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2013 and earlier Honda Odyssey Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • knowit2knowit2 Posts: 7
    Personally I think to start putting out for bids on the 23-24th. Then start hard-bargaining on the 29-30. Just make sure you know exactly what you want including color. All you need is the dealership that is sooo close to getting that award or volume cash from Honda for selling x amount of cars and they are x -1 or x-2.
  • edmond4edmond4 Posts: 6
    got a quote of $23K OTD for 09 ody LX in san jose area. is it a good deal? or can do better? thanks. :confuse:
  • pele10pele10 Posts: 6
    Stephen Vincel had the best and Bommarito was a close second - the difference was about $60. Both have dealer installed splash guards and Vincel adds door guards. I've bought from both previously but was leaning towards Bommarito just because they're much closer to me. Bommarito is offering 2 years free maintenance which per their handout I was given means 4 oil changes and multi-point inspections; 2 forty point inspections; and 2 tire rotations. Vincel is offering a $500 gas card.

    We sold my wife's car quicker than expected so we ended up buying recently at Bomarrito for $27,671 = $27,457 (includes destination charge and splash guards) + $189 doc fee + $25 credit fee.

    Once we go pay the TTL we'll be looking at around $29,628 total.
  • hansiennahansienna Posts: 2,312
    LOOKS good to me as the price here 3/7/09 BEFORE Taxes, Fees, etc is:
    ......LX $ 20,725.
    ......EX cloth $ 25,070
    ..... EX-L is $ 28,531
    ......EX-L-RES is $ 29,960. ;)
    My first choice is Ocean Mist Metallic EX - but none are in stock within 100 miles.
  • All,
    Please advise what would be the best price for an EXL with RES and NAV. I have a couple of offers of $30,800 including destination fees, but before TTL. I am thinking I can get a better price, but wanted to check with y'all.
  • Sizzle7,

    Holdbacks are 2% of MSRP listed on Consumer Reports printout..Hope this helps!!
  • $30,800 looks good..You're getting Invoice($34,048) minus $2500 Incentive minus $739 holdback..probably can go little lower but you'll have to do your research and make sure the vehicle is on the dealers lot. Otherwise forget about getting the additional if they have to do a dealer trade..Good luck!!
  • sizzle7sizzle7 Posts: 17
    By the end of the month I'm certain to buy either an LX, EX, or EX-L. I'm also open to either a 2008 or 2009. Basically, if I get a screamin' deal on an EX or EX-L it would be worth it to me to pay a bit more than an LX.

    How should I go about getting quotes? If they think I can pay for the EX-L, for example, then would they be motivated to give me the best price on a LX? Or do they sometimes get bonuses for selling certian models? Any thoughts? I suppose my husband could send emails about the LX (he has a diff last name) and negotiate them completely separately. Thank you!
  • sizzle7sizzle7 Posts: 17
    Since the model years are essentially the same (except the rear lift gate on the EX-L) is there any reason at all to get the 2009 if the 2008 is cheaper?
  • mm_vamm_va Posts: 1
    I got an internet quote for the EX-L with rear entertainmant for $27543. I happily went to see a dealer last friday. But I was told they quoted the wrong model, so the price was correct. They wanted me to decide whether I would drive that car home or I would have to accept their new quote $28890. I was worried that I got cheated, so I chose to leave. I saw someone got quite decent quote, like $26832, mentioned by mom28. Anyone can recommend a good honda dealer in VA/DC/MD?
  • Thanks for the reply. I'm a bit surprised that I've received a number of internet quotes for the EXL with Res and NAV all around that 30,800 number, all within a hundred bucks of that number. I have to think the dealers can go lower, as I've read comparatively lower prices on this forum for the EXL and EXL with RES configurations....doesnt seem like a lot of folks are buying the NAV?

    Has anyone gotten a price lower than 30,800 for EXL with RES and NAV, including destination fees, but excluding TTL?
  • I just bought a 2009 Honda Odyssey w/RES and NAV including destination and all weather mats and cargo liner for $30,989.00. I was EXTREMELY happy with this deal. I could have any color vehicle, as they had to do a trade for this price. I LOVE my new van and the kids love the RES.
  • tmltml2tmltml2 Posts: 20
    Sizzle7, JMO, but you may have problems getting e-mail responses, because, you don't know what you want. You have listed 6 possibilities (2 years x 3 models), not including color choices. You present 6 times the work, for the dealer, and the Internet sales manager doesn't want to spend that much time trying to get you to settle on the year and model.

    >Or do they sometimes get bonuses for selling certian models?
    Yes, an individual dealership may be very motivated to move a vehicle off their lot. I got $700 off from one dealer, because this particular model AND color was not selling well. The car had been sitting on the lot since October, and NO ONE had test driven it. And he had TWO of them.
  • tmltml2tmltml2 Posts: 20
    Buying last years model?
    You just need to consider the impact on the resale value.
    Model year has a big impact on depreciation, less so for mileage.
    If you are going to keep it for 3-5 years, the lower resale value may not make the savings worthwhile. 6+ years, and the resale difference may be negligible.
  • tsvvktsvvk Posts: 4
    Thanks for your reply - the original quote $23400 included appearance package and I finally closed the deal at $22800 OTD (taxes for VA) including the appearance package - I think that is a fair deal, although I could have gotten it if I stuck to my original offer of $22500 OTD. The accessories included wheel locks ($75); first aid kit ($25); splash guards ($75), door edge guards ($50) and pin stripes (may be about $25) - so the appearance package is worth about $250, not definitely worth $595.
  • sizzle7sizzle7 Posts: 17
    Yes, this is a good point. However, according to the True Cost To Own calculator on Edmunds, the LX2009 will depreciate 11,410 over five year and the LX2008 will depreciate $9,822 over five years. I'm wondering if they are considering the fact that the depreciation starts NOW (vs. in 2008). Hmmm . . . I'm going to have to think about this a bit more. Maybe I should be comparing SIX years of depreciation on the 2008 with FIVE years of depreciation on the 2009. Anybody with ideas on this??? That said, we're likely to keep the car longer than five years--the cars we have now are 9 years and 15 years old. I'd be happy to hear more conversation about this. . .
  • sizzle7sizzle7 Posts: 17

    I think you're right about flooding them with possible cars I want to buy.

