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2013 and earlier Honda Odyssey Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • stevekalstevekal Posts: 13
    will do .. i'll be buying in approx 2 weeks, assuming the incentives come back by that time. Otherwise I'll either wait until August/Sept or get a sienna.
  • nobonobo Posts: 305
    I really can't see Honda sitting by the side of the road while other auto manufacturers have model end closeouts in July and August. Every '09 sitting on a dealer's lot is taking space a 2010 could be available .I think they will have another incentive soon to stay competitive. Just my thinking. I could be wrong.
  • jpfnjpfn Posts: 6
    I shopped in cook county IL mostly. I got the price at Community Honda in Orland Pak. I got the price of 26914 from River Oaks Honda in Lansing, IL, then I called Community and asked if tey could beat it (I bought my accord there prior) and they did but only by 100. We did trade in a 2001 Chevy Monte Carlo SS 103,775 miles. I got the price for the Odessy before I let them know about my trade in. They at first offered me only 2k for it, but I got it up to 3400. I researched the trade in value of my care and took the print outs with me from edmunds and kelly blue book. They said I would get between 3-4k for it. I got my odessy when they had 3500 in insentives. The price includes the destination fee of 670. I had to pay tax and financing on top of that. Got the 3.9 financing. Also had to pay 151 doc fee, I think you can negotiate it lower to almost 50 with finance guy. I hope this helps. My EXL did not have RES/NAV b/c I didn't want it. They had quite alot more left with those options.
  • venumvenum Posts: 1

    I am looking to buy a 2009 Honda Odyssy EX-L W/RES and NAVI in SoCal area. Did anyone buy this vehicle recently? If so can you please let me know the OTD price you bougt for?

  • calnativecalnative Posts: 6
    I'm with you Stevekal. If the Ody doesn't come back w/ some serious discounts we are getting the Sienna. Besides my wife loves the little push button auto door closer the Sienna has adjacent to the side door frame to keep our toddler twins inside. Why doesn't the Ody have that feature?
  • jayriderjayrider Posts: 3,602
    All of us who post on these forums are generally well informed on prices, discounts, rebates etc. A car manufacturer [honda] has a national perspective and knows that there are enough folks who are lambs to the slaughter when it comes to car buying. Those folks don't frequent these forums. They see an ody in a parking lot and like what they see. They pack up the kids and go to the dealer and say I can afford this per month -- I want an odyssey real bad. Hard to believe but this still happens and while honda may sell fewer units without price support the ones they sell will bring in way more in net profit to the dealers. A friend of my wife leased a murano in 06 -- she paid msrp + 1k for wax and scotch guard, put 10k down, and bought a 7 year extended warranty on a 39 month lease. She follows the dealer recommendations for all service -- $450 for each 7500 mile service. Not lying. Instead of turning it in she paid 20k and bought it. Welcome to the real world. :confuse:
  • hot2004hot2004 Posts: 26
    I do not agree with you completely. Even the uninformed buyer do little bit of shopping and check the prices of other models/manufacturer. Just remember, it's not just Odyssey, but Honda pulled the rebate for other models too (example: Pilot). At the current price Honda vechicles are not competitive with other manufacturer. Honda will loose it's market share a big way if they continue like this and no manufacturer want to see that.
  • jayriderjayrider Posts: 3,602
    Your point is that uninformed shoppers check prices. Some do and some don't. Based on my experience, I know some don't. But the key here is you do and so you will wait for a fair deal -- congrats. Never under estimate the power of emotion when it comes to car buying. To a very few a car is nothing more than an appliance that gets them from place to place. Most get caught up in the bells and whistles and judgement is easily clouded. Look at the new dealerships. All modern with an ambiance that targets sales. Why not have a warehouse with bare walls and card tables. Pass along the savings to the buyer. I vote for that. But the bean counters know human nature all too well. The term "a sucker born every minute" still applies-- not to everyone but to just enough to offer a jackpot from time to time. That is the american way -- god bless america -- we can choose which club to join.
  • cam18cam18 Posts: 2
    Just closed the deal on a 2009 ex-l no res or nav for 26900 plus 195 doc fee and 100 title. does not include taxes. we purchased from hyannis honda in mass, boch honda in boston was about 500$ cheaper but they were about an hour away so we stayed local. thanks to everyone on the forum for there info it really helped. we made the purchase on july 3rd so the incentives were still good then. good luck everyone!:)
  • andy603andy603 Posts: 54
    congrats....thats about $3800 under invoice. nicely done!
  • nd1977nd1977 Posts: 12
    We purchased our 2009 Odyssey before the long weekend at Huffman Honda in Indiana (across the river from Louisville, KY). Nice salespeople, did not try to push anything or any pressure tactics. respected the fact that we also had some good information, thanks to this forum.

    This is an EX-L with NAV and RES.

    The price we paid: $31250+tax. The price includes all weather mats,cargo liner, pin stripes, door guards wheel locks and one year maintenance. This was the best deal in the area. Bigger areas have better deals but I would have spent some money to get the van from out of town to factored that and the "unknowns" involved in such a deal.

    We love our van and have already made two road trips with it. Good luck to everyone to get the desired price and strike a balance between time spent, headaches associated and prices paid. Thanks again to this forum, We could not have done it without the community here.
  • andy603andy603 Posts: 54
    wow, another great price..BUT that was when the incentives were still in place...They are no longer -as others have noted here-. Today, you're looking at about 33-34k. At this point, I can't bear to give back $2-3k. MDX has some good incentives now... Who knows, the analysts at Honda I'm sure look at national inventories and have extensive analysis tools to tell them what impact an incentive has on sales, time of year, etc....Just like the airlines know what to charge for a seat to get it filled.

