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2013 and earlier Honda Odyssey Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • bigdadi118bigdadi118 Posts: 1,207
    It is great price for EXL, even not incl dest chg. Of course included is even better.
  • For that price I can't even get an EX in Buffalo. Can you share the dealer name and phone number? My email is lu_bmu at
  • Vjpen,

    This is good price even if it does not include destination cost. $24,288 EXL base price. Is it brand new and watch out for bait and switch.

    can you provide the dealer & sales rep name?

    please forward your quote to me at

    i would buy this car today at this price in Maryland.

    thank you
  • ilanailana Posts: 22
    Great price ! where are you located? Ask them for OTD price with break down.
  • pray4allpray4all Posts: 14
    i bet you have typo in the msg.

    it got to be EX, not EXL

    no way EXL could be that cheap
  • top_bananatop_banana Posts: 1
    OK, what do you guys think about these prices:

    2009 Odyssey EX-L with Rear Entertainment system, no Navigation.

    Price is Out the Door for Virginia registration.

    Dealers are all over northern VA, Maryland and southern PA.

    OTD Dealer
    $29,750 Independence Honda PA
    $29,830 Northwest Honda
    $30,049 Sport Honda
    $30,174 Heritage Honda Westminster
    $30,445 Pohanka
    $30,489 Criswell
    $30,546 Faulkner Honda PA
    $30,599 Brown's Arlington
    $30,638 Hendrick Honda
    $30,766 Sheehy
    $30,768 Koons
    $31,062 Fairfax
    $31,312 Antrim Way Honda
    $31,619 Landmark Honda
    $31,978 Hagerstown
    $32,356 Lehigh Valley
  • decondecon Posts: 56
    Try Shockley(Frederick) and Hersons(Rockville) internet department too.
  • I have been getting prices that have been incomparable to other listings here. What have others found in San Diego or Orange County? I found one offer for $28,500.
  • I agree. I took in this thing that stated that someone got a quote of $23,800 for the EX trim level and the dealership said that there was no way, that the dealership would be loosing money. In this case, either the owner has gone wacko, or they are ready to close their doors.
  • lyaolyao Posts: 71
    Hey top_banana,

    Wow! You did a lot of research! Excellent!
    Personally, I wouldn't go to Sport Honda or Landmark Honda.
    Do you have the quotes for EXL RN?
    Let me know after you got the quotes from Herson's Honda.
  • dalian88dalian88 Posts: 7
    Thanks for your quick reponse. Does your purchse price include NAVI ? Little confused with post #22692 -discussion title
  • cc8cc8 Posts: 8
    Here's the deal we finally obtained. Picking up the car tomorrow.

    Base: $30,888
    OTD: $34,365

    Trading in my 2002 BMW for $5K

    We went with Stevens Creek Honda. I do NOT recommend Andersen Honda - the folks I worked with at Andersen are shady. I had $31K base as a "reference price" based on a deal a friend got. Overall, I'm pretty happy with the deal we got.

    We go in tomorrow afternoon to drop off the BMW and pick up the new car! Yahoo! Thanks to everyone on this forum - your experiences really helped me negotiate.

    Good luck all!
  • mynuacctmynuacct Posts: 21
    No the price did not include TTL. It included everything else (i.e. dealer costs) Since, TTL component varies across all states and dealer doesn't make anything on them (except maybe a few bucks on the registration). I was replying to a post which was considering how dealers to could sell them at such low prices. The OTD quotes I got had (6% MD tax = $1830 and Licenssing Registration Fee of $274) = $2100 extra (ballpark).
  • ernurse1ernurse1 Posts: 6
    Thank you to everyone on this forum. Your advice, opinions and price sharing helped me when I made my purchase of a 2009 Odyssey EXL with RES and NAV - Dark Cherry Pearl. It is such an awesome van! I am having fun with my new van.

    I live in Indiana and I obtained quotes from dealers in cities that I was willing to drive to - including where some family lived (planned to include a visit to family with the van purchase).
    I also obtained the Consumer Report guide for the van. Bottom price to start negotiation on the EXL with R&N was 30900. This included the $2500 dealer cash back and the $739 dealer holdback.
    A dealer was willing to match one of the quotes that I received from another dealer and willing to sell me a few add-ons that I wanted at "dealer" price.
    I did not trade in my old van - they would only give me $1000 for it. I sold it for more than their offer the same afternoon that I picked up my new van.

    Final price was $30975 including the destination fee.
    Add on $250 for locate fee (they had to get the color I wanted from another dealer - they wouldn't budge on this, but I didn't want to drive to the other dealer myself)
    Add $150 doc fee
    Add $1.25 tire fee that Indiana imposes
    $2145 sales tax - will get this back when we file our 2009 taxes - one of Obama's economic stimulus's - (benefit is phased out as income rises) - new cars only.
    $434 for Mud Guards, Cargo Tray and All weather floor mats ("dealer price".

    Roughly OTD = 33,421.
  • ernurse1ernurse1 Posts: 6
    I bought an Odyssey EXL with R&N, the dealer was offering very little for my Windstar trade in.
    I just sold my 2002 Windstar - it had 110,000 miles and was top of the line (leather, premium sound, 6 CD changer, power seats, non DVD though) at the time when I bought it new.
    The dealer offered me $1000 for trade in. It was having some problems also. The AC had gone bad, the SRS was going (front passenger seat airbag sensor) and I had a crack in the bumper (from a pile of ice I backed into). I listed it on a local yahoo free-reasonable group and was able to sell it for $2300 in 3 days. :)
    Good Luck with your purchase.
    This forum is super!!
  • bellygunkbellygunk Posts: 1
    I too have been looking at Odysseys in the Atlanta area. It appears that most dealers are taking invoice minus $2500 (this is a Honda USA rebate to their dealers that most are passing onto the customers) + dealer fees (usually $599) + destination charge (about $750) + tag/title ($21) + taxes.

