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2013 and earlier Honda Odyssey Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • tc2009tc2009 Posts: 7
    Anyone out there in San Francisco Bay area shopping shopping for 2009 Odyssey EX-L?
    Can you please post the prices you have obtained from the dealers?
    Anyone purchased this vehicle recently also please post the dealership and best price.
    So far I have received one quote from Anderson Honda for $27988 + tax

  • Ok, since I'm not in a hurry need of a van, I'll wait another couple of months and see how much cheaper I can get, I'm sure the best incentives will come after summer.
  • udahmanudahman Posts: 4
    EX-L Prices:
    $27,750 from Livermore
    $27,842 from Dublin and Berkeley.

    Let me know what you decide to do.
  • girl007girl007 Posts: 4
    i fought tooth and nail amoung san diego dealers to get a price below 27,799 before tax and license. Also, included mud guards, trunk tray, wheel locks. ( worth 300.00 total)Really there was no one wanting to touch it for less. the best I could get thrown in was a couple free oil changes... So, I assume for the area it was a great deal.
  • radkeksradkeks Posts: 6
    We're trying to resist pressure to buy tomorrow, when dealer says cash back will go away. Since we're only $900 under invoice, I don't think our current deal is that great. Makes me want to take our chances for next month. But don't want to get @#$%%^!

    BTW - We've been offered lease payment based on $31,250 for an EX-L RES. What do you think?
  • advenadven Posts: 1
    Not lowest yet. I got mine $23,770 out the door. With 6% NJ tax and $200 doc fees, my total was $25,400. Tried to ask for free trunk tray and wheel locks but failed. After driving it two weeks, and comparing it with my friends' sienna LE AWD, I kind of like the AWD feeling of toyota ... I wish Honda could've also added this AWD feature.
  • bikash007bikash007 Posts: 10
    After much deliberation I decided to go with LX. I am going to use it as a commuting car and will put a lot of miles. So just stuck to basic model. I am very happy I got the color, Mocha, I was looking for. Got it from Liberty Honda at Hartford, CT.

    Price: 21,500
    Dealer Conveyance: 399
    Sales Tax: 1313
    Registration: 173
    OTD: 23,385

    I got two free oil changes with this. What do you guys think about the price? Sounds like an ok price? Not many dealers had the color I was looking for. So did not bother bargaining too much.
  • dad2bedad2be Posts: 57
    Yep, that's the winner so far. Looks like invoice minus the $2500 incentive minus the $589 holdback minus an additional $500. Unless you had a trade-in, this indicates the dealers must be getting additional incentives to make these deals happen - perhaps if their volumes are high enough? Just speculating. Congrats on your great deal!
  • chuquechuque Posts: 6
    We just bought an EX-L on Tuesday from San Leandro Honda. Sales price was $27,500. Car was on the lot two weeks, and had 7 miles on it (both important to me). Stevens Creek Honda were also offering the same price. We went with San Leandro at the end of the day because it was about 20 miles closer for us (we live in Stockton).

    If you are willing to travel to Sac, Mel Rapton was offering me $27,000. Nobody could touch that. The offer was initially for $27,3XX in email, and then I worked it to $27,000 if we went that day (this was Sunday). This was before we finalized on a color, which was even more attractive. We drove there and realized the one we wanted had been on the lot for 9 months, although it only had ~20 miles. The biggest reason we ended up not getting it was because my wife ended up not liking the color (white). And they didn't have our new color choice (dark cherry) in a plain EXL. I wonder if all of their Odys have been there a while, and thus the unbeatable price.

    At the end of the day for us, a few hundred dollors was worth our top color pick and an (almost) brand-new, fresh van.

    FYI: I first looked up every dealer's inventory online to see if they had white or red, and then called each one. I got quotes from Serramonte, Dublin, Larry Hopkins, Vacaville, Redwood City, and Mike Harvey. (In that order of best offer to worst)

    I'd be glad to share contacts at any of these places if you want.

    Hope this helps.
  • atxodysatxodys Posts: 1

    Congratulations! That sounds like a good deal. What's your final drive out price? I am in Austin, TX and the lowest price I got quoted so far is $28615; Drive Out $30639.

