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2013 and earlier Honda Odyssey Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Oh boy! what a price. Best I have seen in many days! $26,094 OTD. How did you strike this deal?


    Thanks to another user on this discussion board, we bought our Odyssey yesterday. We got a white, EXL (no RES no NAV--we'll do after market) for $26,094 which included destination. Taxes and fees were $1800 (we live in No. Cal and have the highest tax rate at 9.75%).

    Dealer was Spreen Honda in Loma Linda, CA. Very happy with the transaction. Lowest price we could find in the bay area was $27,790 (or so) so we saved quite a bit of money.
  • mynuacctmynuacct Posts: 21
    To get around this non-standardized way of representing costs, I always asked for an itemized OTD cost in the emails I sent with the following template -
    price = ?
    freight = ?
    proc/doc fee = ?
    accesories = ? (what are the aalready installed = ?)
    any other fee = ?
    licensing = ?
    tax = ?

    This worked fine for me. If your area has some other additional well known charges/expenses you can add these. I also maintained a spreadsheet where I entered all the info from the dealers and sorted it based on the price.
  • mynuacctmynuacct Posts: 21
    manufacturing date is on the drivers side door that may give you an idea.
  • mynuacctmynuacct Posts: 21
    $30,500-$30,800 quotes I got from quite a few dealers in MD. Some of them did not even have a big inventory (e.g. one had 2 and another 3). Maybe they get some money back from Honda if the vehicle sits on the lot for more than sometime. In my case, they did not make any other money because I did not trade in, nor did dealer financing. They even matched the Honda Care warranty (8 yrs/120k mile) online price of $1235 from Saccucci Honda. They said they had to show a profit of atleast $1 as $1235 was the cost price (which it is). So, gave it for $1236.
    I too do not understand the economics of it :)
  • decondecon Posts: 56
    They offered me $1235 +$100 over. I said no thanks and got it from Berandi instead.
  • lyaolyao Posts: 71
    Hi Spamnot,

    You're absolutely right! I got a feedback like this from Honda of Tysons:
    No one! Honda definitely won't sell you this cheap! You might wanna consider..a used one instead! In fact, we sold out for this particular model: EXL RN. It's in limited stocks now!

    So what? I still be able to get it OTD for $31880 including installed pinstripe, wheel locks! Including free lifetime oil changes and 15% off lifetime schedule maintenance wtih that! I even emailed them: I'm going to buy the minivan now......

    So, did you buy the EXL RN yet? I love the car so much that I drive everyday now with my kids! :D
  • cjdal ,

    $26094 includes only destination and not tax/fees correct? Or $26,094 is OTD price includes everything for your 09 EXL?

  • spamnotspamnot Posts: 7
    ... $35000 plus TTL. Granted the dealer didn't pad the fees so OTD is around $38450 (Orange Cty Southern CA tax rate 8.75%, ouch).

    No one among the 12 dealerships I contacted had a white EXL Nav RES if you can believe it, so ended up getting a Touring instead.

    After deal, another dealer came thru' w/ a $34900 plus TTL but too late.

    Car was manufactured 3/09. New.

    I like it a lot.
  • strtgng1strtgng1 Posts: 1
    EX-L - no nav or RES for $27,300 + TT&L. Good?
  • lyaolyao Posts: 71
    Hi Spamnot,

    Congratulations to you! Sorry to hear that! I got some quotes for Touring without Pax (I believe the cheapest I got was around $35K to $36K OTD for 3% Tax, VA residents).

    Wow! Just couldn't believe 12 dealerships did not even have the color you wanted!
    Poor Spamnot!

    Hey! At least you're driving it now with Touring instead! Got fog lights, backup sensors, lots more features than EXL RN!

    It's my dream minivan too! I even decorated some pillows (Japanese) that I got from Asia or so.

