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2013 and earlier Honda Odyssey Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • olavanmanolavanman Posts: 12
    Wow thatz a great price!
    I am getting through Costco 31999 for EX-L with RES. You think I should bargain more?
    I am in Denver.
  • olavanmanolavanman Posts: 12
    Wow thatz a great price!
    I am getting through Costco to a Dealer and they are quoting $31999 for EX-L with RES. I am in Denver.

    Any one with prices in Denver for EX-L, EX-L with RES and EX-L with RES/NAVI?
  • tonyl1tonyl1 Posts: 53
    I received a better deal than that at Honda on Grand. Details can be found in earlier posts. Our sales person was Danny E. and he has been great. Tell him Tony L. sent you.
  • would you give me the name of the dealer.
  • new_beenew_bee Posts: 6
    Hi Mentat,

    Try to find her name over the internet

    Could not find it

    Can you pls give me her email?


    New Bee
  • Royalvball,

    I am also from Indianapolis area looking for a 09 EX.. Can you let me know who the dealer is ? Nobody so far seems to come near the pricing you have mentioned. Also did you do a trade-in ? Just checking if that brought down the price.
    Also, What is the TMV for 09 LX in and around Indy area ? Everybody seems to quote around 24K OTD.
  • wenhqwenhq Posts: 14
    Wow, looks like the Boston area has the best deal. I got my EX-L with RES for $28000 a week ago (at lease 2 dealerships had the price). I saw someone else in the previous post got EX-L for $26900 in Boston area. All prices included destination.
  • jimr5jimr5 Posts: 1
    Just closed a deal on a 2009 Odyssey EX-L with Navigation and rear entertainment. Price was 30,222.56 plus tax/title/documentation. Total out the door was 32,403.60. Did it all over e-mail & phone (started with a quote request to 9 dealerships through Edmunds). Dealership is Matt Castrucci in Dayton, OH. Had several other dealerships in the Dayton/Cincinnati in the same ballpark, but about four others had prices about 1200-1500 higher and refused to go this low. I'm very happy with this price. Roughly 20% below sticker and 10% below invoice. Out the door price is $800 less than I paid for my top-end 2005 Accord Hybrid 5 years ago!
  • robflahrobflah Posts: 6
    Thanks to all for the excellent posts. Really helped short cut my research.

    Over the last 10 days, I've reached out to about 20 dealers for a 2009 EX-L w/ RES & Navi and let them all know I'd be buying within 10 days / week, that I was flexible on color and that I was seeking best price. I was not interested in the extra values (oil changes, tire swap overs etc.) as it is not practical for me to get my car serviced @ a Honda Dealership.

    About 1/3 of the dealers either never responded or responded with wrong vehicle info. My own local dealer, that by my physical inventory, had 26 EX-L w/ RES & Navi vehicles on the lot, took over 72 hours to get back (after multiple calls & emails). Shockingly, they held firm to a $32k price despite knowing everyone else was $1500 below them....That explains the 26 vehicles that have been sitting there for at least the last 2 months.

    I dealt with dealers in NY (Adirondacks), VT, Southern NH, Western MA and the Boston area. At least 8 of the dealers essentially came back with offers in the $30,499 to $30,800 range. On top of that were the Admin & Doc fees - which ranged from $149 to $399 - the majority were $299. One dealer told me that his actual cost was about $30,250 and he was selling for $30,500 just to do a favor for one of his sales guys.

    If you have a trade, that is where you should expect to get squeezed. My experience is that nearly all dealers will be at least $2,000 below what KBB says for Trade-In value...However, hold firm as there are many perks / SPIFs that are not in the holdback or other forms of revenue to the dealer.

    I did discover that some of the special incentives were direct from Honda to the dealer for certain models. For example, on top of the $2500 Odyssey Dealer incentive, Honda runs other bonus programs. Late in 2008, there was a SPIF program for the Ridgeline - for every Ridgeline sold, there was a $750 SPIF. Hit 100% of the dealership goal, and there was another SPIF. Hit 110%, a higher SPIF.....The current SPIF, direct from Honda (I'm told it's direct), is $250 for every Accord.

    As many prior posters have stated - send your emails out to the dealers, let the dealers know your best price / target and that your shopping, get commitments as to what's in the price & then get VINs before you go in. Nearly every dealer I found to be above board with little to no gaming or BS. They all want to make deals and they know that the market is highly competitive.

    Good luck
  • kneehowmakneehowma Posts: 17
    The only tax incentive is that you can count the state/local sales tax of the vehicle as deduction on your Federal tax return for 2009. If you are in states that didn't have state income tax, like Nevada/Texas/Alaska, then this isn't so much new tax incentive since sales tax was deductible for the past two (three?) years already.
  • Thank you for the response Kneehowma
  • bigdadi118bigdadi118 Posts: 1,207
    Good to know the extra bonus program, SPIF. That explain why they can deal lower than invoice minus regular Honda to dealer incentive (marketing support).
  • hodesseyhodessey Posts: 10
    Thank you all for your valuable information.

    I have purchaged 2009 Honda odyssey EX-L RES/NAV after 1month of research and valuable information you have provided in these posts.