  • rileydogrileydog Posts: 7
    I can only imagine incentives getting better, last year they had great lease deals during May and June. The money factor was something like .000117. I have been offered the EXL-RES in VA for 30,000 + TTL, is your price OTD? I think the incetives will change on May 5th, you may want to hold off.
  • bigdadi118bigdadi118 Posts: 1,207
    For the Ody ... the main things to pay attention are soft brake(air in fluid) some reportedly it's a TSB fix, and pre-matured tranny failure. These can be taken care of with Honda Care Extended Warranty online, 8yr/120k, 0 deductable about $1,200.

    Another thing I don't like the Ody is noise level, wind/road noise. The new Ody noise level is noisy as my ex- 7 yrs old Ford Taurus.
  • peb307peb307 Posts: 5
    Wow, great deal. Can you tell me the dealer that gave you this pricing in NJ and how long ago did you buy? Were they easy to work with? thanks
  • peb307peb307 Posts: 5
    I live in CT and am interested in the EX. In your dealings with Liberty Honda did they give you pricing for the EX and if so can you share them here? Thanks
  • tarugstarugs Posts: 16
    Prices in TX are high compared to other states. I've been in this forum for some time now checking out posts of closed deals and I have not seen any from TX that is comparable to the best ones here.
  • udahmanudahman Posts: 4
    Thanks for sharing the info. Question: What is the significance of how long the car has been sitting in their lot? Is it the longer it sits, the cheaper the price? I'm in Hayward so Sacramento is a bit far. Although I do prefer white.
  • udahmanudahman Posts: 4
    Here are the prices of Odyssey EX that I received:
    $24,299 Livermore
    $24,300 Dublin
    $24,350 Larry Hopkins Sunnyvale
    $24,539 Berkeley
    $24,598 Fremont
    $24,788 Anderson Palo Alto
    $24,988 San Leandro
    $24,995 Capitol San Jose

    It's over $3k less than EXL if you can give up the moon roof, leather, and DVD option. I'm not sure what else.
  • sunday6sunday6 Posts: 3
    Okay so I pulled the trigger yesterday and this is what I got from Lute Riley honda in Richardson.
    selling price: $27,720 (cherry red)
    OTD: $29,642 (6.25% tax + Title+lice..)
    It has the standard extras... floormats, cargo tray,door edge protector, 1 free oil change and full gas tank etc...

    There was only 1 with this color in my 50 mile radius(I looked at 12 dealers and none had this color). I also saw the sheet that the salesman had (it was on the lot for only 3 days), some had 240 days on it. Tarugs and atxodys, this might not be the $27k deal people are getting but for Texas, I think it is pretty good.

    I had such a bad experience at David Mcdavid Honda of Frisco. I was driving to Bankston Honda to do the paperwork because they were ready at OTD $29,400 for a white(they dont have a red) when the salesman at David Mcdavid Honda of Frisco called and said that he can get the red one for this price if I come in right away. I was happy but as soon as I landed in Frisco, this internet sales lady came with a $31,500 quote for red. I was stunned, then the manager came and started yelling at me about who gave you the $29,400 quote. It was pathetic, then the salesguy who called me came up and said, I never promised you the red car. I really want people who are shopping to be aware of these crooks. Very unprofessional, I just walked out.

    I cant find any logic to why the salesguy even called me when he cant offer the right color or the right price and then everyone starts yelling at me!

    Finally, we paid the extra($242) to get $29,642 at Lute Riley honda. The sales guy and general manger were great but the finance lady was a @#$%@. It felt as if she wanted me to buy the entire store as an accessory along with the car (not to mention the 3.99% as opposed to 3.9%...beware!).

    The Mrs is very happy with the new car. It looks pretty big in the garage compared to her Infiniti M35. I cant thank you all enough for this great blog. Good luck to ya all!
  • chuquechuque Posts: 6
    I would say that prices in Texas are higher also. I lived in Houston for 23 years before the last 4 in CA. I think it's all a matter of supply and demand. In TX I think more people buy minivans, and more people are still buying minivans in the current economy. For another example, most of the dealers in the CA central valley (where I think the economy is hitting residents harder) have much fewer cars, especially minivans, than in the Bay Area.

    Anyway, our driveout was something like $30,3XX, don't remember exactly. The drive out is not comparable also, since in CA you pay your local sales tax rate, where in TX I believe sales tax for cars is a fixed 6.5% or something like that? And DMV (or DPS) fees would vary as well.