    Great community here..keep posting!!
  • nobonobo Posts: 305
    Would have liked to have gotten in on the good pricing and discounts on the 2009 Honda EX-L.

    However, the 2010 Toyota Sienna is already available. And rumors of the all new 2011 Toyota Sienna starting production in first quarter 2010. Should be some incentives on 2010 Toyotas in the future. Maybe we'll just wait six or seven months for the 2011 Sienna. It is supposed to have 6 speed auto trans and 27 highway MPG.
  • clh98clh98 Posts: 1
    could you email the dealer and salesman's information, i want to buy a EX also, thanks.
  • chefk4chefk4 Posts: 1
    I am looking to find a good price on a 2009 Honda Odyssey EX-L or EX-L with RES. The dealership I went to quoted me at $31,100 for an EX-L or $32,200 for an EX-L with RES before TTL. These figures are much higher than what I have been reading and was wondering if anyone has suggestions of what price is realistic.

  • Those are close to the same prices I am being quoted in Houston. The reason they are higher than what you see in previous posts is that Honda has pulled their incentives. The price is about $3K higher now. I suggest waiting to see if Honda releases incentives again or just wait and get a 2010 model.
  • I just got a used 2006 Honda Ody Touring in Plano, TX over the weekend. Has 27500 miles and is in excellent condition, had it inspected at Driver's edge and was just told tires need replaced in 10K miles and need wipers. Paid 22950 + TTL. Was that a good deal? :)
  • dsmguydsmguy Posts: 23
    chefk4 - I'm also in Iowa (Des Moines) and we're looking at an EX-L. Which dealer did you go to? We haven't gone to talk to anyone yet. But from reading the boards, looks like they no long have incentives on the 2009 Odys?
  • jbihun1jbihun1 Posts: 16
    OK, I am about to go buy an Odyssey. I thought I wanted the Touring since it has adjustable peddles (wife is 4'11" and I am 6'2"). Not sure though some please provide advice if anyone has any. I want the RES and NAV for sure. The MSRP on the touring with run flat tires is 41,105.

    What should I expect to pay (in Central IL)? I have heard from others that Honda dealers in my area don't negotiate, which I would gladly skip them and go to Chicago. What is an expected price relative to invoice? I like to offer 200 above invoice typically. But I think I have less negotiating room since they might have to order mine. Any advice is appreciated....
  • jbihun1jbihun1 Posts: 16
    Just got a call from Joliet - 37,066 for Touring with PAX invoice is suppose to be 37,888. WOW...already 800 below invoice. What is going on here?
  • mplsownermplsowner Posts: 3
    So, what are the differences between the 2010 and the 2009? Looked pretty similar to me after a cursory look.
  • stevekalstevekal Posts: 13

    I'd recommend that you research the PAX runflat tires ... From what I've read, the tires can be a nightmare when they need to be replaced ... something like $400 to replace each tire (not each wheel, each tire); they can't be plugged, only certain shops can service them, etc. There were a bunch of posts about people spending $1,400 or so to de-pax their cars ... so if you still want the touring option -- I'd consider telling the dealer you'll only buy the car if they put regular tires and wheels on it.
  • jbihun1jbihun1 Posts: 16
    thank you steveka, that's good advice. the thought of not getting a call to change my wife's tire was the draw but not for $1400 bucks.

    What about price? Any advice on that?
  • I am Sorry But That is not good deal.
    They quoted me for new ones: ( i am sure there is room for negotiation, and they know that i am not paying cash )
    LX 24,000 + Tax Fees
    EX 26,000 + Tax Fees
    Ex_L 27,600 + Tax Fees
  • stevekalstevekal Posts: 13
    Right now the odyssey pricing seems about $2 - 2.5k higher than june, since there was a $2.5K dealer incentive that expired either June 30 or July 6-8 (plus a quota incentive that ended June 30).

    I have no inside knowledge, but given the fact that the 2010's were just officially announced, my bet would be another Odyssey dealer incentive will be rolled out in the coming weeks. The lots need to make room for the 2010's, and in addition, the 09's now become "last-year's model", and thus less valuable.

    If you need to buy right now, I'd do a sienna, as a similarly equipped Sierra seems to be about $1K lower than an Odyssey (at least for the ex-l/res) ... otherwise I'd sit tight for a bit to see if/when the Odyssey incentives come back.
  • hot2004hot2004 Posts: 26
    Actually 2010 Sienna (not 2009) is about $1k lower than 2009 Odyssey (EXL w/RES) at this moment.
  • hot2004hot2004 Posts: 26
    This is really good news. Honda incentive will come back with higher value any time now. :)
  • hot2004hot2004 Posts: 26
    I just compared 2010 model with 2009 for EXL at I do not see any differences at all.

    1. Engine i-VTEC 3.5L V6 from 3.5L V6.

    2. Suspension - MacPherson Strut Front Suspension & Multi-Link Double Wishbone Rear Suspension from "Independent".

    3. Folding Third-Row Seat Magic Seat™ (Standard) from standards.

    4. AM/FM Stereo - AM/FM Stereo, XM ® Satellite Radio with MP3/WMA Player, 6-disc CD Changer and 6 Speakers (Standard) from Standard.

    Not sure if these are really change or just change of wording.
  • bamboo222bamboo222 Posts: 20
    REALLY?? I would love to purchase EX-L for this much....ready for immediate purchase for this price.
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