    Final Price($30450 + TTL) = $32600 (DO)

    This included following add-ons

    1. Splash Guards
    2. Trunck Tray
    3. Wheel Locks
    4. Door Guards
    5. Moon Roof visor
    6. Pinstrips

  • rsk2rsk2 Posts: 2
    I'm just about to buy an exl at $27,200, you got a great deal, who was the dealer?
  • ekw540ekw540 Posts: 3
    It was Bernadi in Natick. The sales person was pretty reasonable and friendly. It was not the same person as I was commuicating over the Internet but they were very professional. You can PM me and I can give you the name of the person I dealt with if you are interested.
  • gbcbdgbcbd Posts: 3
    I was quoted 29651 (before tax) w/ no downpayment. 459/mo 36mos12K/yr
    Taxes, title, DMV fees 2620 due at signing (Tax rate is about 8.4%). Is this a good deal? :confuse:
    I'm out of my league here, so any thoughts would be appreciated!
  • jake2009jake2009 Posts: 1
    Can you let me know which dealer in DFW you got this deal from?

    Any help with contacts would be appreciated.
  • just leased in Phoenix. sticker price was over $41K. negotiated price was $33K. $6K down payment at signing, $536/month; 36 month; 12K miles/year. MF 2.5 (0.0025). down applied to inception, license, docking, tax and acquisition fee ($595).

    sounded like a good deal to me. didn't see a lot here on the touring model, but we wanted fully loaded, and we are glad we got it. this was a switch from an acura RL. i was really surprised that the touring model had all the high-end features of the RL and then some. any thoughts on the deal are appreciated.
  • hodesseyhodessey Posts: 10
    Mc David Honda
  • cc8cc8 Posts: 8
    I live in the CA Bay Area. From this forum, I've gathered that a decent price for an EX-L with DVD and Navi is $30K, which jumps to $35,098 OTD (with taxes and everything).

    Has anyone in the Bay Area secured anything lower/for a better price?

    I am trading in a car, which today was appraised at $5,100 (2002 BMW 325i with 112K miles)

    So my net effective when all is said and done would be: $29,998 with trade in ($35,098 OTD w/o trade in)

    Does this sound good? The price seems high to me. I was hoping to find something $30,800 OTD (meaning target price + T&L), which would drop to $25,700 when you factor in the trade in value.

    Would appreciate any feedback. FWIW, these quotes are from Andersen Honda in Palo Alto.

    This seems pretty high to me. Anyone else in the Bay Area secure a better price?
  • $30,145 - just included destination (ttl would have been another $2000)
  • Indy Honda on the south side is where I bought although Terry Lee Honda in Avon were the most aggressive to make a deal (both internet sales were great to work with). Ed Martin Honda I hear likes to deal as well (didn't have time to contact them). Tom Wood in Anderson says they can beat anyones price by ~$200 or so if they have it in stock. We bought our 01 civic from them. Penske - wouldn't match my offer of 26,150. When I went in the night before I offered 26k, they kind of laughed at me and didn't even counter offer (salesman was really nice just said that they sold 27 cars on saturday so I guess probably didn't need the extra sale - 26.8k was the lowest they were willing to do - I didn't have any paperwork or quotes with me when I said 26k - just what other people had paid on this forum) Try when it is the end of the month (last day if you can), some dealerships need a few sales and will do about anything. I had no trade in. I drive a 1992 honda accord w/ 173k miles that I will be selling for $1300 or so. I would probably have gotten $200 for trade :D Just shop around the 465 horn until you get the price you want. I think anything less than 26.5k is a good deal, less than 26.2k a great deal.
  • jeremyazjeremyaz Posts: 35
    Seems like the purchase price is good but you had a lot of out of pocket $$ that you put down. I would venture that you actually had a $3-4k or more cap cost reduction in the deal. In AZ, you only pay taxes on the portion of the if your residual was $20k, you would pay approx 8% on $13k divided by 36 months (call it $30/mth added to price or $1040).

    When I lease, I try to put out the least upfront money as possible. Just my .02 cents.
  • OTD price $29,963 is great in Raleigh, NC area. Would you mind breaking down your price here? Thanks a lot.
  • jag999, would you mind share the salesman's name at Sheehy Honda for your EX-L w/ RES?
  • hansiennahansienna Posts: 2,312
    Why is there such a BIG difference in prices for an Odyssey? :confuse:

    Best price in this area for a 2009 Ody EX-L is $ 28,105 before TTL...however, most dealers here NEVER did charge above MSRP in the past.
  • Where are you at? Are you talking about EX-L RES? :confuse:
  • I am looking to buy an '09 LX soon. Anyone know the dealers to go to or to avoid in the Milwaukee area?

    In December '08 I was quoted a new '08 LX at $20,000 +TTL at Boyland and last month I was quoted $21,500 +TTL for a new '09 at Schlossmann's Honda City.

  • hansiennahansienna Posts: 2,312
    2009 Odyssey EX-L.

    It is NOT a more expensive EX-L-RES nor does the EX-L have any extra options.
  • bigdadi118bigdadi118 Posts: 1,207
    You can try 27,500 (incl dest) on plain EXL with no add'l options.
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