    I suppose I could have one line of inquiry asking for "the least expensive new Ody you've got on your lot," figuring that's probably a 2008 LX, if available. Then I could have a separate line of inquiry (via my husband's email--again, with diff last name) for "the most discounted new Ody EX or EX-L on your lot (without RES or NAV, neither of which I want)." That way I could snag a good deal on EX or EX-L if there's one available. What do you think about this strategy?

    Please help me! Thanks.
  • lavrishevolavrishevo Posts: 312
    Remember the salesperson is not your friends and in general they will never quote you the price you can negotiate down to. Why would they? It is not in their best interest. Put on a mean face and just haggle as much as you can. It is a pain in the butt but it works well. Don't be afraid to walk away and research multiple dealers. Good luck.
  • Of course you run the risk of a dealer being instantly turned off. Would you, as a customer, put up with being treated with a "mean face" and being a "pain in the butt"?

    I understand wanting to make sure you get a fair deal but as the old saying goes, "You catch more flies with honey then vinegar".

    I for one, do not put up with the "internet tough guy" and have no problem firing a customer.
  • I just bought one in California (SF Peninsula area) for $32,830 OTD. Same vehicle as yours (2009 EX-L RES NAV) but in white. Vehicle price was 30,000 (incl. destination charge) + tax and licensing. It took a lot of haggling to get down to the price, but my wife is a stone cold negotiator and a good poker player :)
  • I just bought a 2009 EX-L (white, tan leather interior) with DVD and Nav for 32,830.29 OTD. Vehicle price was 30,000 + tax and licensing. If you're still shopping, check out Honda of Serramonte, in Daly City.
  • No, you can do better, keep negotiating.

    We just bought a 2009 EX-L with RES and NAV for 30,000 + T&L (OTD was $32,830.29). If the one you're looking at has only DVD, they should do much better. If they won't, go talk to Honda of Serramonte, that's where I got mine.

    Also, in general, I think it's bad to negotiate the OTD price, because the OTD price is variable based on the vehicle price. When negotiating, negotiate the vehicle price and get that nailed down, then calculate the OTD price. When we bought ours, we negotiated 30K as the vehicle price and I didn't even know the T&L amount until I was with the finance manager. T&L doesn't matter, the vehicle price matters. Well, it does - I'd love to pay lower sales tax - but you know what I mean.
  • lavrishevolavrishevo Posts: 312
    I was referring to being tough because as a general rule salesmen are out for their own best interest - hence commission. Don't be afraid to skip the dealer totally and go through a credit union like my father did. Saved about $1,200.00 over what any dealer would offer when the new Civic first came out. Many people do not know about this option when purchasing a vehicle. I'm not saying be a *sshole just be tough. I have negotiated many vehicles this way and always came out ahead. Usually I end up negotiating with the sales manager anyway after dealing with the initial sales guy and their often annoying tactics. The worst is when they write the price down and have you sign "I will buy the car for this price" as if it is some made up contract.... give me a break!

    If the dealer just blows you off and is not willing to haggle back and forth and work with you you don't want to purchase from that dealer anyway. It is a sign of how they feel about customers and most likely how they will treat you in the long run. Find a dealer that wants your business or just skip the dealer and look at a credit union that will deliver the car directly.
  • I agree with you lavrishevo. In my area, I even found a kind of syndicate of the dealers around - to make the price similar across the dealers near by.

    When I got a internet quote from a dealer A, and is as such requested by another dealer B who promised me if I get that they (Dealer B) accepts that. But, when I went with that quote to B, they simply rejected becz they can't beat it :) I am stunned in this becz they lied to me by saying they will beat if I bring anything less than what they offered earlier.
  • OK, bummer.

    Is the $550 being quoted for title/registration from dealers accurate in MN (it higher than I'm seeing from others here).
  • lavrishevolavrishevo Posts: 312
    Would be funny if you could hold them to it. Like if dealer A says they will beat dealer B and vice versa. Then you could just go back and forth till you were pleased with the price... :shades:
  • They might be including the $75.00 dealer doc fee in there too. Although, thanks in part to our wonderful Senate, all vehicle related fee's (TAX) have gone up this year. :mad:
  • tonyl1tonyl1 Posts: 53
    30K even for a Nav/Res seems like a great price. Did that inlcude Dest. Charges?
    I was going to ask is Serramonte is in California, but then I googled an found it is near San Fran.

  • OK - rookie question here. Edmunds TMV price for the Oddy EX in my area is $25,879. MSRP is $30,125 making for a $4,246 difference between MSRP and TMV.

    Underneath that price, under incentives available, it describes the $2,500 marketing support. Is that on top of the TMV price for a total of $6,746 in discount from MSRP?
    That would leave the TMV - marketing support at $23,379.

    Seems too good to be true, but hey, thought I'd ask.
  • Hey mkay1 - what part of the country is this in? I'm hoping to get the EX at about that price ($23,773). I'm a bit fuzzy on the math to get to this price. Is this a price that was voluntarily quoted by a dealer, or did you have to haggle to get to the price? (We haven't gone to the dealership yet...)
    Did this price include everything (delivery), except for Tax, Title and Licence?

    Thanks! :)
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