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2013 and earlier Honda Odyssey Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • chereyachereya Posts: 11
    Which dealer did you end up buying from?

    Also, does anyone know if the new June incentives have been announced yet? Are they still the same from April and May - the $2500 dealer rebate?
  • cimbrianocimbriano Posts: 6
    What dealership did you buy from? I had some pretty bad Long Island Honda dealership experiences.
  • vee927vee927 Posts: 11
    i just got 09 with REV and Navi for 32,700 OTD from NNJ so 32,000 for EX-L is lot for me..
  • userliteuserlite Posts: 16
    Is it a good time to buy Honda odyssey now , or is it likely that 4th July will bring better deals ? Thanks.
  • jackglassjackglass Posts: 11
    I paid 30k out the door for EX L last weekend
  • ssanjussanju Posts: 24
    Yesterday I was in Dealrs Shop ( near by Milwauke,WI) for 2009 Honda Odyssey. Dealer came to 28,500 + sales tax + document fee + Title.

    Waht do you think ? I offered him 26,500 before taxes.

    Appreciate your thoguhts!!!
  • b747b747 Posts: 10
    Hi Guys,

    Help pls. I am new here. I 'm gonna buy 09EX. I just got the quote from some dealers in MA. Here is my email to the dealers. "Can you give me Out the Door quote for 2009 Honda Oddysey? Pls list deail charge. thx. "

    This is what I just got: Please give me you though. Thanks.

    Dealer 1- Thanks for the inquiry! Here's the price you asked for on the 2009 Odyssey EX: $24,758.00.

    Deler 2: I have just received your request for information regarding the Honda. I appreciate you considering Weymouth Honda for your next new car purchase. I will make sure our correspondence regarding this vehicle is clear and to the point. Below I have listed every possible cost you will have to consider in relation to the purchase of your new car. If there is anything I left out or did not explain thouroughly enough please let me know.

    2009 Honda Odyssey EX
    $30,125.00 M.S.R.P.
    $24,330.00 Internet Sale Price
    $36.00 Registration (Includes License Plates)
    $75.00 Title
    $224.00 Documentation (Includes Inspection Sticker)
    If I include 5% tax the total would be 25,881.

    Destination charge is included in my price. The only thing left to pay would be 5% MA Sales Tax and the interest applied to the loan if you are financing. There are absolutely no additional fees or charges you have to worry about. There is financing available through Honda which I can provide information on. If you would like I can also show you what your monthly payment would be based on the numbers above. This price quote is good until the end of this month. If you do not make a purchase by that time but are still interested in the vehicle please contact me again so I may readjust my price if needed.
  • mosbournemosbourne Posts: 11
    In last week or so, obtained 5 quotes in San Diego County for two different 2009 Odyssey models; Touring & EX-L with NAV & RES. Pricing ranged from a high of invoice minus $2,000 to a low from two dealers of invoice minus $3,125! For Honda dealers, pricing this low is refreshingly unusual. I've been trying to decide whether or not to buy a 2009 or wait for the 2010. Right now, I'm leaning towards the 2009. It doesn't sound like there will be significant changes in the 2010, pricing will certainly not be anywhere near as competitive as it is on the 2009, and the 2009 appears to be an excellent car in it's own right, without any glaring flaws.
  • kayfabe75kayfabe75 Posts: 10
    south shore honda. liked the salesman, finance people were tough and pushy on extras as is typical. would recommend the sales guy though. have also heard good things about huntington honda.
  • mosbournemosbourne Posts: 11
    Good question! If it's any different, I don't think it will vary much from what is available right now. The answer to your question will depend on the amount and timing of allowances from Honda to dealers on Odyssey's. Right now, that allowance is $2,500 per car and according to Edmunds, is scheduled to end on July 6th. If it changes, either higher or lower, or ends, pricing will obviously be impacted. My experience with Honda pricing until now is that dealer asking prices typically start at MSRP plus, and never go down much. Right now, their asking prices via internet/fleet quotes, is invoice less $2,000 to $3,000, which is extraordinary.
  • odynubyodynuby Posts: 7
    Hi car_shopper2.

    That's sounds high with no RES or Nav. I just bought my Ody EX-L with RES for $29,610 includes delivery plus TTL from Covington. They were easy to deal with. Look at one of my older post that shows a breakdown of what I paid including TTL.

    Good Luck.
  • mosbournemosbourne Posts: 11
    That's a great price! I have two quotes for Touring with no PAX of $34,588. My quotes include destination; TTL are extra. My quotes are invoice minus $3,125, so your quote is terrific! What state or city are you in?
  • ssanjussanju Posts: 24
    Yesterday Dealer offered $28,500 beofore sales tax,ttl and document fee for 2009 Honda Odyssey EX-L with DVD. He may go up to 28,200. But I walked away. ( I am in WI).
  • odynubyodynuby Posts: 7
    Is that an EX-L no Nav and no RES? An earlier post showed an OTD price of $29K in Milwaukee, WI .
  • Yes, the vehicle we are looking at is an EX-L with No Nav and No RES, slate green with olive interior.
    We went to another dealer last night and his negotiated price was $3500 more.
    We are trading in our 05 Chrysler Pacifica Touring, I wonder if that is affecting it at all? The first dealer offered us a trade in of $10,000 (KBB trade in value $11,650) and the second dealer only offered us $6,000.

