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2013 and earlier Honda Odyssey Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • bigdadi118bigdadi118 Posts: 1,207
    There are lots of disguised names which is actually name PROFIT, such as admin fee, dealer prep fee, doc fee, bank fee $595 in leasing that Honda Finance said it is not their fee.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 64,881
    Honda Finance charges a $595 acquisition fee on every lease. Whoever told you they don't, is wrong.



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  • Curry hasn't given me the break down of their price yet..waiting on response from them to provide that. I really am ticked that they charge so much for thier doc fees and all the dealerships here have given me either $575-$599 for that line item. OUTRAGEOUS!
  • No problem deal_me_in. I am still waiting on him to tell me how I can identify him without sharing his name. I just sent him an email telling him that what I appreciate about him is how quickly he responds from his Blackberry. Hopefully that will get his attention and he will get back. I also have asked him to do better on the price since I am actively trying to refer people to him. He told me in the beginning that even if he does not get my business, he wants to win me over so that he can get my neighbor's business. I reminded him of that in my last email.

    BTW...during previous conversations he said that he is quoting me OTD price. I told him I needed this because we are paying cash (which we are) and I just need to write a check for the total amount. So I am 99.99% sure this includes EVERYTHING :)
  • Deal me in, The salesman says that his title is internet sales manager. He says that I can use his name, but I do not want to go against the Forum's rules. I got in touch with him through an internet inquiry and then spoke with him over the phone.. Hopefully you can figure it out from there. Use my screen name if you have to as that will let him know that you were referred by me. Honda CarLand is trying to beat his quoted price. They called me. I did not call them. The dealer asked if I could give him one more shot at my business. First to check and see if they have the color that I want. Second, to see if they can beat Curry's price. He said, "I hate it that they are going to be taking a loss on this vehicle (which makes it hard for the rest of us), but in this market that is what dealer's are doing!"

    With that said, I think that Curry's quote is about the lowest any dealer will go (or maybe I am just naive)
  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonPosts: 19,604
    At this point, we are out of 2008 EXL's and I beileve this is the case for most of the stores.

    A few EX's are left that leather can be installed in.
  • So Honda Carland says that that price as was quoted from Curry is an $1100 loss for the dealer. They do not have the color that I want, but they said that they would swap cars within the next day and do a couple of dollars less than what Curry is quoting. I think the most ethical thing for me to do is still go with Curry (although Honda Carland is minutes from my house), but I just wanted others to know (who live in the north metro Atlanta area) that there is another dealership out there that will ultimately take this price. The salesman that I was dealing with is the used car division. I would like to refer business to him since I actually test drove a used car with him last weekend. Also, they have won the President's Award 6 years in a row. Can you tell I am struggling with whom I should give my business to?
  • rzsalley - thanks for the updates. I will contact the internet sales manager at Curry and let him know that you referred me. What color are you looking for that is so difficult to find?

    I need to look at the colors in person but I am leaning toward the Ocean Mist or the Mocha Metallic. My 2000 Odyssey is dark blue and I won't buy another dark color. It shows too much dirt and with the drought I can no longer wash it in my driveway.
  • Hi Folks

    Can any one please share what is the best OTD price that thave received in California with the latest incentive.

  • I am pretty sure we are going with White. We have a white Tahoe and a black Saab wagon right now. I like the way black looks when it is clean, but like you said dark is hard to keep clean. Did some research and white is now the leading color? Not that we will be selling this any time soon, but I figured that I would choose a safe color for resale purposes. Silver used to be the leader, but now it is white w/ black and silver in tie for second.

    We will most likely be buying a car today (either from Curry or Honda Carland-I am leaving the decision up to my husband since he will actually be making the purchase), but we are still trying to decide if we are going to buy it with the DVD or not. A DVD is a must (we have 3 little ones under 2 1/2 yrs.), but it would save us some money if we had one installed by someone like Frys. Any thoughts on this?
  • Have any of you fellow GA gotten a cost breakout from Curry? I just have the OTD price, and no reply to my follow up email last night.
  • No, but I have not asked. Interestingly, Gwinnett Place Honda refused to give me an OTD quote unless I actually came in.
  • I contacted Curry Honda and was provided the same pricing as rzsalley which is $28,685 before tax title and fees. With all fees and 6% Gwinnett county sales tax it comes to $31,260. I think this is a very competitive price on a 2009 EX-L w/RES.

    I sent an email to a contact a nieghbor gave me at Honda Mall of Georgia and I told him I had a very competitive quote from another dealer and asked him for a quote. He responded and asked me what I got for a drive out quote from the other dealer and I gave him the $31,260. He said his manager said that was a very low price and that if I brought the email from the other dealer they would beat it by $50.

    I agree that you can save money having an after market DVD installed. I am not going to go that route. The premium is worth it to me to have the DVD tightly integrated into the vehicle stereo and to have everything factory installed.
  • I wouldn't waste your time with Gwinnett...if they aren't willing to give you their price over email, then that's too bad. There's no reason you should have to go in and waste time negotiating a price when others are freely giving you theirs. I've also heard their customer satisfaction is pretty low, and other Atlantans will by pass them and go elsewhere (ie, Milton Martin).

