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2013 and earlier Honda Odyssey Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • jackglassjackglass Posts: 11
    Just picked up my EX L in NYC today for $27,400 + tax+ dmv = 29,912.25 out the door.
  • rajsaharajsaha Posts: 2
    Thanks to all who posted their experiences online. Finally pulled the trigger after months of research using this board on a 09 EXL-RES Slate Green Mettallic/Olive Interior yesterday 05/30 - dealing at the end of the month was helpful for sure in the deal.
    This was in the twin cities of Minneapolis/St.Paul - MN, and the dealer was Buerkle Honda. Negotiated using the donkeypunch method initially on an EXL-RES/NAV ahead of time, and got quotes from 4 dealers. Initial lowest was from Walser 31099, but that was on units that were in stock for more than 120 days - aka only 2 color choices. Countered with this lowest with the other 3, and Buerkle came back with 30091 on any in stock model - aka all color choices. Wife chose to go for just an EXL-RES instead when we checked out the vans in person, and Buerkle gave 29311 including dest + titles/tax etc.... This was by far the lowest I've seen in the twin cities area. Ended up being Invoice - 2500 - 470 odd of holdback per my calculations.
    Did not go for AHFC financing although was approved, as they created problems, due to our non-resident immigration status. So wen't for financing outside of AHFC. Got 5.35, which isn't bad, but will look around and try to refi soon.
    Overall was a good experience, except that it took 5 hours to finish all the paperwork - for which they took off 100.00 of the sales price to make it 29211.
    Traded in our old 01 Ody EK with 92.2 K on the odo. Got 4800 for it, which is 200 below the trade in value on KBB for good condition, and was happy with that. I could have sold it for more privately, but didn't wan't to go thru the hassle for a few hundred more bucks.

    The Internet sales mgr at Buerkle (sorry cannot post the name here)- very professional and straightforward, would recommend highly to anyone.
    Very happy with the van.

    Other than the long wait to close the deal at the dealership, overall a good experience.

    P.S. Walser did offer free oil changes and car washes for life. This wasn't apealing to me as we don't live within a 10 mile range of any Walser dealership, and don't travel often to where their dealerships are located, so didn't go with Walser. Moreover I do oil changes myself on our cars.

    Good luck to everyone shopping for a car, this is probably if not the best, one of the best times to buy.
    Also thanks to everyone for posting their experiences here, very helpful. I cannot imagine how anyone else would buy a car anytime, without using this forum or doing research online.

  • techfutechfu Posts: 6
    Hi All,

    First off like to thank the great input from all who have posted their experience and tricks.

    Today we were almost there....we want to get the EX-L and the lowest we were offered was 27.5k +TTL. This price included 2500 dealer cash and destination charges.

    Question: I was pushing for 26k, do you think that is at all possible. Or am I asking too much? Anyone got that price around New England area or even in NY-NJ area.

    Any help or suggestion will be greatly helpful.
    thanks in advance,
  • wenhqwenhq Posts: 14
    You should be able to get EXL less than $27K, I would say the max you should offer is $27K. I got a quote at $27.2K two months ago from Honda Village, and finally i bought EXL with RES for $28K.

    Good luck.
  • Bought 2009 Honda odyssey ex-l res slate metallic green vegas area for 32,500.00 OTD price. It also includes window tint (to be done in 3-4 days), paint protection/coating, wheel locks, mud guard, all weather floor mats (all areas). I bought it on 5/30/09 (last day of the month, dealers closed on Sundays). Couldn't get the lowest deals (base $28100.00/dest charge inclusive) that were posted mostly in the East Coast!
  • odynubyodynuby Posts: 7
    Hi Swampfox

    Got quotes from 4 dealerships for the Ody EX-L w/RES. The EX-L +R/N was $2K more. I dealt with Covington. Spent a total time of 2 hours in the office, which included test drive, app., and paperwork. I didn't pay for stripes, paint/fabric protectant, and wheel locks. I was not able to get the same deals posted from the east and west coast but was acceptable to the one from this dealership. Give my your email and I'll forward the info to you regarding whom I deal with.
  • swampfox28swampfox28 Posts: 17
    Okay, what am I missing?

