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2013 and earlier Honda Odyssey Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • smadhusmadhu Posts: 16
    How much did you paid for EX-L/RES.
  • andy603andy603 Posts: 54
    Pls state where and when you saw. thx
  • jimbob1jimbob1 Posts: 70
    I'm concerned for two reasons:
    1) Depreciation: In the year 2016 (when I could theoretically sell this vehicle) why would somebody want a 2010 "old" style Odyssey instead of a 2011 (one year difference) "new" Odyssey? For example, why would anybody want a 2004 Odyssey when the 2005 (new, better design) costs a little more?
    2) Introduction of 2011 next year bringing 2010 prices way down: I would expect that when the newly designed 2011 is introduced, there will be HUGE incentives to get rid of the 2010 models (since their designs would be "old").

    You might be over thinking this. You'll be looking at selling a 5 or 6 year old minivan. It's not like we're dealing with collectibles or supercars. :)
  • jayriderjayrider Posts: 3,602
    If the drivetrain stays basically the same without anything revolutionary -- then the revamp may be more cosmetic with lots of hype. Would buy if that is the case but will be interested to see what develops.
  • mohanpmohanp Posts: 26
    You put this in Brilliantly.. !!! Perfect thought Odyssey is not a rare entity...

    "You might be over thinking this. You'll be looking at selling a 5 or 6 year old minivan. It's not like we're dealing with collectibles or supercars"
  • nobonobo Posts: 305
    If they follow the footsteps of the upcoming Toyota Sienna, they should have a 6 speed transmission in 2011.
  • cm111cm111 Posts: 7
    You are almost always better off financially waiting to buy a car. Having said that, we purchased an EX-L w/RES two weeks ago (incentives were still on) in the color combo we wanted at the lowest quote I had received on an Odyssey in the 4-5 years I have been checking. We plan to keep this for 10+ years, a minimum holding period for a new vehicle if you want it to make financial sense. My take - In 2020, both the new and the old style will be old styles, and the value will be about the same, give or take a few hundred bucks.

    Other considerations should be a priority, not the "style" unless you are one of the folks that likes a new car every three years. Most Honda owners are not in this boat, however. The current model has most of the bugs worked out and is a functional, good looking car. With current pricing, we thought purchasing now made sense for us.
  • cm111cm111 Posts: 7
    We had a trade so the price is tough to compare on an apples-to-apples basis. Based on my estimate of the fair-trade value of my vehicle, we paid about $28K. Could have been a bit more or less depending on the trade value though it's a bit tough to judge in this used car market. Incentives were still on at the time ($2,500 dealer cash).
  • At this time, understanding there aren't any incentives, what do you feel is a fair price on the 2010 EX-L model w/ RES?

    I was going to get a 2009 model, but just missed the incentives by 2 point in paying the 2009 prices when I can get the newer model. My dealer has the 2010 trim I want coming in Friday/Saturday. He is calling me tomorrow w/ a quote and I wanted to get feedback to know what is reasonable. Thanks!
  • dbtdbt Posts: 298
    The 2010 Acura MDX and ZDX will have shiftable 6 speed auto transmissions. Quite possible that they will migrate (perhaps w/o the shifters) to the Odyssey & Pilot for 2011.
  • sashesashe Posts: 6
    I just saw 2010 Odyssey in inventory on this site. However I have not seen them in person. Not sure if they entered this data into their system expecting shipment.
  • andy603andy603 Posts: 54
    Here they come! thx Sashe. I look forward to hearing from folks about what they are being quoted/paid for 2010s. I'll be curious to see to what extent my local dealers will negotiate given that they likely will posture for a while given the newness of the vehicle and seeing the drooling prospective buyer wanting to take one of the first one's off the lot. I think they will have a little leverage for a while.
  • So far I have only found 1 dealer in the Houston area that has any 2010 models in stock. The price I was quoted for 2010 EX-L RES was $32566.71.

    One other dealer is suppose to call me today with a quote on the 2010's he will receive in the next day or two.

    I am wondering how long it will be before incentives are offered on the 2010 models. I would like one by Christmas, but doubt any discounts will be offered in 2009.
  • andy603andy603 Posts: 54
    thx auchristyna. If my numbers are right, the 2010 EX-L with RES MSRP is $35715. I cant see anywhere yet what the invoice is but if its in line with 2009, then its about $32,381 +/- If true, your price is right around invoice which I think is 'ok' not great but not bad by any means.
  • jfcarjfcar Posts: 10
    As of today the dealer at the link posted has 24 2009's in stock (if they update their website, which it appears they do since they just added 10's to it).

    How many people are going to buy a 2009 when 2010's are sittting right next to them at close to the same price?
  • andy603andy603 Posts: 54
    so here's where it gets interesting...assuming that their prices are 'close' to each other, meaning maybe $1000 or so then you have to ask yourself 2 (at least) questions I think:

    1) how long has the 09 been sitting on the lot roasting in the sun (if you care)
    2) whats the diff in resale value of what is for all practical matters the exact same car just that it came off the mfg floor a little later and has 2010 on it?

