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2013 and earlier Honda Odyssey Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • exb0exb0 Posts: 539
    2scoops, what is approval process with penfed?

    More specifically, how did apply for the loan, how did you sign the paperwork, and how did you get the check.

    The reason I am asking is because I made my wife a member, and I want her to get the loan in her name only. However, she can only go to a public access branch, which is 30 miles away, or two hours in rush hour traffic. Can she get preapproved online prior to buying the van, or does she have to go to the public branch? What process did you go through to get the loan?
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,025
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  • exb0
    I too got a loan online via penfed.
    They have an online process for pre-approval as long as you have an account with them you should have online access.
    There was no paper work to sign and once approved they send you a draft in the mail for the approved amount which you can use to pay for the vehicle.
  • You could get 500 less easy even 1000 less with some work I think.
    Someone just posted 29800 + 400 (for dealer install option) + 700 (dealer fee :mad: )
    for exl-dvd-nav.
    Look like if you are 4000+ below invoice you are getting a great deal.
  • I am getting ready to email 15 or so dealers with my offer on a 2009 Touring w/o pax. I have read that there are some great deals out there, and I am not quite sure what to offer becuase it appears people are getting prices below invoice - rebate and holdback.

    I was thinking around $33,200 + TTL. Does this seem reasonable. Does anyone have any advice on what to expect?

  • nardznardz Posts: 8
    Which part of NJ did you get this deal .... sales person contact and what dealership
  • We went with Atamian in Tewksbury...I had a really bad experience with HC burlington back in December and will never do business with them again. This was the least painful car buying experience that I have ever had...which says a lot, b/c I hate the process!
    I emailed 10 local dealers about 2 weeks ago... Bernardi and Atamian came back with the best price...Atamian was closer to where we live and had the color that I wanted, so we went there.
    Good luck with your search!
  • 2scoops2scoops Posts: 3
    We applied online and received the approval instantly. We were then sent a check by mail a few days later. If the check needed to be rushed, for an extra $15 you can have it sent overnight. The check was blank and could be made to any dealership/seller and was payable up to the amount we requested in our pre-approval.

    The only thing I would say about the online approval was that we went too far initially in the loan approval process online and had to call the customer service number so we could stop at the approval step and not fund the loan right then. It is the same application for pre-approval as it is for just applying for a loan but the difference had something to do with the step around collateral and stopping before then since you don't have VIN info at that point. The customer service line was helpful though. So there is no need to go into a branch - there are none where we live.

    The check has a place for you to fill in the VIN data for their paperwork process on the back end.

    Good luck and let me know if you have additional questions.
  • I would say it would be hard to get that price instantly,
    Most dealers would probably say no initially but you have keep pestering them. ;) .
    Unless you are particular about color options, here is one episode I can relay to you.
    ... I had this dealer in SF Bay Area who was willing to beat any price I had by $100 if I took one of 4 slate greens he had in stock. He had 2 of each color beside slate green but was bent on keeping numbers on par across all exterior color options.
  • vee927vee927 Posts: 11
    in Hudson county. what is the best price you have received so far.
    i am looking to get $500 off more.
  • shadow99shadow99 Posts: 2
    We just purchased an 09 EX-L with RES for $29,780 before TTL in Springfield, IL. MSRP was $35,555. Around here they are wanting to deal on new ones but trading in previous odyssey model years is where they are not wanting to deal.
  • exb0exb0 Posts: 539
    Thanks for the info.
  • bigdadi118bigdadi118 Posts: 1,207
    If you can't get penfed's 3.99, AAA has 4.59% car loan for 60 months.
  • Is this a good deal?

    Just inked a deal for a new (17 miles) 2008 Odyssey EX-L for $26,124 with destination included. There is an additional $198 doc fee other than that I will owe my state 6% tax when I get the final plates for the vehicle.
  • it depends. here in the bay area you can easily get an 09 EXL for 27,500 with destination included. Depends if 1500 difference is important enough for you to go with an older model that has already probably depriciated much more than the 09 EXL
  • I got a price of $28900 for an EX-L without nav or dvd. I am ashamed to say I did not ask if that included the dealer fees- I know that it does not include tax. So, this price was from a dealership on eastern Long Island and there were LOADS of Odysseys on their lot. As a matter of fact, the salesperson got keys for one to show me and the battery was dead. Same thing for try number two. Finally third time was a charm and the battery was not dead. Any advice as to a proper price would be appreciated.
  • 28900 is riduclous assuming that the dealership is getting the 2500.00 marketing support. I was offered 27500 over the weekend without doing any effort. I assume I could get even lower with a bit of work.
  • Hi all....

