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2013 and earlier Honda Odyssey Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • expoguide1expoguide1 Posts: 16
    Wow, that seems like a great price, can you give a breakdown of the base price plus the cost of tax, tags and registration? thanks!
  • expoguide1expoguide1 Posts: 16
    Planning on pulling the trigger on this tommorow morning in MD
    EXL RES w NAV pinstripes, wheel locks and splash/mud guards
    Price 29480
    Destination 670
    Proccessing 99
    Junk Fees (wheel locks, apperance package etc) 0
    Tags 275
    Tax 1814.94
    Total 32338.94
    Any thoughts?

    There is a delear that is 200 cheaper, but they are ~75 miles away and not sure if it is worth the drive to save$200 and not sure if they will try and "add" in any fees when I get there...
  • tweety6583tweety6583 Posts: 15
    I just purchased a Bali Blue Pearl EX with no options. Traded in my 04 Ody with 43k miles. Price was trade + $12,900 + tax and title. Financed the $12,900 + tax and title for a total of $13,800 at 2.9% for 36 months at $403 per month. No money down.

    Dealer showed new vehicle at $24,000 less trade credit of $11,100 to get to the $12,900.

    Any thoughts on how I did. I think I might have overpaid by $500, but dealer was reasonable to work with. Entire process was two hours.
  • robertw477robertw477 Posts: 188
    I think you are better calling dealers. Many years ago when the internet was novel new thing email might have been a good way. Now people get too much email. Call and let them call yoiu back with pricing.

  • transam_1transam_1 Posts: 3
    Since I've used this site during my research, I am making my contribution back. Purchased this vehicle yesterday Silver with Gray interior in the Midwest with no trade. Van had splash guards and wheel locks already installed.

    29504 + 200 (admin) = 29,704 before tax

    Not as stellar as some posts, but a fair deal and I was happy working with this dealship. They honored our deal made over the phone, and the vehicle matched their description with not surprises.

  • twins134twins134 Posts: 2
    Would like to buy an EXL RN but our dealer won't budge on the price (31,200) any thoughts on if this is high or fair? We are in Appleton, Wisconsin and are willing to travel for a better price .....
  • nd1977nd1977 Posts: 12
    If you have already finished everything, no point in asking around if you got a good deal. Someone somewhere will say that it could have been better and you will feel bad for some time. I think you did great. Enjoy your new van and stop thinking about the price from this point.
  • nd1977nd1977 Posts: 12
    This is a good price if dealer fees are included from what I have researched or a decent price if they are not. Only big metro areas get further discounts. If dealer price is not included, you have to make sure that they do not have big dealer fees on top of this. Ask them if you are not going to give a single penny in cash/check, then what is the number you will have to finance.

    Also, ask them to throw in pin stripes, splash guards and all weather mats with this price.

    If dealer price is not included, then you can ask for a few free oil changes. If they refuse to budge, then you can see if nearby areas have better prices and get email quotes from them.
  • nd1977nd1977 Posts: 12
    Great price. Go for it. Enjoy your van.
  • nd1977nd1977 Posts: 12
    Make a spreadsheet with different Odyssey types.

    This is for you, don't show to the dealer unless you have to.

    Your columns will be: MSRP, Invoice, TMV, Dealer Quotes, Prices paid how much and where using this forum and your target price with extras (all weather mats etc).

    Use edmunds to fill the first three columns. This is so that you do not have to go back to the pricing page every so often. All these prices do get confusing after a while. While you are doing this, send a blanket quote request to all dealers for the trim you want, as the replies start coming in, you can fill the dealer quotes column.
    Then go through this forum and fill in the the prices paid column. When you do it, you will realize that prices paid do get clustered around some avg value for a trim and for a metro area.

    Your target is to get the lowest price from your local dealer that is paid in an area that is at a drivable distance.

    Then enable the negotiation skills. I preferred email. Gave the dealers my cell phone number so that nobody at home would be bothered by calls and I could ignore when I had to. That is a personal choice.

    Good luck. And don't make this stressful, remember at the moment the prices are good and buying a van is almost always not a desperate case.
  • bigdadi118bigdadi118 Posts: 1,207
    Make sure to email AT LEAST 10 DEALERS to have better chance of lower quotes.
    also the breakdown of any fees or total amounts.
    You can send a same 'form' letter to dealers and asking the same thing thus comparing apple to apple.
    If color does matter, in the form letter you add your 1st and 2nd choice of exterior/interior.
    Some dealers double-dip on the destination charge, be sure to mention price is "inclusive destination charge"
  • kchondakchonda Posts: 1

    I don't know yet on the taxes, tags, and registration as I bought it in MO and will register in Kansas. And every state is different. But I do know that Kansas is like 6.5% sales tax. So I have to take 28,200 times 6.5%.

    So my $28,200 was for the car, destination, and doc fees.