    :shades: ---> Might have to drive the minivan for another 15 years from now (it's my 10th anniversary, so hopefully the minivan can last until my 25th anniversary)! Hehehe...
  • cjdalcjdal Posts: 9
    I wrote about this in another post so check out the details. $26094 for my EXL (no RES or NAV) was for the car including destination. Taxes and fees were additional. Taxes and fees came to $2800 as calculated on the CA DMV website.
  • cjdalcjdal Posts: 9
    We didn't consider that (we live in the east bay), but I suppose it could be an option to have the car shipped to the east bay. We bought a $50 one-way ticket on JetBlue and drove the car back. I know another user had the car shipped from Loma Linda to Arizona for $250.
  • cjdalcjdal Posts: 9
    Feel free to send me an email and I'll share with you exactly what I received from another user on this site. carrie_jean1atyahoodotcom
  • fxguyfxguy Posts: 132
    Your original post mentioned $1800. Now you mention $2800. Can you clarify which one is correct?
  • ramanameramaname Posts: 7
    Please let me know what accessories were included. Does Odyssey EX-L come with spare tire.
    Did he ask to pay extra for any accessories.
    I will appreciate your response.
  • cjdalcjdal Posts: 9
    fxguy: Obviously taxes and DMV fees are un-negotiable and based on where you are registering the car. So, those two $ amounts will depend on where you register the car. I posted this earlier which I believe answers your question:

    The EXL cost $26,094. Please note I did not get RES or NAV. Sorry, I typed in the wrong taxes and fees. It was actually $2800. California has a dmv fee calculator which includes sales tax here (your state probably has something equivalent):

    Total CA fees: $257
    Total use/tax fees: $2544 (that's Alameda county where I live at 9.75%)
  • ilanailana Posts: 22
    I am also looking to get an EXL the lowest I got is 27300 including destination and they are saying it's valid only until Saturday. I sent you an email. My email is
  • jeremyazjeremyaz Posts: 35
    I just emailed you all the information you need. It's the same stuff that I worked on with CJ and the others. So far, we have helped several forum members save $2k each or so on their purchase and I feel that the I've combated the price fixing/collusion issue in Arizona (and somewhat in other CA areas) to a small degree.
  • uncletruncletr Posts: 8
    Two different EX-L's have an MSRP that differs by $540. I was wondering if anyone knew the likely differences, specs don't go into detail enough online browsing to differenciate. The lower one is the common, $33,825; the higher is $34,365. I'll post buying experience if I end up buying, thanks.
  • tc2009tc2009 Posts: 7
    Hi cidal:
    That is a very good price. Congratulations on your purchase!
    I got a quote for $28249.18 from the same dealership for an EX-L with DVD. I live in the alameda county too and I am starting to consider driving down to this dealership if I can negotiate a good deal. I have a couple of questions for you:
    How did you go about doing the price negotiations?
    How was your experience buying from this dealership?
    You can also reply me at avrm at hotmail dot com
  • mynuacctmynuacct Posts: 21
    Could be a few more dealer installed accesories and/or newer manufacturing date.
  • tonypark68tonypark68 Posts: 3
    Do you think this is a good offer?

    Downpayment $5,000.00
    Monthly payment $495.00 (60months @ 3.9% including TTL)
  • I have been reading this post. I am not clear on the total price paid. Is the grand total $26,094 + $2544 + $257 = $28895.00 or was it $26,094? Thanks cjdal
  • schoplmdschoplmd Posts: 2
    I am really glad I came across this site. This is a wonderful idea for a forum. I really appreciate everyone's help in advance. I will check the message board for replies but would love to receive emails as it will be much faster. moc.oohay@relpohcsm is the email if you read right to left.

    Background. We are trading in a 2002 Ford Windstar with 100k miles. Carmax quote was $2000. Kelly Blue Book for "Fair" was $2525 and "Good" was $3000. The interior and engine are good but we have some cosmetic damage to rear bumper and dent in the liftgate. I'm not a big fan of selling on my own so would prefer to do a trade-in at the right price.

    Status. I do have a co-worker that recently bought the same car so I get to leverage his work and see his price.
    Built my own on and emailed my model and options to several Internet Sales Contacts in my area
    Received their "out-the-door quotes" and compared. No input on trade-in obviously. I was surprised to see the variability of the extras which was parts plus installation so I guess installation varied.

