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2013 and earlier Honda Odyssey Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • I did this all by email. I went in to test drive at the nearest dealership, but there are about 8 dealers in the indianapolis area so I started emailing with one and went around the horn seeing if they would beat the best deal. At about 3pm I was at 26,150 otd and was happy with that since my sales tax here is 7%, 26k out the door was dipping into the dealer holdback about $400 out of the $900 for the EX. I emailed the other dealer that was pressing for my business that I was done because I was close to what I wanted. They came back with 26k otd. I emailed that for $150 I am sticking with the dealer that I "verbally committed" to since they were the first to be even close to 26k (others were around 26.8k). They then came back with 25.5k. I emailed the dealer I verbally said yes to and said that another dealer had come $650 under theirs. I was going to stay with them for $150, but $650 difference is big, would they be willing to match. They did and the deal was final at that point. All of this was done via emails. Hope that helps.

    It seems dealers bottom price is

    26,601 invoice
    +670 destination
    = 24,771 (dealer invoice - 2500 dealer cash)
    anything less than this is dipping into dealer holdback (~$900 for EX according to some sites). I got it down to
    $23,800 or so which is less than if you take away dealer holdback. So I think anything less than 24.7k is doing well.

    24.2 I would probably jump at unless it is at the end of the month and they need to move some inventory, you might be able to scrape another 100-300 off.
  • jayriderjayrider Posts: 3,602
    What was your msrp?
  • The EXL you got for 27,800.00, did that have RES/NAV or not?
  • spdnyspdny Posts: 4
    Anyone have any pricing or thoughts for what pricing might be for an EX in the Western New York area (Buffalo, Rochester, Syracuse). Rochester being the preferred location.

    I want to start making offers this month once I sell the 2004 Ody. I would like to look somewhat intelligent by offering a reasonable bid for this area as it may very by region.

    Any thoughts or suggestions for this area are much appreciated.
  • jam3sterjam3ster Posts: 1
    I just got a quote for $31,500 for a 2009 Odyssey with RES & Navi. The OTD price is $34,028. Wondering if this is a good deal to go ahead and buy yet.
  • mentatmentat Posts: 4
    Bought at Buena Park Honda (near Knotts Berry Farm) almost 2 weeks ago. My salesperson was Suzanne, she was very thorough in following up with all details.

    1. 2009 Honda Odyssey EX (no extra options or add ons)
    2. MSRP $29,455 + $670 (dest. fee) = $30,125
    3. INVOICE $26,692 + $670 (dest. fee) = $27,362
    4. $24,225 (includes dest. fee), not including TTL
  • ekw540ekw540 Posts: 3
    Just got the EX-L (no NAV/RES) for:

    + 5% tax
    + 299 Doc+License Fees
    + 1350 (Honda Care - 5 yr / 80,000 / 0 Ded)
    + 637 Fog Light
    + 200 All Season mats
    3.9 % Financing

    I think I paid too much for the Extended Warranty. I can still cancel it within 60 days with 100% refund. :)

    I am in Boston area.
  • Just a straight EX-L. No dealer adds, No RES or Navi.

    Basically $2,900 below invoice before taxes and fees
  • I purchased a Touring no Pax for 33,245 incl destination fees, + 300 documentation fees + TTL.
  • dkmeowdkmeow Posts: 1
    I got an internet quote from Valley Honda in Naperville for $31,000 (Destination Fee is included. Tax, title, license, document fee, and accessories are extra.)

    This is for a 2009 Honda Odyssey EX L w/ Navi and DVD.

    I was told the sticker was $37,625 and then I'd get the $2,500 rebate along with an additional $4,000 or so off.

    I thought it sounded pretty good but now I'm reading some of these posts and it sounds like shopping around is a good idea.

    What does everyone think, does this sound good? I was also offered 3.9% financing on top of this.

    I'm new to "negotiating" so any help would be appreciated.
  • thekims: Can you please tell me what was your OTD and what state you're from? Thanks.
  • gcarlinjgcarlinj Posts: 1
    Forum was very helpful - here's my info to pay it back.

    Negotiated over the internet through Edmunds dealer search first.
    Got 6 quotes from dealers around Central Ohio varied from $29,250 to $29,900

    Took the $29,250 to other dealers and asked to beat. Got 1 dealer to go to $28,700. All this is from comfort of home over 2 days. Made appt with closest dealer. Before we left lowest dealer offered another $300 off to close by end of March. So now lowest is $28,400. Took that # to appointment with a different dealer, liked the dealership, but wouldn't come down from $29,250 at all, and didn't have the color (Silver Pearl) in the RES (they eventually called back and went to $28,950). Made appointment at lowest dealer - went to visit, and liked, almost bought there, but they had a bad trade in offer (about $600 below my price and about $2000 below where I wound up) and had our 2nd color but not first color choice. While sitting at that dealership, another dealer called me and said he would match the $28,400 and had the exact car I wanted. So went to this third dealer - test drove the exact car, got a really good trade in price (better than research showed and better than was offered by other dealers by alot) and decided to go with them.

