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  • $32,600 sounds like a good deal to me for the RES and towing. The towing package alone is about $1200 with all the parts to it (ATF cooler, PSF cooler, Air duct, harness, hitch, installation) plus you have the bike rack. We are adding it to the van we are picking up today.

    Is that something you normally would have requested to add onto the vehicle? To me it has no value if that is an accessoriey that you would not nomrally use. Just my thought....
  • nobonobo Posts: 305
    Sounds high, especially for an '09. Why pay that much for a vehicle that has been sitting on a lot for x months, and will be a year old in depriciation as soon as you drive it across the curb.
  • I live in Florida and looking to buy this weekend. I have two dealers that have the EX-L no DVD no Nav and in the same color. Pricing I got (base) was $28,654 and $28,769. Waiting to get OTD prices from both dealerships. I'll post those when I get them.

    Opinions? Good deal or not?
  • Hi,

    I am new to this forum but spent some time looking through the posts for the last few months.

    On whether the offers you are seeing for an EX-L are any good or not, I think a lot depends on what other fees get tagged on as part of the OTD price. I think you need to have the total for everything but TTL to do a comparison.

    Having said that, if that price does include everything, I think that is about as good of a deal as I have seen listed recently. I have also just sent out inquiries to local dealers in CO for the same vehicle (2009 EX-L) and the best response I have seen so far is $29,800, which I know is a bad price. Not sure how much they will be willing to come down but I am offering $28K.

    In general, it seems like the sentiment in this thread is that they are not willing to deal as much right now because of the surge of buyers under the CARS (cash for clunkers) program. If you are not taking advantage of that, you may be better off waiting until they run out of funds again and Honda starts working harder to clear the last 2009s but the risk is that you won't be able to find one by that time.
  • ru98ru98 Posts: 7
    Earlier this week I bought a 2009 EX-L w/RES for $30,150 (incl. Dest.) which translated to $32,900 OTD (7% tax, $7.50 DMV tax, $399 Registration/Title Fee, $250 Documentation)
  • helpsoshelpsos Posts: 5
    How does 27808 + TTL sound for a 2010 EX (plus the regular dealer add ons). ?
  • ru98ru98 Posts: 7
    Seems high since invoice is $27,400 plus there's $1,250 in marketing support so at a minimum you should be able to get it for $26,150 + TTL.
  • nobonobo Posts: 305
    Where is the savings????
  • nikunjnikunj Posts: 5
    Just now, I got 2009 Touring price from one dealer in NJ(7% tax) $ 38,829.00 (including everything but Registration). Can you pl. tell me whether this sounds good or not.
  • Wait, was that an EX-L /RES or Touring? In the title you say EX-L/RES but in the actual bit, you talk about touring.
  • helpsoshelpsos Posts: 5
    I found the invoice price of $27.098 + 710 destination which brings it to $27808. (and it has the dealer extras that they put on all the cars- which I wasn't paying for). I didn't think the marketing support was for the 2010. This is a 2010 EX.

