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2013 and earlier Honda Odyssey Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • thats total it high or should i go navi or dvd...thank you
  • thats OUT THE in washington is 9.1% so is 28500 to high or should i go lower...thank you
  • I happened to check the inventory for Go Honda 104th in Westminster, CO and it looks like the other identical White 2008 Odyssey EX-L w/ RES I referenced in my prior post has disappeared. I believe it had been sitting on their lot since about August of 2008; funny how it appears to have sold so quick after my posting just 2 days ago. :)

    Whoever you are it is time to fess up. ;) What price did you get?
  • coolkh1coolkh1 Posts: 3
    Just signed a contract for 2009 Odyssey EX-L Sterling Grey W/RES +wheel lock out the door $30,600. Vehicle price $27964 + fee + tax of %8.25= $30600.

    First Negotiated EX-L w/o RES w/o DVD @ OTD $29500, but the dealer did not have a correct color. had to buy one with RES for $1000 more.

    Since I am in downtown LA area, I added wheel lock for $100 more.

    I asked for the OTD price of $29500 or $30500 w/RED, they promptly answered yes, so deal was very easy but now I think I should have tried harder to go lower.

    The milelage was only 15 miles and everyhing was good. When I drove home from the dealership, there was some burning smell. I guess it is because it was very new.

    I hope my experience would be helpful.
  • That is what I thought. I was able to get 27755 from another dealer and sent the number to the original dealer to meet. Thanks for the input. This forum is really great!
  • I have been in this forum many times and found it extremely helpful so I thought I would share some information on my new Odyssey. I paid $29,014 (this includes destination charges only), plus T,T,L. The vehicle is an EX-L model with the DVD (RES) only and has a few minor extras, wheel locks, window tint, pin stripe, cargo shell, and mud guards. We financed with Honda, the rate started at 5.99% for 60 months. We decided to add on the wheel/tire 5 year warranty (I seem to find all the nails on the road), in doing this they bought the rate down to 4.99% and it added about $1 to the monthly payment. I live in the Dallas area, and bought at Bankston Honda of Lewisville. This was the most painless car purchase I have ever made. Thanks again for taking the time to provide such valuable info!
  • Is this a good price for an ex-l with no extras? It includes ttl and any destination charges. (located in Illinois)
  • coolkh1coolkh1 Posts: 3
    I think that is good enough price if that amount is including everything.

    If I were you, I would try more to get EX-L w/RES for $30,000 OTD, which I failed.
  • Coolkh1

    Which dealership is this? I am in the market for the same car EXL with RES. Maybe going for NAV also. Your OTD price is the lowest I have seen. Please email me info at I am planning on purchase this weekend. Thank you!
  • beachmumbeachmum Posts: 1
    I am also in LA and am looking for the same thing. This is the best price I have seen in our area. Can you post the dealership info? I am looking to purchase this weekend also. Thanks
  • CTRollCTRoll Posts: 8
    How are people getting prices that seem lower than $invoice - $incentives -$holdback? How can the dealer sell at these prices?
  • I have been lurking for months on this site and find it incredibly valuable, so I thought I would contribute with a data point.

    I pulled the trigger on an 09 Sterling Silver EX-L RES/NAV today. I had been shopping around and received several online quotes in my area of $30,400 -30,600. Then I spoke to my German car dealer and he called up one of his Honda sister companies. They offered me $29,200+TTL and I jumped on it.

    It seemed like a decent deal...or at least until they come out with a better incentive program next week!

    I believe this deal was only possible because of the long standing relationship I had with the German car dealer. I hope this data point helps others.
  • jmlwjmlw Posts: 2
    Great deal and pleasant internet buying experience:

    29,200 OTD

    was also offered EX-L with RES for 30,500 but I declined.

    For color I went with Nighthawk Black Pearl and it looks pretty slick. :shades:

    This forum was great. Thank you!

    Herson's Honda :)
    Rockville, MD
  • mentatmentat Posts: 4
    Is this a good deal?

    $24,225 for new 09 EX (includes dest. fee) in Los Angeles. TTL extra. No extra options.
  • All,
    Does anyone have any information on what the April incentives are going to be? Will the current $2500 Cash to Dealer incentive go up down or stay the same?
  • tradermomtradermom Posts: 11
    Hi txminivanmom:
    I am trying to wrap up the purchase on 09 Odyssey as well. You seem to have gotten a very fair deal. I am not having luck over here in Tampa, Florida, the best I can get on an 09 EX, with no options is 24900 plus 599 dealer fee and TTL. In comparison you seem to have gotten a much better deal. I was trying to keep costs down and min. down payment. Maybe this is the problem.
    Any info would be great.
  • tonyl1tonyl1 Posts: 53
    I'm also looking for an EXL RES/NAV and that sounds like a great price. Does that inlcude Destination charges?

