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2013 and earlier Honda Odyssey Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • mplsownermplsowner Posts: 3
    I've read tons of these posts & some of you seem to really know a lot about this process and price deals. We don't really need to buy immediately, so we could defer this a few months or even until later fall. We've done a lot of price checking and comparison shopping in the Twin Cities (Minneapolis/St. Paul). I've found a dealer who will get us any color EX-L (no RES or NAV) we want for a quoted price of $27,995, and he said he could probably sweeten the deal a bit when we talk again tomorrow. This is the best price we've found so far in our area other than one that is about $500 less because it is old inventory. Unfortunately, that one is not a color we want because it has the ivory interior that I am shying away from due to worries about dirt with that color. We had been planning on paying cash but are now tempted to use the 2.9% financing deal.

    Bottom line: what does it seem as though the overall price trends are? Should we buy now or wait a couple months in the hope that prices may drop another $1000 to $1500 or so after the 2010s are in stock? We are somewhat flexible in color choice. Also, it is now only 10 days until the end of the month. Could we push for a little better price more towards the end of the month? Thanks for your thoughts.
  • lyaolyao Posts: 71
    Hi poohsavybear,

    First, Congrats to you!
    Next, just wanna tell you that I don't think you got a great deal for being a VA resident.
    I'd this OTD price (included TTL, destination, wheel locks, etc) since May 1, 2009:

    2009 Honda Odyssey EX-L $28,580.94
    2009 Honda Odyssey EX-L DVD $30,012.45
    2009 Honda Odyssey EX-L Navi & DVD $31,980.77 (I ended up bought $100 less) 2009 Honda Odyssey Touring W/O PAX $35,156.93

    I even got an email sometime in end of May for $300 less.
    Besides, I got a dealer that even offer me:
    free lifetime oil changes.

    For Landmark Honda, I swear I'll never visit them again in my life due to bad experiences (even reported to American Honda).

  • mrthnmanmrthnman Posts: 20
    which dealer are those prices from ?
  • pb95pb95 Posts: 2
    any NC prices? First quote is 29,650+TTL
  • isles22isles22 Posts: 5
    Price seems a little high, I think you could do better. Depending where you are in NC- I received approx 9 internet quotes back in April ranging from $29,900 to $33,500 out-the-door! I'm in the Raleigh area and despite a ton of Honda dealers in my area, I purchased from Sanford Honda (approx 1 hour away). See details at message #22155 and 22219. Good luck.
  • lyaolyao Posts: 71
    Those prices were actually from Herson's Honda at Rockville, MD for VA residents.
    But I ended up bought my minivan at Ourisman Honda at Bethesda, MD.
  • Reporting the purchase of an Odyssey EX at $22500+TTL and OTD price of 239XX in Boston MA.
  • We bought a 2009 EXL Odyssey with RES & NAVI (with dealer installed pinstripes and splash guards) on Saturday at St Louis Honda for $30,061. We paid $1230 for the 7yr/100K extended warranty, which I have since discovered isn't the best deal in the world (I used Curry's price in our negotiation) but I'm happy with it. We dealt with the Internet guys at STL Honda. Very good transaction, from a person to person perspective. I am a woman and was a bit nervous to buy my first new car.

    I think we got a very very good price. Any thoughts?
  • lyaolyao Posts: 71
    Hi Goldengate99,

    I need you to clarify the $30,061. Is it the OTD prices included TTL & fees?
    The Extended Warranty is supposed to be $1235 for $0 deductible/120K miles/8 yrs on the web. You can still backup your extended warranty program from your dealership.

    Sorry, I don't know much about your area. I'm in Northern VA (Fairfax County).
    The auto tax here is only 3% for VA residents.

  • That's a really good price. Please share the dealer name that you bought from. Thanks.
  • ssanjussanju Posts: 24
    Thank you - i got color that we want. Yes good selction...
  • ssanjussanju Posts: 24
    Looks 30,061 good proce - what are other feess you are going to pay apart from sales tax..
  • ssanjussanju Posts: 24
    If color flexible - you can wait for few more weeks. ( This week end I got one - EXL With DVD because we need specific color). Also I learned that Honda going to take 1000 away from current discounts and price may increase after long weeek end. But you never know looking at US economy - decision is yours.

