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  • gmp922gmp922 Posts: 7
    Ok guys guess what now happened to us? Our dealer called us tonight and said they are not participating in the cash for clunkers program, sorry they will refund our deposit. I've been married to my husband for 18 years and I've never seen him give a person heck like he did this salesman. We let another deal go because of this one. We signed the buyers agreement last saturday and have been waiting all week to get the van. The short of it is the GM of the dealer called and after another round of my husband giving him heck but me stepping in to smooth things over; he said they'd try over the weekend to submit the paperwork and he'll let me know Monday at 12pm. The owner just doesn't want to deal with all the crap from this program and risk not getting his money from the goverment. I honestly can't blame them and know from my readings that it has been heck on the dealers trying to get this paperwork thru. If they can't get the paperwork thru they'll give the van we want to another dealer and let us get it that way. I really want this Ocean Mist color instead of the Mocha Beige at another place. So now I may have to open up my neigotiations again with the other guy. I'm hoping since I have the quote from the first place that the other guy can match it. Does anyone know how that works with one dealer getting a car/van from another? I really want this deal to go thru.
  • technoztechnoz Posts: 34
    Im really getting sick and tired of all the crap for clunkers program. How good is it when couple weeks ago we were getting 4500 + in rebates directly from honda + 2.9 - 3.9% honda financing. They pulled everything (just brought back 1250) and let cash for clunkers kick in, now the taxpayer is paying the rebate?? I just don't get how this is going to help, a real waste all the way around..
  • Different dealers are figuring out what to do about Cash for Clunkers. Here in L.A., some dealers are not doing anymore cash for clunkers until they finish "processing" their deals. They can not get paid the "cash" until they prove they have disabled the engines so that the cars cannot be driven again. This takes a little bit of effort - and then they have to have the cars hauled off somewhere, at their expense. The dealer we purchased from had $160,000 due from the government and was cutting off the program, because he's heard that the government thinks more than the 1 billion dollars it budgeted has already been spent - but it isn't sure, because dealers are still junking the cars and haven't filed all the forms to collect what they are owed.

    Our dealer was worried that if the program is overextended it might somehow not be totally funded and he might not get his money (White House says all deals done this weekend will be covered, but there have been conflicting info from different sources in the past few days).

    So just in case he isn't going to get paid, he quit the program. He made his numbers for the month so he'll be happy if he gets paid from Uncle Sam. He's just a wee bit worried that he won't. He's probably got good reason to worry = we live in California, and this state has been issuing IOUs to everyone, which the banks won't accept!

    Go ahead and open up negotiations with the other guy. But don't finish your deal until after you hear back from the first dealer on Monday at noon. The other guy doesn't need to know you are waiting. Tell him you have a deal and you want to know if he can beat it.

    Good luck!
  • Just want to point out we are in L.A. (Los Angeles). Also, the dealer didn't try to sell me too hard on the LoJack and warranty after I showed him my homework. But initially, he said "good luck with that" and we didn't purchase from him. Then as I was getting into the car, he came up to me and said he'd just realized he MIGHT be able to go lower (LOL) and named the above numbers. We agreed & drew up a new contract!
  • If you read back, you'll see that last year in June Honda had a big incentive to move their 08 vans out, which they pulled around July 4. They brought back a smaller incentive in August. This year they basically did the same thing - a big incentive in June, ending in early July and then nothing until this new incentive this week. I think they planned on offering this incentive in August, but introduced it this past week in hopes of getting some ODY sales with the Cash for Clunkers crowd.