    I suppose the answer to #2 depends on how long you plan to keep the car. It also depends on if you finance or lease. If you lease, it shouldnt matter- you should take whatever deal is better, if at all...if its the same, hell, I'd take the newer one. If the 2010 is higher, see question #1 then decide.
  • smadhusmadhu Posts: 16
    Can you give me OTD price .I am looking for EX-L /RES.Thanks.
  • I can't seem to find any recent pricing on the EX model and there don't seem to be many of these on local dealer lots, anyone know if these models are hard to come by? I currently have an 07 LX and would like to upgrade a bit to the EX model. I'm coming off a lease, have 2 payments remaining and would like to get into a newer model with the power doors (I'm tired of my kids struggling to open the doors and me being scared they'll lose an arm!). Any one know of what would be a price on these? Has anyone used Honda's Lease loyalty program, I'm wondering if I could get into a new van sooner?

  • Just got another quote for 2010 EX-L RES.....$31,505. $1K less than the quote I received yesterday.
  • gmp922gmp922 Posts: 7
    In internet negotiations on 09 lx is MSRP is $26,355 invoice $23, is saying he can give me 26k out the door. I'm trying to get him down to 25k out the door. Taxes, title is around you think 25k is doable for them? I'm in NE Ohio if that makes a difference.Thanks
  • karenkjkarenkj Posts: 7
    Do you happen to have this quote on paper (email)? Would you mind emailing it to me? Might help in my negotiations!!!!
  • caseyjrcaseyjr Posts: 9
    You wrote: "The 2010 Acura MDX and ZDX will have shiftable 6 speed auto transmissions. Quite possible that they will migrate (perhaps w/o the shifters) to the Odyssey & Pilot for 2011. "

    Is it true that the launch for the 2010 MDX and ZDX has been delayed? Is it because of these new transmissions?

    How long after the release of these new transmissions will it take to discover if there is a problem? Will it show up in the first year? If they test the new transmissions on the MDX and ZDX and then put it in the 2011 Odyssey and Pilot. Do you take the risk that 2-3-4 years later problems won't pop up?
  • sashesashe Posts: 6
    Could you please forward the dealer name and the quote to my email address sashemailid at yahoo dot com
  • I think it's because you can negotiate a better deal with them for the 09's. We just got our 09 Odyssey EX-L in May and we got a pretty good deal. 2010's JUST came out so dealers are probably be firmer with their prices.
  • So, I emailed a dealer asking about 2010 EX pricing and this was her response.

    The list price of the 2010 Honda Odyssey EX is $30,615 - however, I can sell you one of our incoming ones for $28,683 (not including tax & tags). We can look at your 2007 Honda Odyssey & see if you have any equity in it towards your new purchase. We are in need of pre-owned Odysseys to expand our Certified inventory!!

    I wouldn't have equity in this van, since i'm leasing it, correct?) I keep asking them about Honda Loyalty programs and she keeps ignoring that question. That price seems really high to me - anyone familiar with this pricing?

  • bigdadi118bigdadi118 Posts: 1,207

    There is no Honda Loyalty program
    There is no incentives
    What you can do is to see if dealer is willing sell at invoice or veven to give 2% holdback,
    Dealer Invoice / MSRP
    Base Price $27,098 / $29,905
    Destination Charge $710 / $710
    Total Price $27,808 / $30,615
  • jayriderjayrider Posts: 3,602
    You might have equity if they really want your leased car. If it's super clean with low miles, you can get "trade in" quotes from several dealers. When you give it to them they may be able to flip it and turn a nice profit. Being generous to the max, they may cut you in on the profit and credit you toward a new lease -- which they make money on as well. ;)
  • rlinmdrlinmd Posts: 2
    Hey Jubethone,
    I wanted to see what honda dealer you purchased your odyssey touring from. Im in the market to buy one and was quoted a price of $40500 OTD today.
  • shelldmshelldm Posts: 4
    I am in the market for a new Odyssey in MD and have made several offers to dealerships but they don't want to budge and are asking about $1000 above invoice. The price you paid for the touring seems fair and I wanted to see which dealership in MD you would recommend. Thanks!
  • dbtdbt Posts: 298
    There is a chance of a delay on the 2010 MDX until December. Large stock of 09s is the claim for the delay at this point. The ZDX should be available in winter, possibly around the same time.

    On the new transmissions, it's hard to say. It's an advancement that needs more testing, but I would venture to guess that the reason for Honda's lateness to the market with a six-speed auto has something to do with the problems in the early 00s Ody & Accord V6 autos, i.e. their response is to test even more than competitors before release. But, I could be wrong.
    All Hondas have 5/60 tranny & engine warranties.
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