    But we wanted to finish deal and if we wait longer color choice may be limited.

    Good luck !!
  • Hello,
    Congratulations on your purchase.

    Can you email me the Dealer & the person you dealt with.

    Can you let me know the breakdown of the $22500. Appreciate your help.

    my email is try_nwspeak at yahoo dot com

  • wow that is an incredible price! It is $1500 less than the price shown in Message #23096. Did you have a trade-in?
  • We have to pay sales tax when we get our plates. That's about it.

    We dealt with Ivo and Randy at Saint Louis Honda. No trade in.
  • ssanjussanju Posts: 24
    not even document tax ? intersting ? hw many miles on mini van ????
  • minivan6minivan6 Posts: 2
    Can you please let me know the dealership name. Are your taxes in cook county?
  • We bought the car last night. Really like it!
    Thanks to everyone for your relpy!

    EX-L $27,041 including base, destination, splashguard, paint sealant, wheellock and cargo tray. (sales tax and plate, doc fee extra)

    Bought from Schaumburg Honda, very pleasant experience and honor the internet price.

    Email me if you need the name of the sales, very nice guy.

    summer2004baby dot at yahoo dot com
  • venkat23venkat23 Posts: 5
    Hi ,

    What would be the best OTD price for 2009 odyssey ex-l with res & nav in Chicago area?
    Also, do we get tax refund for all new 2009 cars?

    Appreciate your help !
  • moorthimoorthi Posts: 5
    Following are the quotes I received for EX-L with RES.

    1. 27751 + TTL (8% tax + 168 title-license + 25 + 150 doc fee) + 399 (dealer package. This dealer pack is not optional. I have to take it which I was not interested)

    2. 27717 + TTL (8% tax + 168 title-license + 25 + 150 doc fee)

    3. 2990 + TTL (8% tax + 168 title-license + 25 + 150 doc fee) + Dest Fee.

    Out of the above 3 quotes, quote # 2 had the least OTD price and I went for this one and bought my new car. Thanks guys!.
  • b747b747 Posts: 10
    Wow...22500 for 09EX? Very nice.
    Can you tell us who/where you get this deal? thx
  • minivan6minivan6 Posts: 2
    2717? I think you missed a number in there. Can you tell the dealership name and the correct price?
  • Ourisman Honda serves people in the Maryland, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, D.C., Delaware, Virginia area. I live in Philadelphia. After reading a post on this board about a good price at Ourisman on a Honda Odyssey EX-L in April, I decided to give them a call. I gave the information to one of the sales reps. I gave him the information and asked him if he could match the price. He said yes. I directly asked him if that price included destination, (and about 6-8 times asked him this same question thereafter). He unequivocably said YES. We went over every detail of the price down to the penny of the OTD price. I then went on to ask about another level model. He said he needed to talk with his manager about that level (with DVD Res).

    When he came back he had completely different numbers than he had given previously for BOTH cars. Seems that Ourisman automatocally adds on something callled a Protection Package for which they charge $995. When I said I was not interested in that package, he said that all the cars come with it. When I pushed him further, he said that all the EX-L DVD's have it and that they won't be getting any new ones, but that he could get a EX-L without it. We went back over the numbers again, and got back to the original price he had offered. We went line by line, again, and dollar by dollar, again, to get the OTD price. We agreed down to the penny. I said, OK, please send it to me in an email.

