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  • Re: Scott Robinson. Yes, I don't think their initial bid to me was any good. What changed the game was that I decided to take advice from a friend who is a salesman and a professional negotiator. He said the biggest mistake is to ask dealers to bid, because they'll be afraid to offer a low low price and losing some margin. He said that they start higher, in hopes the potential buyer will accept the bid. To get a real deal, you have to call dealers and tell them "Hi, I'm ready to buy a (insert name of car/trim line). I'm pre-qualified (and make sure you are, through your credit union or through capital one site mentioned in an earlier posting) but if you can give me a better deal on financing, I'll buy from you. Here's what I want to pay for the car: XX,0000 OTD." If you don't want to name the OTD price, name something else- but be clear about what that price includes (destination charges or whatever). Then be prepared to go in if the dealer says they will try to get near it. And be prepared to leave if the dealer doesn't get close enough.

    The main thing is TELL THEM THE PRICE YOU ARE WILLING TO PAY (or a bit lower, so you can negotiate up)

    I did correspond with dealers on line in a friendly way (thanking them when they gave me info, etc.) and I called them occasionally to ask questions, making sure I kept track of who I was talking to. The more they talked to me, the more they felt comfortable that I was a "real" buyer and not some random looky-loo who wasn't really committed to buying an Odyssey.

    After asking dealers to bid, I ultimately got what I wanted by sticking to that script. They would ask "why - is that all you are qualified for?" or "how did you get that number?" I learned very quickly NOT to answer those questions. just keep saying, I've looked around and that's what I want to pay. As it turned out, I ended up about 500 more over the base price than I wanted, but that was okay with me.

    Scott Robinson gave me the deal because another dealer responded to my "here's what I want to pay" deal & then I called SR and said since they'd been so responsive (LOL), I thought I'd give them a chance to beat that price.

    I didn't actually drive my car for a test drive until I'd already decided to buy it from SR. I went there to do the deal, test drove the car and then started the paperwork.

    If SR won't give you a good deal, keep emailing. Give yourself a couple of days to get emails from people and get the "internet" person's name. Then call those people and ask for the price you want. Someone will give it to you - but you have to be patient. And you'll almost always get a better deal at the end of the month instead of the beginning!

    Hope that is helpful.
  • If you are considering buying a new 2009 Honda Odyssey EX in greater atlanta area, follow our odyssey buying group in twitter:

    If you wanted to buy a NEW 2009 honda odyssey EX in Atlanta area, join us! We need to exchangeInfo and possibly a group buy! If u recently bought 1, help us - post ur OTD there.

    This group is dedicated to greater Atlanta area (Georgia) with 2009 Odyssey EX (Or possibly EXL, etc.)
  • cbstxcbstx Posts: 3
    Where did you end up buying. Those are the areas I'm looking in and that is a little better price than I've gotten so far. I'm hoping to buy today.
  • smadhusmadhu Posts: 16
    Hi could you tell me OTD price.I am Looking for same Car and i got Quote 32,880(OTD price) with pin stripes and Mud guards.Thanks.
  • I am getting the van from Sand Dollar Honda in Galveston (about a 75 minute drive for me). They first offered $31960. I was about to hang up and then he took off the $1250 incentive for $30710. When I talked to them Saturday evening, they only had white and a silver remaining for the EX-L RES. I grabbed the silver...put a deposit down over the phone. I suspect they still have the white one available, for I was talking to them as they were closing up. We will pick up tonight or tomorrow to finalize the deal. I don't have the OTD price w/ me but can provide that later tonight/tomorrow.
  • smadhu,

    I think you have a good quote. Are you in Texas? If not, then it is hard to compare OTD prices b/c of the difference in tax percentages and licensing fees. Currently mine should be under $33K but we do plan to add a couple accessories, which will increase that (3rd row sunshade, crossbars, towing package).
  • smadhusmadhu Posts: 16
    Thanks for your Responce.I live in Chicago.Here Tax is 7%.
  • jayriderjayrider Posts: 3,602
    Nice post -- the key is that you were respectful and knew what you wanted and were ready and able to buy. The majority posts seem to be from folks who want low prices but really aren't buyers -- just shoppers. That is the case on every thread. Dealers know this and will play along but good deals come to informed, qualified, committed buyers.
  • Hey,
    It seems good price and where did (which dealer and place) you buy from?
  • Thumbs up ~!! Way to go ~!!
    We were shopping for the Odyssey and weren't making much progress..and some of it may be the personal concerns that we have had with the economy with job security,,,,Sigh ! Those concerns --ended up drawing us over to Subaru and test driving the 2010's ---and tripped across a 2009 Tribeca --behind the wheel for minutes ---we were both confident that it could rival the :-) time will tell ~!
    We certainly do appreciate your advice !!We are certain to consider your suggestions when employment certainty is more sturdy ~! ~! The prices are pretty equivalent / and the 2010 will be arriving this fall --giving us a better $$ basis ---or at least we hope ~!!
    Enjoy the Ody !! (We have loved our Honda's ~!!) AND Thanks again ~~!

