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2013 and earlier Honda Odyssey Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • 11meri11meri Posts: 2
    Did you close this deal? With whom?

  • ffkevinffkevin Posts: 2
    Central Ohio Buyers

    My wife and I just used Edmunds' web site to get quotes from dealers all over Ohio for a 2009 Honda Odyssey Touring w/o PAX in Sterling Gray Metallic. We ended up e-mailing about 20 different dealers with a price request. Only about 12 wrote us back. (One dealer, "John Hinderer", refused to give us a price unless we went in to the showroom!)

    MSRP - $41,175
    Edmunds TMV - $35,792

    Highest dealer quote - $35,999
    Lowest dealer quote - $33,997 ($33,600 if we took one they had in stock since they didn't have the Sterling Gray)

    All quotes included the destination fee of $670, but didn't include TT&L.

    We took the $33,997 price at Lindsay Honda (formerly Honda East).

    Internet pricing is the way to go!!! We had THE BEST CAR BUYING EXPERIENCE WE HAVE EVER HAD!!!

    Our out the door price was $36,584.17. That was for the van, the destination charge, and TT&L! It also had splash guards on it that we got for free!

    We highly recommend Lindsay Honda in Central Ohio (East Columbus)!!!
  • nodysseynodyssey Posts: 3
    Yesterday I went shopping Odyssey EX in ATL area. The lowest price I got was 26035 including 7% ST and all fees. I did not take the offer, I have to decide on the trade in. Also I heard from one dealer that they had minor hail damage, they would fix it or take off $375 from the price. At one dealer I saw tons of Odysseys in their lot, do not know when they would sell all those.
  • I'm in Houston, Texas. The lowest quote I received for the Touring (No Pax) is $36,700 OTD. I'm going to wait to see if I can get a better price since I'm in no rush to make a purchase.
  • pk71pk71 Posts: 7
    I am looking at my first minivan purchase. I am getting a deal for Chrsyler T&C touring with dual DVD system for $23300+tax. I am also getting a deal for Honda Odyssey EX for around $23500+tax (at least thats what the dealer said over the phone and email). Kinda confused which one would be better. I am interested in long term low maintanence quality vehicle. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  • sunday6sunday6 Posts: 3
    Those are some very good numbers badtaamiz_2000. What is the name of the dealership that quoted you these prices.

    Also I read in one of the posts that the incentive in May is going to be $3000. SO should I wait or pull the trigger?
  • fmichaelfmichael Posts: 95
    I'm in the same boat you're in - looking to save some $$$ as well as "buying American".....My concerns with the T&C is long term quality along with the viability of Chrysler LLC.

    Chrysler mini-vans have had a pretty good rep for some time - however it's hard to say how they stack-up against the Odyssey/Sienna...Consumer Reports bash Chrysler products, but then again they seem not to notice/acknowledge the past Odyssey transmission woes, nor the Sienna side doors falling off either so I tend to take what Consumer Reports say with a grain of salt.

    Over at the Chrysler T&C/Dodge Caravan board the folks there seem pretty happy with their 2009 vans; gives me some hope that they're building quality products - even if the company is on the verge of going under.
  • pk71pk71 Posts: 7
    Exactly. The user board reviews are reasonably good. However edmunds report as well as consumer reports are not so good. The key thing I'm getting fully loaded T&C with rear view camera, Dual DVD system, etc. Comparitively Odyssey EX looks like a strip down version with no rear view camera, DVD, etc. Hope some experienced users of the board can throw some light.
  • fmichaelfmichael Posts: 95
    Even though the loaded-up T&C appears to be a "steal" when compared to the Odyssey - how much of a "steal" is it if/when the little added electronic gizmos like the dvd player aren't working, and there's no warranty to fix it (I'm skeptical about the Feds covering the warranties of Chrysler/GM).

    That said it still might be worth it to give the T&C a try since Honda/Toyota may decide to pull the rebates/incentives/financing sooner than later.
  • nodysseynodyssey Posts: 3
    Today I got an Odyseey EX in ATL for 25700, inclusive of TTL,
  • hansiennahansienna Posts: 2,312
    Don't include Sienna with Odyssey when comparing with a Chrysler. The Odyssey is GREATLY Superior to the Sienna in quality and low depreciation. Siennas depreciate as fast as Chryslers.

    I have compared an Ody EX-L with a Sienna XLE and Chrysler T&C Limited. Here are the quotes:

    Ody EX-L MSRP $ 33,825 quote $ 28,125.

    Sienna XLE MSRP $ 33,448 quote $ 31,448.

    Chrysler T&C Limited $ 40,570 quote $ 28,570.