    Where did you get the invoice of $27400 (and did that include destination). Thanks for any help.
  • helpsoshelpsos Posts: 5
    This is for a 2010. It appears to be the invoice price (including destination) unless I am finding the wrong info.
  • wvdana1wvdana1 Posts: 9
    My understanding is that 1250 in marketing support is just for the 09s. Have you heard something different?? And where did you find invoice vals of 2010s? All I have found are the 09 values. TKs.
  • ru98ru98 Posts: 7
    Sorry about bad. I thought you were referring to an '09.
  • wvdana1wvdana1 Posts: 9
    Thanks, Helpsos. I just told the dealer I wouldn't pay over invoice for 2010 EX-L w/ RES (31707) and he replied that the figure doesn't include destination fee of $710 which is "a Honda fee and not negotiable." Humph. This durn CFC program is making these dealers so stingy. Would like this van before vacation in 2 weeks, but can't help but wonder how much I'd save if we waited til late fall...
  • jayriderjayrider Posts: 3,602
    I doubt you will save anything by waiting til fall. If the dealer is offering you a car at invoice plus $710 for destination fee, it's not great by last years fire sale prices but those days are gone -- maybe forever -- they got caught with too much inventory when the economy was crashing. Don't look for them to make that mistake anytime soon. If I wanted an ody and that was the offered price I'd have no problem making the purchase. I'd be planning my vacation in my new van. That sounds like fun !
  • ru98ru98 Posts: 7
    I would add the dest. fee to the base invoice to come up with the actual invoice.
  • technoztechnoz Posts: 34
    I bought a touring for 35K +TTL Came with pinstriping. The price was just ok the dealers around here are sold out of ody's. Heard they are going to be cutting down on the amount of high dollar touring's they will produce next year. If you do buy one save your carpet and spray scotchguard auto on all the floor carpeting. If your going to get a warrantly get a hondacare from one of the online vendors :) Also you can get 3.9% loan at penfed
  • jayriderjayrider Posts: 3,602
    Msrp on a 2010 is 29905. Invoice is 27098 plus 710 = 27808. If you were offered that price -- I'd be inclined to buy. It may be possible or you might have to work hard to get it. Look at previous posts for 2010's.
  • wvdana1wvdana1 Posts: 9
    I know this is the wrong forum for this, but can't find one on colors. Does anyone know how difft the Silver Pearl Metallic is from the new 2010 Alabaster Silver Metallic? Is it a straight a silver? I was hoping for a creamy/silver type color and not a gunmetal silver type. AND- does anyone know what the color of the vehicle is on the cover of the 2009 Odyssey brochure is? The sales rep I spoke w/ tonight guessed silver pearl but wasn't sure and it isn't listed anywhere in the book like the other colors are. Thanks very much!
  • nbodynbody Posts: 5
    I got five hits back and this was by far the lowest one. Others were $29000, $30120, 29510. I want a white one, which according to their website, they don't have. However another dealer does (29510).

    So my best offer is $28700 + 710 dest +TTL.
    I'd really like to pay $27100 so that my total is under $32k.
    I also have a CARS trade in.
    How should I counter? I'd like to email him back and say if he can do it for 28100 + dest +TTL, I'll go in on Sunday and get the paperwork going. Thoughts?

    Should I go to another dealer that has the one I want and use this offer to get his down from 29510 to 28700?

  • Not sure how great your quoted price was. If you wait a bit you may see the same price I was quoted in June (333xx + TTL).
  • wgskwgsk Posts: 3
    Paid $28,879.89 for 2009 EX-L (black) with Splash guards at Honda of Lisle, IL..This is before taxes/registration/document fee!
  • wgskwgsk Posts: 3
    I paid $28,879.89 for 2009 EX-L but I was quoted above $1600/- for the 2010 model.. So, you should not pay more then $30,479.89... There is a dealer rebate of $1250 for 2009 and $400/- extra for 2010 model...
  • Sorry for the late reply. The $30,200 did include the destination fee. The only extras were documentation ($240), Tax ($1889 @ 6.25%), and title and registration ($125).
  • nmomof2nmomof2 Posts: 14
    Good for you. They quoted me 29,366, for a Black EX-L ... maybe that same one. :)
  • farmer20farmer20 Posts: 16
    I think you get a very good deal. It will be great help if you can post what the MSRP is. Thanks
  • wgskwgsk Posts: 3
    I don't believe MSRP's but here it is: $33,155.00 (with out the splash guards. The Mgr told me that the splash guard the dealer price is $169/- installed but I knew that was too high.. I asked him what is the actual cost for him. He said $136/- and he gave me 50% off it to$68/- but the above price includes the splash guard.) I also got a FREE OIL CHANGE since the vehicle was manufactured in 02/09 and he authorized for the same which I will take it back next week for the OIL Change...

    I tried to call couple of dealers around here to better the price to $28,500 but none was willing to... Most of them are ran out of 2009 EX-L... A dealer in downer's grove quote $1600/- more for the 2010 EX-L ($1250/- dealer rebate for 2009 + $400/- difference between 2009 vs 2010)

    Good luck...
  • 5649fm5649fm Posts: 4
    I am trying to get a 2009 EX-L with NAV&RES. However, it seems that most of the dealers in NJ/NY area are out of 2009 models. I got a quote for a 2010 EX-L with NAV & RES for 33450 + dest, and fees. Is it high?
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