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2013 and earlier Honda Odyssey Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • jpfnjpfn Posts: 6
    I purchased an EXL without RES and NAV in chicagoland area on 6/26. I paid 26,814 (includes 670 destination fee) and 151 doc fees- which you can negotiate. I got only $50 doc fee on my accord a year ago. My sticker was 33k and some change and the invoice was 30,035. This isn't the same one but I hope this helps.
  • jayriderjayrider Posts: 3,602
    Historic window to get a price on an ody may have closed. Nothing good lasts forever but lots of decisive folks cashed in so congrats to them. No big deal for those who delayed-- buy something else -- lots of alternatives.
  • springbokspringbok Posts: 13
    Since it seems that Honda is not giving any incentives, this seems to reflect a fair price since you have added running boards. Not sure if you are in the 6 or 6.5% sales tax since this again will slightly impact prices. You may still be able to negociate down a little

    Good Luck
  • fxguyfxguy Posts: 132
    I warned about this scenario in this post on July 2: Scaled back incentives . I was expecting a scale back but a complete withdrawal of all incentives? Ouch! Goodluck to those who waited (me included) :D
  • hot2004hot2004 Posts: 26
    Not sure why everyone is in panic mode. Honda has no other option, but to increase the incentive pretty soon to be competitive in this bad economy. I am pretty much confident that the new better incentive will be published within a week.

    I remember, 2008 Odyssey incentive ran till Feb/Mat this year even when almost no dealer had any stock in hand. Whereas, right now many dealers have plenty of stock for 2009 models. So just relax guys.
  • cleverstarcleverstar Posts: 23
    What I saw:
    1. there are more and more Odysseys on the road, including a lot of new ones, in front of me, in my mirror, passing by my both sides, or parking in the lots, enough to hold a odyssey party...
    2. more and more people who held cash in the past bad economic year jumped out to buy new cars in the past couple of months.
    3. odyssey still looks and ranks the best in the minivan family.
    4. honda has already cut the production and delayed the release of 2010 model.
  • actually a no go, manager called me back before i make the trip down to the dealership that incentive was pulled and that the car will cost 36200 now from the original under 34K ( plus tax and etc.) he told me hours before. he gave me the whole spill that i should still go down there because i could still save through the tax rebate program and that the government could pull that anytime so if I wait, it will end up costing more ...
  • 03accordman03accordman Posts: 671
    In fall 2007, I was in the market for an 07 Odyssey, which had similar rebates. When the 08s started to trickle into showrooms, the 07 incentive remained while the 08 did not have any for the first month. Then, lo and behold, a month later similar incentives were available on the 08 Odysseys....

    In my opinion, the incentives on 09s will return, and even the 10s will have good rebates in a month or so after they are released. Unless one has an emergency purchase, it is probably much better to wait a bit.
  • moorthimoorthi Posts: 5
    Two weeks back, I got it for 30,400 (it was in june). May be now the things might have changed.
  • nosynosy Posts: 4
    Time: Monday.
    Dealer: Shockley of Maryland.
    On the Road Price: 28491

    1. I live in VA. VA sale tax is 3% vs. MD's 6%, translates to ~$800 difference when you try to decide if this is a good deal. The dealer's profit on this car is around $1500 - $1600. How did I know? Just before I wrote the check, the finance guy paged the salesman to the room and showed him the computer screen... "-900, Are you sure?". Across the table, I asked, "Did you factor in the 2500 rebate?". Both of them were petrified. The finance guy went back to his computer. The salesman walked out the door... neither of them said a single word...Haha. They were pretty decent and nice guys...BTW.

    2. MD processing fee is typically 100 or lower vs. VA dealers' 400. When the dealer quote you an OTR price, don't expect it include the inspection/title/tag. All you get is a paper temp tag good for 2 month. You have to get the car inspected/titled/tagged yourself. Add $60 for the fees and whatever your time is worth when you judge the deal.

