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2013 and earlier Honda Odyssey Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • nobonobo Posts: 305
    Didn't see any mention of PAX on the 2010 Odyssey web page. Maybe not offered on the 2010s?
  • I got an awesome deal (I think)

    2009 Ex-L with Res for 27700 +TTL

    OTD ~29400 (3.9% APR) :)

    Wisconsin Dealer...Wilde Honda...Had to Negotiate a bit....but got the color and price...purchased on June 13th
  • rb3wreathrb3wreath Posts: 1
    The 2010 models are now on Honda's website. Based on past years, how many days until we should see '09 incentives?

    Reason I ask is that I just sold my wife's SUV Monday in hopes of finding a good deal on an 09 Odyssey EX-L w/RES w/NAV (I figure if we are getting a an, we may as well do it with style). Well, come to find out, we just missed out on a $2500 rebate Honda was doing (supposedly ended on the 7th).

    I've been emailing and calling about 7 different Honda dealers in the area and the best price I can find on this model is $34,350 (before tax/fees). I can't seem to get any of them to budge. When I see others around the country getting better deals it's making me think I'm being taken with this price.

    Any suggestions?
  • nobonobo Posts: 305
    That is an awesome deal.
  • nobonobo Posts: 305
    Widen your search. Sounds like the dealers you have been contacting are all sticking together on pricing.

    As for incentives, not sure. The Government's cash for clunkers starts later this month. They might have something to tie in with that promotion.
  • smadhusmadhu Posts: 16
    Wow Good Deal.Could you give me Sales man name.
  • jayriderjayrider Posts: 3,602
    Just a thought -- perhaps honda has kept the incentive/spiff intact but dealers eyes only. They can choose to use it to make a deal or not. May have special quota bonuses for the month -- who knows. Try it this way for a while before publishing new incentives. Not beyond the realm of possibilities.
  • nobonobo Posts: 305
    If this is true, the dealers in my area (SW OH) aren't sharing. All have the higher pricing now.
  • msugrad1msugrad1 Posts: 1
    Was there a trade-involved? Dealers tend to shave off the price of the new vehicle and short change you on a trade so just wanted to know if a trade was involved. If a trade was involved do you feel you got what is was worth?

  • Hello ~!
    Today quite by accident I tripped onto a wrong web site --I ended up in a Courtesy Honda dealership in Florida ---and they had prices cut --as much as 2,700 on their Odysseys ...I asked and the Internet Salesman said it was an individual dealership decision .
    I gave him a giiggle --one Honda dealership had asked us if we were interested in a 2008 Odyssey ---yes that is correct 2008 ---Odyssey ...of course that dealership said that they had just sold it --a week out from the dealers information...The salesman from Florida laughed and laughed. Yeah- right , he said. :-)
    I'm in Wisconsin where all of the dealerships are snug and still pricing up there ~!
    No one will breathe a word about Honda Days either,,,,,
    Best of Luck ---maybe a trip to Florida would be fun ~!!! HAHAHA!!! :blush:

  • andy603andy603 Posts: 54
    sorry 1dodgedartt, I have no idea what you just said.

    Would appreciate know what folks are seeing out there for prices on 09 touring..thx!
  • jubethonejubethone Posts: 5
    I purchased a '09 Honda Odyssey Touring in MD for 36800 OTD. The original price quoted to me was 33388 + TTL. My car came with pinstriping, wheel locks, splash guards, and door edge guards (it was what was already on the car color I wanted) so I did pay like $350 extra for that. I was happy with the price but I think I may have been able to do a little better. The dealership that gave me the quote did not have the color I wanted and got it from another dealership but did not really raise the price other than the options so I was ok with that.
  • It is easy Andy603 ---I meant to check out our local Courtesy and ended up checking out another Courtsey Honda in Florida ~! They were taking some $$ off their Odysseys --on their own ---NOT Honda related ---as I understand it ~!
    The 2008 -(at another dealership - was supposedly ---still on the lot ---as of Saturday --and ..I was notified on Monday that it was "SOLD". Yup ---I can't confirm the car or sale --as I didn't see the vehicle....Just think it is a bit odd,,,,,,
    So --if interested --check out Courtesy ~~~~ :-) which ever one ~!! LOL.
    Happy Shopping ~!! Here's to Happy Honda Customer Days ~~!!When ever it is ...
    1dodgedartt :confuse:
  • hir3nhir3n Posts: 3
    I need to buy a 2009 or 2010 Odyssey with NAV & RES package within next two months with Nav&RES. I'm not in hurry to buy but can wait to get better deal. Does antyone know when the 2010 inventives come out. Does anyone have recommendation for West or North Texas Areas or in Southern California? Please let me know what prices are going on with this model?
  • rkagarwrkagarw Posts: 2
    I am planning to buy 2009 Odyssey EX-L with RES,does it come with the headphones or do we have buy them additionally.
  • caseyjrcaseyjr Posts: 9

