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2013 and earlier Honda Odyssey Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • jeremyazjeremyaz Posts: 35
    They did a fantastic job installing my audio/video and parking sensors. Creative Audio Werks in Phoenix. Email me at jerfrance at yahoo dot com and I will get you all of the information needed. I think I posted the prices for installation already. I can fill you (or anyone else) in with more details if you want...just send me an email and I'll elaborate.
  • jeremyazjeremyaz Posts: 35
    Please email me to jerfrance at yahoo dot com and I will send you all the information that I have. Another forum member just closed on their Odyssey EXL no RES no NAV purchase today for $26,350! Beats AZ by almost $2k and then their doc fee is $350 less than AZ to boot!!!! Plus I can tell you what I know about audio/video which is good enough to get started--but I'm no expert.

    BTW--someone else asked about the backup sensors. They are black so they matched my vehicle nicely as my minivan is Nighthawk Black. It will take a week or two before I can give my opinion of the sensors, but after driving it home they seem to look and work well. They were not Honda parts, some other brand--and has both sound and a neat little video display detailing the distance from objects (I think 2 or 3 feet and less).
  • dbtdbt Posts: 298
    Current expectation is for the 2011 model year (appearing sometime in calendar year 2010). However, this is subject to slip, as we have seen the Toyota Sienna slip one extra year (now MY2011 for Sienna).
  • ashu010ashu010 Posts: 3
    Can you provide the dealer name that gave you a quote of $23670? I am in south Jersey area and was about to pull the trigger on $24200 base price. Please post the dealer name or send an email to me at

  • rpr851rrpr851r Posts: 2
    I am looking to buy an EX-L. I am located directly between Philadelphia and Baltimore, MD and willing to drive that far to get a good deal. Anyone know of dealers in the Philly/Baltimore/Delaware areas matching prices ($25K to $26K) that have been reported in the forum?
  • woz2000woz2000 Posts: 2
    Also looking to buy an EX-L. I live in the lower Westchester area and willing to drive about 1.5 hours each way to get a great deal. If anyone has any referrals for dealer, please PM or post. Thanks.
  • pp_ng2pp_ng2 Posts: 4
    $29,580 quote
    adding dest 670, doc fee 100, sales tax 1821, 2yr tag 289... .. final take home price is $32,565.

    Any comments on how good this is?

    Any suggestions on how I can negotiate to improve this deal? i.e. what I can possibly ask for.

    Thank you.
  • erntrisherntrish Posts: 4
    Had a very pleasant experience buying from Freehold Honda on Rt 9 in NJ. Got a great quote from internet dept that required no haggling once we came in. Purchase/F&I process was smooth and not aggressive in the least.

    Our price for EX-L with RES and NAV was 29,825 before 670 dest charge and TTL.

    Freehold is about 35-40 mins away from Staten Island, and is right off the Garden State Pkwy, so relatively easy access from lower WC.
  • erntrisherntrish Posts: 4
    Tax and tags are linked to your geography, so you can't really negotiate those. Doc fee is quite low already. And your beginning quote is $245 less than mine was 2 weeks ago. Looks good to me...

    Perhaps you can ask them to throw in scheduled maintenance? Mine was preloaded with wheel locks that weren't ever mentioned as a cost, but only shown to me at delivery, so I imagine they were thrown in.
  • ddnjddnj Posts: 1
    I got deal of $23,900 in North/Central NJ, they did not have my color on Monday, going to pick up on Friday. I believe you could get even 200 less then this. deal is including destination and doc fee is $199.
  • kadoonekadoone Posts: 3
    I am looking at the exl with navi and res. It looks like you found a good price. what dealer and salesman did you use?

  • kadoonekadoone Posts: 3
    I am looking at the exl with navi and res. It looks like you found a good price. what dealer did you use?

  • kadoonekadoone Posts: 3
    did you end up buying the exl with res and navi for 450 per month? If so let me know the dealer please and salesguy if you can i would love to get in at this price.
    Im in columbus ohio. Thanks
  • gl14534gl14534 Posts: 7
    After receiving no responses from my post yesterday, I have bought one EX-L/RES for $28400 plus TTL at a local dealer here in Rochester, NY. The experience was good. The salesperson was very nice and did not push anything extra.

    I am not sure if this is a good price here but think someone else can use it as a guide.
  • oddyoddy Posts: 9
    i have a 2007 touring with 75K miles. i am looking at trading in soon. i went to the dealer thinking i would scale back to the exl res and nav.

    after serious thought i came up with this (not wanting to duplicate what the other post said but..)

    - parking sensors - worth it due to size - once you have had it you get spoilt - also consider where you live/park
    - spouse height difference -also the 09 has the memory mirror now as well
    - i am not keen on someone drilling holes in my new van to install sensors (i have always believed factory fit to be best)
    - do not get run flats i have them now - there is a class action against michelin/honda as i type! wear out too soon and v. expensive to change $1,400 a go!
    - sound - like i said i have a touring now and it is has great sound -

    by the time you add what you want after mkt you are creeping up. the orig. navi is ultra user friendly and it is nice having it in the dash as opposed to sitting on top of it! if you can squeeze the price dwn i would suggest going with the touring without run flats.

