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  • jt_in_kcjt_in_kc Posts: 11
    16K cars sold through Clunkers Program. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration said that as of early today, 16,351 cars and trucks had been purchased under the program, using just over $68.9 million of the program's funds. NHTSA says a total of 250,000 vehicles should be able to take advantage of the program. [Detroit News]

    · 'Clunker' Sales Raise Worry. Car dealers on Wednesday began expressing concern that the government's "cash for clunkers" incentive program could run out of money as soon as the end of August due to strong initial response from consumers. J. McEleney, chairman of the National Automobile Dealers Association said he suspects the $1B set aside for the program could run out within a month based on early response. Chrysler Group LLC said its dealers saw a two-year-high in traffic last weekend, though only some one-third of those who came in for the clunkers program had vehicles that qualified. ats_news_us_business

    · Federal refunds to dealers tripled on Tuesday, the third day of the cash-for-guzzlers program, as some dealers expressed concern that the program's $1 billion budget would soon be depleted. The U.S. Transportation Department approved $68.9 million in reimbursements as of early Wednesday morning, up from about $17 million the day before, agency spokesman Rae Tyson said in an interview. [Automotive News]
  • nikunjnikunj Posts: 5
    CZP, Does your best price include 1250 rebate ? Before 2.5K discount ran out, I had a quote for EX-L model for $26,672 plus all other fees, title and tax. Based on 1300 difference now, it should be around 28K as base price.

    I am also looking for one, but not getting good deal at this time. It seems with CFC, Honda has pulled out their incentives for their minivans.
  • czpczp Posts: 15
    No, the best price did not include the rebate. I just e-mailed a couple dealers I've been working with to give me new quotes. I

    I'm still fuming that the junior salesperson that took us on our test drive in June said nothing to us about the $2500 rebate. We were still in the looking/curious phase, but could have been enticed with a truly good deal. His idea of a "good deal" was $1000 off sticker. :mad:
  • madams1madams1 Posts: 101
    My wife and I are looking at the 2009 or 2010 Ody. We plan to keep the vehicle for a long time. In my area, there are not many 2009's left. My question is 3 part. One, should we pay no more than invoice and two, would you advise leaving the trade out of the deal and selling privately? We have a 2003 CRV(paid off) that I plan to trade or sell, but in the past dealing a trade was a hassle. There is a tax break and hassle factor to consider when trading, but probably could get up to 1,500 grand more if I sold outright. Three, should we try the online quote route like is shown on Edmunds or just go the old route and travel to the dealer.

    Great forum by the way.
  • andy603andy603 Posts: 59
    I would first start by spending a worthwhile hour on this forum and go back about 6 months and start reading the threads. Your question is common and its been answered a bunch of times. I dont mean to be rude, but your questions are for sure real and good and this forum has some great advice . An hour well spent IMHO. :)
  • jayriderjayrider Posts: 3,602
    The real hassle is selling yourself. You will be negotiating off your asking price with strangers. The 1500 you expect to gain is reduced by the net savings in sales tax on the reduced payoff and the actual selling price. For every 1k you get in trade in Illinois you reduce your tax by $65. Try for $750 over what you expect in a trade and hold to that.
  • madams1madams1 Posts: 101
    Thanks, it was useful to run thru the past few months. I still do not understand how some folks are getting 2k - 3k below invoice. Probably has something to do with high inventory in some areas. There are very few 2009's in our area(middle tennessee). I may try and get a 2010 for invoice and go no higher since I am not in a great hurry. Of course now I have my wife all excited about a van. We had 3 of them when our kids were growing up and she wants one now that we have a grandchild and one on the way.
  • transam_1transam_1 Posts: 3
    When evaluating new vs. used a month back, I did some calculation I would like to share/raise discussion. My calculations assume that regardless of new or used;
    -Vehicle life would be up to 130k miles.
    -Pay in cash resulting in No Financing costs in either case
    -Rate of Return on the money saved up front on used vs. old is 4%
    -Property Tax and Insurance was negligible.

