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2013 and earlier Honda Odyssey Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • mohanp, which delaer provided the above quotes?

    I received quote from bay area dealer for EX-L w/DVD Rear Entertainment & Navi $31,000. is that a good price?
  • cleverstarcleverstar Posts: 23
    Hillside honda sucks. They cheat and lure buyers by playing such games. They deserve bankcruptcy. Such a shabby site, poor sales, no advantage at all over other decent dealer site.
  • springbokspringbok Posts: 13
    I did finally buy an EXL, decided not to spend the extra $1500 for RES.
    Purchase price was 29200 + title.
  • vsaxenavsaxena Posts: 203
    I dealt with Hopkins Honda in Sunnyvale. Prices in the Bay Area are a bit higher than other areas since the incentives may not be high. Honda of Serramonte also had very aggressive quotes, perhaps because they had a sales quote to meet before June 30. The dealers with the largest inventory seem to have the best quotes.
  • mootown2mootown2 Posts: 2
    talked to dealer one last time to see about a new Odyssey ... final offer $29,400 + taxes, fees, etc. for 2009 EX-L RES ... and extending the length of the loan to get the payments below $350 a month for 72 months

    we went with the certified 2006 EX-L RES & Nav for $19995 + tax, fees, etc. ... $225 a month for 60 months - other than a hidden fee in the loan of about $200 that the dealer hadn't mentioned when they said they got me financed at 5.69%, I had a great experience picking up the car - they did not even try to sell me anything extra and the whole process including the test drive only took around an hour -- I highly recommend University Honda in Bowling Green, OH for people considering a Honda in northwestern Ohio and neighboring parts of Indiana and Michigan based on my experience - it might even be worth the drive for others (van had a little over 57k miles on it by the time I got to my driveway)!

    I didn't think I would care about the navigation but spent 5 hours driving home on roads that I'm not very familiar with - I think I'm going to love it
  • shumin1shumin1 Posts: 14
    Congratulation on your new EXL. Just like you said, it is tough to get a good deal after June, regretting a lot about missing the $28,800 OTD from Courtesy Honda. Hopefully there will be some new deals coming up.
  • For those of you getting good deals (26,500-27,200), did you have a trade in? I was hoping to contact dealers and try to get this price for a 2009 EX-L, but I'd also like to get a good deal on my trade in:) I'm hoping for 14-15K (or 13K) for my 2004 EX-L with 49000 miles. I'm now wondering if people only got these great prices b/c they "gave away" their trade in. Any feedback? I'm hoping to tell some dealers (by e-mailing quite a few) that I'm willing to trade my '04 and pay 11K-13K that unreasonable? Thanks!
  • iceman9iceman9 Posts: 1
    Hello All -

    I wanted to confirm what everyone has found to be the invoice price for the EX-L Model with Freight included (Destination Charges) when speaking with Dealers.

    Edmunds Shows - 30,745
    Consumer Reports - 30,745

    The dealer I went to in Georgia said the invoice price was 29,645 which included Freight. I am not complaining it's lower but wanted to see if this could be possible and if anyone knows why this could be quoted more than $1,000 lower that what Edmunds and CR shows. Seems strange. Any thoughts?
  • bigdadi118bigdadi118 Posts: 1,207
    Honda Incentives Hit Record High,
    Toyota May Follow
    July 2, 2009

    Honda Incentives According to, Honda spent an average of $1,686 on incentives for every car sold in June.

    This was the third month in a row where Honda raised incentives spending with last month being a record high

    On the flip-side, domestic manufacturers such as GM and Chrysler may be cutting incentives spending in future months due to a decrease in production.

    Toyota, on the other hand, is in a tough situation which may force it to follow Honda's lead and increase incentives.

    Toyota spent an average of $1,362 on incentives per vehicle sold in June. We predict this figure will creep up in the coming months.

    Toyota built several manufacturing plants in the US over the last few years on the false assumption sales would be healthy. That hasn't turned out to be the case.

    Unlike GM and Chrysler, Toyota can't just shut down these plants. They don't want to lay off their workers since that would ruin Toyota's image as a generous US employer.