    However, the Chrysler T&C Limited was sold before we saw it. The Toyota salesman called me 2 days later to tell me they could "sharpen their pencils" but I told him to forget it because their initial quote is NOT competitive.
  • pk71pk71 Posts: 7
    Thanks for the Toyota Sienna info. I didn't know that the Sienna depreciated so fast.

    Good point by michael regarding the gizmos not working. Also as a sub for the DVD players, I was thinking about buying 2 portable DVD players for the second and third rows @ $100 each. Basically some gizmos can be replaced with other things but not the basic quality of the vehicle. I'm worried that the T&C will start giving problems in 3-4 years. I plan to have the van for the next 10 years or so.
  • Just bought a 2009 EX-L, no RES, no NAV.

    OTD was 30,077.84. Price before destination fees, taxes, license fees was 27,200.

    Also, financed at 3.9% thru Honda.

    I guess the manager wanted to meet a quota because no one else in the area could come close.

    Good luck, All!
  • Shouldn't 27,200 w/o destination charge be a very fat price from dealer already?
    Come on, if it's really because of quota, they need to offer these:
    LX 21,000 + TTL
    EX 24,000 + TTL
    EX-L 27,000 + TTL
    EX-L w RES & NAV 30,000 + TTL
    Touring w/o PAX 33,000 + TTL
    Otherwise, tell the dealer, see you in the year end.
    Hopefully, they are still alive by then.
  • toribiaatoribiaa Posts: 3
    Let me start by saying that I have been lurking these boards for about three months. The knowledge that I have acquired by reading the posts herein is invaluable. I don't know how people go to a dealership without the information that is shared here.

    Today, I just signed the dotted line for a 09 Oddy EX-L with RES, Taffeta White; plus free lifetime ol changes (4 per year). The selling price was 28,475, inclusive of 670 destination charge. 6% Tax in CT, plus 173 for registration and plates = $30,744 out the door.

    I started the process by emailing 10 dealerships for quotes. These first quotes were all between 31,000 and 34000. Then I focused on four dealerships and started emailing with them, and the quotes started to come down. The lowest quote I got was 28430, but they did not have the white in stock.

    Today, after chruch, went to the dealership, asked for the person I had been exchanging emails with, told him I was ready to buy. He brought the minivan around so we could see it: only four miles on that baby !!! Went back inside, he brought the purchase agreement, everything was signed, and that's it. I was at the dealership for less than an hour. Those guys were great, no pressure, no playing games no "well, that quote is no longer valid" !!! No slimmy sales manager trying to load up the wagon with extras. I take delivery tomorrow !!

    Thank you all again for sharing all the knowledge. I think I got a pretty good deal and I am so happy about it !! Thanks,
  • chooch3chooch3 Posts: 5
    I too have gotten a lot of good info from the boards. We pulled the trigger this weekend on an ocean mist EX-L with RES here in Boston. Went back and forth between several dealers over email. Ultimately was able to negotiate a quote for $28,000 (including destination) from one dealer. We put down a deposit and were supposed to finalize the deal on Saturday, but we backed out because they gave us a really low quote on our trade-in.
    We went to another dealer that same day and we were able to get a price of $28,100, but a much better price on our trade in. We had to do a lot of haggling at the end...not exactly the most straightforward and honest dealer (they tried to tell us we couldn't get both the $2500 manufacturer to dealer incentive AND the 3.9% financing!!! -- Luckily, I did my research on Edmunds and wouldn't back down...and they eventually gave in).

    At the end of it all:

    Price: $28,100 (incl dest)
    5% Sales tax (MA)
    Registration: $299
    Title/Plates: $111

    Final OTD: $29,735
  • Hi Torbiaa, Excellent price. CAn you pl. fwd the email quote you got for this EXL+ DVD to krushi at gmail dot com ? I am eagerly looking to buy one. In WA state, the preices are 32,200 OTD.

    It would be really appreciated,

  • Hi Chooch3, One more excellent price. Can you pl. fwd the email quote you got for this EXL+ DVD to krushi at gmail dot com ? I am eagerly looking to buy one. In WA state, the preices are 32,200 OTD.

    It would be really appreciated,

  • Can you ping me the name of the dealer salesperson you dealt with - this is exactly what I'm looking for. tony at tonynkim dot com

  • jeremyazjeremyaz Posts: 35
    Okay, so it's end of month but it appears that the New England deals are seemingly the best. How are the dealers able to get to $28k on EXL w/RES? Is there a bigger incentive offered in that region? $2500 seems to be the number from Honda that is given, but people are seemingly going to $3500-$4000 under invoice.

    Please advise the rest of us stuck on the Western region (CA, AZ, WA)....thanks,
  • hey,

    I knew it was too good to be true!

    Last Friday i went to the delarship to buy the car. I was quoted over the phone $31,330 for exl w/dvd and nav and confirmed this with sales rep 4 times before driving when i got there i told the sales rep. I dont need the nav and i want a EXL w/dvd only. I told him i would pay $29,130 OTD for EXL w/DVD since the nav cost $2,200 more.

