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2013 and earlier Honda Odyssey Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • odyshopper,
    My salesman showed me on his computer that the $2500 incentive was extended beyond March 31.
  • Just purchased a new 09 EXL-RES from WIlliamson Honda in Lincoln. $29,295 (ex TTL) with a very aggressive trade in valuation for my '00 Sienna (a lot mroe than Carmax would offer). Was very happy with the nonsense and straightforward throughout and I was in and out in a couple of hours.
    They gave me a low quote online as they are a bit further away from where I live, and then made the buying experience very enjoyable vs. the other three Honda dealerships that are much closer to my house.
    I also brought in a financing quote of 3.9% and they were able to get very close to it.
    All in all, a great buying experience: no pressure, friendly, and fair. And because of that, I didn't feel like I wanted to sit there and negotiate for hours for an extra couple hundred of $'s off the price.
  • Thanks sayhey2205. Did it indicate the end date? Is it extended through all of April?
  • Hi Tradermom,
    All negotations were done before talk of down payment, etc. I used "free quote" tool, it sent an e-mail to every Honda dealer in the area and they e-mailed me back with their offers. Honestly all the offers were very close. It was sort of a pain to be stalked by all the dealers, but it helped us understand who we wanted to work with. We had contact names and price quotes before we even went into the dealership. I think if you go in cold turkey it can be very overwhelming and the dealers don't seem to be as willing to drop prices. I would go to, price out the exact model you want and go from there. I hope it works out for you, we are very happy with the Odyssey.
  • rushmerushme Posts: 22
    Is 27,400 (including destination) a decent price for an EXL with no RES or NAV? Price in addition to TTL; I am in Illinois with a tax rate of 6.25%.

    24,300 for EX plus TTL.

    I am really torn between the EX and the EXL. Is the leather in an Odyssey tough? We have seat protectors for the kids, but I am not sure if I am in love with the can look pretty beat up pretty quickly depending on the quality. I worked out the difference for mpg and after about 5 years at $4/gallon, the EXL (VCM) only offers a $900 approx. benefit. Is that enough to justify the almost $3500 initial difference? Also, is the rear camera that useful? Why is there less cubic space in the EXL?

    Thank you in advance.
  • I believe it was extended past April but I don't recall an exact end date. As soon as I saw it wasn't going to be deepened I just went ahead and purchased.
  • bcpagebcpage Posts: 9
    Just bought today for:
    + $670 (freight)
    + $100 doc fee
    = $28,665
    + $104 transfer registration
    + $1,719.90 Maryland tax
    = $30,488.90 OTD

    Hersons Honda
    Rockville, MD

    Thanks to all who have posted their info. One minor question: does anyone know if the floor mats in the front should have "Odyssey" embroidered on them? The brochure shows it, but my floor mat in the front is plain. :confuse:
  • tonyl1tonyl1 Posts: 53
    I believe that dealer must be MotorWerks of Barrington, but I contacted them and they were higher that other dealers...Nowhere near 29.2K with dest. charges.
  • tonyl1tonyl1 Posts: 53
    I heard that as well from a Salesman who was putting together an offer. He said the current incentives go through 5/4/09.
  • langellangel Posts: 5
    I was trying to get the same price for the same car, but failed. It seems no dealers in Houston, TX want to go below $31,300 OTD.
  • fmichaelfmichael Posts: 95
    The price you were quoted for the EX seems pretty fair; I was quoted $24,237 here in the Milwaukee area.

    I'm a big guy (6'4"), and found that the drivers seat on the EX-L is a bit cramped - however on the EX it's just fine (found out from a salesperson that there's nearly 1 full inch more of legroom with the non-leather Odyssey's)...That said I'm sold on the EX; personally I'm not too big of a fan of leather seats, don't like/need the sunroof, and the EX has everything that I need. To me it's an extra waste of $$$, and for the VCM - I'm not entirely sold on that either. Unless you take alot of road trips, or drive for extended periods of time at a constant speed with little elevation changes then the VCM will be of a benefit - otherwise it's just another feature that your paying for, but not using.

    The quote I was given for the EX is good until April 30th.
  • After following this thread for months, finally committed on EX today
    Car 23024
    + 670 Destination
    + 599 Documentation
    + 21 Title
    + 1700 GA Tax 7%
    =26015 OTD
    The deals has installed option Mud guard, Stiped, Detail for 495. We forgot to ask what's Detail is, anybody happen to know?

