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2013 and earlier Honda Odyssey Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • hoho823hoho823 Posts: 6
    I received a quote from Autopark Honda (Cary, NC)

    + 3% NC Tax
    + 398 Rip-off Fee
    + 74 DMV fee

  • Just got an EX from Gunn in San Antonio and got a good price. I live in Austin and wasted a day with the dealers here. I am so happy with my experience I have been telling everyone I see! The salesperson contacted me at 3:00 and by 9:15 I was driving off the lot, including the 90 minute drive south. It was well worth the trip and I would even consider making the haul for major maintenance service. You can email at if you would like the salesperson who helped me. Even the person in the business department was great to work with!
  • Just got a good, no hassle, quick purchase deal from Gunn. It was well worth the drive. DO NOT waste your time like I did with the dealers in and around Austin. Email me if you want the salesperson contact info.
  • wise8wise8 Posts: 19
    Thanks Nil22! It's great news!

    Although currently doesn't show any cach incentive or marketing support for Honda Odyssey, it does seem to make sense that dealers are getting incentives. My quotes show that they are willing to offer below invoice price.

    Will it be useful to mention to Dealers this article? Will dealers discount such information? What's your experience? It will help if there is another information source confirming the same incentives.
  • mihinkmihink Posts: 29
    Great forum. Can anyone recommend/quote the best deal (OTD price) that they got for the above mentioned van in Northern, VA. Also, inculde the name of the dealer as well. I live in Stafford but would be willing to travel to MD if needed. Thanks :)
  • dlh25dlh25 Posts: 5
    Can anyone tell me the prices they are getting on '07 EX-L in Tennessee or surrounding states? First round of internet and phone quotes, I have quotes in the $28,500 to $29,000 range. I'm seeing some folks on this forum and others getting them in the low to mid 27k's in other states. Any help would be greatly appreciated. :)
  • nil22nil22 Posts: 20
    I am in NC and the lowest I could find is $28300 including destination and excluding TTL.
  • nil22nil22 Posts: 20
    I'd doubt it'll help. At least in my state, dealers are not budging at all as if someone told them all of them not to. If I am going to pay invoice for an 07 where others paid between $1000 to $1500 less than invoice a few months ago, I'll just wait for an 08. I say let them have their inventory sit on the lot.
    Think about it they are already making that doc-ripoff fee ($300 to $400)anyway. So, I am think they should go at least $500 less than invoice.
  • Best I got is also in the same ballpark, 29.6k OTD for an EX-L.
  • dlh25dlh25 Posts: 5
    OTD for 29.6k including TTL? That sounds pretty good. What state and tax rate?
  • It's NC with 3% tax rate. I am waivering btw this and an 07 EX-L Pilot 2wd which is about 2.8k less.
  • zuraxuszuraxus Posts: 14
    I received internet offer from DCH in Old bridge NJ 31,094, sounds pritty impresive , but still can't decide if I should go for pre-owned or 07 new?
  • zuraxuszuraxus Posts: 14
    Mav8, were did u get the 31,094 offer from , DCH? I got the same thing and I thought that was great and only for me ( yeah, right), can u tell me where did u buy your for under 31k included destination, thx, so much
  • mikeschmikesch Posts: 5
    Just bought a Black EX-L for 27000 out the door. Still have to pay sales tax but felt it was a good price. Purchased In St Louis Missouri
  • bunker5bunker5 Posts: 2
    I also purchased an '07 odyssey EX-L for $27,000. And they gave me $300 over kelly blue book on my trade in.
    Break Down:
    Car 26,600
    Doc Fee/title/lic 400
    Tax 1600
    Trade in 8500

    I wrote a check for 20,100 (these are rounded numbers)
    Purchased in Indiana/Kentucky
    Enjoyed everyone's comments
  • nil22nil22 Posts: 20
    I e-mailed 34 dealers in NC. Half of them did not bother to respond. Right now, lowest is 29.3K OTD(some of even them want $31200 OTD). E-Mailed a Northern VA dealer and they can do 29K OTD with a few dealer installed accessories (mudguards, splashguards etc) for free.
    I don't understand the big difference between dealers in different states.
  • nil22nil22 Posts: 20
    Mikesch, that sounds incredible. Does $27000 include destination, doc fee, tag and license ? Would you be so kind to e-mail me the name of the dealer and salesman to my e-mail address ?
  • nil22nil22 Posts: 20
    Bunker5, that sounds terrific. Would you be so kind to e-mail me the name of the dealer and salesman to my e-mail address ?
  • mav8mav8 Posts: 6
    Hi zuraxus, 31,094 from DCH. We got ours from Auto sport Bridgewater. Give them a try. They gave me a quote over the phone. I can give the person's name to ur personal email if u want it.

    Good Luck
  • mikeschmikesch Posts: 5
    yes all fees were included the dealer name was Dave Maugnest? sp? On south Lindbergh in St Louis. My brother in-law set it all up I walked in provide ID and proof of insurance got 2.9 on 27002.50 and drove away. 2.5 fee in missouri...
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