    NEW: 09 Ody EXL w/Res
    - Quoted Price of $29704 (incl. Dest. and Admin)
    - Cost Per Mile: $0.2433 (Price/130k miles)

    USED: 06-08 Ody EXL w/Res 40,000mi
    - 130,000mi - 40,000mi = 90,000 miles X $0.2433 = $20,264
    - 3.7 year ROI for $9440 Initial cost diff. of New vs. Used = $2,225
    - Equivalent Used Price Target: $20,264+$2,225 = $22,489.29

    For one, it was difficult to find a good condition used Ody at the $22.5k price point. In addition when incorporating the other unmeasured factors such as Warranty, having first 40K miles in a new vehicle, knowing vehicle history, etc. the decision became easy to go new opposed to new.

    Does this comparison seem logical or am I missing something?
  • bigdon2bigdon2 Posts: 12
    I test drove an Ody EXL-with rear ent, and a Sienna LXE yesterday. Here is what I felt.

    For the Ody-EXL, it has much more space inside. I can sit in any seats without feeling squeezed in any way. It has an eighth-seat, in the middle of the second role, which can be partially removed (becomes a cup holder) or totally removed. It has a floor-storage space in the second row, which is big enough to hold the middle seat if removed partially. The driver and passenger seats in the second row are both auto adjustable, with latches, and can be moved forward. But the middle seat is not for a kid in any sense. Only one seat in the third row has normal latches though--the other two seats each has one latch at the back (not sure how to use them, maybe it's just me). Also, it only has curtains for the second-row seats, but not for the third-row seats. Liked the rear view camra, blue-tooth, and MP3 features. The dealer says there is a new incentive for 2009 models ($1250 off).

    For Sienna LXE, it looks much fancier inside with hard-wook like handles and cup-holders, and colorful panels. But an adult will not feel very comfortable sitting in the third row. I am just 5'8'', but my legs cannot even fit there straight. It only has 7 seats, no floor-storage in the second row. Seats all have latches. It has a moon-roof but doen't have a rear DVD (you have to choose between a moon-roof and a DVD or install a DVD on the back of a seat). The dealer says they do not have 09 Sienna any more, and have no incentives for 2010 so far...

    I didn't feel much difference in terms of road noise, and bumper suspension.
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  • shelldmshelldm Posts: 4
    To get the color we wanted for an '09 Honda Odyssey EX-L RES, we are purchasing one for $30,480 + taxes and tags. With the incentives, our initial quote was $29,910 + taxes and tags. They said they had to charge us for accessories plus transportation, since apparently there was only one left of the color we liked. Do you think we made a good deal considering the incentives are on now? Thank you so much for your input. I have enjoyed this forum very much.
  • andy603andy603 Posts: 59
    glad it was helpful. Its actually quite reasonable to get it that low when you had a $2500 incentive plus a holdback of 3% (from MSRP). When you know both of those things you negotiate from a position of strength. Very few dealers will volunteer any incentives and they really never talk about holbacks and any other 'special' dealer kickbacks, competitions, quotas, etc. You should never, in my opinion, pay over dealer invoice because a dealer NEVER pays invoice for a car- they usually get 2%-3% holdback as profit. If you plan on keeping the car for say 4/5+ years I dont think its worth waiting on a 2010 because of depreciation. If you can find a 2009 before tomorrow (incentive apparently runs out then) I'd snap it up- even if you have to drive a couple of hours to find one...thats what the internet and phones are on edmunds first for all dealers in a certain radius, call them all and work a deal BEFORE you see a salesman. Let me know if you have any more questions! good luck
  • I think you made a good deal...the best price I can find is $31,500 + TTL. That is probably the best deal you will get until the new year when they start doing incentives for the 2010 models.
  • I found something similar at a local dealership. I found out that they have no real huge manufacturer rebates? In addition some dealers use this as a bait & then tell you it was sold. Beware!
  • andy603andy603 Posts: 59
    Thats exactly why I research *and* negotiate from the comfort of my own home and only go to the dealer to sign papers and look at the car. :)
  • surewinsurewin Posts: 9
    Good deal IMO. We also just jumped on a 09 EX-L w/RES (in the color we wanted as well) for $30,188 +TTL. Side note: did this all online with the only dealer who would acknowledge the $1250 in NC.

