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2013 and earlier Honda Odyssey Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • ub123ub123 Posts: 3
    Try going through your local credit union. I checked with mine, and am getting a rate of 4.74% -- not great, but better that the bank/dealership rates.
  • cthalaimcthalaim Posts: 12
    thnks for the information, but i just postponed these options, but looks good deal..even bestbuy is having similar options..
  • simmsimm Posts: 6
    I bought a Dark Cherry EX and this is the break down:
    Price = 23,866.25 (includes freight and apperance package (mud guards, wheel locks))
    Tax + License + Registration = 1300
    OTD = 25166

    I also agreed to a 6.99% over 72 months. After looking I think I could of got 6.50% somewhere else over the same period but not sure. Did I sell my self short?
    Has 3.99 for 60 months for members
  • has 3.99 for 60 months, I just got my loan through them and bought EX-L DVD/NAVI for 30300 + DMV + tax.
  • Hi kingofspam,

    I am looking to purchase EX-L with Res/Nav. Can you please let me know which dealership you got the quote for 30550 in SouthBay? And did that also include some other addons?

  • kneehowmakneehowma Posts: 17
    Hi Simm, where are you located and dealer ship info please. That's pretty good price for EX, pretty much invoice minus bonus cash and some hold back. I think it's almost bottom price. Thanks.
  • simmsimm Posts: 6

    I am located in alexandria, va and I went through Landmark Honda. They have been easy to work with. Thanks for the info on the price!
  • jay555jay555 Posts: 1
    Could someone let me know what they have negotiated for EX-L Res/Nav in the S. Jersey/Philadelphia area? I have a quote for $31,994 excluding tags and tax. Seems like the best price I saw on the forum was approx $30,300. Where was that?

    Also, any feedback on why you bought this model vs Odyssey touring or Toyota Sienna XLE with appropriate package?

    Thanks in advance,
  • aleale Posts: 16
    Hello, went looking at Odyssey's this weekend and received a leasing quote for a 2009 Odyssey LX for $269.00/36mos/1000miles/mth. This was from Autofair Honda in Manchester NH. Looking through the newspaper I noticed other dealerships listing leasing prices as low $218 at Boch Honda in MA. Is this a good deal? Has anyone else seen similar deals for the Odyssey? Thanks.
  • dewnay67dewnay67 Posts: 4
    I got a quote at Bay Ridge Honda for $28,500 for a EX-L. OTD $30,838, thats tax, dmv, and NO destination charge. Does this sound good?

    I really want to lease the vehicle and was offered for the same model $479 with 1st dep. 12k, 39months. Should I wait/haggle a bit more? Going to try for same price but 36 months.
  • Jay
    I had a Civic for 10 years , Z4 for 5 , X3 for 2.
    The Odys handling is what made it go for Ody instead of Sienna.

    I got it for 30300 in San Jose,CA.
    I went for the EXL with NAVI/DVD instead of touring since paying an extra 3500 for the following was not worth it for me, opinions may vary on this though depending on what you think is a must have
    1. parking sensors
    2. on board computer
    3. better sound system
    4. driver side seating position memory
    5. Auto Tilting side mirrors while backing up.

    End of march is a great time, being quarter end, pick a dealer with excess inventory of Ody's you like and help him see how having one less in the lot will mean more bonus for him :)

    In sunny CA, sales tax and DMV registration are going up next month so dealers are enticing consumers with prospect of paying less taxes.
  • This is the purchase that I made yesterday on an 09 EXL without res or nav in Sterling Gray:
    Price: $27191(incl dest.)
    Hondacare warranty 96 month/100,000/$0 deductible: $1100
    Taxes(5% MA): $1359
    Dealer: $299
    Plates: $86
    Inpection Sticker: $29

    Total OTD: $30064
    I am so excited, I feel like we got a really good deal for MA.

    This board was a great resource...thanks for all the help!
  • kir2350kir2350 Posts: 1
    I bought an 09 EXL with RES this weekend in Bali Blue in Raleigh, NC. This board was great encouragement to negotiate hard with several dealers.