    The first offer break down was
    $10000 trade in
    Total of $19900 plus TTL

    Second offer
    $6000 trade in
    Total $23400 plus TTL

    I have heard different things about letting them know you are trading in. Any advice, should you tell them you are trading in or get a price first and then let them know?

    Thank you all for your help.
  • sder1sder1 Posts: 3
    New 2009 Odyssey EX-L RES & NAV in Northern California Bay Area, price paid was $30,919 (includes $55 doc fee) + tax + title + license. Asked for email quotes from the four dealers in my area that had the color I wanted, plus several more of the larger dealerships that didn't. All negotiations done over email. Ended up buying at Anderson in Palo Alto, because they were the closest dealer that had my color, had the lowest local tax rate, and met my target price quickly with no fuss. Wrapped up the whole thing in an afternoon - about 1 hour worth of email on and off, and 1 hour at the dealer signing papers. Anderson really pushes Honda Care (had to say no over and over, even when taking delivery the next day) but overall very efficient and easy to work with. Best car buying experience ever, and was quite satisfied with the final price. I benefited a lot from the information sharing on this forum - thanks everyone for your contributions!
  • userliteuserlite Posts: 16
    Can you please post what was your OTD price. Thanks.
  • ssanjussanju Posts: 24
    This includes DVD (EX-l)
  • technoztechnoz Posts: 34
    Im in illinois and got quote from spreen honda in cali. You can't beat the extra $500 gas card, and free lo jack.. :) Im still trying to get a better price for touring with NO pax, are around the midwest..trying to beat "Spreen Price $33,295.79 Plus $500 Chevron Gas Card & Free Lojack or Security System" +TTL
  • sder1sder1 Posts: 3
    OTD price was $34,229.76
  • lyaolyao Posts: 71
    Hi sder1,

    What other options did you added to the base price that you'd got?
    Any trade in?
    The price seems high to me though.
    I bought mine in DC Metro early May.
  • ohbobohbob Posts: 1
    I have shopped the Columbus dealers for a while - which dealer is this? Seems pretty good to me.
  • rizvimdrizvimd Posts: 6
    After much search and time spent online, phone and with dealers, we are planning to pick-up the EXL-R&N OTD 33400.
    This forum helped us a lot in understanding the prices, though I was not able to get the prices mentioned by some of folks.
  • mosbournemosbourne Posts: 11
    Thats a great price! I thought I had a great price; you're $1,300 under my $34,588 quote for Touring w/o pax, and that's before factoring in the $500 gas card.
  • mosbournemosbourne Posts: 11
    Thank You!!! Just called Spreen; their current offer is same price you stated, but with with the Lojack but without the gas card. I asked if I could have the gas card instead of the lojack, and he said yes. Waiting for email confirmation, but once received, will probably drive the 90 minutes we are from their dealership and buy the car. Their price is $1,300 under the best of five quotes I got from SD County dealers - before the value of the gas card. Salesman said they're losing money at this price, which doesn't make sense. But they set the pricing, we don't! Thanks again!!!
  • Techfu,

    Thanks for the great info! Sounds like you did very well. Just wanted to confirm, did yours come with RES or not?

  • green2009green2009 Posts: 2
    houston area one dealership quoted me $ 33600.00 Drive out price for odyssi ,09, EX_L R&N , Is any body can help me finding a better deal & share their experiences,
  • sder1sder1 Posts: 3
    Here's the breakdown:

    2009 Odyssey EX-L RES & NAV [with no dealer extras]
    Sales price $30864.00
    Doc fee $55.00
    Sales Tax 9.25% $2860.01
    License, reg, etc. $450.75
    Total OTD $34229.76

    There was no trade in. Local tax rates are high maybe that's why it seems high? (or maybe I could have done better ....)
  • dofastdofast Posts: 6
    Hi, Could you give me more detail information about your price and which dealership? I am looking for exact same car in the same area of NNJ. Thanks.
  • sbblue05sbblue05 Posts: 1
    I went to Goodman - West in Houston and got the following deal

    29650 EX-L with RES + 850 (dealer options) = 30500
    299 for some leather/paint protection deal that I couldnt get them to remove.
    + TTL

    I was able to get the extended warrenty 7year 100k and 5 year tire road hazard for 1599.

    I had a trade-in as well. Didnt get as much as I had hoped from my Edmunds estimator but I ended up getting enough to make me happy.

    At the end of the day, I guess I could have pushed real hard to get 100-300 off somewhere but I think it was a fair enough deal for me to pull the trigger.

    Go talk with Hee Kim there. He treated us real well. Wasn't giving the car away or anything but at least made it a pleasant experience which couldnt be said for some salesmen in the Houston area.
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