    What area and dealer is that from? I'm outside Chicago and not seeing prices that are that good. Enjoy the Van!
  • They really can't, and per Honda are not supposed to. Dealerships actually get in trouble from Honda for selling behind invoice. Honda also does not allow dealerships to advertise prices below invoice in commercials/paper ads/etc.

    If you have a Honda deal into holdback you have a phenomenal deal.

    I am in Honda sales and my employee price is $200 over invoice minus any incentive money.

    It kills me when we're at invoice or below and people are still harping to get more and more off the car.

    Sometimes I just want to say, "You're getting a great deal, take it! Quit treating me us like we're trying to rob you!"
  • tradermomtradermom Posts: 11
    Thanks Hondaintl, very helpful to hear the other point of view.
    I am being quoted 24,500 for an EX plus the dealer fee. The dealership is telling me that this is less than their invoice. Is the 2500 dealer cash back already subtracted from this amount or do I than subtract??Since I am leasing the Ex is rather expensive (but better than the Sienna LE).
  • aan1234aan1234 Posts: 31
    >Sometimes I just want to say, "You're getting a great deal, take it! Quit treating me us like we're trying to rob you!"

    Ok. A dealer has 6 2008 Odysseys and did not sell any of them in last 2-3 months.
    When they offer me invoice-$3500 incentive for EX it is more expensive than comparable 2009 Sienna LE. It is not much cheaper than 2009 Odyssey, but it was sitting on the lot under Arizona sun for a year or more (judging by delivery charge of $635 instead of $670 for later 2008 Odysseys) and it already has 50+ miles on it. Why would anybody even think about it?
  • tonyl1tonyl1 Posts: 53
    I understand your perspective and I'm sure most are honest. However, I've had quotes from dealers who say they are making $150 on this sale, but then I see their quote is $1,500 higher than others have been able to obtain in this forum.
  • Castle Honda and Mueller were both at $30,400+ttl. Destination is included in that price.
  • tonyl1tonyl1 Posts: 53
    Wow, So you are in the Chicago area. Can you please share the dealer and sales person what you were able to get $29,200 incl. dest.

  • tradermomtradermom Posts: 11
    What price were you quoted for the EX vs Sienna LE? I have gotten a price from Coggin of Honda in St.Augustine Florida for 24,500 for the EX and they are telling me this is the lowest they can go, The lease price they quoted me is $400.00 per month with 6% sales tax and zero down. The problem is when I use a lease vs purchase website to calculate the payments using the dealer stated.0025 money factor and 52% residual the numbers are off by a lot. What am I doing wrong, can anyone tell me what the payments should be with zero down for the EX??
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 64,669
    "Dealerships actually get in trouble from Honda for selling behind invoice. "

    Is that the line your boss tells you to use? Because that isn't accurate. Honda can't control the price negotiation between a dealer and customer. That would violate any number of federal and state statutes.

    If that helps you sell cars, have at it... but, you'll probably get called on it someday, and might lose more sales than you know, from customers that know better.



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  • aan1234aan1234 Posts: 31
    I've got a quote of $23626 for 2008 Odyssey EX and $24200 for 2009 Sienna LE8 EVP2. One of dealers here is offering 2009 Sienna LE7 EVP2 for 22988.

    The first Sienna quote I've got during a test drive and did not even discuss it further, so it is more of a starting point than a real quote.
  • fmichaelfmichael Posts: 95
    As the title suggests - does anyone else think Honda may offer lower financing options if Toyota were to lower theirs in order to move the remaining 2009 Sienna from dealers lots to make room for the all-new 2010 Sienna this summer?
  • fmichaelfmichael Posts: 95
    In the same boat you're in; would rather wait until September when Honda starts their year-end clearance drive (better finance rates), but the economy may turn around just enough, and/or others may see the current deals as well, and sales could go up leaving little to no 2009 Odysseys in dealers lots...Right now I'm watching a few dealers inventories via their websites (how accurate they are :confuse: ) to keep track of their numbers.
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