    3. When you get a quote over the phone, ask to get it in email before you go in. Why? Because when you get in, the nice lady who you talked to on the phone, even though she wanted you to ask for her when you come in, is very likely "happened" to be out. After all, her title is "internet xxxxx", she more likely than not work either from the back office or from home. Without a piece of paper in hand, whatever deal you have in your memory has a good chance to slip away. You will be helped by a burly salesman, with a promise that he is as good as her. He sure is as good as her, or even better, if you have a piece of email print out in hand.

    4. The OTR price will stick. However, the car you choose, happens to have wheel lock, and blah blah blah. And that is a steal @ $$$. Bring a few extra Big Bens just in case. Alternatively you can pre-fill the OTR price on a check and hope them dance the dance. If you are lucky you might get some dealer installed options for free.
  • nosynosy Posts: 4
    Nowadays dealers don't like to spill numbers. Edmund always give me the same 3 dealers when I try to get an online quote. None of these 3 would give me a quote. Instead they all invite me to go in and take a test drive.

    Most if no all the only car shopping sites will limit your quote request to 3-5 dealers. How many quotes do I get when I made a request from 5 dealers? still 0.

    What do I do? Like other websites it limit your quote requests to 3 dealer. Unlike other sites, you get to choose the 3 out of a long list of dealers. You can make a few more rounds and request quotes from more dealers.

    I requested quotes from about 30 deals. 4 of them gave prices. When you tell other dealers that you have some good numbers in hand, they would start to give out prices, or ask to match or beat your price.

    Just let them duel out.
  • upendrakupendrak Posts: 8
    On Sunday (7/5), bought a new 2009 Honda Odyssey EXL with RES/DVD and NAVI from Honda Carland in Roswell, GA. Paid $33870 OTD (including all taxes and everything).

    We had just moved to GA state and needed a car on the same day.

    I used Auto Buying Program on Capital One website. They quoted around $32255 for purchase in GA state (near my zipcode) and provided me with guranteed price from 3 dealers. However on the day I wanted to buy, I walked into the closest dealership above (which was not participating in Capital One Auto Buying Program) and just asked for the price. Fortunately, this dealer had the color (Sterling Gray with gray leather) I was looking for.

    The buying process was not satisfactory. I asked if he would be willing to match the Capital One price. He said No and when I requested him to check with his manager, he was not willing to do so. However he did not want us to visit those (participating) Capital One Auto Buying program dealers and tried to convince us that they would charge us extra on top of our guaranteed price. I knew that as a non-participating dealer, he was not obligated to match the price.

    At that point, we decided to head back home and were thinking of other options (including Toyota, Routan or one month car rental and 2010 Odyssey..) and participating dealers did not have the color we were looking for with NAVI. As we needed a car on the same day, my wife decided to call him back and check if he would be willing to negotiate again and finally completed the deal with $31055 as price $599 as customer service charge $18 for tags and balance as GA State tax. (total $33890 OTD).

    The finance guy tried to offer me a lower rate at 2.9% but I decided to use my preapproved loan. I had a pre-approved Loan check @3.77APR from Capital One for 36 months. Used that for the entire amount (100% finance). After the earlier negotiation, I was not comfortable in accepting another lender.

    The salesman kept saying that he is making a loss on the deal. But isn't it better to recognize the lower loss now and sell the car than to take a $3000 loss once the 2010 model is in the market.

    I was surprised to see that the new Odyssey did have low quality floor mats with no Odyssey or Honda name embossed on it. Is this how Honda sells their cars?
  • jfcarjfcar Posts: 10
    How do you know that this wasn't just another dealer trick to get you to believe you were taking them to the cleaners on your $28,500 purchase?
  • smadhusmadhu Posts: 16
    Hi Can you tell me Which Dealer Did you Went.Thanks.
  • Sorry I am new to this ... how do i send you an email? my email address is

    thanks much. i guess i will have to wait till the 10s are here and be content with whatever color is left.
  • nosynosy Posts: 4
    It could be. But I had already filled out all the paperwork. I don't see any point to put up another trick.
  • moorthimoorthi Posts: 5
    give me your email address.
  • cm111cm111 Posts: 7
    The sale guy you worked with is not be straight with you. Surprise, Surprise. With the $2,500 in dealer cash being offered, at $31,055 the dealer is making $1500-2000, before volume discounts. If they are high volume, tack on another $1,000.