    And the fact that 9 out of 10 are buying the ex-l would suggest that the trade in of a touring will be that much higher in 2 yrs from now! this might be me feeding myself the same bull we males can somehow magically produce when we need to buy something, particularly cars!

    i hope this helps

    i am in ga and my dealer is having a very hard time locating specific colors.
  • medmdmdmedmdmd Posts: 41
    That sounds very good.
    I have not been offered anything that low yet.

    Did you have to take an in stock vehicle?
    Any color choices?
  • gl14534gl14534 Posts: 7
    The dealer promised any color choice though I ended up taking one in stock.
  • ashu010ashu010 Posts: 3
    Can you please provide the name of the dealer? I am planning to buy on Sat. email me at
  • ekmmomekmmom Posts: 1
    We've gotten a few different quotes and the lowest of these is $21735 with an msrp of 27025. Add in tax of 1820, tire fee/inspection/dmv of 172.50 for a total of 23727.50. how does this sound? Thank for any help/info!
  • pp_ng2pp_ng2 Posts: 4
    I just purchased a home in Virginia (not moving yet) but currently am still in Maryland. From this forum, it seems that MD has better prices for Odyssey EXL with Res/Nav. I obviously would want to pay less tax.
    Question is:

    - What is the tax rate for car sales in Virginia?
    - Which tax rate will apply to me since I can use either address?

    Additionally, any quotes lower than $29,580 out there in MD or VA for EX-L with Res / Nav (or $32,565 OTD)?

  • rizvimdrizvimd Posts: 6
    Can you email me the info about the dealer in the Houston area with the quote mentioned in your post.
    I am willing to drive for 5 hrs, as the local dealer just does not show interest in getting our business.
    my email address is
    Thanks in advance.
  • lyaolyao Posts: 71
    Hi pp ng2,

    I don't think you could use the VA residents rate yet since your driver license is still shown in MD, right?

    For the $29580, do you have any trade-in or so? What's it included?
    Va auto tax: 3% in MD purchase or 3.17% in local VA purchase.
    MD auto dealers by law: has the max of $100 dealer processing fees compared to VA dealers varies from $250 to $499 dealer processing fees.

    Good Luck with your purchase!

    FYI, I bought my minivan in Ourisman Honda (Bethesda, MD with Richard).
  • mgdiazmgdiaz Posts: 6
    I just received quotes from two different dealers within a few bucks of each other. EX-L RES/NAVI for $30,864 (incl. dest) plus TTL and Touring (w/o PAX) for $33,900. That is below invoice - the $2500 manufacturer to dealer incentive. it looks like they are offering 82% of MSRP pretty easily.
  • soggadusoggadu Posts: 5
    For new Honda Odyssey EX-L/RES this is the quote I got from Planet Honda and another dealer in NJ.

    Base: 28198.0; Dest = 670; DMV = 342.30; Doc fee = 349
    Tire disposal = 7.50; Tax ((28198.0 + 670)* 0.07) = 2020.76

    Total OTD: 31,587.56

    Is this good, does anyone have better quotes?
  • soggadusoggadu Posts: 5
    For new Honda Odyssey EX-L/RES this is the quote I got from Planet Honda and another dealer in NJ.

    Base: 28198.0; Dest = 670; DMV = 342.30; Doc fee = 349
    Tire disposal = 7.50; Tax ((28198.0 + 670)* 0.07) = 2020.76

    Total OTD: 31,587.56

    Is this good, does anyone have better quotes?

    ** sorry for dup post, my other post is attached to another thread **
  • expoguide1expoguide1 Posts: 16
    pp_ng2 do you mind sharring which dealer this was with? I am looking to purchase this same trim in MD and have been getting quotes a few hundred above your price. thanks! siennaorodyssey @ gmail . com
  • That is a good price. Can you share the dealer name? How did you get to that price? Just by email or did you have to do it face to face?
  • kcatkcat Posts: 3
    Goodson Honda West and Gillman Honda of Fort Bend were within $500 of each other, but Goodson offered the powertrain warranty.
  • sktxsktx Posts: 5
    I am in Houston looking to buy odyssey Ex-l with res & Nav or Touring w/o Pax,
    can you please send your best quotes you have received with dealership info and the salesperson info please to skalties at gmail dot com
  • md09md09 Posts: 2
    I am also looking at EX-L with NAV and RES or Touring w/o PAX.

    Which model did you get at Ourisman Bethesda with Richard?
    What was the breakdown?

    I am currently dealing with FFX Honda. I am asking ood for Touring 35K and EX-L at 30500

    Your thoughts on it?

    thks a bunch
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