    So it looks like Toyota is going to be producing a lot more cars than it can sell. The only way to move these cars is to raise incentives. Look out for higher rebates and better financing deals from Toyota over the next several months.
  • springbokspringbok Posts: 13
    I got a trade in that was in the middle not terrible, but not great. Paid 29200
    OTD in FL (6.5% sales tax)
  • mohanpmohanp Posts: 26
    These are very very base prices from CReprts.. Dealer wil not go below this price withiout the hidden incentive they have of 1000 1500 whihc got over in June 30.
  • mohanpmohanp Posts: 26
    Locked in a EX at 24250...Bay Area
  • Heading over today to pick up a new Slate Green/Olive EX-L (no RES, no Nav). The dealer had to trade with a dealer over 300 miles away to get my color choice. We agreed on a OTD price of $28,045 plus Oklahoma tax which i think is pretty good given the transport cost. This is without any duscussion of a trade-in. I will let the dealer look over my trade and make me an offer, if i dont like it i will just sell it on craigslist or autotrader or the paper, technology makes it too easy.

    So, how did I do? Please give me some feedback since this is the first "new" car i have ever purchased. I will post agian after we sign the documents so i can let the board know how everything went.
  • khanectionkhanection Posts: 15
    i was quoted $28,170 which includes destination but not documentation, tax and dmv from a dealer in NJ. i then had Hillside Honda in Queens price match. They took a deposit and i'll meet with the finance manager today. i hope he doesn't play games because i'm not going to pay $1 more - i already feel a lil bad since people have posted about $26,500 including destination...

    Also - i'm buying the APR so i'll pay the entire APR up front and have 0% - religious restrictions against interest.

    i'll post when i pick up the EX-L Ocean Mist.
  • Found out 2010s due out this month. I saw last year on this board that when the '09s came out the '08 EX-L Odysseys went for only $1000 more than the EXs.

    I was hoping to get this same deal. Has anyone had any luck yet getting such a deal or am I just dreaming?

    What about price cuts in general given may have to get rid of '09s to make room for 2010 stock?
  • I was wondering about anyone in the NY areas experience with particular dealers. I did some price shopping so far and came up with the best prices at Nardy in Smithtown and Huntington Honda. Anyone have a horrible experience with either one? Are there any better ones to deal with? Where are you getting your best prices?

  • caligirl7caligirl7 Posts: 1
    Do you mind telling me which dealership you went to?
  • jbakker11jbakker11 Posts: 1
    I am looking for 09 Odyssey EX-L R+N model and the sticker price was $37,525 and Manager gave me $31000 without tax is this good deal I am in NJ.
  • JJamiJJami Posts: 7
    Got '09 Honda Odyssey LX for $20,300+TTL (Jun 30th '09) in Connecticut
    14 Miles on it..
    Total came to $22,002

  • mohanpmohanp Posts: 26
    It is not a dream really, this year but before June 30 people got this for .. 26600...the lowest I saw in these forums. Tommorrow if Honda announces 3500 rebate instead of the 2500(which expires today) than it may be possible to get it at 26750 I believe,

    The problem is that Most of the dealers have run out of EX Odys , the next ones are the EX-L to go..
  • mohanpmohanp Posts: 26
    That is an Incredible Price... Congratultions...!!!
  • mohanpmohanp Posts: 26
    That is an Incredible Price... Congratulations...!!!

    Mind telling us when u got this before June 30? or after ?
  • My husband and I are about to purchase our first Odyssey EX-L, Res & Nav and added running boards, this evening for $35,000 OTD. Does this seem like a good deal? We live in South Flroida. I am trying to gauge against others that have recently purchased. Please help. Thank you!
  • tc2009tc2009 Posts: 7
    Hi mohanp,
    Can you share which dealership did you lock this price with?
  • tc2009tc2009 Posts: 7
    Honda was to issue new prices today. Does anyone know what new incentives are?
  • tpavantpavan Posts: 12
    What do you mean by " i'm buying the APR so i'll pay the entire APR up front and have 0% "? Is this like a cash payment?
  • yodarfyodarf Posts: 1
    I just pick up an EXL without R&N from Maroone Honda of Hollywood on June 26. Here is what I paid:

    $27,400 base price
    $1,650 sales tax(6%)
    $315 reg/tag/title/batt/tire fees
    $29,365 total price

    I installed an aftermarket dvd for the kids and they love it. We are very happy with the van and had a great buying experience with the dealer.
  • khanectionkhanection Posts: 15
    If the cost of interest is $1,000 over the course of the loan, i will prepay that $1,000 and my agreement will reflect 0% APR.
  • JJamiJJami Posts: 7
    Got it on Jun 30th... New Britain's Schaller Honda.
  • rbaconrbacon Posts: 4
    I bought yesterday at Concord Honda an EX-L for $27,500 +TTL, OTD was $30,515. Process was smooth - no games. Feels like i might of gotten a better price but ran out of time and am satisified.

    Apprecaite this forum, found it very helpful. Thanks all for sharing.
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