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2013 and earlier Honda Odyssey Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • That's a very good price rascallyrabit! I live in TX and I can't even get close to that!
  • Hey can you share your dealer name and the sales rep? What was your OTD price. Also, are you resident of MD? If not what was your sales tax rate?

  • mdgarciamdgarcia Posts: 6
    Have e-mailed 10 local dealers. Best offer so far is from one dealer for $27,800+TTL for a '09 Slate Green EXL no Res/Nav. Others are around $28,100 - $28,700+TTL.
    Any chance I can get down around $27K even? What's that best way to get them down?
  • Any ideas for May09 incentivies for Odyssey? Is the current incentives (2500 + 2.9% apr) stays like that or any changes expected?

    As it is only 2 weeks left for May 4th, is that good idea to wait for that or good to buy now?

    Any responses are very much appreciated.
  • fmichaelfmichael Posts: 95
    I'm thinking the same thing...I've been keeping an eye on a few Honda dealers inventory (not many being moved from what I can tell), but from what I've heard Honda will reduce production starting in May...Dunno what to say other than that May might be a good month to buy considering that there are still a good number of Oddys in dealer lots.
  • airoopsairoops Posts: 9

    just curious, did they try to sell you an 08 Touring at all? They still have a bunch of them on the lot and am wondering what you could scoop an 08 for if they are selling the 09's for 33k?
  • exb0exb0 Posts: 539
    2) EXL w/dvd only at $30,600 OTD (selling price $27,781.70 + state tax is 6%, + $670 freight, + processing fee $99, + $275 for title/tag). Basically $2,100 less for this model.

    This is very good price. Last week I requested quotes from most dealers in MD and VA for same model, and the best quote I got was $350 more than what you are getting. Which store gave you this price?
  • jeremyazjeremyaz Posts: 35
    Can someone please describe, in detail, how the dealers in MD, VA and other east coast areas are able to offer the lowest sales prices? For example, I understand that the Invoice price of an EXL w/RES is $31,481 (then add to that the standard $670 destination charge).

    There is currently a $2500 Honda incentive which would bring the above price down to $28,981 + Dest + Doc + Lic + Tire Fee + Taxes. How are these posts showing $28,000 being achieved?

    The same question on the touring...doing the math, these people are also getting about $1000 more off the price than $2500 less inventory allows. Any help and/or strategies to achieve these results would be appreciated.
  • bikash007bikash007 Posts: 10
    I got the following quote from a dealer in CT. Please let me know if anybody got a bettter deal than this?

    In-Stock 2009 Honda Odyssey EX-L DVD/Navi:
    Your ePrice: $30,389.00
    Dealer Conveyance: $299.00
    CT Sales Tax: $1,841.28
    Transfer Registration: $100.00 (new $170)
    Total Out the Door: $32,629.28

    Also, please let me know what else can I negotiate the dealership into giving for free: like floor mats, wheel locks, mud guard or oil change? Has anybody gotten free oil change for life (asking for too much?)?
  • bosmikebosmike Posts: 9
    The $2500 Honda marketing holdback to the dealer is in addition to the normal holdback which I believe is 2% of MSRP for most Honda models. So even without the incentive, dealers can (and do) sell at or below invoice because of the holdback.
  • Thank you Fmichael. Which state are you in? Did you get any quotes from your local dealers? I am from WA state.
  • jayriderjayrider Posts: 3,602
    Manufacturers sometimes offer dealers in various regions different incentives. They don't show up on invoice/holdback/rebate figures. It may have to do with monthly sales bonuses etc. May or may not be why deals differ.
  • pray4allpray4all Posts: 14
    HI bikash007,

    It's decent price, would you pls share the dealer/contact info?

    rffpgadsp at

  • Hey Exbo,

    if you are intersted we can team up and hopefully knock off another 200 to 500 off the exl w/dvd.

    you interested? The only reason i am getting this price is becuase i know how much my coworked paid and they can jerk me around like other dealers can.

    So far no dealer in MD or VD or NJ area has came close to either othe these price for EXL w/dvd or EXL w/dvd with nav. Some dealers have told me that they are not the desperate to move the odyssey of there lot yet.

  • exb0exb0 Posts: 539
    Unfortunately we are not buying the Odyssey anymore.

    Our 07 Odyssey was “lemoned”, and on Saturday we went to buy an 09. However the 09 seems to have the same issue as our 07. We test drove another one and it was fine, but my wife is really scared of ending up with another lemon.
  • tonyl1tonyl1 Posts: 53
    Can you please elaborate on your issues, or perhaps you have and I overlooked it?
  • Hi that's a great deal!
    which state are you living and which dealership did you get yours?

    thank you,
  • Does anyone know the best deal in Chicago area?
    The best quote I got now is $33k OTD.

    thank you
  • Finally pulled the trigger on an EX-L. Wanted to lease but couldn't wait any more for the lease deals to get better.

    The price above included everything including 6% Michigan sales tax. I may have been able to get it a little lower but got tired of the back and forth with the dealers.

  • Please respond with recent buying experience for an EX-L in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area. Please note your date of purchase, model, and base price (including dest chanrges) you got. Thanks!
  • By what % will Oddy prices drop for year end clearance sales?
  • fmichaelfmichael Posts: 95
    A dealer here in the Milwaukee area gave me a quote of $24,237 for an EX that includes destination fee; price is good until April 30th.
  • All,

    i have an update on the pricing. On last Saturday i had stopped at the delarship from where my co-work purchased the car from and i got the same pricing as my co worker did but did not purchased and walked out upset. The delar called back and made sweeter offered or at least i think it is.

    Now the offer stands as follow and good till End of april.

    1) EXL w/dvd and Nav at $31,330 OTD(selling price $28,468.84 + state tax is 6%, + $670 freight, + processing fee $99, + $275 for title/tag).

    2) The pricing fr Exl w/dvd is still at $30,600 OTD.

    I think $31,330 for exl w/dvd and nav is a GREAT price, i think it is little too good to be true.

    has anyone gotten a better price than this in MARYLAND area? Should i wait for May maybe the deal will get better or buy it now? Anyone has any idea what is honda going to offer in May 2009 for incentive?

  • Can you someone guide me the right direction where i can get the best price for extended warranty?

    i am looking for 8 years for 120k. Someone i know recenlty paid $1250 for this. Is this a good price or can i do better? if so by how much?

  • Hello

    I'm located in SoCal area. Just got quoted OTD price of 31,400 for black EX-L with RES. Has anyone done better? Would appreciate name of dealer.

  • jeremyazjeremyaz Posts: 35
    Please break down your OTD pricing and I can compare to what I have so far. I've seen several go for $28,000 before TTL (with Destination included in that for some)...but I haven't broken the $29,300 barrier yet.

    I'm not itching to buy unless a dealer in S. California or AZ is willing to budge.
  • Hi,

    These are AWESOME prices. Is that possible for you to share the email that dealer sent to your with that quote (krushi at gmail dot com) My dealer here want to see in writing .. it would be really really appreciated ..or send an email to me with u r details so that I can contact you through email

    I am aggressively looking to buy the honda for last few weeks and here at my place the best quote that I got is 32, 500 for EXL+DVD (@9.8% tax).
  • hansiennahansienna Posts: 2,312
    Bali Blue is a gorgeous color with nice grey cloth interior but will show water spots more quickly than some of the lighter colors. :shades:
  • hansiennahansienna Posts: 2,312
    The prices are NOW the lowest I have ever seen. If you wait, you probably will pay more and not get the Odyssey model and color you want - unless any color is satisfactory.
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