    These sales folks can be shameless. They have better info than most consumers and know how to play the game.
  • 9805mad9805mad Posts: 3
    Hi expoguide1,
    Which dealer in MD? We are looking for a 2009 EXL w/NAV&RES.
    Can you please provide contact details.

  • rpjjrpjj Posts: 2
    I agree that there is no need to panic. Waiting to buy is always a gamble and so it buying now is too. Dealing with dealers only complicates things.

    June sales are up from the last year (12%), but year to date sales are down 21%. Certainly they did not make as many this year, but sales will continue to be depressed from last year. I am going to try and be patient and will be flexible on the model and even the make. I rather have a Odyssey, but if the Sienna is a better priced I will switch.
  • stevekalstevekal Posts: 13
    i recently hired authority auto (i found them through an article about them on the edmunds site) to help me with my 09 odyssey purchase. I was ready to by in June but a personal issue delayed my purchase (in june they were to save me $600 from the dealer's internet price, and approx $500 on my trade)... but I'll be using them to buy an Odyssey later this month, assuming Honda re-introduces the incentives later this month. IMO, I'd be shocked if the incentives didn't come back in full force, as my local dealer's inventory hasn't dropped much, and the '10's are coming soon ... plus doesn't the "honda clearance" event happen usually in august?

    My experience with Authority Auto has been great ... they handle the whole negotiations and its so empowering. I figure the car dealers are all professional negotiators; its time they met their match with a pro on the buyer's side. : )
  • bamboo222bamboo222 Posts: 20
    What should I do? Does any one have any advice? I live in Southern California and can travel to any dealership that's within driving distance.

  • Please post your experience with authority auto. There are buyers (including me) who missed out the June incentives/rebates offer and waiting to see similar rebates in coming months.
  • bamboo222bamboo222 Posts: 20
    I need to buy a mini-van by end of this month. does anyone have recommendation for San Diego or Orange County or Riverside Area?

  • We purchased an Accord from Spreen Honda a few years ago. We were happy with our purchase, but we go in with numbers ahead of time. These dealerships are all in the business of making money and you want to be as informed as possible.
  • That sounds like a great price! Where are you? Did you have a trade? If so, did you feel like you got a good deal for it? I'm hoping to get the kind of deal you got on a 2009 EX-L, but I also want to get good $ on my low mileade 2004 Odyssey...
  • Honda is willing to sit on inventory this month and make a higher margin on lower volume. They are hoping people who missed June will panic and just pay more. Of course no one on this site will do that.
  • bigdadi118bigdadi118 Posts: 1,207
    When you post a message you should see this ...

    You may include the dealership name, city and state in your post. Please do not post names of salespeople, telephone numbers, email addresses, or other contact information.
  • maestrox2maestrox2 Posts: 9
    avoid spreen honda.

    good for you but I had opposite experience. First of all, they gave quote without destination fee. They tack on later. Almost all dealership will give quote with destination fee. Shady business practice.

    I went there to test drive Odyssey EX-L. Young dude just as fast as he could to show the van without allowing me to test drive. Reason, he has no EX-L for test drive and doesn't want to add mileage to brand new EX-L. WTF kind of excuse is that. His manager told him to do quick transaction.

    Try Diamond Valley Honda at Hemet. Their internet guys have been with the company forever and so far, they give better price.
  • What about the fact that the 2010 Odysseys should be out soon? Do you think the dealers will be offering any discounts? What about incentives next month?
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