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2013 and earlier Honda Odyssey Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • shumin1shumin1 Posts: 14
    I have been working on buying an Odyssey for the last few days via email, need your input for this offer, EXL at OTD $27,500. Is it good or the price could still be lower? Thanks, Sam
  • wolfzwolfz Posts: 1
    can you tell me dealer name or forward your quota to me? thx.
  • apatel2apatel2 Posts: 9
    Sure. Email me at patelanupam at gmail dot com.
  • springbokspringbok Posts: 13
    That is a very good price, I have been looking in Fl for the past 2 months the lowest quote OTD for EXL RES was 30,000 which roughly would be 28500 for an EXL. What county and dealership is your quote from ?
  • Hi Odyssey0909,
    Can you please me let me know, from where did you get that quote? Can you please forward me the quote at odysseyn0609 at yahoo dot com

    I am looking for EX-L with Res.

    The following are the lowest quotes from couple of NJ Dealers.
    1) $30,656 (On The Road Price)
    2) $30,808.33 with wheal locks.

  • jerry2009jerry2009 Posts: 2
    What is the right price to pay for a new 2009 Honda Odyssey EX-L in the Seattle area? Is the price $26,500, plus Tax and Title/Licensing a right price to ask? Thanks!
  • shumin1shumin1 Posts: 14
    I did not get $27,500 for EXL because of some miscommunication. I am targeting at $28,500 now at Courtesy Honda, the Orlando area. They asked for additional $300 shipping cost on the top of my $28,500 offer because they need to get the color I want from a different dealer. What do you think?
  • nd1977nd1977 Posts: 12
    I have two quotes after a labored negotiation process.

    Type: Odyssey EX-L with NAV+RES

    Local Dealer in KY: 31250 + 500doc fees = $31750

    St Louis, MO (will have to drive there and will be an out of state purchase): 30600 + 150doc fees = $30750

    Should I go to St Louis and buy from them to save $1000 or will they play tricks and it will not be worth it? I would like to buy from the local dealer as the salesperson is very nice but the dealership is not willing to come down even a little after knowing the quote from St Louis. What are the pros and cons of an out of state purchase?

    The cost to go to STL and back would be $150 at the max. maybe less. Local dealership is saying that all offers are off after June 30th.
  • springbokspringbok Posts: 13
    I would stay firm at at 28,500 and see if they budge( look online and see how many EXL's they have in inventory that will also give you a guide)
  • mosbournemosbourne Posts: 11
    Cannot comment specifically on your area, however, I am almost positve that every dealer pays the same amount. Last Wednesday, in southern California, I bought an EX-L with RES & Nav for $30,180 + $55 doc fee + tax & license. AND a $500 prepaid gascard thrown in.
  • shumin1shumin1 Posts: 14
    Thank you, springbok. My offer is almost final with that dealer. $28,800 OTD minus trading in = $25,100 for the color they will get it from a different dealer. I have to drive 2hrs to pick up. The online inventory might not be updated since they need to find a silver EXL for me, but their own inventory shows two on website. Are you still waiting for EXL with RES?
  • Last night we bought an Odyssey EXL with RES for $29,288 in St Louis.
    That includes destination fee. Also had $214 in doc fees.

    This was a first shot internet quote. Got quotes from two other local dealers that were comparable. Thought I got lowballed a little on my trade in.

    Got 3.9% for 60 months finance.

    Also (over)paid for 96 month/120K warranty. Got them to $1880 from original quote of $2500 but couldn't get them below. Even with online discussion.

    Possibly a more patient negotiator could have done better, but I was generally satisfied with the overall deal given the other perks from the dealer.
  • suw_odysuw_ody Posts: 6
    I am planning to buy the Odyssey EX at the below rate.

    OTD $25,300
    Doc Fee $ 587
    Title $21
    Tax 6%

    Base price is at 23400
  • I am shopping around for 2009 EX-L with DVD Entertainment and Navigation. The lowest quote I got was 30,988. Quote includes the destination charge but not the TTL. Is this a good price for northern CA? If I buy at quoted price, TTL will be 3,385/- (don't know dealer/doc charges) or should I look for a better deal. I am hoping to go on 29th of this month at the dealership. How much extra can you get the 7y/100k ext. warranty for? What kind of price do people pay for 3 year oil change/maintenance deal?