    Have there been slightly better deals/offers posted then ours... yes - but you can't get hung up on a $100 here or there unless you could absolutely care less about color, options etc... we got the car we wanted for 5000 off MSRP. At the end of the day... not bad. ;)

    Great forum BTW. For all the non-posters reading these reviews - I was one of you yesterday. I gained the info and knowledge I needed from all the people who took the time to post and hopefully after you make your deal - you will too.
  • I am new to these boards. An accident (no one hurt) earlier this week in our 11 yr old Dodge Grand Caravan has pushed us to replace the car. We were only going to keep it another year or two, anyway. So we're going to replace it now rather than putting any money into repairs. We would like to get a new 2009 EX, but they are in very short supply where we live - Westercher County NY. It is looking like we may have to buy a 2010. I can't find the invoice price anywhere. We got one online quote so far from Yonkers for $27,950. I don't know if that is a good price.

    Something else we're considering - if the C4C gets more funding really soon - is trading the old car in under the program for an EXL. The EX doesn't qualify with the mileage, but the EXL would because it is rated 20 mpg. It seems like it would be about a wash with the $3500 we would get back and the higher price for the EXL. Is that true?

    What I really need is the invoice price for the 2010 EX and EXL and some guidance on what would be a good price to pay for either one.

    Thanks so much for any feedback.
  • jwp10jwp10 Posts: 2
    I too appreciate all the helpful information and opinions that I have found on this forum. We are looking to buy a 09 Ody w/ Nav & Res. Origianlly just Res but I like how the Nav screen cleans up the dash (way too many buttons!) and I hope it will help on trips).

    I received internet quotes from 6 different dealers which ranged from 33,466 to 33,253. I thought those were kind of high based on my research (and then based on this forum after finding it and reading through back posts) so we were holding out. We tried to haggle and countered with 31,000 but most all dealers said the Internet quote was as low as they go. Only one dealer dropped to 32,453 but we still wanted to get the price lower trying to hit the pricing others were getting during the 2500 rebate so we decided to wait. We also started thinking about just waiting for the 2010s which have been rolling into dealers.

    My husband received a call from one of the dealers on Wednesday who told us about the new rebate (he said it was $1000). I checked this forum and found others saying 1250 so I emailed our lowest bid and asked if they could meet/or come close to our target price with the new 1250 rebate. This would have put us around 31203. They said the could do it but now we are unable to get in touch with them :mad: .

    Last night my husband called the dealer with the second lowest quote (who we wanted to do business with anyway) and mentioned the dealer call/rebate. He was able to drop the price down to 32000 so it looks like that is what we are going to take (we do need a car asap).

    Hopefully all works out today...I will post a final price once the deal goes through.
  • smadhusmadhu Posts: 16
    Hi I got Below quote for EX-L with DVD from Dealer .What do you think about this price?Please suggest.

    sale Price - $30,346
    Document Fee - $151.65
    Sales Tax - $2,222.34
    New License Plates - $144
    Total - $32,863.99
  • jt_in_kcjt_in_kc Posts: 11
    :shades: I would take that is a fair price OTD. Good luck. Where are you located? I'm in KC, and have told my guy that I would take the above for $30,500....waiting to see if he will deal.