    I waited on the line until he sent the email. He tried to get off the phone after he sent it and said I could call him back if I had any questions. I asked him to wait until I could verify that the email had the correct prices. When I opened it up, there wasn't a number in the quote for the EX-L that I recognized. He had gone about $50 lower in the "base" price, but then added on $670 for the destination fee that he PROMISED was already included in the price previously. So overall upped the price by over $620. AND, he added in the $995 protection package! I immediately pointed out his error. And he said, could you hold for a minute? Of course the minute turned to 15 minutes (my whole time with the dealership was over 2 hours) and he came back and said, "Yeahhhhh, ummmmm, my manager said no." Excuse me? "My manager said that because you're not buying the protection package I can't give you that price." I asked to speak to his manager. The manager basically told me that the salesperson had said he told me it didn't include destination charge. I said he was lying, and the manager said he would "talk to him". I asked to speak to the manager's manager, over the whole dealership. That manager basically said that he had worked with this guy for over six months and why would he have a reason to lie? And that he "believed both of us" and that he was "very sorry". So two hours later, I come up with nothing but a a sorry manager.

    If you choose to shop at Ourisman, please know that they not only have salespeople who operate based on deception, but that this is condoned at the very highest levels. Make sure you ask about their Protection Package (also known as Appearance Package) and make sure that they have cars actually available *without it* if you don't want it (or don't want to pay for it). If you go in to the dealership, make sure they actually *show* you the car you will get, and that it doesn't have the Protection Package items included, before you start your paperwork and get socked. GET IN WRITING that the destination fee is included when you get your original quote - seems basic, and I was trying to do this, but when the rubber hit the road, they had lied about it. Get in writing the OTD (Out The Door) price in a quote - literally, as soon as they say it to you. Have them itemize every fee, every possible thing that you could be charged, in writing. Don't let them waste your time, lie to you and play with your emotions like they did mine. I hope my experience will help someone out... if you choose to shop at Ourisman, do so at your own risk.
  • moorthimoorthi Posts: 5
    Sorry about the typo. It's Honda of Lisle & 27717
  • Hi, I have the following quote for an EX-L in the tri-state area.

    EX-L : $29,150 OTD
    includes tax (7% Philadelphia), title, license (registration), destination fee, doc fees, wheel locks, pinstrip, mud flaps

    I am going crazy - is this a good price?? I know that by going to Boston or Chicago I could get a better price, but is this good for my area? If I brought a Boston or Chicago quote to a dealer around here, would they laugh at me?

    Please give input - need to make decision soon. Thanks!
  • bigdadi118bigdadi118 Posts: 1,207

    Fisrtly I won't even spend time on the phone with sales people.
    I will mostly back and forth in emails.

    Secondly, if they said their cars all have Protection Package, then I will ask them to trade one in from another dealer WITHOUT the protection package since not willing to buy this thing.

    After I emailed at least 10 dealers and put all offers in spreadsheet to sort them out, then I will pickup the phone start calling the best offer. I will also keep contacting the 2nd best offer as a lifesaver in case the best one isn't working somewhere before signing the deal.
  • tdsblazertdsblazer Posts: 3
    What do you guys think of the price, this was the last price I got from shopping around here in my area.

    Sale $24,438 with after mkt dvd 9.5in 2 hd/sets
    TAX $1710.66
    DMV $354
    DOC $199
    tire Tax 7.50
    Total $26709.16
  • lyaolyao Posts: 71
    Hi Odyssey0909,

    I think you need to deal with all dealerships in emails instead.
    I purchased at Ourisman Honda without any hassles.
    The salesperson I dealt with was the best salesperson I'd met so far.

    The price quotes: you'll need to ask quotes from different dealerships in order to bargain with them (definitely in emails).

    The salesperson I dealt with: Mr. Richard Sears (honest, enthusiastic, no gimmick). I won't recommend anyone else besides him.

    I asked him for fixed prices (OTD) before I went purchased my new car both in emails and phones.

    For protection package:
    Without having any pressure, I got it after I purchased the car (half price for overcoated protection) since I wanted my car to look nice and new all the time.

    If you need references, ask me and give me your email. I'll forward you all the info.

  • toymomtoymom Posts: 3
    What is the right price to pay for a new 2009 Honda Odyssey EX-L with res & nav in the Boston area? Is the price $29,500, with destination too low to ask? Thanks!
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