    I don't have any inside info, but it looks like it's just part of their annual marketing strategy to offer big incentives on 09 models in June, and then offer smaller incentives in August in hopes of getting rid the last of the inventory. Corporate figures out incentive programs months in advance. The cash for clunkers program was announced relatively recently.
  • Hi there - best place to check out prices for the EX and EXL models for 2010 is on or pay $14 to Consumer Reports for the 2010 model - OR look back a bit on these boards and see what people were quoted (there are a few). A fleet guy in San Diego told me that until the new 1250 incentive was announced, he had more negotiating room on the 2010s than he did on the 2009s. If you've got something else to drive, do some internet negotiating. For the best price, do NOT ask dealers for their internet price. I started that way, and the only thing it told me was who was willing to correspond on the net. I did much better when I just started telling dealers what i wanted to pay (I fudged a bit, saying I wanted to pay 500 less than I was really willing to pay). Some dealers refused to play. But a few bit - if I was willing to come into the showroom. They offered me a deal in the showroom. I followed up with an email when I got home restating their offer. They answered and confirmed the offer, which I then forwarded to another dealer who was willing to match or beat the price..... The dealer matched it and threw some equipment (wheel locks, cargo tray). I did try shopping the deal around by phone to dealers farther out of my geographic area and when 3 or 4 of them said "you should take that deal , we can't meet it" I knew I had a good one.
  • czpczp Posts: 15
    Ok- new updated best price we got on a 2009 EX-L (no nav, no dvd) is $28,635.00 plus tax title and documentation fees. Good deal?
  • topadtopad Posts: 2
    Surewin, could you please share with me the dealership name? I am at NC as well. Thanks.
  • kamilkamil Posts: 3
    czp - would you mide sharing the dealer name and location for this price? Thanks.
  • Finally test drove the oddyssey today....loved it. Got the dealer down to $30,150 plus TTL. I have no trade. He said offer includes the $1,250, they've got two left and the offer is good until thurs Aug 6th. They dont have the color I wanted...but I think its a good deal.
  • surewinsurewin Posts: 9
    Steve Jones Honda in North Arberdeen. Great to deal with and worth the extra drive for us from Raleigh.
  • Yesterday I paid an off the lot price of $34,000 - price was approx $32,300 plus TTL.

    Perhaps could have done better, but was ready to go and end of the month seemed like the right time. Plus, got the color we wanted. Lots of activity at the dealership on Friday.

    I appreciated all the thoughts and information on this site - it really was useful.
  • jt_in_kcjt_in_kc Posts: 11
    Wondered if there is anything happening on the 2010 Odyssey EX-L w/RES....last night got a dealer down to $32,915 (included $199 document fee)....passed on it...
  • kjccrskjccrs Posts: 4
    Here is what I got yesterday:

    2009 Odyssey EX-L w/ RES. plus $1900 of overpriced dealer accessories.

    MSRP $37,8xx

    Paid $30,5xx (includes the $1250 incentive)

    with TTTL $32,9xx

    Less cash for clunkers $3500 (2001 Mazda MPV with 135k miles)

    $29,4xx total out the door.

    Color wise -white - it did not make my top 3 colors but it was one of the top 2 colors of my wife. We didn't have a match in our top 3 colors, but that's a whole other story. lol It's for her so I'm fine with it, plus in FL white should not be as hot.

    Thought maybe I was too hasty in accepting the offer. In fact dealer let me look on this board while I was there to do my research. I think I got a fair deal. Not great but just average. Took the position that they do need some money as well and the sales guy seemed decent. So I did my part for the economy.
  • jt_in_kcjt_in_kc Posts: 11
    nice work....I'm in the same camp - I'm not trying to scrape the last dollar off the table....these guys need to make a living, I'm just trying to keep everything in line...thanks!
  • czpczp Posts: 15
    Classic Honda in Streetsboro, OH.
  • jt_in_kcjt_in_kc Posts: 11
    OK - 2010 EX-L w/RES

    Price paid with Doc fee....$32,900
    OTD Price $33,028 (added the cargo trunk kit)

    Very happy with this....wife even happier....

    We felt OK going for the 2010 vs. the 2009 that we had a deal for ($31,500)....prior posts on a car sitting for a yr and no issues on having a 2010 for this price.