  • smadhusmadhu Posts: 16
    Thanks for your Responce.I am from Chicago.I Asked him less than this quote .I am waiting for his responce.Hoping For Best.
  • jt_in_kcjt_in_kc Posts: 11
    MSRP -$35,465

    Invoice - $32,391 - $1,250 (dealer cash) = $31,141

    Admin fee - $299.00

    Total - $31,440 excluding tax, title, license, and any dealer installed accessories

    We do have 6 2009 models remaining and do want to sell them, but not for $30,500. If I can get my manager to sell the Bali blue for $31,500, will that work.

    Thoughts?? Low inventory...2 left in wife's color....thanks!
  • technoztechnoz Posts: 34
    Im trying really hard to get 09 touring in ocean mist for 34,000 +TTL. All quotes have been coming at 35,000 or a tad over :(
  • surewinsurewin Posts: 9
    Your paying 1,300ish more than I just did today for the color my wife also - had to have. Call around to other dealerships within a certain radius of you. I went to Google Maps - typed in Honda, NC and sure enough I found dealers within an hour and a half from me I never knew existed. Call all of them - found the 2 with the color I wanted - made the offer (30,150 for the EX-L with RES) and out the door I drove to pick up my new car at 30,188... And yes - the dealer I went to was 1.5 hours away - but worth every minute of the drive. The bottom line for the dealer you're dealing with is that their trying desperately to hold on to their hold back of 2 to 3%.
  • surewinsurewin Posts: 9
    Good Deal... but I do love living in NC where the sales tax on cars is 3%!
  • I have been trying to get the best price on an EX-L RES with an intention to purchase today. Most dealers only have the EX-L with no DVD installed but have offered to install one there. Is there any difference in a dealer installed versus factory installed other than the VIN number not showing the RES model? Thanks!
  • I got it by calling various dealers and telling them I wanted to pay 33,000 OTD. We have high sales tax in LA. So that wasn't possible here. Most dealers wouldn't talk to me, because 33K OTD was too low. But a few were willing to "get close" and once I verified prices, competed between themselves for my business. I was pre-qualified through my credit union and willing to go visit dealers after I had internet prices to press the flesh and test drive.

    Odyssey 09 EXL-RES, includes 1 pro-pac (wheel locks, front cargo tray, etc.) Dealer price for that pro-pac is 300-500, depending on the dealer, which is ridiculous! I told them up front that I was not paying for any add-ons.
    Price: 30698
    Tax, Licensing & Fees: 3,470
    Doc Prep fee (a bs charge) 55.00
    OTD: 34230.
    Also, by doing homework and checking curry auto warranty (thanks warranty forum) I got lifetime/early warning lojack 875 and 72 month, 120K warranty for 1240. I'd checked prices locally & this matched aftermarket installation.
    Once the finance guy saw the printout from curry honda and the "example policy" which proved it was a Honda Care policy, he stopped haggling and matched it.

    Since I did not have a cash for clunker trade-in, it took me a few days to actually close on the deal. The sales room was jammed with people trying to do that.

    Thanks to everyone who posted on this recently - really helped me feel confident about my negotiating, especially when several local dealers flatly said it was impossible to get anywhere near my price. An uncomissioned car broker who works for my bank told me that the price was a good one, so I took it.

    Thanks again to all who posted before. :D
  • jayriderjayrider Posts: 3,602
    You pay the sales tax in the state where you live not in the state where you buy unless they are the same.
  • jwp10jwp10 Posts: 2
    UPDATE: The deal went through on a 09 Ody w/ Nav & Res. Dayton, OH

    Price: 32003.27 (includes the 1250 dealer rebate)
    fees: 286.50
    tax: 2257.73

    Total: 34547.50

    I hope this helps others deal or even get a better price. After we had signed the paper work we received an email from the dealer who was going to sell to us for lower....oh well...
  • mcjlcmcjlc Posts: 1
    We got an internet quote for a white 2009 EX-L w/RES for an "out the door" price of $31,700. I'm really clueless about whether or not this is a good deal, it appears to be from reading this forum the past 2 days. We just want to make sure, thanks! :)
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