    Has anyone recently bought the above config. in northern CA (San Jose area)? Which dealership did you work with that gave you the best deal?
  • springbokspringbok Posts: 13
    I am still waiting- trying to decide between the EXL and EXL RES, wife would like the RES, yet I'm torn between the extra approx $1500 and getting portable DVD payers /
    getting one installed aftermarket for $500 less. Good luck with your deal Sam, for the 28,800 see if they can get it driven up to the them or see if they will compromise $150 on the price if you drive.
  • springbokspringbok Posts: 13
    Why dont you try do the deal direcly with the dealership you are having to drive to,
    to pick up the car- see if they will bite on 28,400
  • ssanjussanju Posts: 24
    Looks 28,000 EX-L with DVD is looks good price so far. Only thing my delaer incresed APR 4.35% ( Altough I have good score) - it would force me to pay 6 USD per month. So for 60 months , I will end paying 300 USD more interest. But still overall price should be good..
  • mosbournemosbourne Posts: 11
    Your base price quote is very good. See my postings over the last two weeks for my experience with so cal dealers. I paid $30,180 base, but my 2nd best quote was $300 higher than your best quote. Watch out for padded pricing on doc fees and expensive upsell options during the finance/doc signing. Keep your guard up until you drive away! Examples include overpriced extended warranty & security alarm. And in your case specifically, the doc fee. If your tax rate is 8.75, your TTL fee seems too high. Doc fee should be no higher than $55, tire fee is $8.75, license fee should be approx $440 (my license fee was $433.) Tax is only computed on the base + the doc fee. Hope this helps.
  • dofastdofast Posts: 6
    $26700 includes destination fee. TTL is extra. New Jersey.
  • Hello mosbourne: Thanks for your reply. The tax in my county is 9.25% (was 8.25% couple of months ago - Jeez) - Oh well - At least I'll be able to write it off on 2009 tax return. That explains a little high TTL - Actually, I calculated it myself using the DMV website calculator. I'll take the printout with me in case the dealer tries to pull a fast one. I checked that EX-L with DVD RES and NAVI has all the options I need (tow package would be nice but that can come later) so I'll be able to swing the upsell options with little ease (No, No and No :-). A few Questions:

    1) Did you get the extended warranty - What is the good price for a 7year/100K miles ext. warranty.
    2) Did you get the free oil change/maint.?

    If it's not too much trouble, can you forward your $30,180 quote to me ( my email address is boofoo_2003 at yahoo dot com. That will give me a good fire power in negotiation. I will appreciate it. Many Thanx in advance.
  • tpavantpavan Posts: 12
    Looks good. What's the name of the dealer?
  • m603m603 Posts: 5
    Hey all, purchased an 09 EX-L in dark cherry pearl, w/ installed accessories: fog lights, running boards, all-weather mats, trunk tray, and mud flaps (which I heard can't be installed w/ the running boards installed, but they said they could do it) for $29369.00 plus TTL. Nobody in Northern CO could beat the price.

    I purchased from Tyrrell-Doyle Honda in Cheyenne. Had a pretty good experience there.
  • elwood11elwood11 Posts: 6
    I'm in So Cal too. Looking for EX-L. Do you mind sending me the qoute they gave you for your EX-L NAV & RES? What dealer? Thx
  • elwood11elwood11 Posts: 6
    Looking to buy 09 EX-L for about 29,000 OTD. Hardin Honda advertising they have 40 in stock and need to sell. Anyone get an OTD quote in that range for non-RES, non-NAV EX-L? If so, can you forward the quote to me at 442 at cox dot net? Thx
  • suw_odysuw_ody Posts: 6
    Curry Honda , Chamblee Ga
  • retired13retired13 Posts: 1
    Anybody bought a straight Ody EX lately in the Kansas City, MO area??
    NO add ons, packs, protection packages, etc. Which dealer???
  • rbaconrbacon Posts: 4
    Great message board and I want to purchase now, so my question is how to start, how to leverage all of this good information? Should i just start by doing an email blast via Edmunds, or follow-through on specific dealers where others have already had success? Do they respond well to follow-ons like that?

  • mosbournemosbourne Posts: 11
    See my postings over last two weeks. Spreen Honda in Loma Linda, Tony in internet dept.
  • Could you please send me the info for the dealer and the quote as well to
    [email protected]

    I am looking for a 2009 EX recently.

    Thanks very much
  • could you please emal me the information for the dealer and the quote as well to
    [email protected]?

    thanks very much,
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