    This post is extremely helpful, and I appreciate the group's honest participation. Could not have been more prepared.....thanks!

    JT.... :D

    PS - if anyone is interested in not dealing with the Hot Box (Finance Office)....I used the Capital One Auto Loan blank check qualified in 45 seconds, and had a blank check sent overnight so I could avoid the dealer-related finance what I believe is a decent rate for 5-years....4.27%.....good luck, but highly recommend you search for a good told me his best rate was 4.5%....
  • Did you do the Capital ONe Auto Loan program online? 4.27 - fixed or variable?

    Best rate I got from my credit union was 450 (with very high credit score) and dealer could not match.
  • jt_in_kcjt_in_kc Posts: 11
    Thanks for asking...I did it online...the rates shown on the main page are 4.89%....but one you apply (no cost/no oblligation) it came up with a 4.27% FIXED for 5 years......for 2009 and up is a bit higher for 2008 and below.....

    do check it out online....and we have great credit as should be easily get it....I'm in kansas city......let me know how it goes.... and goto the auto loans section.... :shades:
  • sam156sam156 Posts: 9
    Hi! I'm in the market to get a 2009 touring or an EXL with NAV and RES Which dealership did you deal with to get the $32K price virginia6? I am in Houston and no one wants to deal here, so I am ready to ship one to me:) I am looking for White, so if anyone happens to know of a place that has one for a good price, please let me know. Thanks! Looking forward to seeing what incentives arrive on Monday.
  • Thanks for the info on Capital One...that is a better interest rate than going through my credit union. Plus, I love how they send a blank check...seems like a much easier process than going through my credit union as well.

    I just finalized a deal over the phone...put a deposit down so they hold the van until we pay the balance w/ our Capital One check on Tuesday.

    Price we got for 2009 EX-L RES was $30,710 +TTL w/ tint, splash guards, cargo tray, and window etching. We were at the point where the dealers in Houston/Austin/San Antonio area had very few color selections and their prices were only $1K less than the 2010 model. The last dealer I called had the price range we were looking for and one of our preferred colors. I am glad our search is finally over! :D
  • caseyjrcaseyjr Posts: 9
    Where in LA did you end up buying your car?
  • Just wanted to share my purchase with you all cuz this boards been very informative and helpful.

    Ended up with the 2009 EX-L w/ RES for $31,215 @ Norm Reeves Honda in West Covina on Friday 7/31. Not the best price, but I wanted to use the clunkers ($4,500) rebate and this dealership said they were not taking after Friday midnight.

    Only considered Ocean Mist Metallic, so that limited the dealers I dealt with to 5 (in SoCal). Only wanted EX-L and had a $29,745 from one place, but they wouldn't take CARS rebate. Friday afternoon went to Hardin Honda in Anaheim, who had that in stock, but by the time I got there it was gone. Called Norm Reeves & they said they had 2 and would match the $29,745. By the time I got up there (3.5 hours later), both were sold.

    Made the decision to go with the EX-L w/ RES for $31,215 for 2 reasons. That color was just about gone in the entire state (from what internet sales manager showed me on their system) and I wasn't sure if the CARS thing would last into next week with the Senate taking up the measure. Even if it does get more funding, there was talk of making the requirements stricter, which may have cost me $1,000 or the entire thing.

    Total cost to me with the rebate was $29,548.13.
  • Thanks for responding. I did find invoice prices for the 2010. After contacting many dealers via internet and phone we found a 2009 EX in a color we liked (mocha) yesterday. They gave us a price of $25.5k included everything but tax and DMV fees. We were happy with that. Felt like it was saving us some money over 2010 prices. We keep our cars until they aren't driveable anymore, so we were fine with the 2009 versus 2010. We're picking up the van on Tuesday. Thanks, again.
  • sam156sam156 Posts: 9
    So you got EX model without the leather. Sounds like you guys got a really good deal at 25K. Did your dealer have any EXLs with RES/NAV, we are looking for white. We also keep our cars a long time too. Our Explorer is a 1995 and thats what we are taking in as a clucker. Thanks for your reply.
  • We were focused on getting an EX, were only considering the EXL if we could do the C4C - long story with that, but bottom line the EX didn't qualify due to mileage but the EXL did, in the end we decided we didn't want leather, just a personal choice.