    Here's the breakdown

    EX-L with RES in Silver Pearl - Dublin Ohio
    $28,400 price with dest. charge
    Tax about $1495.13 (6.75% with credit for trade in of $6500 and they include doc prep fee in tax calc)
    Registration and titling $25.50
    Doc prep $250 (this is the Ohio statutory maximum, they can charge less, but I didn't find one that did)
    No Accessories
    OTD of $30,170.63

    I had arranged financing prior to coming in at 4.2 - finance offers weren't available in March (or at least I didn't get)

    Pretty good deal (I think) - and very little work, an hour on a Thursday at 1 dealer, about 5 hours on a Saturday with 2 dealers which included detailing and delivery and here and there on the internet and cell phone - very nice experience.

    Wound up buying from Immke Honda in Dublin - excellent experience with the sales guy (internet manager I believe) no hard sales, a little bit of trying in the F and I office, but not too bad - and I would recommend giving them your lowest price and letting them match or beat.
  • scb8scb8 Posts: 2
    Could you anyone post best dealer in VA/MD area and prices for 2009 Honda Odyssey with DVD/NAV
  • scb8scb8 Posts: 2
    I talked to a dealer for $32,300 OTD and still searching for better one
  • jimbob1jimbob1 Posts: 70
    Congrats! That looks like a terrific price. If I saw that in the Philly area, I'd likely have to move my '06 ex-l.
  • Out the door was 35,300 with 5% MA sales tax.
  • isles22isles22 Posts: 5
    Received 9 internet quotes this week around the Raleigh, NC area. Lowest OTD price quoted $29,963, highest OTD price quoted $33,943. Many dealers could not even touch the lowest price quoted by Sanford Honda. We added the paint protectant for $345 and mud flaps for $40 (discounted). Total OTD: $30,348 a very good offer for this area.
  • mamak8mamak8 Posts: 2
    This is what I did... I am a Costco and USAA member so I went online and requested a quote through those programs. From there dealers contacted me via email and phone. THey sent price quotes. On Friday, I started calling the lowest ones. Our lowest price is $24, 860 out the door for an EX in either Winchester or Hagerstown. The only way to get the DVD is to upgrade to leather the EX- L package. We decided to just go to costco and get a DVD installed post factory for around $600 or $700. I'm not sure what the lowest would be on an EX- L or Touring. We still may get a few hundred off.

    Another little known fact is that VA dealers can charge a $399 processing fee but MD dealers are limited by law to only $99 processing.
    There is also 2.9 or 3.9 % financing with 0 down right now.
    Good luck,

    We hope to get our sea mist or red van Tuesday.
  • cagormcagorm Posts: 37
    I bought an Odyssey EX-L today. My deal was as follows;

    Sales price $26,948
    Dealer processing $100
    Sales tax (Maryland) $1,623
    Honda care (7 year/80,000 miles extended warranty) $1,295
    Registration fees $292
    Total $30,258

    Monthly payment at 3.9% (zero out of pocket at time of sale) $557

    The deal was done at Ourisman Honda in Bethesda MD.
  • jag999jag999 Posts: 1
    I bought my 2009 Honda Odyssey EX-L With RES in DC area for following price.
    Vehicle Price : $28,498.(Including Destination charge)
    VA tax $855
    Dealer Licence : $48
    Tag $110 for 2 years.
    Total $29,500.
    This is at sheey honda Alexandria VA. They treated me well.
    I got from other dealer also for $29,700. I am not sure which is deal or not.
  • Took delivery this morning. Price paid was $33,535 +TTL. Purchased from Muller Honda in Highland Park, IL. The whole process was quick and straightforward. From the time I walked in until I drove away was 45 minutes. They had 90 Oddysseys on the lot (89 now).

    On a side note. This is my first Honda and first minivan. I am impressed that this $33k minivan is better thought out in terms of family needs much better then my $70k Merc GL. Fit and finish are excellent.
  • atrajanatrajan Posts: 27
    that is a very good price Jag999.

    The best i have received so far is $33600 OTD for EXL/Res& NAV. This is in NJ
  • vamcvamc Posts: 5
    Hi All,
    I would like to thank all the forum members for your insights. Armed with your insights and advice, I purchased a Odyssey EX for 26,762 (OTD). Here are the details
    :23,700 (Price)+595 (Pro Pac)+690(destination fees)+1,777 (TTL)

    I hope this is the good deal.

    But the buying was an experience by itself (“experience” is an understatement for what we went through!!)