    :shades: hoopsluver :blush:
  • HI I live in NJ. I'll appreciate your advice on how much I can ask further these quotes. I am fine without RES. thanks.

    EXL w/ RES:
    $31,190.00 +710 Destination, $ 249 Documentation Fee + others

    $28,585.00 +710 Destination, $ 249 Documentation Fee + others
  • jayriderjayrider Posts: 3,602
    Those appear to be very competitive quotes. If you snooze you will be looking at a 2010.
  • jt_in_kcjt_in_kc Posts: 11
    I was able to negotiate a 09 EX-L w/RES for $31,500 (it included the destination AND documentation).....I however went for a 2010 EX-L with RES and got it for $32,900 (including doc and delivery).....I'm in Kansas City - so not sure how that plays into supply/demand....would suggest you work a little harder....have seen others on the post get 09 for less than $31k.....

    good luck!
  • The Tribeca sounds nice! Enjoy & good luck....
    :D cheerfulchick
  • gggouldgggould Posts: 4

    Could you tell me which dealer you get quote? I am thinking about getting an 09 EX in Chicago area pretty soon.

    Just out of curious, does anyone get a quote on 09 EX in Chicago area?
  • wvdana1wvdana1 Posts: 9
    Does anyone know if the new $1250 rebate is solely for 2009 models? We are shopping for a 2010 Ex-L or Touring but haven't been able to find any 09s in the area.
  • Yes. It is only for 2009 models.
  • czpczp Posts: 15
    We bought our 2009 Ody EXL yesterday for $28,635 (includes destination fee) + $250 documentation fee + T&T. We're in the Cleveland-Akron area of Ohio. That price includes the $1250 in marketing support Honda is giving their dealers now.
  • wvdana1wvdana1 Posts: 9
    Thanks. I thought so, but was hoping for a little August surprise. Still think we'll go w/ the 2010 since we have been getting quotes right at invoice without even starting a negotiation.
  • wvdana1wvdana1 Posts: 9
    CZP- Did your EXL come with the RES pkg?
  • Hi All,

    Y'day i requested a quote for 09 Ex-l Res, got an email from dealer 31,695 (this includes destination fee + dealer incentive). I called to salesman and quoted for 30,000. He offered 30,200 +nj tax+doc fee = 32,540. I accepted it. Since he has the color i am looking for. I could not able to find the silver pearl metallic in my area..
  • Window etching --?? Please explain ~~...thanks ~!

    Dodgedart :confuse:
  • surewinsurewin Posts: 9
    Great work - an excellent price AND the color you wanted!
  • cbstxcbstx Posts: 3
    I assume the "$1250 in marketing support" is the standard incentive/rebate everyone else is referring to, not an additional secret $1250?

    btw, congrats, that is a great price. about $500 less than I can find anywhere in Texas. I hope to pull the trigger today.
  • LOL - I had to ask the dealer what the etching was as well!! The VIN number of the vehicle is etched into a couple secret locations on the windows of the vehicle. It is done for theft protection. If your car is stolen and the VIN number plate is removed, the VIN number of the car can still be identified. The etching can't be easily seen. It is also suppose to also help decrease your car insursurance coverage.

    Normally I wouldn't opt to have this on my vehicle, so I refused to pay additional for it and will get it as an added bonus!
  • nikunjnikunj Posts: 5
    Yeap1234, Which dealership did you get that quote? Could you pl. give details. I am looking for EX-L/R&N, but I got quote quite high.
  • I searched a couple forums to create a grid of where pricing was for an '09 Odyssey Touring in the last 2 months. With the postings, I essentially created a distribution of all the prices I saw accounting for destination, etc. Regardless, I was not able to get anyone to hit the lowest price. My price was higher by ~$450. (There were only two postings with prices that low.)
    Am I happy with my price. Yes. I checked 25+ dealers in the region. I was willing to drive up to an hour to pick up the car. (I live in central NJ). Some didn't even have inventory of the model car I wanted. (Lots of Tourings with Pax out there. I couldn't justify buying one w/ Pax.) In the end, I short listed three dealers within 25 min drive who were in low end to compete for the business. No one was willing to beat the price from Freehold. This was the last Touring without Pax in their lot, even though Open Road and the other dealer had many more. I started calling on Monday, June 29th. Most wanted to close the sale on the 30th to reach monthly goals. Freedhold was willing to hold the price until Friday, July 3rd because my work schedule didn't allow me to travel to the dealer on the 30th. Many dealers only provide time sensitive pricing at the end of the month. Freehold was flexible when I asked.
  • jayriderjayrider Posts: 3,602
    Good deal -- ody's seem to be available at historic low prices. Look for honda to change the msrp's over the course of the year as the economy improves. The new vehicles will increase in price steadily to allow them to keep incentives intact and still get more profit on each sale. They understand salesmanship and will con everyone into thinking they got a great deal thanks to incentives. If you bought now you will look back and feel great about the price.
  • Where are you located? Send me an email i will give dealer/salesman details.
    They have very few 09 vans left.
  • Where are you located? Send me an email (royal08854 at i will give dealer/salesman details.
    They have very few 09 vans left.
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