    With Memorial Day upon us, I've been quoted by Honda Carland a price of $2500 off Invoice + tag/title ($21) + waiving of dealer fees and destination charges. Team Honda is very similar, taking off $3100 from Invoice, waiving the destination charges, but adding tag/title & $599 dealer fees. I was informed (by Honda Carland at least) that these prices were good til the end of the month on in-stock vehicles.

    For a sample price, I was quoted $21,190 for an LX, $23,992 for an EX, $27,335 for an EX-L, and $28,781 for an EX-L w/RES at Team Honda (add tax, tag/title, and $599 dealer fees).

    If you consider waiting longer, you may also get a better deal on your trade-in towards the end of the month as the dealerships will try to do everything but lower the price of the vehicle to make the sale.
  • kcarl1kcarl1 Posts: 4
    Hi All,
    Thanks for everyone for such a great effort and here is the quote I received from a dealer in Memphis after eliminating several others. Please let me know whether this is okay or not. Thanks again for everyone's help!

    Vehicle: 2009 HONDA ODYSSEY 4dr Wgn LX
    Miles: 12

    Vehicle Price: $27,025.00
    Preferred Customer Discount: - $5,657.84
    Selling Price: $21,367.16

    Sales Tax (estimate): + $1,669.84
    Tag/Registration Fees (estimate): + $122.50
    Documentation Fee: + $349.00
    Balance Due (estimate): $23,508.50

    No Trade-In
  • Hi, It seems to be very good incenties with extra dollars taken off from Invoice (other than 2500). Could you pl. fwd me the email quote to my so that I can bargain for my Odyssey (EXL) OR EXL + DVD.

    Thanks a lot in advance,
  • 595express595express Posts: 4
    Got a few quote from local dealers via internet, $24761+tax+tag, dealer fee included, is this fair price? Thanks
  • It is high! i got quotes from $23670 thru $24,700, this include destination and i am in MD.

    Always try to get the base price since, fees, taxes and MVA fees varies from state to states so you can compare apples to apples.

    also, here is a dealer who will give you a good quote, this guy is in CA but just so you have something in hands to show your local guys to see if they can match.

    google spreen Honda.

    the best price i got in MD is $23,365 including destination.

    i would try to get base price to $23,000 including destination

    Good luck!
  • I recently purchased a 2009 Honda Odyssey EX-L with the Rear Entertainment System (RES). Color is Ocean Mist (light blue).

    Because the posts I read in this forum were so helpful, I thought I would share my experience.

    Selling Price: $28,995
    Sales Tax: 1,631 (5.6% Milwaukee County, WI)
    License & Title: 168
    Doc Fees: 125

    TOTAL: $30,919 Out the Door (OTD)

    A $150 Honda advertising fee was included in the selling price. And the destination charge of $670 was as well.

    Received Honda Financing of 3.9% for five years. ($568.02/mo.)

    Purchased through Schlossman's Honda City in Milwaukee, Wisconsin area. I've purchased several vehicles from Honda City and they have been great to deal with along with the lowest price in the area.
  • Hi All,

    I am in the market for Honda Odessey EXL without nav or RES. I was able to get the lowest quote of:

    Price: $27,500 (includes destination + doc fees + licence/title fees($200) ) +
    Tax: ($2000 about)
    Total: $29500.00

    Anyone able to do any better?

  • I got this in Texas

    Honda Odessey EXL without nav or RES. I was able to get the lowest quote of:

    Price: $27,500 (includes destination + doc fees + licence/title fees($200) ) +
    Tax: ($2000 about)
    Total: $29500.00
  • Very similar to what you got:

    I got this in Texas

    Honda Odessey EXL without nav or RES. I was able to get the lowest quote of:

    Price: $27,500 (includes destination + doc fees + licence/title fees($200) ) +
    Tax: ($2000 about)
    Total: $29500.00
  • I got this quote in Texas, which is about $1600 more than what you are getting before taxes. How did you manage to do that? Excellent deal.

    Honda Odessey EXL without nav or RES. I was able to get the lowest quote of:

    Price: $27,500 (includes destination + doc fees + licence/title fees($200) ) +
    Tax: ($2000 about)
    Total: $29500.00

    The EXL cost $26,094. Please note I did not get RES or NAV. Sorry, I typed in the wrong taxes and fees. It was actually $2800. California has a dmv fee calculator which includes sales tax here (your state probably has something equivalent):
    Total CA fees: $257
    Total use/tax fees: $2544 (that's Alameda county where I live at 9.75%)
  • All,

    i need some advice asap? i have an offer for EX 09 odyssey brand new for $23,400 includes destination charge.

    Tax, tag/tile and processing fee are extra. I am in maryland so tax is 6%, tag/tile $275 and $100 processing fee.

    Is this good price? i plan to purchse this today or Monday. Should i wait for end months for better price?

    i tried many dealers and this is the BEST offer i got.

  • 595express595express Posts: 4
    Thank you. I wish I am in MD. The quotes in SFL seems all high. I will keep trying.
  • you can always drive to NC and get almost the same price if not better or fly to md and drive back.

  • Hi atxodys, did you buy the van yet?

    I am in TX too. Best quote I got has been $27,500.00+Tax, compared to other folks it is not all that great. But not bad either. Did you get any better quotes?
  • I think that is a very good price. Do you mind share the deal with me: lu_bmu at
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