    Getting Quotes:
    Step 1: I went to a local Honda dealer to look at the 2009 model. Zeroed on EX for the features and the price range. The dealer quoted $24,700+TTL for the basic model of EX
    Step2: I used to get quotes from 6 dealers in the Houston area. 4 quotes I received varied from 24,300 – 25,500. The remaining 2 sent mails and called me to understand more. I told both of them that I have quotes for $24,000 and asked them to match.
    Step3: One of the dealers came with 23,700 for the EX model. I got the email confirmation (you will understand the importance of this later!) saying they will honor this price.
    Dealer Visit:
    I visited the dealer who quoted the lowest with the printout of the email he sent. That where the story starts!

    The sales person went outside and got us a car to test drive. We couldn’t find the Odyssey in the lot. He dropped the Bomb saying the quote was for a Honda CRV (imagine the shock I would have gone through!!). We told him clearly that our email communication reflected Odyssey and I am not stupid to buy a CRV for $23,700.

    He called us inside for negotiations. He said that there was a miscommunication and he responded with the CRV quote. I literally lost my cool and started yelling at the unprofessional matter of the dealership and the way he is treating us. He warned me not to shout as it was an honest mistake and miscommunication. I told him that (showing the printout of the email) that this is clear cheating and no where in the mail CRV was mentioned and the word “Odyssey” was mentioned in our communication.

    We asked to speak to his manager. This sales guy wanted to kick us out with out meeting the manager. We were adamant on meeting the manager.
    The manager came in few mins and tried to say that it was a miscommunication. We took him through the emails and said which part of this is miscommunication. My friend and I told him that we want to escalate it to Honda and the dealership owner as well as the BBB.

    In their usual tactic, they went in and came back saying they will honor the price + cost of any accessories. We also got a new sales person on request (this guy was unbelievably nice and professional)

    Anyways, though it left a bad taste in the mouth, we liked the car and the price. We drove home tonight in our new Odyssey!
  • vamcvamc Posts: 5
    I got the Honda Care package for 6 yrs/60k miles. Is this any good ? I was told that there are many mechanical and electrical parts so it might be useful. I would love to get your opinion on the usefulness of this warranty.

    Appreciate your help.
  • bigdadi118bigdadi118 Posts: 1,207
    This is called BAIT & SWITCH and usually works in high percentage. You are the one exception staying inside the same game. Once you switched to other offer, then you are hooked.

    They give you a lower than usual price (will lose money about $500) and you rush to the dealership since this is the cheapest you can find, then with all kinds of excuses from their tricky-bags, they try to switch you to another deal with offers that guarrantee they make profits, of course not the original lower than usual price.

    Is this cheating, honest mistake (they are doing the same thing daily), gimmicks or sales technique, you make the call...

    If it happens the lowest price and ready to go down the dealership, you need them to fax or email you the VIN#, stock #, MSRP, model/trim the car you were offered so the only excuse will be it was sold before your arrival. To stop this give them a small credit card deposit to hold the car for your arrival.
  • jeremyazjeremyaz Posts: 29
    I am looking for an Odyssey with RES and almost all of the bells and whistles and am comparing loading up an EXL with just getting the Touring. In essence, I don't need the NAV but am unsure of what is used for the rear backup camera in its place?

    Also, if I was able to get everything except NAV in a fully loaded EXL the difference should be $2k or so. Do you think that the EXL would hold its $2k difference on resale value as compared to the Touring?

    Anybody out there get the EXL loaded without the NAV and like it? Recommendations and purchase price (pre-tax) would be greatly appreciated.
  • kneehowmakneehowma Posts: 17
    Hi vamc, that's pretty good price for Houston. I am also shopping for an Odyssey EX in Houston area. So far best OTD is $26400. I'm not sure what's Pro-Pac, so I can't comment on that. Do you mind sharing the buying experience privately. Please email traderjoe1854 AT I can give you my phone number as well.

    Also for [m35obsessed] or anyone who is buying Odyssey in Houston area, please feel free to contact me, so maybe we can go into dealership together. If we can put our purchase power together, maybe we can get a better deal. From what I have seen, Houston area dealer is doing well so deal isn't as great. Thanks.
  • madurbsmadurbs Posts: 19
    Most posts are about new pricing. Here is a reference for a used in case anyone is interested:
    I purchased:
    06 EX-L 32,500 miles not certified
    $17,999 + TTL from Chicago area Honda Dealer.
    One owner, serviced at purchase dealer. I was able to see all service records.
  • Is there any Tax rebates (while filing tax returns) if we buy a new Odyssey as part of stimulus plan from Govt? I heard something like this but not sure if it still exists?

    If it is, what kind of benifit we can cliam?

  • 93139029313902 Posts: 4
    I got an internet quote from Joliet Honda for $30,900 about two weeks ago and a quote from Schaumburg Honda for $30,789 if this helps at all. I don't live in the area anymore so I didn't try to negotiate these down. They were helpful in my purchase though.
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