer $3500.00 until September of 2008. But, I am only guessing - dont hold me to it. I was amazed they added $1000.00 for the 2009 Odyssey. :)
  • Just to give you something to compare to:

    Bought an '09 EX-L w/DVD and Navigation (black w/ tan interior) on Dec. 26 (before the incentives)

    MRPS - 37,525

    Invoice - 34, 048

    Quote was 33,611 plus TT&L

    OTD price was 35,961

    I bought it in Houston, TX

    Good luck with your purchase!
  • Now I have a question about the EX-L DVD/Nav...

    I know the Touring has a MID (mutli info display). Is the mileage on the EX-L a digital display? Is anything else displayed like temp/dist to empty? Can't seem to find a good photo of what that looks like on the EX-L model.

    The 3rd row seat looks to be a 60/40 split, with the seats folding into the cargo area (this is new to the EX I think from the 06 model).

    The power lift gate - is that power up and down? Again, I think the 06 EX-L model just had power up.

    I've been shopping for the Touring, but now I'm thinking I should consider the EX-L DVD/NAV.
  • iburibur Posts: 3
  • tonyl1tonyl1 Posts: 53

    Thanks for the info.
  • I'm new to this forum and I'm looking to purchase an 2008 EX-L in the puget sound area of Washington State. What would be a fair price with the latest incentives, etc. pre TTL?

  • Price was $34,313 with destination.
  • Odometer is on the speedometer. Trip meter (A/B) is on the speedometer. Outside Temp is on the speedometer. Oil life is on the speedometer. you can only have two things displaying at once on the little display. We usually have outside temp and trip meter.

    The Nav display shows navigation maps, backup camera picture, CD/Radio/XM info.

    3rd row seat is more like 70/30 split fold-down bench.

    We got our 2008 EX-L w/DVD and Navi for $31,500 OTD (including 7.25% sales tax) right before new years.
  • The lowest of the 3 dealer quotes that I have gotten for an 09 EX-L w/ Res is this:
    The Exl-Res is $ 28,685.00 Drive out is $ 31,554.97

    OTD includes 7% sales tax here in Forsyth County, Georgia.

    Is this a good price?

    Salesman says this includes new incentive and more.
  • FB23FB23 Posts: 7
    My new van is sitting in my garage after a long round-trip to Roseville CA (Auto West dealership)...everything went as promised over email...they did try and sell me a few extras such as the Honda Care plan starting at $3200 and then one last try, just before signing, for "at cost" $1400. I've learned on this forum that this can be purchased after the fact at a much lower price...I'll have to search for that thread again!! I said 'No Thanks" to all the optional stuff. The purchase price was actually $3 cheaper than I agreed to--lower than expected, that's a first!

    I wrote the dealer a check for $30,884.00 ($75 added to base price of $30,809.00 for doc and title trans fees). I will pay taxes when I register it at DMV since I live in NV and bought the van in CA. My tax rate is 7.375% and NV has a fairly high registration fee.

    I tried to work with the local (Reno) dealership, however, they said there was no way they could even come close (they wanted 2k more) to the deal I bad because I really wanted to buy locally...they seemed quite lost with all the incentive and current price paid info, etc. I wonder, as others have, if the incentives are not available to all dealerships and this is why they were 2k above my deal??

    Anyway, I worked with Kevin and Marco in the Internet div at AutoWest Honda Roseville...straight shooters and low stress--very happy! Kevin earned my business because of the price, but also due to his "non-annoying" persistence unlike any other dealer I contacted...either I had no reply or they wouldn't take "No Thanks" for an answer.

    Happy to share more if anyone is interested...I'll monitor this site for few more weeks and then sign off until my next car purchase.

  • A fellow Forsyther...Any idea why in the world document fees are $599 in GA? In VA I only paid at most $220...Is this fee negotiable because I know this just pads their pocket??? Who did you buy from?
  • I do not know if documentation fees are negotiable. I would love for someone to weigh in on that. I bet they are. We have not made our purchase yet. It looks like Curry Honda is going to give us the best price. I am sure that Gwinnett Place would beat it, but they do not have the color that I want. I have emailed them and told them that I would buy from them if they can get me the color I want and beat Curry's price. I have been talking to the salesman @ Gwinnett for weeks, so I feel like I need to give him every get my business.
  • That seems like a good price to me. The dealer invoice is $31,481 + destination of $670 - $2,250 dealer cash = $29,901. Your quote is $1,216 under dealer invoice after incentives.

    I live near Forsyth county as well. Can you give me the name of the dealer and a contact? Did you get your quote in person, on the phone, or by email?

  • If you go to the incentives for the 2009 Odyssey on Edmunds and click on rebates you will see a Manufacturer to Dealer Marketing support of $2,250. It says dealer participation may vary .
  • Curry also gave me the lowest price of the 8 emails I sent. I did everything over the internet...I've got to figure out unloading our current Odyssey with PAX. It does need new tires - wonder how much they'll try to ding me on trade in for that (knowing full well they can replace the tires much cheaper than I can)...? And, no, I haven't told anyone I have a trade.

    Anyway, Curry did give me the lowest OTD price, but didn't give me the breakout of the price, doc, tax, etc. I am waiting on response. Not sure if I'll use them or not - want to see what their customer satisfaction is. I've heard Martin Milton is a good dealership.
  • Apparently, documentation fees are negotiable. My parents just bought another vehicle (Toyota) and the dealer told them that they did not want to lose their business over a documentation fee. They got them to come down $100 off of theirs. They did not push for more, but probably could of.

    I am working with Curry Honda in Chamblee. Apparently we are not allowed to post numbers or names of salesman on this forum. I got this quote in writing (by email, but I also have spoken with him on the phone). I think he is the internet sales manager, but I will find out. He is great to work with because he answers all of my questions within minutes from his Blackberry. I have had to wait hours to get responses from other dealers. I have emailed him to find out what his title is and I will post as soon as I hear back from him, I hope that helps. Maybe we can both get some money shaved off of this quote if we both buy this week. Once we agree upon a price, we are ready to go :)
  • I have yet to ask if the price he gave me included any dealer add-ons (moon visor, mud flaps, wheel locks apparently are standard dealer add-ons). Was going to do that when I got closer to purchasing. It will probably be next week at this point. Will aslo ask if the van in my color selection is pictured online. I need to take my current van to Carmax and get a rough estimate on value before taking it to the dealer as a trade-in.
  • Thanks rzsalley. That is really helpful. I noticed that we are not supposed to post names after I posted my message.

    I live near Mall of Georgia Honda and work near Gwinnett Place Honda but I am more than willing to drive down to Curry for a good deal. I have a friend who has worked at Curry for more than 15 years. I took my 2000 Odyssey to the body shop there and was pleased with the work and service. It is a little too far to go for regular service work.

    Can you confirm that the quote you got included all of the doc fees? I will follow up with Curry today.
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