    Hope that helps,
  • Bought Silver 2009 Honda Odyssey LX from Brown's Honda World in Glen Burnie, MD.

    Paid $21,572 + $100 Dealer Processing + $20 Electronic Transfer Service Fee + $1300.32 MD Sales Tax + $255 for Registration ($20 Lien, $50 Title, $180 License, $5 Tire Tax) = $23,247.32 Total Out The Door. The electronic transfer service fee was for transferring mini-van from Northern Virginia to Baltimore because the silver color I wanted was out of stock locally. MSRP was $26,355 + $670 Destination + $162 for mud flaps and $99 for pin stripe.

    Financed at 2.9% over 36 months with $500 down for monthly payments of $661.31

    Recommend using Costco EZ2Buy program. I received a Costco "no haggle" price over the phone, which other dealers wouldn't match. Even though Costco says it is a "no haggle" price, the dealer was still willing to negotiate. Negotiations at dealership took about 1 hr. I showed them a print out of prices paid by to save a few hundred more dollars. Dealer probably would have gone a few hundred lower if I would have taken the last LX they had in stock, which was white.

    In hindsight, I would have been more careful when showing dealer a list of prices paid posted on forums like this. The lowest I saw on line was $20,500 for a LX in Lisle, Illinois. The dealer, however, said that he couldn't match this price because there are variations in price across the country due to local demand and color preference. Once I showed him the price list as my final negotiating tactic, he could justify the price difference pretty easily.

    Overall, good experience. Paper work took a couple of hours.
  • Could you share the name of the dealership(s) where you got that price or ones close to it? Thanks.
  • got the 2009 Odyssey EXL-RES for $28,249 +TTL at Spreen Honda in SoCal

    with this deal, i had the option of also getting Lojack, security system, or free lifetime oil changes.

    got the Lojack

    EASY transaction with no high pressure games

    Talk to Tony in the internet sales department. He is awesome

    He will beat anyones price or your matress is FREEEEE!!!
  • mn_phimn_phi Posts: 1
    After getting a few internet quotes the in early May for around $28,800, I decided to get serious by the middle of June. At which point, these same dealers were coming back to me around $27,900 with one at $27,500.

    On Friday, I emailed the top 5 and asked if they wanted to sell a car today; if so here is my offer for $27,200. Three said no and two said yes! I think it being so close to month end helped my cause!

    Our money went to Brookdale Honda in Brooklyn Center, MN. $29,544 OTD (includes $1768 Tax & Title/Fees $576).

    The process was so easy! No pressure to buy additional accessories or service plans. In and out in 90 minutes on a Saturday. Highly recommended!
  • springbokspringbok Posts: 13
    The cash to dealer incentive of $2500 is due to expire I think July 6, I am sure Honda will extend it (there seems to be a large inventory out there before the 2010's arrive) and probably increase it. Last year they increased it to $3,500.
    I am wondering if if instead of buying now, I should hold off to see what the incentive will be? The dealerships don't seem as amenable to negociating, one having pulled back on his informal offer of just above 30,000 for an EXL RES to asking 30,800 OTD
    in FL. If one gets an end of the month offer can that be extended to beyond July 6th?

    Any one else out there have an opinion on this?
  • g15g15 Posts: 8
    Purchased EX-L RES in the Cincy area for $28,152. Overall I'm very happy with the Odyssey but I'm not impressed with the drop down monitor. The picture just doesn't seem crisp. Kinda jaggy and grainy if that makes sense. I'm very disappointed in it. Anyone else notice this? Could just be me but thought Honda would have put a more quality monitor in. Anyone know the specs on it...brand?
    The sound system is outstanding.
  • mplsownermplsowner Posts: 3
    We feel we did okay on this price, and we got a color we wanted. We maybe could have pushed a bit more on price but were sick of the process. Also, the EX-Ls (with no RES) must be in high demand in our area, or everyone else was looking for a bargain on a cloudy/rainy Saturday morning at the end of the month.

    They really were flying off the lot on Saturday morning. We know of two other EX-Ls that were sold in the couple of hours we were at the dealership completing our transaction. I thought it was a joke when people talk about cars being bought out from under them. One car that was on our short list was sold between the time we talked with the salesperson and when we arrive an hour later. Then, we snatched our car from some other people who wanted it. Those buyers had taken a look at the color the same time we were in it deciding. Then, apparently they told the salesman it was the one they wanted, but we were out driving it. Since we were in it, we got it.

    We bought at Inver Grove Honda, and it was a good experience. The only pressure at all, which was still very minimal, was to buy the extended warrantly. Where wouldn't we buy? Walser Honda in Burnsville. They advertise no haggle pricing, but their prices are so much higher than everyone else's that they are a joke.

