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2013 and earlier Honda Odyssey Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • fei2010fei2010 Posts: 10
    specialk63, can you post the dealership name, and city? Thanks.
  • bigdadi118bigdadi118 Posts: 1,207
    Hi - it is same genuine honda care warranty. Honda still allows Saccucci to sell online when a lawsuit pending. Saccucci is Honda dealer in RI, Bernardi is Honda dealer in MA

    You can cancel - call the dealer or when you receive the warranty in mail, just read the paper on how to cancel. If you had the charge build into AHFC payment then it needs more process to ask them do the adjustment after cancellation.
  • jrey27jrey27 Posts: 1
    I am also looking for an Odyssey in San Diego. Which dealers were giving you the best prices?
  • the question I have about those warrantees is it doesn't specify the level of odyssey you have; I would think warantee for base model is cheaper than one with gps/navi. did you buy a warrantee there?
  • I bought my Odyssey EXL R&N for 29,999 base (this was $ emailed to me after I put in request on internet); all these models they had left also had pinstripe and wheel mud guards which added 250$ still that was better than the internet quote I got at 2 other nearby dealers. I bought at Valley Honda in Naperville/Aurora IL. Where are you looking to buy?
  • bigdadi118bigdadi118 Posts: 1,207
    Why don't you go online and input your info to get the quote? It won't cost you a dime.

    I gave you the info and it is up to you to find out yourself.
  • OK I will try it. will post what I find out ; thanks
  • ssanjussanju Posts: 24
    I got good quotes from 2 dealers in WI and one dealer in Chicago.

    Widle Honda (WI) - 28.4 for DVD(EX-L)
    Lakeland(WI) - 28.6 for DVD(EX-L).
    Ohare (IL) - 28.6 and 250$ off for same EX_L with DVD.

    I am sure if you talk further - you may it for less than 28 before taxes, Good luck
  • pk71pk71 Posts: 7
    just wanted to let the forum know that I bought 2009 odyssey EX in Buffalo for $23800+tax
  • rkagarwrkagarw Posts: 2
    I have got quotes for 2009 Odyssey Ex-L DVD for about 28500$ but when I went to dealerships,they start adding destination charge,doc. fee etc. and no one is willing to give for less than 29K. Does anyone on the forum any good dependable dealerships in and around Jersey City(maybe 40 miles radius) who has honored their online quote and are pleasant to deal with. I have had bad experience at Planet Honda on route 22.
  • m_em_e Posts: 4
    I just purchased EXL w/ RES for $27,867 + $298 doc +$110 registration + $1393 sales tax at Boch Honda in Boston. They were less flexible on RES+NAV pricing. They still have 50+ of the EXL RES's so I expect you will pick up even better pricing in the weeks ahead. However, if you want your color this is not a bad deal.
  • shisaashisaa Posts: 1
    You got excellent price. Would you mind sharing the dealer name so I can approach them? Also what was the color you selected?
  • vee927vee927 Posts: 11
    i got my EXL with R and N from Hudson Honda in WNY
    OTD Price was 32,700
    send me email at chor69 yahoo com if i can help you...
    look for my early post for the price brack down
  • Could you breakdown the price? I think it's a pretty good deal.
  • ymym66ymym66 Posts: 2

    Can you share which dealer offer 29500 ?
    It will be very appreciated if you can forward me the quote to
  • ssanjussanju Posts: 24
    Looks great deal- Good luck with Odyssey!!!
  • ldissaldissa Posts: 7
    Yes it does include the destination fee, you have to add 298 Doc fee
  • ldissaldissa Posts: 7
    Boch Honda, but becareful,, they play nasty tricks and games
  • That is a good price. Can you share the dealer name?
  • ymym66ymym66 Posts: 2
    Dear Folks,

    Please help me to save the money from the buying EX-L RES at bay area or orange county. It will be very appreciated if you inform me the price you bought MSRP, purchase price, OTD and dealer name. my email is ymkwak at gmail dot com
  • cw30000cw30000 Posts: 11
    The lowest I got quoted with is 27582 + Tax & Tag for the EX-L from the dealers around NYC.

    Is this too high?
  • pk71pk71 Posts: 7
    Westherr Honda in Lockport, NY. Erik Arden is the sales rep
  • mrfoxy76mrfoxy76 Posts: 2
    i am in metro atlanta ga got a quote for EX-L

    MSRP: $33,825

    Invoice: $30,704

    Selling Price: $27,842 (includes 3 accessories on all my Odysseys: paint sealant, mudguards plus tax and fees: 399 doc fee, 28 title and 3 lemon law.

    wonder how much room they have to go lower?
  • ckopoctckopoct Posts: 1
    Sheehy Honda, Alexandria, VA
    Just purchased an LX today for $22,997 out the door:

    Price - 20,540
    Dest - 670
    TTL & Dealer prep, etc 1747

    Car arrived at the dealership on the 9th. Had never been test driven. Had 5 miles on it when purchased (from my test drive). Did the deal on the internet, was in and out in less than 2 hours. :)
  • tangjctangjc Posts: 7
    Any one had bought 09 Oddysey EXL with DVD (no navigation) in Chicago area recently?

    It will be very much appreciated if you can share your purchase price shows average price paid is $30,537 but I seem to find people paid less (around $28,000) in this forum?

    I also have a 2003 CR-V for trade-in, anyone can give some suggestions about how to negotiate when I have trade-in, it seems will give dealer more ways to charge me more.

    Thanks very much!
  • bigdadi118bigdadi118 Posts: 1,207

    (1) Trade-in price ... stick closely to KBB gave you, move to another dealer if they gave you a lot less.

    (2) In IL there were 2 recent deals reported as below re 09 Ody EX-L w/ DVD

    06/08, $28,006, $35,325, Honda of Joliet
    Comments: Good experience, negotiated the price through the internet and phone and when I came in, it was all set to purchase.
    Pros: Gave a competitive internet price and negotiated further over the phone, so I was all set with my price before even setting foot in that dealer.

    05/23, $28,812, $35,425, Schaumburg Honda
  • Hey Everybody,

    Just thought that I would post what I paid on 6/13/2009 for my 2009 Honda Odyssey Touring (Sterling Grey Metallic / Grey Leather Interior):

    MSRP: $41,175
    Invoice: $36,667

    My price breakdown:

    $34,710.09 + $599 running boards with installation ($610 for part alone according to Honda website, I could not find the invoice price for the part alone) = $35,309.09 out the door excluding tax, title, and registration.

    I shopped around at a lot of dealers and this was by far and away the very best deal that I found.

    What does the forum think of this price...hopefully, I got a good deal
  • duck4youduck4you Posts: 3
    hello, everybody. i am in LA area and i am looking for 2009 odyssey EX-L with R & L. i got quote for $31245 ( not include tax and other fee) and is this good price? i see so many good price than the price that i got. please let me know this price is good in LA area. thank you for your help.
  • kellyazkellyaz Posts: 1
    Hi guys,

    I need some help here.
    I found a pre-owned 2009 Odyssey Touring w/DVD & NAV with about 2500 mile on it at phoenix area.
    The dealer asked $34727 for the car, do you think is a good deal ?
    Do you think how much they can drop ?
    I never bought a used car, so not sure how to deal the price on it,
    Thanks at lot
  • ssanjussanju Posts: 24
    I feel it is high - better to go brand new one HondaTouring. You may get it for same proce and you will get money from Tax due to 2009 Auto stimulus.. Go for new one !!
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