    TMV of the EX-L with RES is a smidgen over $30K; how did you get it for $28?!

    I'm SO confused. I thought getting it for around $30K when the invoice is $32K was good...
  • medmdmdmedmdmd Posts: 41
    When will the new Honda Incentives for June be available?
  • lyaolyao Posts: 71
    Hi Swampfox28,

    You'll need to do more negotiation with several dealerships.
    I bought mine in May 8, 2009 (DC Metro). I'm in the East Coast too, but got the advantages of tri-state pricing competition, esp in MD & VA!
    The model: 2009 Honda Odyssey EXL DVD/Navi, MSRP $37.5K, OTD for ~$31880, Color: Sterling gray/gray. The minivan only got 2 miles on it when I stepped out of the dealership.

    Of course, the auto tax for VA residents is just 3%, $100 max of dealer processing fees, included free wheel locks and free pinstripes.
  • swampfox28swampfox28 Posts: 17
    Thanks, guys.

    I am being negligent in getting quotes from only 2 dealers; I do know better than that...

    I may or may not have mentioned that there were things being thrown in for "free" like the pinstriping (wouldn't have asked for it, but it's okay), mud flaps (ditto), wheel locks, rear rubber cargo mat, first tank of gas and first oil change.

    I don't think I'm being completely shafted, but was starting to wonder when people were posting that they got the EX-L w/ RES + NAVI for under/around $30K.

    I really do like the van, but I love getting a good deal. I understand that the dealership & salesman need to make something off of the sale, but I'd like it to be a win-win situation.

  • swampfox28swampfox28 Posts: 17
    Thanks also for this info; I'd forgotten to see if it's included or not.

    It's likely one of those things that's not worth paying for (right?), but would be nice to have included if it can be "thrown in"...
  • Thank you all so much for the wonderful information and collaboration on the forum. We just bought our Odyssey and I wanted to summarize my experience.

    LOCATION: Chicagoland area

    You should reference or another similar site for general negotiation guidance. It really helps if you've never been through this before or if you need to brush up.

    I specifically followed these strategies:
    -Get as many quotes as you can from your metro area and another metro area
    -Get quotes on several trims. I found price differences that meant the dealer incentive was more than $2500. You can use this to calculate a lower acceptable price.
    -Use the timing to your advantage (May ended perfectly to use end of month as sense of urgency for the dealer)
    -Search for inventory on the trim/color that you want. Don't disclose colors until the last moment with as few dealers as possible. If the dealer doesn't have it, they'll have to get it from another dealer. If you've told the others that you want it they'll hold it thus making it harder for your dealer to get it.
    -Put all costs on the same basis. You'll thank yourself for doing this in a spreadsheet since it will come down to hundreds of dollars in the end. That's a whole payment if you leave this money on the table! They'll try to convince you to since this is a big in relation to their holdback.
    -Present multiple options to the dealer which you would accept, that is they are equivalent. In negotiations this is called MESO (Multiple Equivalent Simultaneous Options). I varied price, trim, closing time frame, and accessories. The idea here is to see what factors means most to the other party. Also add some dog scenarios that are marginally in your favor - you never know if someone will bite.

    Ok, so here's what it all boiled down to:

    Msg 21448 in this thread gives calc details.

    Invoice (minus) Holdback = X
    EX-L RES & NAV- $34,238.79 - $739.10 = X

    34238.69-739.10-2500 = 30999.69

    Best quote was 29,736 which gives a difference of 1263.69. This includes dest charges.

    This meant that Touring trim should be adjusted as well.

    $37,446.70 -$810.10 -$2500 - $1263.69 = $32,872.91

    I used these numbers to negotiate and ended up really close. I got some accessories at cost.

    I hope this helps out others.
  • lyaolyao Posts: 71
    hi Sarah,

    Forgot to mention besides those OTD prices and free options added to the EXL RN, I actually got free lifetime oil changes and 15% off lifetime scheduled maintenance at that particular dealership in MD.

