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2013 and earlier Honda Odyssey Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • sk2009sk2009 Posts: 8
    Hey rim936,

    Can you send me the dealers email address. I am looking for EX-L with RES. If possible can you forward the quote. my email address is ''.

    Thanks in advance.
  • slodysseyslodyssey Posts: 1
    Hi Everyone,

    I'm in the market for my first Odyssey and have this forum very helpful. My question is, does anyone know if Honda has ever offered 0% on the Odyssey? If so, what do you think the chances are that they offer it again anytime soon? I know the current offers run until the beginning of July (right now at 3.9% for 60 months), so I'm hoping they go lower then.
  • tonyl1tonyl1 Posts: 53
    There is a honda aftermarket version which replaces the child mirror. There are also Parrot versions.

  • tpavantpavan Posts: 12
    Hi cshonda

    I leave in tampa area. So it will be helpful to know the specific dealer you reached out for your deal.

  • buyvan1buyvan1 Posts: 5

    Thank you very much for valuable information on the extended warranty. I called the dealer, he asked me to fax the intent to cancel and he would cancel it.

    I also called Honda customer support and they did confirm that Honda care is their warranty program, which dealers are authorized to sell.

  • fillykonkfillykonk Posts: 17
    First of all, I find it very offensive that you would accuse me of these things. FYI, I am a Baptist minister. My related experience was as honest as they come. Granted, each person can have different experiences and why yours have been negative I don't know. All I can tell you is that I was treated well and given the best deal of several in the area.
  • ifly3difly3d Posts: 4
    Got a quote for $29,900 on a black touring, all the amenities, 12k miles. It has a Stolen/Recovered (non-salvaged) title from CA, buying from used car lot. Price seems good, but am I better off going for an 09 EX-L with RES/NAV, NEW?

  • rim936rim936 Posts: 3
    Anyone have experience on the best price on getting a Honda hitch receiver and wiring harness (no PS or AT cooler) included on a '09 EX-L purchase?
  • oneputzoneputz Posts: 6

    What should I expect to pay to have a dealer install a DVD player (with 2 headphones) in a new 2009 EX-L? Does anybody know what the dealer cost is for this equipment?

    Greg Putvin
  • oneputzoneputz Posts: 6

    When I asked the dealer about putting one on my Mazda, he told me to go to U-Hall. He told me that's where their dealership sends their cars to have hitches installed.
  • Well, I'm not sure about anyone else, but I would just get the 09 EX-L RES and NAV. If the car already has a stolen report on it, and has already been stolen once, then there's a high chance of it getting stolen again. ;)
  • milwaukeevan,

    No tips. They won't budge much from the internet quote price. I got a better price from Boyland but I didn't want to buy from them. ex-l price was 27,507 and i'm sure about the res. I recommend my salesman. Dave S. Tell him that Jim H sent you.
  • jeremyazjeremyaz Posts: 35
    The most aggressive deal that I found was from a S. Cal dealer where I got my EXL for $27,150 today! The best price in AZ was $28,000 but the doc fees in AZ are $399 and at this CA dealer they were only $55! I decided to ship the car, so I found a carrier for $250..but you can get a 1-day exemption which allows you to pay no CA tax if you drive the car home the same day and are taking it (if you live) out of state.

    Also, they are running a special through Sunday which states they will beat any competitors quote by $500! They also matched the online prices for accessories (no added install costs--nice!) and matched the online warranty prices without any hassle. I added some accessories and the warranty as it was a no brainer, plus they were making my deal as a match of one they gave to someone else (but the other deal had a grand or two of addons) so I felt a little compelled to add some thru them (I would have added several myself anyway).

    I'm assuming that the same ration of cost would apply to the EXL's with NAV and/or RES as well as the Touring.

    They were professional and delivered exactly as we agreed. I took advantage of the 3.9% financing. In any case, if anyone is in Arizona or S. California and wants to get the best deal, please email me to jerfrance at yahoo dot com. It's a win/win situation!
  • mynuacctmynuacct Posts: 21
    that's great. Now you can say - I saved a bunch of money by switching to Saccucci Honda. On that note, I did save a bunch of money ($1196 to $762 annual) recently by switching auto insurance from GEICO to Liberty mutual on our 2 cars and we had been with GEICO for 10 years.
  • mynuacctmynuacct Posts: 21
    In my opinion 0% APR is an incentive, you can think of it as an extreme incentive to cut down the effective price (the price you pay over the loan period). A Manufacturer will do it in case they have excess inventories or competitive pressures. Honda is doing pretty well among other manufacturers in the auto segment in terms of competitive pressures. Manufacturing output has been downsized in the wake of last sep/nov. downturn. Unless, there is a significant economic downturn again (infact the opposite seems to be happening in the stock market) in the future. They won't be providing these incentives. In fact last quarter of last year was the time when all auto makers were caught flat footed. In my opinion the incentives they gave at that time ($3500 rebate and 0.9% apr) will not be repeated anytime soon.
    Some of the local big dealers (MD,DC,VA) had about 200 odyssies on the lot last year. The same one have in 70-80 right now. As I said this is my opinion FWIW.
  • lyaolyao Posts: 71
    Wow mynuacct,

    Do you mind to share your story for auto insurance? That's a lot of $$$ you're saving now. We've been with Geico for 10+ years now. Ours are not bad from Geico ---> 6 months cost $490 for 2 cars (the coverages are 2x regular). The coverages included roadside emergency assistance services for both cars (free towing to whereever we wanted in North America).