    I simply took $31,330 - $2,200 = $29,130

    The manger came back and said the sale rep made a mistake when he quoted me $31,300 for exl w/dvd and nav and i told him in that case i made a mistake to stop by at your store and walked out.

    I am now just going to wait for the best price. I see a patter here Honday is getting deseprate and i would not be surprise to $3,000 rebut plus .09% for 3 years and 1.9% for 60 months finanancing in June.

    I would wait if i were till end of may to see what they are offering.

    So the best number i have now is as follow...

    $32,700 OTD for EXL w/dvd and nav for MD with 6% sales tax
    $30,600 OTD for EXL w/dvd
    $25,800 OTD for EX

    thank you
  • peb307peb307 Posts: 5
    Great!! Looks like you were very successful on your pricing. I'm looking for an EX in CT and was hoping you could provide the name of the dealership you got the best pricing for. Also, was the life time oil changes a negotiated item or is that a std. offering of the dealership? thanks.
  • toribiaatoribiaa Posts: 3
    I got the lowest prices from Liberty Honda in Hartford and Schaller Honda in New Britain. The oil changes were not standard; it was negotiated: Liberty Honda at it to the deal when they knew that I had offers from other dealerships.
  • I'm in the same boat here in Texas! I can't seem to get anybody to budge below Invoice - $2500 for a Touring without PAX.

    Is this due to inventory of the Touring models or just a downside of living in Texas? Any help/suggestions would be greatly appreciated as I am hoping to purchase by the end of the month. Hubby is getting very tired of sharing his car. :)
  • I'm looking to purchase an '09 Odyssey Touring without PAX:

    My math on the costs:

    MSRP: 40505
    Invoice: 36677
    Dealer Holdback (3% of MSRP): -2500
    Dealer Cash -1215.15
    Advertising (1% of MSRP) 405.05
    Destination 670

    Total "Cost" to Dealer: 34,036.90

    I have not shown any of my numbers to the dealers and I have two offers I am considering:

    Dealer 1: $34,036.60

    Dealer 2: $34,137.00

    Am I going to do much better than this?
  • yng99yng99 Posts: 3
    Great price! I am also looking for EXL in CT. The lowest quote I got was round 29000. Could you please send names of the salesperson and contact emails
    to youngyale AT Thanks.
  • dad2bedad2be Posts: 57
    Hi opharbour. Refer to post #21448 as it seems like a good summary. For this model, they list:

    Invoice: 37447 (includes destination and advertising)
    Dealer Holdback: -810 (2% of MSRP, not 3%)
    Dealer Cash: -2500

    Total "cost" to Dealer: 34137

    Your quotes are right at this number or slightly lower. Seems like a pretty good deal, but some users of this forum have been reporting even further discounts on some models, suggesting they are selling for small loses to move cars OR there is additional dealer cash available.
  • dinnudinnu Posts: 17
    I am also in the market for EX-L with RES and looking for deals. After looking at your deal closely, I noticed that your numbers don't add up.

    Selling Price: $28,475
    6% Tax: $1,708.5
    Reg & Plates: $173

    Total OTD should be $30,356.5, but you paid $30,744 (a diff of $387.5)

    Did I miss something?
  • Thanks, dad2be. I factored in 3% for the dealer holdback as I thought it was 2% for vehicles on the lot for 90 days or less and 3% for longer than 90 days. I thought I read somewhere that the average Honda Odyssey spends 101 days on the lot before it is sold, so I thought I would go for the higher number (and it looks like my 1% on advertising was too high, so the numbers offset).

    Either way, it looks like I'm getting a decent deal. I don't begrudge a dealership making a profit, I just don't want to feel like the buyer who overpaid.
  • shamcyshamcy Posts: 23
    If you need to keep the minivan for that long then I highly recommend getting the T&C.
    They come with a lifetime powertrain warranty and you can buy the lifetime bumper to bumper extended warranty for around $1800-2000.
    The catch is the life time warranties are only valid for the original owner so you have to buy it brand new from the dealer.
    Currently, you can get anywhere from $10k-$11k OFF MSRP on a nicely equipped T&C. If you look at a similarly equipped T&C and Odyssey you will see that the Odyssey will cost you close to $5k more.
    I test drove both and I have always been a Japanese car fan but the T&C beats the smack out of Odyssey especially when you factor in the lifetime powertrain and bumper to bumper warranties.
    The 09 T&C is a much better van than its older brethren and if you want to keep it for that long then nothing beats the lifetime warranty.
    If you are worried about the warranty if Chrysler goes under then don't.
    The Feds guarantee the warranties on any auto made by Chrysler and sold after 3/30/2009.
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