    Price before TTL was $28,453. OTD was $29,778. I feel like I got the best possible deal. Thanks!
  • rey4rey4 Posts: 1
    We're looking at a quote of $27,142 incl. dest. for an EX-L (no RES/NAV) in Slate Green, plus 5% tax and $409 doc/reg/license.

    Sounds like maybe we should take it?
  • There is $2500 in dealer cash, not $3500. No dealership is going to have 2.9% for any length of time. If you are able to find a 2.9% rate, it's going to be through your own private credit union and pobably no more than 24 or 36 months.
  • mrscutemrscute Posts: 7
    I thought the DMV fee not up until may?
    But if you lease there is no difference right?

  • mrscutemrscute Posts: 7
    Hi Carman,

    I still have 3 month left on my lease
    should I wait or I should take another lease now?
    I worried about the DMV and sales tax increase
    But if I am lease, it should we affected that much right?

    Please advice me

    tks :sick:
  • Hi z4driverca,

    Does $30300 for EXL+NAVI+RES include dest charge?
  • That's correct DMV won't go up till end of April but dealer bonus quota for this quarter expires in March.
  • mrscutemrscute Posts: 7
    Do you think the dealer incentive only once a year
    or every month they have different plan?

    tks so much
  • 2scoops2scoops Posts: 3
    After weeks/months of following this forum and doing our homework, we finally bought an EX-L with Res and Nav. We wanted to share our price as this forum was very helpful to us.

    Base price before accessories includes destination - $29,800
    Accessories - pin stripe, mud guards, sun roof visor - $393.50
    Total Base price - $30,193.50

    Plus Tax, Title and Doc Fee. (Doc Fee in GA is 599)

    Total Out the door price - $32,661

    We did not purchase the dealer warranty but are planning to purchase a Honda Care warranty online. I am sure we will read that forum to help make our decision a more informed one.

    We also used penfed for our financing option. The dealer did not have anything close to that.
  • After two months of looking around, we just closed the deal on one of the last new 2008 Odysseys left in Colorado.

    New White 2008 Honda Odyssey EX-L w/ RES
    - 23 miles on odometer

    $26,621.54 (includes destination)
    + $169 (clear nose mask)
    + $499 Dealer Handling
    $27,289.54 Taxable Subtotal

    + Tax @ 8.1% (ugh): $2,210.46

    Total OTD: $29,500

    They had two of these units left on the lot, both of them White 2008 Odyssey EX-L w/ RES. We drove both and ended up opting for the one with less mileage (the other one had about 120 miles on it and was just fine).

    Can't say enough good things about Go Honda 104th in Westminster where we bought it. Those guys rock. :)
  • Dealer incentives could vary month to month. Specially with the macro-economic environment like this, more than ever incentives are proving to be the way to get people to the showroom.
    In general quarter and year end are better times to haggle on pricing since you may end up being the last sale needed to get the volume driven bonus.
    Shop around atleast 5-10 dealers and let them compete for your business.
  • Hi 2scoops, could you share which dealer you are getting from? Did you get the quote by email?

  • 2scoops2scoops Posts: 3
    We purchased the Odyssey from Honda Mall of Georgia. Yes, we received the quote by email. We had been emailing this dealership and a few others for a month or more. When we were finally ready to buy, we let the dealers know via email that we were ready and the better offers came in.

    Honda Mall of Georgia had the right colors we were interested in which was good since they are closer to us than some of the other dealers.
  • vee927vee927 Posts: 11
    this is the best price i have goten in NJ can i do better?

    For the 2009 Honda Odyssey EX Automatic;

    MSRP: $ 29555.00 +$670 Destination

    Your price $ 23002.00 +670 Destination, Tax, MV Fee
  • Hey there, I have seen a couple of posters reference volume discounts/bonuses. Does anyone have any knowledge of how much the dealer receives when he reaches this magic number?

    Also, got a quote over the weekend for 2009 EXL (base) for 27,500 plus Tax Title and Lic. This quote was here in the SF Bay Area, south bay. I got this quote with no negotiation whatsoever.
  • rsk2rsk2 Posts: 2
    Looks like a very good deal. Who was the dealer? Right now Chambers has quoted me $200 higher.
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