    Congrats to the other person from the Twin Cities who got an EX-L for $27,200 from Brookdale Honda. That's a great price! That dealer never responded to our e-mail inquiry, and they are so far from us that we didn't drive up there to check them out.
  • We bought one week ago today for 27,600 before tax and title at Brookdale in MN. It sure looks like we could have gotten down a couple of hundred if we waited until the end of the week, but our color options were getting very limited (we didn't want black, red or white).

    Love the vehicle--glad we made the purchase.
    Agree with the previous poster on Walser--they weren't even competitive.

    Thanks to other posters for help on the target price.
  • From what I am hearing up here in the New England Area, the dealers here are already getting an extra $1000 incentive money from Honda, making the total $3500. I have also heard though that this extra $1000 ends at the end of June.
  • suw_odysuw_ody Posts: 6
    I bought Odyssey EX this past Saturday with following prices.

    OTD : 25,300

    Base Price: 23,062
    Doc Fee: 587
    Etching: 199
    Tax 6%
    Title : 21

    Mud guards were include too.
  • dofastdofast Posts: 6
    metro honda in jersey city
  • dofastdofast Posts: 6
    metro honda in jersey city
  • guard78guard78 Posts: 1
    2009 EX-L w/ RES - Chicagoland
    I have salespeople names w/ email quotes.
    (all prices before tax/title/license but includes destination charge).
    #4 shows my best price while #1-3 show dealers that will match best quotes.
    Salespeople at Lisle and Schaumburg were very nice and willing to go out of their way for the sale.

    1)McGrath City Honda of Chicago – MSRP $35,425.00
    a.Sale $$ MATCH ANY QUOTE plus beat others by $150
    b.(no extra fees & accessories)

    2)Castle Honda of Morton Grove – MSRP $35,425.00 –
    b.(no extra fees or accessories)

    3)Planet Honda of Matteson – MSRP $35,425.00 –
    b.(no extra fees & accessories)

    4)Honda of Lisle – MSRP $35,425.00 – Sale $27,650 FIRM
    a.(no extra fees or accessories)

    5)Schaumburg Honda – BLUE – MSRP $35,425.00 – Sale $27,950
    a.(no extra fees but includes mud flaps, lock nuts, trunk tray, etching)

    6)Honda Superstore of Joliet – MSRP $35,325.00 - Sale $27,955.70 FIRM
    a.(no extra fees or accessories)

    7)Valley Honda of Aurora – MSRP $35,425.00 – Sale $27,996 FIRM
    a.(no extra fees or accessories)

    8)Rosen Honda & Nissan of Gurnee – MSRP $35,475.00 - Sale $28,000
    a.(no extra fees or accessories)

    9)Brilliance Honda of Crystal Lake – MSRP $35,425.00 – Sale $28,150 FIRM
    a.(includes $399 splash guards,wheel locks,cargo tray)

    10)River Oaks Honda of Lansing – MSRP $35,325.00 - Sale $28,360
    a.(no extra fees or extras)

    11)O’Hare Honda of Des Plaines – MRSP $35,325.00 - Sale $28,410
    a.(unsure about fees)
  • Toymom,

    Did you have any luck with $29,500 on an EX-L with RES/NAVI?
  • glengarryglengarry Posts: 6
    Nice Job! Would you be able to tell me what dealer? Does the 28152 include destination charge? Either way- that's the lowest I've heard so far in the Cinci area- anyone know better? Will be looking to purchase very soon- started last month and the lowest I got was 29005 (Destination included) plus the All Weather Floor mats...

    Now I don't know if I should just wait for the additional Dealer Support after July 4th.

    Sorry to hear about the DVD player.... will have to look at that closely. Seems like few portable DVD players out there have good resolution.
  • mgrant929mgrant929 Posts: 3
    On Friday I purchased a silver 2009 EX-L for $27,000 from River Oaks Honda in Lansing, IL. I was able to secure the price over the phone and received an email confirming the same.

    OTD was $30,080.22, calculated as follows:

    EX-L $27,000
    Doc. Charge - $151.65
    Tax - $2,760.57
    Title/Reg - $168
  • jpfnjpfn Posts: 6
    I just purchased a Honda Odessey in your area on Saturday 6/26. I got the Honda EXL, no RES and no NAV, I paid 26,814- this includes the destination fee of 670. I had to pay taxs 1628.00 (I live in IN) and $151.00 doc fee, which I think you can probably get down to at least 105, b/c the Napelton Honda- which is River Oaks Honda of Lansing, gave me that doc fee. I purchased my car at Community Honda of Orland Park only b/c I got the price of 26,914 from River Oaks Honda, then called Orland and they said they would beat it (only ended up 100 less) and they gave me about what I wanted for my trade in. On my accord my doc fee was only $50 so I know you can negotiate the doc fee. Hope this helps. River Oaks and Community were the only ones able to deal with me.
  • Looking at a quote of $29,500 +TTL in MA. What do you guys think? I think it is too good to pass up since we are somewhat particular about the color we want.
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