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2013 and earlier Honda Odyssey Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • bigdadi118bigdadi118 Posts: 1,207
    You don't use TMV as it is the average price buyers paid for... use the invoice instead...

    The price after $2500 marketing support is $24,862
    09 EX
    MSRP 29455 + DEST 670 = 30,125
    INVOICE 26692 + DEST 670 = 27362
    LESS Marketing Support 2500 = 24862 + Adm fee, TT&L = Out The Door total
  • Hi, I am in Twin Cities,MN. I got quotations from several dealers for 2009 Odyssey EX and all of them gave a price of ~$25000+TTL. Is this too high? Does anybody from Twin Cities have better deal? Thanks
  • Yes, the 30K included destination charges, T&L made it 32830 OTD. I was going to get fog lights, but the dealer-installed price was far higher than the factory-installed $311 you see on the Honda website, so I passed on those.

    Yes, Serramonte is near San Francisco, but not hard to get to. Believe me, if it was actually in the city I wouldn't go, even though that's only a 15 mile drive for me. Traffic in the city is just too much of a hassle IMO.

    I also hear good things about Grace Honda, in San Bruno. My neighbor bought an EX-L there about a year ago. I forget what his price was, but OTD was around 30K. No DVD or Nav.

    Before buying this 2009, I also looked at some of the 2009 Rose Bowl VIP Odysseys. They are identical to the one I bought (white ext/tan leather int, DVD+Nav), mileage is anywhere from 1000 ~ 6000 miles. Honda Certified and onl a few months old. However, at least at Tracy Honda, which had 6 in stock when I was there (5 EX-L, 1 Touring), they just weren't willing to move very much on price. No matter how hard we haggled, they were still talking OTD that was less than $1000 below the price of a new vehicle.

    Now, I know there's a good argument for these cars in that a nearly-new 2009 Certified one actually has a longer effective warranty period than a new vehicle, but for less than $1000 in price difference, we decided to go with the new one. One of our considerations is that we tend to put on low mileage (we have another mini-van that's three years old and just turned over 15,000 miles) and tend to keep cars a long time (the car the Odyssey is replacing is 10 years old, and I'm only replacing it because we need a larger mini-van to accommodate our growing family, but that 10 year old car only has 113,000 miles on it and is in great shape), so either warranty is likely to expire on time with very low miles on the car. Another point for buying new is that we tend to keep cars a long time, so resale value isn't much of a consideration in used Vs. new.

    That said, if you drive more than we do and saving a little (not a lot) off the price of a new Odyssey might be a good deal for you in exchange for the longer warranty period, those Rose Bowl VIP cars are worth checking out. Very low miles and they're in great condition. Dublin Honda also has a couple of them on their website. They used to have more, but I guess those sold. However, their posted asking price is higher than Tracy Honda's, so unless they are willing to seriously move from that price, you could wind up paying as much or more than you would pay for a new vehicle.
  • tonyl1tonyl1 Posts: 53
    Thanks for the info, I'm in Ilinois, although I interveiwed with PG&E on Market Street when I was in college. I think If I could get that price here I'd pick it up soon.
    I recently backed my Jeep into a pole (narrow at the top but wide at the bottom where it was out of sight), so If I get a Van soon I won't need to get a rental car. That accidnet made me want the backup sensors, but I can't justifiy the expese of a touring. I currenty have the fogs and I'd lke those too.

    Thanks Again,
  • fillykonkfillykonk Posts: 17
    A great deal. I do know there was an extra $250 incentive between Feb-Mar. Was their any trade-in involved on your end?
  • I shopped them all and the best I got on a EX-L w/ RES was $31,688 at Richfield Bloomington OTD ($29,230 + TTL).

    I don't know if I can do better but still trying.
  • Thanks for your reply. It seems like to me that Honda dealers in Twin Cities are very hard to deal with. I will wait until the end of this month to see if they can lower down their prices. $25000+TTL for an Odyssey EX is really not a deal to me at all.
  • What dealer / city are these prices from. I want to see if I'm close enough (Texas) to make the trip worth the drive.
  • mnbob70mnbob70 Posts: 14
    Richfield Bloomington got me in the door with the best quote. But their trade in offer on my 2000 Odyssey was ridiculous so I walked out the door. "Miraculously" they were able to "call around to wholesalers" and increased their offer by 80% a couple of days later. A second dealer offered 100% more than RB's initial offer.

    I ended up at Walser Burnsville. They are a "one price" shop but their price quote was only a couple of hundred more than the the best quote I received. However, their trade in offer was 230% higher. That made the decision incredibly easy. I had done all my research and was ready for the negotiation. I never expected to end up at a one price dealer. I suppose another person may have gone back and tried to get trade in match combined with the best quote but I'm the type of person who factors in how I'm being treated. Thumbs up to Walser.
  • cthalaimcthalaim Posts: 12
    Congrats! looks grt & fantastic deal..which color you went for?
  • What was the installed price on the fog lights?

    The $311 you see on the Honda website is not a factory installed price. Honda does not factory install accessories. That is the dealership sales price for the part, not including installation. ( I work at one, but soon to be gone for the Air Force.)