    Btw, we still haven't switch to Saccucci Honda yet. Would like to confirm my local dealership (deducted the financed amount) before we do that. We'll stop by my local dealership for some options (Splash Guards, Cargo Net) installing this afternoon.

    I did see a bit differences between the Online Honda Care and the Platinum Honda Care offer by my local dealership.

    For online: Saccucci only allowed customers for a rental car reimbursement for up to 6 days when auto mechanical failure.
    For local dealership: Honda Care (Platinum Plan) allowed customers for a rental car reimbursement for up to 10 days instead.

    I don't know much about mechanics, so I did not look indepth to those details and compared. This is what I can share so far.

    Btw, did you negotiated with Geico before you switched to Liberty Mutual? Tell Geico you're about to switch to other company and have had been loyalty to them for 10 Yrs or so and see what they can do to keep you happy with them!

    I did spoke to Geico before negotiated with much better rates and 2x regular coverages for my 2 autos plus....

  • hondavan2hondavan2 Posts: 5
    Is $27,150 before tax, doc. fees?
  • bbb74bbb74 Posts: 4
    I did a fair bit of research before buying an EX-L w/ RES this week. I can't say that I know the answer exactly, but based on the quotes and this forum it does seem that the roughly $1500 premium is a pretty hard number. Perhaps the demand is just higher on these vehicles and they are making a solid margin on the DVD., but by the time I bought and installed something after market I just decided the integration of the factory installed system was worth that premium.
  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonPosts: 19,603
    Honda has never offered zero percent financing on anything and I seriously doubt if the ever will. If you hold out you amy miss the rates they are offering now.

    All zero percent financing does is cheapen the product.
  • cshondacshonda Posts: 12
    That confirms it, you are Mr Rick Case himself -- the one and only. And you are holding back by saying you are a minister of god. Go ahead, just tell us the truth -- you are god. Also, tell us to buy a car from you since you have the largest inventory and the largest advertising expense, and therefore can offer the lowest price on cars.
  • fillykonkfillykonk Posts: 17
    Believe what you want to believe. Maybe you did better than Case during your various purchases and that's great if you did. All I can do is tell others my own experience. You can actually read about it on this website under the "car dealer" section. Sorry if your past experiences makes you a skeptic that good deals can be had there.
  • hondamommahondamomma Posts: 2
    Carsdirect has quoted me an OTD price of $30,425 for the 2009 EX-L in South Florida. Is that good or should I keep looking?
  • bigdadi118bigdadi118 Posts: 1,207
    FL has 6% sales tax ... with other miscl fees ... I think you can try to lower another 500 to counter-offer $29,925 for new EXL
  • hondamommahondamomma Posts: 2

    Thanks for your response. The OTD price includes the taxes and fees. Should I still try to offer 500 less?
  • bmkbmk Posts: 2
    I did not go for any app pkg and I did have a trade in and it was tough to get a good my price(7K)! but finally I could able to get close to KBB value!. The rest of the quotes are not that gr8! If you still want I can fwd
    thx- bmk
  • lyaolyao Posts: 71
    Thanks bmk,

    I don't think I need it anymore since I just bought the EXL DVD/Nav few days ago with no trade in OTD for ~$31880 (including wheel locks and all fees). I'm having a great time now with my family and this brand new cool Odyssey. Very satisfied!
  • jeremyazjeremyaz Posts: 35
    $27,150 only includes the vehicle and destination charge. Tax, Title and misc fees were additional. They had additional incentives like free LoJack but I couldn't bring the vehicle back to get it installed so I waived it. My deal also included $500 towards the first months payment--but I'll only believe it when I see it.
  • mynuacctmynuacct Posts: 21
    I was looking to change my home insurance since it had gone up (without any claim on my part) significantly. Got in touch with a Liberty Mutual agent through She gave a good quote for home insurance and asked if I was interested in auto quote. I agreed to hear the quote not expecting it to be much less. But, I was shocked to hear it was $400 less than Geico even with more coverage. Geico said they couldn;t lower the rate. So, I switched both. If you want I can mail her contact info to you .
  • mynuacctmynuacct Posts: 21
    This would be about $30k price + accesories + freight + proc fee + ttl which seems to be consistent with the quotes in MD I am getting.
  • sk2009sk2009 Posts: 8
    Could you please send me the dealer email.
    Thanks in advance.
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