    We didn't ask the dealer about EXL's, however there was an 09 in red which I believe had the RES/NAV in the showroom. And a dealer in Yorktown emailed me that they had one 09 EXL in stock, don't know the color. My advice would be to start calling dealers in the area to see who still has EXL's in stock. There aren't a lot of 2009's left around our area, but I think they are more plentiful in certain areas of the country. Good Luck.
  • 1st time poster, long time reader!!

    I just helped my folks buy a 2009 LX. I noticed that the TMV nationally was $21,745, but when I got a local quote for my area (Los Angeles area, San Fernando Valley), the TMV was $23,618.

    I'm really amazed that there's a $1873 difference. Is this big gap unique to my make and model or are regional differences fairly common across the board? I know that it all varies based on supply and demand, and local variances in inventories, but wow.

    Also, is Southern California in general pricier than the national averages?

    BTW, we ended up with a price of $23,089, and OTD we paid just under $25,800. I was happy I was below local TMV but still blown away at what kinds of deals other parts of the country are getting!
  • Hi
    I ended up buying from Scott Robinson Honda in Torrance. Their internet desk is a little lame - seems to be a front desk person who sends out bids, but doesn't have real dealing authority. However, once they saw that other dealers were willing to go lower than them (in writing) they were willing to match the price. They actually (unintentionally) sweetened the price by throwing in some dealer accessories. Gardena Honda & a couple other dealers gave me good low quotes to start with - and then the 1250 rebate came online - so I just subtracted the 1250 off each one. One dealer told me he could actually give a little more than 1250 (presumably he was giving less to someone else). There are so many HOnda dealers in LA that I'm confident that I could have gotten a similar price somewhere else. Several other dealers were within a few hundred dollars of each other. Be sure if you telling them what you want to pay that you tell them what that number includes. I chose to say an OTD number (including taxes) but you could also do a base price (30,5**) that includes destination charges & any other dealer add-ons.

    Scott Robinson was very easy to deal with. They kept their word on the agreed price & didn't haggle over it once I was there. They asked me to confirm I didn't want other accessories by signing a piece of paper. The finance guy did put pressure on me to buy the warranty and lojack from them for inflated prices. I had printed out a price list from curry honda for hondacare warranty with the one I wanted circled. He expressed doubt that it was a real policy. "good luck with that sweetheart." Same thing with the lojack. So we signed a deal w/o these things.

    Then as I was getting ready to leave, he came back and said he thought he'd looked at the wrong numbers in his book & maybe he could match my quotes. He did (& went under the local LOJACK price by 20.) so I bought them from him.

    Good luck!
  • andy603andy603 Posts: 59
    Finally pulled the trigger....$35,300+TTL for an Ocean Blue Touring 2009 with Gray Leather. My wife's first pick for color and *nobody* had it within 100 miles. Bought at BOCH Honda in MA. Excellent, efficient transaction via internet and phone. Spent total of 35min at the dealer looking the car over and signing the papers. Highly recommend shopping as many dealers by internet, narrowing it down, talk my phone and get in/out of the dealer without 'business office' pressure. Nice to see so many are getting good deals on all models. Happy driving!
  • caseyjrcaseyjr Posts: 9
    Thanks for your detailed post. I've contacted a dozen or so dealerships in the LA area (from Penske to Pasadena to Torrance). Surprisingly, Scott Robinson has come in with the highest quote for the car that I want. Additionally, I'm getting a ton of spam type e-mails from them. If their internet desk is lame, maybe I should just call them instead.
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