    So, your Curry quotes were Base price?? Mine specifically says OTD and seems to be just below the other OTD prices I have gotten.
  • tonyl1tonyl1 Posts: 53
    I found this post. Did you email a price or ask dealers for their best price.

    From FB23:
    Just sharing recent experiences...
    $30,809.00 + TTL for a ’09 EX-L with DVD & Navigation in writing going to pick in the morning...I think it's a fair deal for the amount of effort I put in! I looked at the '09 Touring w/o PAX and offered $33,827.00 + TTL with no takers.
  • I agree on Gwinnett. Too bad for them :( Curry gave me both base and OTD. Here are the numbers I was given:
    The Exl is $ 27,239.00 Drive out is $30,007.75
    The Exl-Res is $ 28,685.00 Drive out is $ 31,554.97
    I hate to do this to the salesman (he really has been great), but I think we are going to go with Honda Carland. It is minutes from our house and Chamblee is forever away from Alpharetta/Cumming where we live. Carland is going to give us a little less than Curry if we bring the quote in. I wish I could be more loyal, but we have 3 little ones under 2 1/2 and distance really does matter. We need this purchase to be easy. FYI...this our first minivan purchase. I hope we love it! Our wagon and Tahoe are not easy with our kids.
  • My Curry quote gave a base price of 28,685 and a drive out price of $31,260 which includes 6% tax. If I multiply the base price by 1.06 for tax it would say there is $854 of fees. I assume there are no dealer installed accessories in the quote. It likely has $600 of document fees and $254 of other fees.
  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonPosts: 19,604
    I didn't realize making a PROFIT was a bad thing for a business to do? :surprise:

    Our HOST is correct. Honda charges the 595.00 acquistion fee and not the dealers. Everybody pays this, even me.
  • Mine quote is different b/c I have 7% tax :(
  • I fully expect a business to make a profit. I didn't ask for this price from Curry, they just gave it to me. That was their choice. I am sure they are making up this "loss" somewhere or else they would not be quoting it to everyone. When I was requesting quotes, I really did not know what the "rock bottom" price was. It was just look for the most fair price. All I cared about was the bottom line. I have a budget and that is how I started looking for cars. I originally was looking for used, but with these prices it seemed to make more sense to buy new.
  • I actually think isellhondas was replying to a different post. I understand there is an aquisition fee for leases. But, if it is required by Honda for all vehicles in the state of GA - then why not have it printed on the buyers order instead of it being a write-in? Some states actually limit the amount dealers can charge for 'doc prep' or whatever the dealer calls it, GA apparently does not. There is a link somewhere here on edmonds that talks about the various fees and there's actually a chart that shows everything by state.
  • Thanks for the reply. There are several in Washington that I've looked at over the internet and was just wondering what others had been paying lately. It seems that it should be under the TMV with slow sales that dealers have been having and how long they've been on the lots.

    I would appreciate any help and/or advice from others there. This forum has been great on getting me educated on Honda.

  • Quick update - I have gotten email quotes from all 3 dealers I contacted and all are in the same ballpark. Curry gave me base of $28,865 - drive out of $31,260. Mall of Georgia did not give me a quote but asked me what quote I had and when I told him he said he would beat it by $50 so $31,210. Gwinnett Place Honda did not give me a drive out price but gave me all of the pieces $28,898 incl. destination +$399 doc fees + $28 title fees + $3 lemon law = $29,328 + 6% sales tax = $31,088.

    All this leads me to believe this is a good price but you could get it cheaper if you really wanted to negotiate which I don't. All of these quotes were given by email.
  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonPosts: 19,604
    Sales have been slow but business is picking up.

    No dealer is going to lose money on one of these and there are very few left. If you are serious you may want ot move fast or your color selection will be very limited.

    The EXL's are the most popular model and they are the first to go.
  • I have read the posts in this Forum for several months now as I debated whether to purchase an Ody. Well today I bought one & thanks to you, it was the easiest purchase ever. I bought it at a dealership in New Orleans. I got a Sterling Gray 09 EXL w/RES for $29,456 plus TTL. I know I probably could have squeezed out a few more hundred bucks, but after negotiating to get 2k more on my trade-in I was worn out! Thank you to all who take the time to post - especially thanks to the Honda dealers who give us inside scoop!

    I LOVE MY VAN!!!!!!!!!!
  • What about the 2008's? I'd love to know - THANKS!


  • try renton honda offer them 27500 if not 28000..good luck
  • I'm wondering if 28,995.00 is a good price on a EX-L no Nav or rear ent.
    I live in Michigan and will be making a purchase hopfully this month. Let me know what you think.
    1,739.70 sales tax
    239.24 doc fee, title, plate transfer
    $ 30,973.94 total price
  • liflif Posts: 3
    Just picked up an EX-L with RES and NAV over at Livermore Honda in the Bay Area for an out the door price of $34,000. Go through the Internet Manager and he'll give you a great price. No one tried to tack on extra fees or push any accessories. It was the best buying experience I've had in terms of negotiating a price (have purchased 3 new cars in the last 8 years), no hassle at all. The trade in was a whole different story....
  • deshsdeshs Posts: 10
    I got it for 27850 on road price (EX-L) 2008 Geogia
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