    Sorry, I'm new. What is PAX?
  • It comes with 2 pair of wireless headphones.
  • One dealership does have "Time for Honda Clearance Days " ...
    The animated guy ~~from the ads that we all know ---

    No $$ savings though~~ :(

  • andy603andy603 Posts: 54
    ok got it. thx!
  • andy603andy603 Posts: 54
    36.8 +/- $300 is about what i'm seeing out there now in my area. Given no incentives and low inventory (at least around here) unless Honda surprises folks, its prob as low as its gonna get. That said the inventories of EX-L seems MUCH higher...who knows!
  • cm111cm111 Posts: 7
    Just purchased an EX-L with RES two weeks ago. It came with two sets of headphones.
  • jbihun1jbihun1 Posts: 16
    does that include tax? I have the guy here in town at 37,100 for the Touring with splash guards and the cross bars included. Plus tax, title, doc fee, filing fee.

    The 37100 includes the 400 under the invoice plus destination fee.
  • jbihun1jbihun1 Posts: 16
    just got another quote, 36,436 with destination,+ TTL. Cross bars and Flaps. Is that a deal? I can't tell. It should be a couple hudred below invoice.
  • hoosbesthoosbest Posts: 39
    Not a great deal for those considering a Touring at $36-37K. I walked away from out the door for a Touring in June at $35K OTD. You would be foolish for spending $36 or $37K now for a 2009 model. That car will be a year old in two weeks with the debut of the 2010 and your depreciation hit will be large. Unless you are getting a better deal that that, buy a 2010 for basically the same price next month. New car sales are not great - and Honda made no changes to the 2010 to enhance demand. There will be plenty of 2010 around shortly.
  • andy603andy603 Posts: 54
    you really think you can get a 2010 for about the same (36 +/-)? What exactly would the depreciation difference really between the 2 years anyway?
  • ncmvasdjncmvasdj Posts: 2
    I know that some dealers already are getting the 2010 Honda Odyssey. We are planning on buying one in the next week and want to know what recent OTD prices people have paid for a 2009 Honda Odyssey Ex-L near the Macon, Ga area. We are not interested in getting the Nav/DVD system with the car. Thanks.
  • and5555and5555 Posts: 1
    I was looking at getting an 09 Odyssey and then began to look at getting 2010 as time went on.

    My concern is that the 2011 Odyssey is supposed to be completely redesigned.

    I'm concerned for two reasons:
    1) Depreciation: In the year 2016 (when I could theoretically sell this vehicle) why would somebody want a 2010 "old" style Odyssey instead of a 2011 (one year difference) "new" Odyssey? For example, why would anybody want a 2004 Odyssey when the 2005 (new, better design) costs a little more?
    2) Introduction of 2011 next year bringing 2010 prices way down: I would expect that when the newly designed 2011 is introduced, there will be HUGE incentives to get rid of the 2010 models (since their designs would be "old").

    It seems that this same kind of thing happened with the Civic in 06. I have the new Civic, and I can definitely see a difference between the 05 and 06, at least in "hotness factor".

    For these reasons, I'm considering buying used until a few years down the line when I would upgrade to the new Odyssey.

    Anybody have any thoughts, similar concerns, or reassurance?

  • caseyjrcaseyjr Posts: 9
    I wouldn't buy a 2011 because you risk new problems with a new design.
  • I agree. Wait until 2012 models.
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