    Here is the car I submitted for quotes: 2009 Odyssey Touring, Nighthawk Black Pearl, Black Interior, Cross Bars, Splash Guards, Door Edge Guards, Fenderwell Garnish (Thick), Moonroof Visor, Cargo Tray, Dashboard Wood Trim Kit (Dark), 3rd Row Sunshade

    Here are the quotes I received back. I am in Chicago Western Suburbs with tax rates generally 7% +/- 0.5%. $38,853. $38, 475. $39,125. The add-ons listed added $1442 to $1725 depending on the dealer. The parts listed prices are $1226 on

    I would also like to add the remote starter - verbally quoted at $713 installed. I would also like to get advice on the extended warranty. I like to drive the cars until they die, we are not a trade-in every 3-5 years household. This Ford Windstar is 7 years old and could go longer but we're having some electrical problems that I'm not planning to try to fix (door locks acting up, power doors not registering closed, etc.)

    I read a post above that said warranty cost is $1235. That plus the remote starter would add almost $2000 more to the quotes above.

    I also plan on financing through Honda. They have 3.9% for 60 months. Both of our credit scores are 750+ so we will have no problem financing. That beats the best rates I could get from local banks and my credit union which was 5.49%.

    I would love to get advice on negotiations.
    They keep mentioning dealer incentives are valid now and have been getting less. Is that true?
    How do I get the lowest prices for the add-ons and remote starter? How much pricing flexibility and profit are in those numbers?
    I expect that I can get another $500 off the price but maybe not more than that given the experience and final price of my co-worker, but they did not get any add-ons.
    It looked like someone's post here recently mentioned that they refused a warranty offer of $1235 + $100 and bought from "Berandi" instead. What/who is that? Are there third party Honda-approved extended warranty providers?

    I am planning on buying Monday May 25th so I would appreciate any feedback as soon as possible. Thanks again for your time in advance.
  • dalian88dalian88 Posts: 7
    can you tell me the price you paid is for EXL OR EXL +RES ? can you e-mail me the sales agent name and phone number ? My e-mail is - Much thanks
  • vjpenvjpen Posts: 1
    I had a special quote for 24,288 for EXL. Not sure if it included the destination cost. From the forums, i see that this is the lowest quote. But do i need to worry about any other hidden charges??
  • dalian88dalian88 Posts: 7
    can you share with me the dealer name and phone numbers ? My e-mail is . Much thanks
  • rep001rep001 Posts: 2
    I just purchased a 2009 Odyssey Touring van with about $1,800 in extras. I did buy it off the floor, did not order it. It had a list on it of a little over $42,000. We settled on a flat price of $34,000 with dealer fee of $590 additional added on. I did not buy the extended warranty and never do on my cars and like you I keep them for quite some time. My last minivan had 124,000 miles on it before I sold it for $900 and bought a car. Just be religious on oil and transmission fluid changes. Out the warranty money you would have spent in a CD. You can use it to buy your next car in 8 years. I am in Florida and purchased the van in Orlando. We financed thru Honda at the 3.9%.
  • mynuacctmynuacct Posts: 21
    post #22644 mentions the dealer I bought from and all the other dealers in the price range. I didn't contact them through phone only through email. You can get the phone numbers from their websites. Enter each name in google and you would get their webpage. Most of them did not provide an email address to contact on the webpage. I used the web-form on their webpage to get a quote and filled my email and an incomplete phone number in my contact info. They contacted me through email and we communicated through that. In the end, I called just one dealer, the one I bought from.
  • bigdadi118bigdadi118 Posts: 1,207
    It is the same Extended Warranty - Honda Care that you will be offered at the Finance Room in car dealer. Online you can get the lowest price. Bernadi Honda is just another Honda dealer and they sell the EW online for less.
    You can buy the EW anytime online or by phone within the first 6,000 miles.
    Best thing to do is leave the EW for now and buy the car first, then google search "Honda Care Extended Warranty" & decide who to buy the EW later.

    Think of this ...
    Assume cost for a specific EW is 1000
    Dealship locally price 1800, profit 800 each, & 100 sold ... total profit 80,000
    * feel cheated if you know how much they make
    Lowest EW Online 1200, profit 200 each & 1,000 sold ... total profit 200,000
    * feel good because the best price you can find
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