    I am in the market for an '09 Odyssey. Price is everything as I am on a single income right now.

    My plan was to wait until year-end when I pay my current vehicle off and then pull the trigger...expecting the economy will still be bad or even worse.

    I am starting to worry that a) there might not be any incentives at year end because Honda adjusted down its production and/or b) stock might be gone about the time that the 2009/2010 models come out.

    Anyone have any information regarding any of this? I know that February 2009 Odyssey sales were down ~ 30%.

    I am looking at LX models with roofrack running mid-21's. Thoughts as to reasonable price?

  • Can you share your dealer name? I just started mailing dealers and the best I have got is 31197 + fees.
  • daknitsdaknits Posts: 8
    Car man or kyfdx (or anyone else) ....I'm in Miami, Florida and just leased an EX-L with RES and NAV. The "agreed upon value of the vehicle" was $31,590.96. The aquisition fee and other fees totalled $944 for a total gross capitalized cost of $32,534.96. I added tire and rim protection and they threw in wheel locks, for a total monthly payment of $565.57 including tax, for 36 months,12,000 miles a year, and $1200 down (which included tax, title, etc....).

    Did I get a good deal? I've been reading posts for the EX-L with NAV and RES that said they had a vehicle price of around $30,000, so I'm thinking I paid too much. What do you think?
  • nardznardz Posts: 8
    if you dont mind can you give me the dealer name and number and contact sales rep. i am in ct and can't find ex below 24500. got a quote for a lx for 22500+670+ whatever fees.

    Also, if you have the email for that deal can you send it to my email add.

    by the way im menard

    thanks in advance.
  • nardznardz Posts: 8
    hi thinking of buying an lx too. do you have that deal in your email? if you have can you send it to me..if not maybe you can give me the name of the sales rep and his number. my email is
  • nardznardz Posts: 8
    hi im also thinking of buying a lx but cant really find a good deal. do you mind if i ask you for your sales rep name and number and if you have the email for this deal can you send it to my email add

  • got offer 2008 exl new in seattle 28500 is it a good deal?
  • got offer 2008 exl new in seattle 28500 is it a good deal? otd
  • bigdadi118bigdadi118 Posts: 1,207
    Is the offer incl dest before deal admin fee, TT&L or OTD?
    If it is not OTD price then get the 2009 EXL cheaper than this price, so 28500 isn't good deal for 2008 model.
  • I thought about this as well, as I don't HAVE to have the car right now. I am currently shopping for an '09, and plan to buy before the end of the month. Currently the rebate is $2500, and apparently the highest they got last year was $3500. Sure they could go higher this year, but I decided to just buy this month. I got an offer of invoice - rebate - holdback without any negotiation, we will see if I can do even better.
  • pjc89pjc89 Posts: 3
    I negotiated a price of $23.5 for an 08 Odyssey EXL last September from McGrath Honda in Chicago (or maybe Elmwood Park), so I suspect that you shouldn't pay more than that price plus tax if you buy that model today. SO, I think you are paying too much, unless your state tax and license rates are off the charts. Didn't buy the car and decided to wait until 09, and we are now in the market again, but want an 09.

    In the FYI column, on the 09, negotiated a price of $27.9 for the EXL with RES from Honda on Grand in the greater Chicago area (Elmhurst, I think). Wife wouldn't pull the trigger b/c second thoughts that she might want Sienna (also good deals there since this is last year of current model), but ultimately decided on the EXL. Going to wait until the summer to see if I can get them down to $25 on the EXL, which I think is very doable given current market conditions and the fact that we don't need the van. These guys are hurting, it is the end of the month and they NEED sales, so don't be afraid to be aggressive.
  • I am looking at an LX with a roof-rack in Georgia for around mid-$21K before tax tag and title.

    As I see it, the max upside is that I get another $500 off at year-end incentive time, if it increases. Even if Honda threw an extra $1,000 of incentive, that doesn't mean the dealers will pass that along. I would guess the dealer will absorb SOME of that via some increased profits on their side.

    The downside is that if the economy gets better or people sense the crisis is over, the rush to get deals before they are gone could drive prices right back up. I could either be looking at $22 or more or even find myself in a situation where the LX 2009 models are all gone.

    I am thinking that I might just go ahead and pull the trigger after tax season is over and I complete all my clients.

    The potential downside looks worse than the best case upside and is probably more likely to to happen.
  • ghagha Posts: 1
    Got an EX-L for $27,600 in CA. Price included destination charge. Also had an offer for $27,500 from another dealer for a white one, but didn't want that color.
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