    I figure the new car price is fair. But we had a trade in which I feel we didn't get the best deal. The dealer doesn't really push hard for trade, but we traded it to save the trouble of selling the car ourselves. The whole experience is quite pleasant, the dealer is not push at all. We must get another dealer disappointed since we went to the first one and we get what we expected.
  • fmichaelfmichael Posts: 95
    What color?

    Congrats on the purchase; I'll probably be doing the same sometime late April (waiting to see if the finance rates thru American Honda will drop).
  • Thx, We got a Slate Green with olive interior. We got 3.99 from BOA approved in the dealership, we have pretty high FICO score though.
  • 93139029313902 Posts: 4
    Interested in you experience at Honda of Omaha. I had an awful experience there this last week and chose to take my business elsewhere, but didn't consider Williamson.
  • Congratulations on your purchase - that is a good price (any price less than is a good price).

    Which dealer in GA did you buy it from ?

    Enjoy your ride :-))
  • Curry Honda. They gave the lowest quote over email.
  • Whats the best price anyone has paid for the 2009 Touring?
  • 9313902
    Not sure about which dealership you are talking about with Honda of Omaha...Bellevue, O'Daniel or Superior?
    My experience with O'Daniel was pretty good except for two things...they would match a lower price but then charge me a $175 transportation fee, and they would not give me a quote on my trade in until I had committed to a price on the Odyssey. Stated it was dealer policy, so no deal.
    Superior would not commit to meeting or beating a price quote but were pretty straightforward about their limits. Again, easy to walk away from.
    Bellevue was just painful to deal with...very traditional dealership in haggling over pricing and seemed pretty shady (they put the shipping into the MSRP in the apparent hopes to double charge you on shipping later). Disgusted with the experience and will never ever go back.
    Williamson in Lincoln was straightforward, no pressure tactics, and very easy to have a clear price discussion with. I went through the online sales department, but everyone at the dealership seemed to be this way. I recommend them to anyone in this area for a new Honda purchase.

    Hope this helps!
  • Excellent experience at Holmes Honda in Des Moines on a 2009 Touring non-pax

    $33,650 + $185 Doc fee = $33,835 + TTL
  • jim408jim408 Posts: 1
    Purchased in the N Dallas Area of DFW. For your info.

    Gray 09 EX-L RES-NAV 1/9 Build Date

    $30,900- Price, Including Destination.
    + $400 - Front Window Tint, Wheel Locks, Cargo Tray, Mud Flaps.
    + $1295 - 8yr/120m $0 Deductable Honda Care Warranty

    + $1956.25 Tax
    + $81.38 Dealer Inv Tax
    + 132.05 Tag, Title, Registration
    + 50.00 Dealer Administrative Charge.

    Total OTD
  • spdnyspdny Posts: 4 also lists the end date for the $2,500.00 incentive as 5/4/2009
  • tonyl1tonyl1 Posts: 53
    Thanks, I'd not heard of that site. they actually list it ending on two dates: 3/31 and 5/4.
  • sree6sree6 Posts: 4
    Hi Tailspan74,
    I am also living in chicago land area and am looking for the same. Could you let me know where you grabbed that fantastic deal...I needed to buy soon.

  • tonyl1tonyl1 Posts: 53
    I believe it is Motor Werks of Barrington, but they were not able to offer anywhere near that price.
  • I bought a 2009 Odyssey EX-L for 30,000 OTD yesterday.

    Additional options include Protection Package and Wheel Locks.

    The dealer is giving me an option of buying 7 yr/100K miles warranty plus free oil service maintanence(5 yrs) for $1300.Is it worth buying it?Pls help me decide.
  • spdnyspdny Posts: 4
    You may find this link of interest. Best Honda Care Extended Warranty Prices. Check out the last page.
  • I would like to buy a EX-L RES in pittsburgh area. The lowest price I got so far is $29,850 plus tax and title fee. This price seems pretty high compared with the price people got in other area. Does anybody else try to buy an odyssey in pittsburgh? Do you mind sharing your experience? Thanks.
  • langellangel Posts: 5
    Can any one share your experience if you bought EX-L Res in Houston area lately?
  • wenhqwenhq Posts: 14
    This forum had helped me a lot on pricing. Here I am trying to give something back.

    Over the weekend, got a deal for EX-L w/ RES at 28K (including destination $670) + TTL. However the dealer didn't have the color we wanted, dealer didn't want to do the swap for me. Maybe the price was too competitive. Trying to get the color and price match from other dealerships today and tomorrow. If cannot get the color we wanted, might have to go back to the dealer for different colors.

    Good luck to you all.
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