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2013 and earlier Honda Odyssey Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • cc8cc8 Posts: 8
    The dealer I'm working with just came back to me with the below (I am in CA) - I think this is pretty good but wanted everyone's thoughts:

    EX-L + DVD + Navigation
    Base Price == $27,900
    OTD =======$30,911

    Trading in a 2002 325i === value assessed at $5100 (I am going to see if they can do better on the trade in deal).

    So net effective cost to me is $30,911 - 5,100 == $25,811

  • jeremyazjeremyaz Posts: 33
    What constitutes OTD? Is your OTD prior to taxes or does it include taxes? If you are getting $27,900 for EXL, RES and NAV then you are about $2400 better than any other poster to this point (I've seen $30,455 posted 22103). Let me know as I am looking at the EXL with RES and maybe NAV if the deal is there. Thanks,
  • bigdadi118bigdadi118 Posts: 1,207
    Are you sure, which dealer did you get this deal? The 2009 EXL w/Nav & Res MSRP is 37,625.00 (incl dest)
  • cthalaimcthalaim Posts: 12
    i bought my 09 lx on end of feb'09..refer the below post for price details..if 21,500 includes destn fee then it's almost same as mine..but i think still you can try..!keywords=#21739
  • pov55441pov55441 Posts: 5
    Hi Car Man and Forum Readers. I plan on leasing a new EX in the next 2-3 months in the Minneapolis area. I would like to add on RES and rear back-up sensors, but I don't know what those two add-ons would do to my cost. Can anyone please help me with an estimate as well as monthly payment?!? I also have perfect credit and will put $0 down, 12K, and 36mo.

    On a related note, we are about to turn in an EXL so I know that the leather is another option. Bottom line, we don't need the leather and are hopefully looking to save a few bucks by just going with the EX. THANK YOU so much!!
  • Thats the Great Deal, EX-L with RED and navigation for $27900 base price. Would you mind sharing the dealer name please.
  • fmichaelfmichael Posts: 95
    I too live in the Milwaukee area, & I'm looking into an Odyssey...Schlossmann's offered me the best internet price on an EX at $24237 which is good until April 30th.
  • vee927vee927 Posts: 11
    2009 Honda Odyssey
    EX-L R+N
    Selling Price: $30050.00
    7% NJ Tax: $2102.30
    Doc: $199
    Dmv: $354 [Based on financing]
    NJ Tire Tax: $7.50

    Total: $32703.30

    Can I do better then this in NJ
    I have $500 deposit on the car they have to locate the color I need.

    Thank you for your help I could not have done this with you guys on this.
  • atrajanatrajan Posts: 27

    that is an excellent price. At least $1000 less than what i received. Will you be able to share the dealership name? I am also in NJ.

  • i got an ex-l from lisle honda for 29,560 out the door (including 7.25 tax and new plates) - i think the price before TTL was 27,100
  • dr_zzzdr_zzz Posts: 2
    Yes we are. Out the door. EX-L + appearance package as they call it. (mudflaps + mats.)
  • tonyl1tonyl1 Posts: 53
    This sounds like a good deal, I posted my deal earlier in this thead. However unless NJ is different than IL they will tax the 2500 dealer incentive making the tax 2278.5. I wanted the mud flaps and this particular dealer included 2 oil changes.
  • fxguyfxguy Posts: 132
    This price is too good to be true. I think you will find that you and your dealer are thinking about 2 different trims.
  • vee927vee927 Posts: 11
    hey Rajan,
    give me your email and i will send you all the info.

  • vee927vee927 Posts: 11
    yes the sales person is giveing me 2 free oli changes and mud Guard, and wheel locks are standerd on the EX-L thats what the sales man told me.
  • tonyl1tonyl1 Posts: 53
    They may be standard at the dealer, but I don't have wheel locks.
  • pray4allpray4all Posts: 14
    Hi Vee,

    could you please send me your dealer info as well

    rffpgadsp at

  • isles22isles22 Posts: 5
    The Original OTD price (all taxes, fees etc) was $29,963. We then added on a few items as follows:

    Base price: $28649
    Simonize System 5: +$295 (dealer discount)
    Mud Flaps: +$46 (dealer discount)
    Tax: $871
    Doc: $88
    Fee: $399
    Total: $30,348
  • CC8,
    this is a great price. I am also from CA and in the market for same Ody EX-L with Nav and RES. Please email me dealers detail at


  • isles22, thanks.
    I got a quote from Charles Glegg at SANFORD at $28,695, ~$50 difference. I don't see inventory at their website. But he said he could get it for me.
  • isles22isles22 Posts: 5
    Good deal! Charles is the man and cannot be beat! Good luck. I'm picking mine up this week!
  • hansiennahansienna Posts: 2,312
    Is Ocean Mist Metallic a popular color which sells out quickly OR is it a color most people won't buy?

    I like White exterior but think the yellow-cream interior color is hideous. :sick:
  • li7li7 Posts: 10
    Im looking to purchase a Honda Odyssey EX-L with Res for 27.5k in new york area. Is this attainable. What would be a good deal price in NYC area.
  • Been reading forums for awhile - been very helpful - need an opinion on a quote. EXL with DVD/Nav plus fog lights and roof racks - 33,889 with PA tax and tags included in the price. Any input would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
  • Hi all,

    I have a quote for a 2009 Honda Odyssey LX at $21300 including destination charges (excluding tax and document fees) from a dealer in Boston, MA. Is this a good quote or should I try for a better offer.Suggestions are welcome.
  • kneehowmakneehowma Posts: 17
    I believe Ocean Mist (light blue) is a very popular color that sold out quickly. While shopping for an Odyssey EX in Houston area, I noticed there are very few Ocean Mist on dealer's lot, regardless of the trim. We finally got one as soon as it rolled off the truck. White exterior is fine, but some people think it's too plain. My previous minivan is white and it holds up (ages) very well. The yellow-cream color (Mocha in Honda's term) is just plain ugly. If you have ever changed baby's diaper (I'm pretty sure that includes everyone who is buying a minivan), then Mocha is the color of soiled-diaper. I don't know what Honda is thinking....
  • hi:

    I am in AZ, the lowest price I can get for a Honda Odyssey EX model is 24628 (include destination/tint). is this a good price?
  • hansiennahansienna Posts: 2,312
    Better than Utah, Wyoming, or Idaho where the best price for a NEW Ody EX is $ 24,928. 2nd best was $25,070 and 3rd best was Costco $ 25,105.
  • hansiennahansienna Posts: 2,312
    Thanks. I frequently drive a Taffeta White 2001 Odyssey EX and love the light green cloth interior which still looks nice with 104,000 miles on it. She often takes grandchildren in her Ody.

    On the other hand, the interior of my niece's Taffeta White 2005 Odyssey EX quickly looked dirty and UGLY within a few months and she has NO small children riding in it.

    I would NOT buy a Taffeta White Odyssey if they sold a new 2009 Odyssey EX to me for $ 19,999. :sick:
  • I'm also in NYC area. Want to buy regular EX-L for 27k. Anyone has good experience and price, can you tell me which dealer? Thanks.
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