    Hope this helps!
  • chuquechuque Posts: 6
    UDahman: Mechanically, there is probably no difference in a car that has been sitting on the lot a long time. I think most of it is probably cosmetic. For example, if a car has been on the lot since September, it's gone through a winter (lots of rain, potential hail), and it's gone through a lot of people climbing in and out of it, possibly test driving it, and just messing with it.

    For example, the one that we passed on had a few scratches on the finish of the consol. These were the kind of scratches that couldn't be taken out. Also, the interior was just much dirtier overall, with a lot of stains that would probably be tough to get out as well (looked like some oil, grease from bottom of shoes).

    But yes, I would think the longer dealers have cars that sit there, the better price you can negotiate. The dealer just wants to move the cars since they pay monthly to have them sit there.

    Again, if you don't mind the drive, call them up first and get the numbers down (make sure they email you price and OTD price so you can print out and bring with you), and then take a trip this weekend to's not too far if you know what's waiting for you! And the deal is worth the trip!

    Or, you can go to Stevens Creek and try to see if he'll sell you a white (they had one) for $27,500. That was the offer I got from them.

    Let me know if I can be of any more help.
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,042
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  • mismithmismith Posts: 1
    Well...great forums here everyone! I have been a lurker for years.

    Going today to pick up an 09 Ocean Mist EX-L from Courtesy Honda in Sanford FL (just north of Orlando).

    Submitted a quote request from Edmunds and got 5 competing quotes, Courtesy's being the best "real" OTD quote and it was the first quote to arrive in my inbox.

    Internet guys seems nice, hopefully the deals remains as quoted once we get on site later today.

    Will provide update on price and experience shortly.
  • bikash007bikash007 Posts: 10
    I did not get an EX pricing from them. But usually they give you a good price.
  • udahmanudahman Posts: 4
    If you go to this link, it shows that dealer cost for the EXL is $27190. If you click on the "Table" tab, it does not factor in the incentive. So when you subtract the $2500 cash incentive they are getting, the dealer cost goes down to $24,690. If that info is correct, I think we should be able to get a price under $27,000. - fo=Mocha%20Metallic,Olive,33825.0000,0,2009%20Honda,Odyssey,4dr%20Wagon%20EX-L,2- - 009_Honda_Odyssey_Mocha_Metallic.jpg&trimId=307872&modelId=18818&zipcode=94552
  • arippenarippen Posts: 1
    Just about to pull the trigger on a EX-L w/ RES. Best price I've been quoted is $27,781. Has anyone heard/seen/received something better?

    Is there any reason to wait until late in May to buy the car? Anyone aware of any new incentives coming out?

  • tc2009tc2009 Posts: 7
    I saw somewhere on this board that Honda is announcing incentives in May. I will wait a few more days.
  • tc2009tc2009 Posts: 7
    A dealer told me that Honda does not offer dealer installed DVD system and if you want one it has to be an aftermarket DVD system ($995-$1095). Is that true? Hard to believe Honda does not offer a DVD system.
  • lyaolyao Posts: 71
    Costco Auto Buying Program is b.s. It's sound like a scam to me! The Honda Company that Costco dealt with in my area is Fairfax Honda. The rep there so far had not replied to me yet. When I called the dealer, none of the reps was there. The rep who answered the phone called did not even want to give me a price quote for Honda Odyssey EXL with Navi/dvd or Touring without PAX. He kept on telling me to show in person in order to get the best price quote. It sounds like a trap! All they wanna do is trying to keep you there all day and force you to buy with their prices (so that you can't go to any other dealer and compared)! Very disappointed!
    I would give the Fairfax Honda Dealer, Fairfax, VA a grading of 1 (if 1 is the lowest rating and 10 is the highest rating for Sales Services). :mad:
  • dad2bedad2be Posts: 57
    If you are in the curve plot and put your mouse over the "actual dealer cost" price of $27190 is says that this already includes "holdbacks and applicable dealer incentives." The $2500 falls into this category, so it is already accounted for. It also says these figures are "estimated," whatever that means. Still seems like invoice minus the $2500 minus the 2% holdback minus several hundred additional $$$ - in line with most of the prices posted here.
  • chooch3chooch3 Posts: 5
    Not sure why the dealer told you that. Honda offers a DVD or rear entertainment system (RES) as an option for the EX-L and standard for Touring.
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