    The install process for foglights is pretty extensive. You have to wire the whole front of the car up and add a new stock at the side of the steering wheel that has the fog light controls. It's about a 3 hour job.

    Here in Atlanta, the normal labor rates are around the $90-100 mark per hour at dealerships, so 3 hours of labor can jack up the price pretty high.
  • sarai1sarai1 Posts: 1
    purchased Odyssey EX brand new but 2008 for out the door of 25k even. (no sales tax in OR) They had four 2008s left (now 3 left), could have gotten a 2009, but with less bells and whistles for slightly more $. I did not try to see how low they would go, because they all have kids to feed, same as me, and I felt the price was a fair one.

    They were nice, we looked over 2-3 days, and they did not pressure us. They did not try to tack on stuff at the end. Without asking the salesperson had service put in a brand new battery, because the car had been on the lot for a long time.

    Our bank was able to give us a better interest rate, then they were offering, about 1/2 percent point better.
  • emfreakemfreak Posts: 2
    thanks! i'm a newbie, does that 29,628 include everything including tax?
  • camy4camy4 Posts: 9
    i am negotiating price $27000 + 670(dest)+ 600 (other fees) + 162 registration + tax
    total wold be $30779 .
    is this the best deal? should i wait till end of march?
    appreciate input
  • mrscutemrscute Posts: 7
    Hi I am looking for odysse

    is LX come with automatic sliding door?

    what is the best deal on ex?

    I got one offer 24,300+TTL

    I am in LA/OC area

    Please advise me

    tks much :confuse:
  • mnbob70mnbob70 Posts: 14
    No, the LX does not come with power sliding doors. You can compare all model features at this Honda URL.
  • cthalaimcthalaim Posts: 12
    LX doesn't come with automatic/power sliding door.

    Looks fair, If this 24,300 includes dest charge, but still you can negotiate.
  • tmltml2tmltml2 Posts: 20
    I think that e-mail contact approach should work well.

    How will you decide if the discount on an EX is better than the discount on an LX?

    Best of luck!
  • tmltml2tmltml2 Posts: 20

    >Maybe I should be comparing SIX years of depreciation on the 2008 with FIVE years of depreciation on the 2009.

    Exactly correct.

    If you decide to sell it in 2014, the 2008 model will have 6 years of depreciation, and the 2009 will have 5 years of depreciation. No one will care that you bought the 2008 model in 2009 and hence ONLY drove it for 5 years.
  • eco1eco1 Posts: 1
    How is sales tax calculated when you lease a car with a trade in?

    If the agreed value of the car is 30,000, trade-in is 10,000, and residual is 15,000, is tax simply 7%*(30,000-10,000-15,000)?

    Do you need to include financing cost in the tax base? Doc fee or acquisition fee?

  • sizzle7sizzle7 Posts: 17
    I looked at KBB for Odyssey depreciation. It turns out that the sixth year of depreciation on an LX is 1455 and 1815 on an EX. However, the ninth year on an LX is 365 and an EX is 650. The short story is that if we keep the car longer (which we usually do), it makes sense to get the 2008 model. If we were keeping it for only five years, it turns out the 2008 LX model is only SLIGHTLY cheaper and the 2008 EX model is actually more expensive. Hope these calcs help others.
  • What do people think of this price? 2009 Touring with no pax for $35,269 + TTL out the door here in oh so sunny and warm Minnesota.
  • Oh my god were you right.

    I went to Richfield Bloomington and they totally pulled a bait and switch, and quite frankly, flat out lied and hid numbers.

  • kl47kl47 Posts: 1
    Hi all, I'd love to get feedback on the below pricing in Connecticut:

    09 ODY EX-L
    $299 Conveyance
    6% CT Tax
    $100 Registration
    $29,830.88 OTD

    2 dealers came come in about the same, one with a higher conveyance.

  • So, it appears there is $2,500 in support to the dealers. The $2,500 is good from 3/1/09 - 3/31/09.

    Does anyone think there is a chance that Honda may kick more money to the dealers towards months end (and fiscal year end) to move more product for better end of quarter/year #'s?
  • mnbob70mnbob70 Posts: 14
    Bummer. Sorry to hear that someone else came away with the same impression as me. RB is exactly what most people are afraid of experiencing when buying a car.
  • I remember when Richfield Bloomington used to be great back in the 1980's. But then the Burnsville Honda people built their dealership and everyone from southern Minnesota started to go there as it was closer and easier to get to from I-35. It seemed to me that that was the point things started to change for RB.

    It is hard for me to even ask them for a quote these days. I feel like I need a shower after I have talked to them.
  • thelinuxthelinux Posts: 13
    I made my purchase on 2009 Odyssey Touring/PAX yesterday.
    Paid 34500+TTL. (About 37500 OTD)
  • That gives me some perspective -- thanks! Enjoy it!
  • Any experience with REALLY high mileage '06 Odyssey's? I'm considering a '06 Oddysey EX-L with 120,000 miles for purchase from a private seller, and generally believe that well maintained Hondas will drive into the 200-300,000 range without major problems, but I'd appreciate any experience.

    The asking price reflects the high mileage, or so I believe.
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