    Thanks! :)
  • kayfabe75kayfabe75 Posts: 10
    greetings everyone.

    i need help fast. working on ex-l financing with the dealer/finance guy and he claims he can only lower my apr if i buy the extended warranty. i have spotty credit but i have a co-signer which helped a good deal. Can they do this or do they have to offer me that lower APR with or without the extended warranty? thanks.
  • techfutechfu Posts: 6

    thats really sounds like a trick to me. I dont have any direct honda experience, but low finance rate should have nothing to do with buying an extended warranty. Yeah, it will surely have a relation with credit score, but you have taken care of it by having a co-signer.

    good luck, and post your experience,
  • kayfabe75kayfabe75 Posts: 10
    thanks, will do. before warranty I am looking at 28200 + TTL.
  • dreamgirldreamgirl Posts: 2
    We bought our Odyssey EXL on April 30, for $27K + tax in Boston area. That was the best deal then.

    Good luck!
  • tradepartradepar Posts: 4
    I just bought EXL with RES and NAVI for OTD price of 33196 in NJ.
    I did not buy the floor mats from the dealer. Any suggestions on getting better price/quality elsewhere?

  • techfutechfu Posts: 6
    Thanks for all the responses...I just got the call back from the dealer (from a director) saying the best they can offer is

    $27k + 2 free oil changes

    this includes
    -2500 dealer cash
    -dealer hold back

    they want to close it today because the end of month is today....what do you guys this the best Im going to get or is it worth waiting.

  • woz2000woz2000 Posts: 2
    If you click on the incentives and rebates on Edmunds, you'll see the $2500 cash to dealer ends 7/6... not sure the dealers are 'lying' or Edmunds is wrong.
  • swampfox28swampfox28 Posts: 17

    Lifetime free oil changes?

    That sounds SWEET!
  • kayfabe75kayfabe75 Posts: 10
    so, i asked honda financing about the lower rate with the warranty and they said it is at the discretion of the dealer. more confused than ever now.
  • lyaolyao Posts: 71
    Hi kayfabe75,

    I don't think you wanna buy the extended warranty from the dealership unless they price match the online pricing $1235 for 8 years/$0 deductible/120K miles.

    You'd already solved the problem by having a co-signer. Unless your co-signer isn't good enough for the credit score. So, don't listen to them.

  • lyaolyao Posts: 71
    Do you have the price quotes for OTD on B&W?
    If so, my advise is: try another dealership instead.
    This dealership is B.S.

    Don't be confused! Just don't deal with this dealership! Walk away.
  • kayfabe75kayfabe75 Posts: 10
    yes, aside from the obvious fact that the dealership wants more money on the deal, i am having a hard time wondering why the warranty would have anything at all to do with the apr which was probably marked up by the dealer anyway.
  • techfutechfu Posts: 6
    The final price Im getting is $26.5k (incl. destination charges) + TTL.

    Based on the comparison shopping and various dealer quotes I got this morning, everyone kind of is stuck on $27k, so I feel getting it at $26.5k is a good deal (if not a bargain:)) on this car. Ofcourse Im going to push to get some more options like wheel locks, mud guards.

    What do you guys think...hope Im not misstepping
  • swampfox28swampfox28 Posts: 17
    Does everyone think the extended warranty is a good idea?

    I mean, yes extra protection is great, but it's a lot of money and there ARE things that aren't covered by it.

    Not to mention, you still have to pay for scheduled maintence, etc, right?

    So what were your reasons to get (or not get) the extended warranty on your Ody (if you bought it new)?

    THANKS! :)
  • petepumapetepuma Posts: 5
    Yes, very good question. TMV has the EX-L at about $29.5k in my area. Is the TMV not taking into consideration the $2.5k factory to dealer incentive?

    I am also very confused, I was thinking a bit under $29k was a good price for the EX-L.
  • kayfabe75kayfabe75 Posts: 10
    i kind of think it's ultimately useless but i've now heard of 5 to 6 honda and toyota dealers who would only furnish the lower rate if you one was to buy the warranty. my friend has an 830 FICO and the dealer only provided the 1.5 point lower rate when he purchased the extended warranty. i suppose to be absurdist it makes sense if you're financing for 60+ months given that if you don;t have to come up with 1, 2 or 3k for a repair, you're less likely to default on your loan. just playing devil's advocate.
  • kayfabe75kayfabe75 Posts: 10
    with ttl + fees and warranty i am coming out to 31675.
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